Double Down Ch. 02

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As we snuggled together, Jerry and Patsy in front and Sara and I in the back, I thought: It doesn’t get much better than this. Nobody said a word, we just kept thinking about what had happened. It did not seem real. It had just seemed natural to all of us and we went with what we were feeling. The sex was amazing and I couldn’t help but think about how good it had been. Sara was not only beautiful and sexy, but also very responsive and very willing. Patsy seemed a little wilder, but just as beautiful and sexy. A thought came to me.

“So,” I said “How old are you girls anyway. I hope it isn’t too late to ask.” Everyone laughed.

Patsy turned “If we were 15 and 16 it would be too late wouldn’t it?” I grimaced and she smiled.

“No worries baby. Sara is my little sister. I am 21 and she is 19. We’re legal!”

“That’s a relief! So what do you girls do? Besides this.”

They both laughed. “We don’t usually do this, Jim. Honestly. We’re both in college, and we’re roommates just like always. We just took the night off and were bored. We decided a sexy movie would break the boredom. It sure did! When you guys showed up.

We sat in silence for a while. Patty turned and looked at Sara. “Do you think we should go home.” Sara said, “Yeah, if Jerry can take us that would be great.” “No problem” Jerry said. We put our clothes back on and he started the car. Sara and I snuggled together. Patsy gave directions.

As we pulled up in front of the dorm, we hugged each other and got out. As I was getting into the front seat, Sara and Patsy put their heads together and whispered to each other and then turned to me. “Would you both like to come in for a minute?”

Jerry parked the car and we followed the girls into the house. Their room was on the first floor and we hurried into it before anyone saw us. Patsy locked the door and said “Make yourself at home. Would you like a beer? “Sure would” I said and Jerry nodded. She came back with four tall necks.

Patsy started the conversation. “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I had a great time tonight.” “Me too.” Sara said smiling at me. “Ditto” Jerry and I both replied.

“So…” she said, “Is it over or are you guys up for some more?” Sara looked shocked for a minute, and then smiled shyly at me. I was somewhat taken aback myself. “Whoa” said Jerry, “I’m always up!” We all laughed.

“What did you have in mind?” Jerry said.

“Well… You were so good to me and Jim was so good to Sara, I thought we might just switch bursa escort off and see if we can all be good to each other again.”

Now I was shocked. Sara was looking at Patsy and then looked over at Jerry. Jerry looked back at her and smiled. I looked at Patsy and she said “What do you say, Jim. Wanna go at me?”

I thought for a minute and not wanting to offend Sara, I replied “I don’t know, you’re much older than Sara.”

Everyone laughed, but it broke the nervous tension. Patsy came over and sat on the couch by me and then reached over and kissed me hard and long rubbing her tits against me. “Think I’m too old for you, Jim?”

“No way. But… What do you say Sara?” I was on the spot.

Sara just grinned and said “Whatever. I’m game.” She moved over next to Jerry who put his arm around her.

“Do we want to split up or stay together here?” Patsy asked. “We have two bedrooms or……”

It was silent for a moment, and then Sara said, “let’s stay together. It’s fun to watch! And share.”

“Whoa.” Jerry said again.

“Ok with me.” Patsy said. “Tonight is the first time I’ve ever watched Sara fuck someone and now I can watch her fuck two guys.” Sara blushed and turned away.

Patsy reached out and took my beer and sat it on the table next to hers. She stood up and pulled her top off. She had never put her bra back on since earlier. She sat and took her pants and panties off and stood there totally nude. “Your turn, Sara.” She said to her sister.

Sara wasted no time. In minutes she stood next to Patsy totally naked. I mentally compared the two and verified that they were sisters. They were very similar and totally stunning. They both were about 5’2″ tall, both had great tits, not large but very nice with perky nipples. They were slim with trimmed pussies. Sara was blonde and Patsy was a brunette. I wondered which was real and which was dyed. Sara’s was dyed I saw.

They both looked at Jerry and me and it was obvious it was our turn. We stripped in no time at all and the girls were happy to see that we both had erections and were definitely “up to it.”

Patsy came over and sat in my lap and Sara joined Jerry on the floor. We all started making out.

Patsy kissed me again and fondled my erect penis. I kissed her breasts and nipples and slipped a hand down below to pet her pussy. She smiled and spread her legs to allow me access. I looked over at Sara and she was kneeling by Jerry and stroking malatya escort his cock lovingly. She lowered her head to him.

Patsy moved off my lap and, spreading my legs, went down on her knees. Then she went down on me. “Hmm” she moaned and then said “Is this what my sister tastes like?” I just closed my eyes and enjoyed her.

She licked and slurped and jerked me off until I was thinking of coming already, but she had other ideas. She got up and sat next to me, spread her legs and began fingering her pussy. “Now, it’s your turn to see what Jerry tastes like!” I had second thoughts, but dutifully went between her legs and knelt down.

I leaned in close to see and spread her lips open. She was pink and sweet inside and without thinking of Jerry, I kissed her pussy. I licked it up and down and sucked on her clit until she was moving her hips involuntarily. I inserted first one, then two fingers and stroked her G spot. She moaned and began to pant.

I pushed her harder and she put her hands on my head directing me. I was determined to make her come and take her down a peg. She was certainly willing to come. She began humping up at me and then to quiver and shake. “Oh, God. That is so good. I’m going to come, you bastard. Please make me come!”

I sucked on her clit harder and stroked my fingers like pistons. She jerked and began to come big time. After moments of ecstasy, she opened her eyes and moved my head away from her pussy. She smiled and cooed and moaned for several minutes. We took a moment to look over at Sara and Jerry.

She was riding him. His cock was buried in her pussy and I could see it appear and disappear as she rose and fell. She was quiet and her eyes were closed, concentrating on the feel of his cock in her. Jerry’s hands were kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples. I glanced at Patsy and she was watching with gleaming eyes. “I never knew she was so sexy!” Patsy said. She looked up at me and scooted over until she was lying on the couch. She raised one leg over the back and dropped the other to the floor. She reached down and pulled the lips of her pussy open and just stared at me.

I got between her legs and placed my turbid cock at her open entrance. She watched entranced as I pushed into her. She moved her hands to my hips and urged me on. “That’s it baby. Fuck that pussy. Make me take it all.”

I moved over her and buried my head in her hair. I lifted her hips and began to fuck her as çanakkale escort hard as I could. She began to moan and pant again reaching for another come. I kept slamming her and watching Sara fuck Jerry. What a kick!

Jerry grabbed Sara and rolled her over getting on top. I saw him begin to copy me, fucking her as hard as he could. We looked at each other and rolled our eyes, not believing our luck.

Patsy started bucking and heaving and I slowed down to let her calm somewhat. I wanted her to make it, but I wanted to be there with her at the same time. She caught on and began to work with me, smiling up at me and urging me on again. We set up a nice rhythm.

I heard Sara begin crying “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” I watched her as Jerry went in and out as fast as he could. It was easy to see he wasn’t going to last very long.

I looked Patsy in the eyes and said “Are you almost ready to come again?” She just nodded and closed her eyes and moved her ass up to me. I kept pistoning in and out steadily.

I heard Jerry cry out and looked over. He was taut and his head was bowed back. It was easy to see that he was unloading into Sara. Sara was looking at me. She was fucking him back as hard as she could as he came. I don’t think she got there herself. I wondered why she had let him come inside her.

I concentrated on Patsy again, trying to make it as good for her as I could. She was close, her chest and face were red with exertion and she was reaching for it. “Go baby go” I said.

I knew when she made it as she became as taut as Jerry had looked. She was raised up and quivering and coming hard. I was trying to make it with her but falling behind as she began to quiet. Suddenly, Sara was there beside us, kissing me and stroking my ass. I looked at her knowing what she wanted.

I pulled out and sat on the couch next to Patsy. Sara went to her knees and took my cock into her mouth just as she had in the car. She frigged me and licked and slurped. I was in love.

“Come on, Baby.” She said, “Give it to me. Give it all to me again.” She sucked and stroked and I unloaded in her throat. She did not gag this time, but continued to suck and suck. Her eyes were watering. She pulled me out and swallowed and grinned up at me like a Cheshire cat. “I got it all, Baby. I got it all. So hot!” She put me back in her mouth again and sucked gently until I got soft.

Patsy watched the whole thing. “I’ll be damned” she said. “My little sister!”

We smoked and lounged around a while, then the girls went to bed and Jerry and I finished our beers and left. The door next to the girls opened and a cute girl looked out at us. I winked at her and she smiled. I thought she probably had heard us. We went home. I had Sara’s phone number and knew that we would see each other again. Patsy, maybe, but not likely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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