“Doubling” Her Pleasure

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Sometimes, certain events can become highly “addictive” to a babe, as it did to my fantastic wife, Kitten, in the 1970s, when we were beginning swingers.

On her birthday in 1973, a buddy of mine whom I had known since age 10 (and of whom my wife was very fond, and had fucked numerous times for “variety”), decided to surprise her with a wonderful dinner out, then give her a most unique “gift”: Her very first-ever 3some.

Her standing joke response to the question, “Would you like a threesome?” was always, “Definitely! Call 2 more guys!”

This time it would be two men she loved, both fucking her, simultaneously. And, because her birthday was on a Friday (and she didn’t work on weekends) her first one would last around 3 days. She was thrilled when she found out what we wanted to do to (and FOR her). She always called the ones she had, “an ‘Express Train’ to Orgasm City!”

She once had, at a Swing Party, a 3some with 2 new guys that was so intense, she lost count of the number of orgasms she had, and her thighs took THREE HOURS to stop twitching (muscle spasms) from holding her legs up and back for so long.

The next day (at our host’s residence) she astounded everyone by sleeping for FIFTEEN non-stop hours; so exhausted was she.

So, that’s how she became obsessed with subayevleri escort them, to the point where she never wanted to say “No” to one, if she knew (and liked) the men making the offer.

In 1979, we relocated from Denver to Houston and made plenty of new swinging friends. One man in particular, was Danny, and he was nothing less than phenomenal in bed, to the point that many girls told their girlfriends, “I would love to fuck him into a coma!”

He had a nice, 10-inch dick that frightened some babes at first, but other gals reassured them with, “He’s gentle and knows EXACTLY how to use it!”

One day, Danny’s wife, Trisha, was back East, attending a funeral of her cousin, but Danny wasn’t needed on that trip, so he stayed in Houston, feeling lonely. Trisha had asked if we could keep him “occupied,” and my wife said, “He can ‘occupy’ ME, anytime!”

So, we casually called him up when he was going to be off for a couple of days, and my wife, with no shame at all, said, “Would you like to join us in bed tomorrow for a ‘cocktail;’ party? I’ll supply the TAIL…”

He said he’d CUM…

The next day he arrived at our place and we ordered pizza to be delivered. After we were sated, we relaxed for about an hour or so, flirting unabashedly yenidoğan escort and growing more and more horny, with each passing minute.

In our 3somes, one of her favorite positions, was to be in the “doggy” style. One guy would position himself behind her, fucking her that way, while the other guy would lie underneath her in a “69” position, licking her clit while she was sucking on his hard dick.

You had to be VERY COOL in this position, because once in awhile, the dude who was underneath her (licking her clit) might be the recipient of the other man’s cock in his mouth, if it fell out during a pull-back. It happened to both of us, on occasion, and all you could do was laugh, and help the guy in back do a re-insertion.

But this 3some was going to be incredibly different, and would astound all three of us, because what happened was indeed a “first” for all of us.

Kitten had been sucking on Danny’s cock, but her jaw was getting sore, because of doing it so much, without a break. So, she winked at Danny and purred, “Why don’t you go ‘back there’ and help my man fuck me?”

Danny smiled and said, “I’ll do what I can…”

Now, I was on my back, face up, and Kitten was on top, with her head near mine, and we were passionately kissing, yenimahalle escort like we had a brand-new set of lips installed, that were still under warranty.

We don’t know exactly how or why it happened, but I think Danny thought that I was fucking my wife in her butt, but my dick was sliding in and out of her sopping wet pussy, and she was loving all the attention her clit was getting.

Danny came up behind her, and without realizing exactly what he was doing, ALSO shoved his cock into her already-occupied pussy.

She gasped aloud and said, “I don’t believe this! BOTH of your huge cocks are in my pussy, AT THE SAME TIME!! DON’T STOP!”

Danny & my excitement level was increased, because the undersides of each of our cocks were rubbing against each other, making it almost impossible to hold back from cumming.

In just a minute or two of thrusting, our cocks both began shooting gallons of cum into her at the same instant.

Danny’s dick was throbbing against my own, and I could feel his cock getting bigger, as he started to spurt his semen, deep inside Kitten. My own dick responded the same way, and Kitten reacted by squealing loud, as two cocks in her pussy at the same time, pumped love juice into her, for what seemed like several minutes.

As our cocks were spent and shrunk back to a smaller size, we slipped out of her and the three of us collapsed into a single pile of flesh, exhausted.

But before going to sleep, Kitten used her wonderful mouth to clean our jism off of us, and with a sexy smile, licked her lips, winked and sighed with unequalled satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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