Dr. Frank’s Newest Patient Ch. 05

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The car ride home was silent. As soon as Penny and I got home, she shut herself in her room and didn’t come out except to make herself a sandwich at dinner. As for me, I showered and could barely look at my body, as it reminded me of what had just transpired.

What came over me? Penny was my daughter. At this point it wasn’t the incest that surprised me – I’d come to terms with my attraction to her several days earlier – but the way my instincts took over. I reminded myself again and again that she had said yes, that afterward Penny talked about doing it again, but still. I could not let go of the idea that I had taken advantage of my daughter.

That night I couldn’t eat. I sat on the couch and looked at my hands. Oh Penny. I hope you’ll forgive me.

With her soft footsteps on the landing above me, I made a promise to myself. I would never touch my daughter again.

The next day was Saturday, and by the time I woke Penny was already gone. She usually got up for a jog in the mornings, but this was early even for her. I made some breakfast and tried to clean the house in order to get my mind off things. Maybe I should call Laura, I thought. Soften the edge. But she would probably play daughter again. The thought of hearing her voice whisper daddy already rushed blood to my cock. Even if I asked her not to, I remembered it; the risk was too great.

A girlfriend? There were some women I knew who I could ask on a date, but no one I was interested in. I should join one of those web sites. Maybe that would help.

When I was washing the coffee pot, Penny came back. I turned and saw her and my breath caught in my throat. She was in little shorts and a sports bra, shiny with sweat, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. I could almost still taste her. I remembered how little her pussy had been, the sweetness of her juices on my face. I turned away.

“Morning daddy.” Penny brushed past me, very close. I tensed up.

“Hi Penny.”

She ran a hand along my back. I didn’t move.

“What’s on your agenda today?”

“Just relaxing,” Penny said. “I thought maybe we could watch a movie tonight?”

I thought about the last time we watched a movie together, when my hands had found their way to her breasts. I coughed. “I have to catch up on some research, kitten.”

She scrunched her face. “Oh. What about after?”

Was it my imagination, or did her voice purr over the words? “I’ll be working late.”

Penny wasn’t one to pout, or complain. She shrugged, but I saw her eyes stay to the floor. “OK, daddy. If you have to.”

I risked a pat on her shoulder. “Love you, kitten.”

As soon as I was in my study, I started formulating a plan. I knew I needed to talk to Penny about what happened; you can’t just fuck your daughter then never talk about it again. But how did I broach the subject? I could hardly think about it without getting hard, or ashamed. The two emotions warred inside me until was ready to burst. I wanted her, but I loved her. What I had done was wrong. The idea of Penny saying that – daddy, I hate you, daddy, how could you – broke my heart. Maybe I was a coward, but I did not want to have that conversation.

I began to open my case files. I’d been researching a new experimental treatment, and it was enough to occupy my brain of even the Penny problem. I did love medicine. For a few hours, I poured over statistics and stitches and test results, until my eyes hurt and I needed to eat lunch.

Downstairs, I found Penny on the couch. She had her feet up and was wearing pajama shorts and a tank top, no bra. From my position on the stairs, I could see her nipples poking through the fabric.

Penny heard me and turned to smile. “Hi daddy. Time for a break?”

She turned onto her belly. Her little ass cheeks peeked out of her shorts. God, I hadn’t properly appreciated her ass when I had the chance. I wanted to bite it.

“Got to get some lunch and get back to work.”

Penny followed me into the kitchen while I made a sandwich.

“So, daddy, I’ve been thinking, we haven’t gone on vacation in a few years. What about this Christmas? Maybe somewhere warm?”

I tore a slice of cheese and put it on the bread. “Maybe.”

“I’ve always wanted to go to Mexico. There are places were the water is as warm as a bath.”

“That sounds nice.”

“So, should I start looking?”

“I don’t know, sweetie.” I turned to look at her. She looked so cute, with her messy ponytail, her shoulders smooth and delicate. She looked like my daughter. “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.”

Penny instantly turned red. Alright, so she remembered, too. I had been starting to wonder.

“Why, daddy? We could spend some time together, where people won’t know who we are.”

I turned back to my sandwich, which was much easier to look at. “Honey, I think we both know what happened yesterday was wrong. It was all my fault. I never should have come near you.”

I snuck a look at Penny: she had her eyes cast on the floor, her toes pointed together, bursa eskort bayan like she was receiving a lecture.

“Penny, please, believe me. You did nothing wrong. It was all my fault.”

When Penny looked up, her eyes were filled with tears. “Dad, I know that’s not true. We both did something bad.”

“No sweetie. Just me.”

“If I…” But she shook her head and hid her face in her hands.

“Kitten, tell me.” I outstretched my hands to move hers away from her face.

“If I told you it was ok, would that change anything?”

I froze, my hands still in front of me. “Honey.”

“Don’t.” Penny turned away.

“Honey, please. Listen. No, no matter what you said, it wouldn’t change anything. It was wrong. If you…” I could hardly say the words. So much of me was jumping for joy at hearing this, but I had made a promise, and a good one. “If you enjoyed yourself, that’s alright. That’s natural. But that doesn’t make what I did ok.”

“Even if I say it was?”

Oh, Jesus.

Penny walked right up to me. She put her arms around my waist, and pressed so close I could feel her nipples against my stomach. I remembered how it felt to be inside her, my daughter’s wet hole around my cock. My mouth was dry.

“Daddy, I know how much you love me. You just lost a bit of control. But it’s always been just you and me here, and I can’t describe how close to you I felt in those moments, when you were inside me. Please, daddy, I promise I’m not lying. I think it will be better, if we went slower, next time.”

I thought about it – slowly fucking my daughter, our breath getting ragged and in sync, as I moved in and out of her body – but extracted myself.

“Penny, it’s not going to happen again.”

Her eyes filled with tears, face red. I’d embarrassed her.

I wanted to tell her not to be embarrassed, but I couldn’t. It would be so much easier if she felt some shame, so that she wouldn’t come after me. I didn’t know how much longer I could continue this.

“I’m sorry, daddy.”

I turned away so I didn’t have to watch her start to cry.

Work provided a healthy distraction in the next few weeks. Somehow, after having made love to Penny, I was able to concentrate properly on the women again without perversion. The only source of stress was when I had exams in the room where I’d taken my daughter’s virginity, and saw the table where she’d first opened her legs for me. Then, I was right back with her. But my training kicked in, and I was proud to say I could be a good doctor for awhile.

Nights were a constant struggle. Penny moped around a lot after that initial conversation. For a few days she seemed embarrassed to even talk to me, but gradually that wore away and she punished me in different ways. First, she was incredibly bratty. She never used to act that way, but now all she seemed to do was slam doors, stay out late with her friends, and talk back. Once, when I called her on it, she said: “It’s not like you’re in a position to judge, daddy.” She was right.

Penny had also taken to dressing incredibly provocatively. She arrived home with her school skirt rolled around her waist, and took off the polo so she was just in the tank top. I couldn’t get those thigh-high stockings out of my head. She placed them on my lap while we watched TV one night and scooted around. I couldn’t help it; I got hard. Penny nudged my erection with her foot and looked at me with wide eyes.

“Daddy?” she asked, nudging me again. Her little foot felt amazing, even above my pants. “That must be uncomfortable.”

I started straight at the television. Penny climbed into my lap.

Oh, fuck. She pressed her breasts near my face and whispered in my ear.

“I could help, if you want.”

Slowly, she lowered herself against my hardness. She was hot as an oven between her legs.

“Daddy, I miss you.”

Penny began to rub herself against my erection, at first so slowly it was almost an accident. Then the grip on my shoulders got tighter, and she began to rub in earnest.

“Oh daddy, this feels so good…”

I kept my hands pinned to my sides, my eyes shut tight. Penny humped herself against me, her pussy getting wet through her underwear. My cock threatened to break my zipper.

“Oh daddy, mmm…”

I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me, still moving to get as much friction on her clit as possible. With my hands under her butt, I carried her up the stairs and deposited her on her bed.

I stood straight, walked out the door, and into my room. I promptly took a cold shower.

The next morning, Penny was red as a beet at breakfast.

“We need to talk about last night,” I said. Finally, I felt like I had some authority back. “Penny, that was not appropriate.”

She dropped her spoon in the sink with a clatter and did not look at me.

“Penny, I’m talking to you.”


“You can’t behave that way.”

She turned to face me, tears in her eyes. “Do you think I want to? I woke bursa otele gelen eskort bayan up this morning so embarrassed I thought I would die. I didn’t want to come down, but I have school.”

I turned away. “Penny, I’m sure you’re embarrassed, but why did you do it?”

She shook her head. “I don’t know daddy, something comes over me. I know it’s wrong. But you wanted it to – don’t act like you don’t understand.”

“Penny, do you need a boyfriend? Someone your own age?”

She was shaking her head before I finished the question. “It’s not like that.” She crossed the room and stood close to me. “It’s you. I want my daddy.”

I caught her hand before she could touch me. “I can’t, honey.” I heard pain come into my voice.


It was such a strain to say, and I knew it was breaking her heat. “Oh, Penny, I can’t.”

She started to cry. “But why not? If I say it’s alright.”

“It’s so wrong. I let my instincts come over me once. I’m not going to do it again.”

Tears fell out of Penny’s eyes and onto her cheeks. She nodded and left without a word.

After work, I went to a sex shop and picked out a vibrator. It was pink and small, good for someone who hadn’t experimented much. The image of Penny playing with a toy had me precumming – my little girl, holding the buzzing object to her sensitive place, moaning. But that wasn’t why I bought it.

Before dinner, I handed it to Penny.

“I got this for you today. I thought it might… help.”

She took the box and turned it over in her hand. “What is it?”

God. “It’s a vibrator, hon. I thought it might help you control your… impulses.”

She blushed. The girl had already fucked me and she was still so shy. “Um, thanks.”

I didn’t sleep that night, because I was up wondering if Penny was playing with her toy. I told myself I couldn’t get up and listen – that was what got me into trouble in the first place. The whole point of this toy was so she could satiate herself without me, so she would stop wearing see-through tank tops and touching me.

But at midnight, the old me came back. I thought again about Penny’s ass in the air, accepting my cock as I rammed her. I almost couldn’t believe it had happened, but it had. My daughter and I had fucked.

When I pressed my ear to her door, it was quiet. Penny was asleep.

It was a sign, I decided. It was time to move on.

But the next morning, she was late for breakfast.

“Come on, Penny, you’ll be late for school!” I called. When she didn’t come, I went up the stairs.

I heard it before I reached the landing: a buzzing noise. I crept up to hear door, and when I pressed my ear, was reward with one of her little chirps, then a kitten’s mew.

“Oh, yes, daddy, yes!” She moaned like a little sob, bless. “Oh daddy your cock feels so good in me. Fill me up – oh! Oh!!”

It was like I had never made that promise to myself, like I was back in the time before I’d fucked Penny. I had my cock in my hand within seconds.

“Oh daddy you like to lick my pussy? Oh, eat your baby girl, daddy, eat me up. Mmmm!” Her voice had a desperate, sobbing quality that told me she was close to orgasm. Obviously she liked dirty talk – I was glad I’d given her that when we did it last time. “Oh fuck your daughter daddy! Let me be your slut daddy. I’m all yours daddy, I’m all for you! Oh! Oh my God, oh!”

Then Penny was cumming. I heard her little chirps and little screams, and then came on the stairs.


I ran into the bathroom before she could come out and wiped up my spunk from the steps.

When I was finished, I was out of breath.

I tried to avoid the outside of her room. Penny liked her vibrator, used it about once a day from what I gathered. I tried putting headphones in, and staying downstairs in the mornings, but I still caught her pleasuring herself once in awhile. I knew she must know I could hear, but I didn’t want to risk bringing up the subject again. I felt we’d reached a peaceful agreement and I could go on like this for a few months.

Apparently, I was wrong.

About a month after I bought her the vibrator, Penny and I went out to dinner. She’d had a test that day, and maybe it was because of how she’d launched into an account of how well she’d done, but for a few hours I forgot everything except how much I loved her. It was the first time in ages when we’d been relaxed around each other. She told me stories about her friends and I remembered how funny she was; she listened when I talked about my research; we shared two different dishes and then decided to get dessert. In all my attraction to her, I’d forgotten what good company my girl was.

After dinner, we went for a walk, still talking about normal things. She told me about applying to college, and how scared she was she wouldn’t get in to a good school. I knew she would, and we talked about the pressure that was on kids her age. She confided in me about her friends who’d started bursa eve gelen escort to drink and do drugs, I listened, and she seemed happy that I didn’t judge them. I was really just so enraptured with her, and was happy to hear her insightful comments about her peers. My little girl was so smart, I realized. It had been a few months since I’d been able to relax enough around her to see her as anything but the pretty girl I wanted to make love to.

In the car on the way home, she fell asleep. Instead of waking her up, I carried her inside. Her dress slipped up her thighs and displayed her beautiful legs, but when we got to her room, I pulled the skirt down and covered her with a blanket. Penny was beautiful, but she wasn’t mine to have; I’d been lucky enough to be inside her once. Next to her bed, the little pink vibrator lay on the floor. I resisted the urge to press it to my nose, or lick it for a taste of her. Penny was my daughter. I never felt the connection more than I had that night.

I went to sleep peaceful. It would take a long time, but I had finally started to forgive myself.

When I woke up, it was still dark. It took me a moment to realize where I was – in my bed – and why I’d woken up – someone was here.

I felt the brushes of skin on my body, and before I could think, my body responded. Someone was on top of me, rubbing against me. A woman. I reached out and gripped her naked hips so better help her grind herself. I was a man, remember; my instincts were strong.

As my faculties returned to me, I realized there was only one woman this could be.

“Penny,” I whispered.

She continued to rub herself against me. I was wearing boxers, but my hands touched bare flesh. I wound my fingers around her hips and encountered no clothing at all; Penny was rubbing her bare pussy against me. The thought made my mind explode. If I strained, I could feel wetness seep through the fabric.

Before I could say anything, she leaned down and kissed me. She tasted so good; sweet but alive, the taste of a young woman. She ran her tongue around my teeth.

Was she wearing a bra? I reached up and felt for something, but there was nothing there. Her breasts fit so perfectly in my hands.

“Oh,” she whispered. “So nice, daddy.”

Her voice brought with it a deluge of memories, and everything returned to me.

“Penny, we can’t.” I was begging this time.

“We already have, daddy,” she whispered. She began to kiss my neck.

“Penny, please.” I heard my voice crack. My cock was throbbing. “You have to stop.”

She stilled instantly. “Daddy, do you really want me to stop?”

No. “Yes.”

It was quiet for a moment. “Oh.” Penny climbed off me. “Ok.” Her voice thickened, then broke. I heard her sniffle.

“Oh, my God, no,” I said. “Oh, please don’t cry.”

She curled up away from me, covering herself in a blanket. “I’m so sorry, daddy. There’s something wrong with me.”

“No, nothing wrong. You’re perfect.”

“You don’t think so.”

“You have no idea how much I think so,” I whispered. My cock has never been this hard for any other woman, I said. And you’re my child. That’s how perfect you are.

“I thought, after tonight, you might have changed your mind.”

I began to see the night from her side: after weeks of distancing myself from her, I’d taken her to dinner; we’d talked for hours. I put my arm around her during the walk, and I’d treated her like an adult.

“I’m so sorry if I made you feel confused Penny. It’s just not that simple.”

“You don’t want me?”

“That’s not it.”

“It’s wrong, you mean,” she said. “Dad, I’m not stupid, and I’m not weird. I know it’s wrong. I know we aren’t supposed to. But do you know how it makes me feel when you turn me on to this – you’re the one who touched me – and then you stop, and make me feel like I’m sick?”

I didn’t answer. God, Penny was not sick. She was perfect.

“Dad, I know I’m not supposed to want sex with you. But I do. And you do too, and it isn’t going away. Or… maybe you don’t?”

“Oh, Penny.” I wrapped my arms around her. Even in this state, I was conscious of her naked body pressed against me, her ass on my cock. “You have no idea.”

She turned onto her back so she faced me. It was dark, but I could feel the force of her stare. “Then make love to me daddy. I need it.”

My hands were trembling. “You… need it?”

She took my hand and brought it to her face, then down her body. I felt her nipples, hard under my touch; her skin had goosebumps. Then she brought my fingers between her legs, where she was dripping wet. For me. Her own father.

“Yes, dad. I need it. I need you.”

After months of denying the truth, I crushed my mouth to hers. Penny groaned. “Oh daddy, thank you,” she whispered.

“Oh sweetheart, you have no idea how much I’ve wanted this.” I began to kiss her deeply, my tongue inside of her mouth, touching the wetness of her tongue. She began to suck on me, and it reminded me of other things she could suck on. I kissed her harder, and then moved to kiss my baby’s face. I kissed her eyelids, her cheeks, her ears, her neck; she moaned when I began to suck on the skin there. I knew I’d leave a mark, and liked it; no one would suspect her own father had given it to her. “You’re perfect sweetie. I’ve never stopped wanting you.”

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