Driving Lessons Continued

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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…….”


“Yes, honey?”

“You won’t forget to pick mum up at 6 tonight, will you?”

“Of course not darling”

My eyes reverted back to the book in front of me. My Mum-in-law, Yvonne, knowing my interest in old books, had bought me a lovely leather bound edition of the classic Dickens novel, A Tale of Two Cities, as a thank-you. I hadn’t read it for years and now that I had finished admiring the tan leather binding, its gold embossed cover, the exquisite feel of its reproduction parchment type pages, I couldn’t resist starting to pour over its famous introduction.

Since Yvonne’s divorce had been finalised some months ago, she had sold her house, and had temporarily moved in with us whilst her new bungalow was being built. The ‘thank-you’ was for letting her move in with us, or so Susan thought.

I had been teaching Yvonne to drive for just over 2 years now, and she still hadn’t passed her test. It’s not that she was a poor driver, but she actually had relatively little driving experience, as we had embarked on a hot and passionate affair, substituting our sex-drive for drive-time. However, since she moved in with us, ironically we have not had an opportunity to be alone. I know I really missed screwing her, but did she miss me?

“I’ve left dinner in the oven, when you get back, just turn it to 200c for 40 minutes – OK?” said Susan as she continued to smooth her hands over her skirt.

“Yep, no problems, even I should be able to get that right!” I joked.

My culinary skills were renowned for being in need of development, although my version of beans on toast was quite admirable. Susan, my 37 year old wife of some 15 years, was on her way out to a work related retirement party of her boss. She was stopping off at a friend’s house first to do the ‘girly’ thing of getting ready for the party. The momentary thought of Susan naked with another woman was an image not to be sniffed at.

However, I still couldn’t understand this female bonding stuff. If two guys were getting ready to go out, they could do it in 10 minutes and not need each other for morale support!

Susan came over to where I was sitting and bent down to give me a goodbye kiss. I tilted my head up, and drunk in what she was wearing. As she leaned forward, I could see down her low cut sparkly silver top. Her beautiful 36c breasts were encased in a push-up black bra. Her deep cleavage triggered a tingling in my groin. Our lips met, my excitement caused my tongue to gently probe within Susan’s mouth. Taken by surprise, she murmured “mmmm…., that was nice”.

Placing my book to one side, my hand sought her breast. Susan started to hitch up her short black skirt. I could see the clips of her suspenders had been neatly attached to the black lace stocking tops. Straddling her legs around me, she pressed her lace-covered pussy into my increasing erection. I pressed back and put my arms around her, seeking the zip of her top. With her hands caressing the back of my neck. I began pulling the zip down.

“Damn” she said, “there’s my taxi” hearing the noise of a car horn filtering through the walls.

She got up, straightened her skirt, and with a cheeky smile said

“Don’t wait up honey, I could be a bit late”, she then playfully snapped her suspender clip through her skirt, “I’ll see you when I get home……..”

I watched Susan turn and walk towards the door. I admired her shapely legs and the way her arse swung in those high heels that she classed as her ‘fuck me shoes’. The image stayed with me for some time.


The journey into town only took me around 15 minutes. I parked at the back of the department store that Yvonne worked in, as close as I could get to the staff entrance. People started filtering out though the door, God there were some great looking people who worked there. I recognised some of the women that worked in the same beauty consultant department that Yvonne worked in and gave them a friendly smile.

After a couple of minutes, I spotted my mum-in-law.

Yvonne, holding a carrier bag, saw the car and walked towards me. She looked great, like one of those mature models you see in fashion catalogues. Despite being 56 years old, beylikdüzü escort her work uniform really suited her. A light grey two piece, with the skirt being shortened to knee level. Her tan stockings and black high heel stilettos reinforced the effect.

The car door opened, “Hi love, thanks for picking me up”

“No problem, it’s a pleasure”

Indeed it was. I had a sexy lady in my passenger seat, I was driving her to my house, and my wife was out for the evening. I glanced over at Yvonne and saw she had started to unbutton the top few buttons of her jacket. She must have felt warm. The top of her black bra was now visible and my mind flashed back to unfinished business with Susan less than an hour ago. I continued to let the car heater pump out hot air.

Even though she was only 5ft 2” tall, she had great legs. As she crossed them, her skirt fell back just exposing the start of the dark band of lace at the top of her stockings. I was horny as hell but traffic was taking up most of my concentration, we made small talk as I drove us home.


I had turned the oven on to timer mode (I am not as useless as sometimes I make out to be!) so dinner was ready shortly after we got in. Yvonne came up behind me in the kitchen and put her arms around me. I turned around and we kissed intimately. It was delicious, tasting her tongue tinged with the sweetness of her lipstick. I started to gently massage Yvonne’s breasts through her soft silky jacket, and could feel her nipples hardening, trying to burst through the lace material of her bra.

“Lets have dinner first” she said,

Disappointed, but surprisingly hungry myself, I agreed

I poured Yvonne a glass of wine and she teasingly crossed her legs again knowing that I would get a glimpse of her stocking tops. Saying she wanted to soak in a bath as she had had a stressful day at work. Yvonne continued

“Did Susan say what time she would be home?”

“No, she just said she would be back late”

“Good”, Yvonne said smiling at me, “I have a surprise for you”

“Come on, you know I hate surprises”

“I think you’ll like this one….”

Whilst doing the dishes, I heard the bath water running upstairs. It stopped and the familiar splash of someone bathing filtered downstairs. My mind was buzzing with thoughts of Yvonne, upstairs, naked, her large breasts floating in the water, her flaming long wet red hair instead of up as usual, now clinging to her smooth, slightly freckled shoulders. Her perfectly manicured hands, soaping her voluptuous body. My mouth was that dry, I reached for another glass of wine.

I sat down and picked up my book again, I couldn’t get past the first phrase “It was the best of times……” without losing concentration on it. I flicked on the TV and channel flicked for ages – finally…

“David honey, come on up”

At last. I turned the TV off and started upstairs. The house was warm as even though it was a mild autumn evening, the heating had been on all day. Half way up, I could smell Yvonne’s perfume, Samsara from Guerlain. The very hint of its fragrance could now bring me to an erection. Her door was cracked open; I pushed it further and walked in.

I drank in the site that met me. Several candles placed by the bedside lit the room. The curtains were closed despite an hour of daylight left outside. Yvonne was a picture, a fantasy picture lying on top of the bed. She was propped up on two pillows with her knee angled and the heel of her long black boots pressing in to the bed. Her body was wonderfully contrasted against the ivory cream of the bedspread cover. She was wearing a dark satin basque that I guessed might have been in the carrier bag she brought from work. Her black suspenders were holding her stockings taught against her skin. The dark lace band of her stocking top had the brand ‘pretty polly’ embroidered in it and the metal suspender clip stretched the 1st ‘p’ making it a capital letter.

No knickers. Her pussy perfectly framed with a neat triangle of short red hair. I looked to her face –

“Have you missed me son?” she said

I had known Yvonne for nearly 20 years now. Until fairly recently, she had treated me as a son, having had an only daughter. In the past, I had playfully called her mum. beyoğlu escort I took on the role.

“Mum, you have no idea, you look fantastic”

“I think you are overdressed for the occasion!” said Yvonne, “let me help you…”

I walked over to the bed and Yvonne started to unbutton my shirt. I took off the rest. Yvonne’s lips were scarlet, and glistening, she ran her tongue over them and then we kissed. It had been 4 months since we had made love and I was now on the boil. She lay back on the bed and I stretched out beside her. My hands reached out and touched the smooth silk of her basque. I ran my finger down until it stopped just above her pussy lips. My cock was aching in anticipation of feeling her moist cunt surround it. I was just about to roll on top of her.

“Wait honey, I have a surprise, remember we talked about a fantasy of yours?”

“Which one?” I said, genuinely wondering what was to come

She then reached under the pillow and pulled out a large cucumber.

God, I was about to watch my mum-in-law frig herself off, something I had asked her before, but she always refused. I lay beside her and watched as she scooped out her left breast from the satin cups of her basque. She rolled her nipple between her fingers and it became rock hard, she then lent her head down and took it in her mouth. Her breasts were slightly larger than Susan’s and the ability to put her own tits in her mouth was sex personified. The sucking noise she was making was deliciously erotic.

I couldn’t help from placing my hand down and caressed my erection. I did it slowly as I didn’t want to come.

Her right hand grabbed the cucumber, her red fingernails looking even more potent against the green background. She teased the end of the cucumber around the lips of her cunt. I could see she was getting wet and I wanted to replace the cucumber with my hard cock. The sight was overwhelming. Her eyes looked lovingly into mine. Yvonne was acting out my long-term fantasy and she was turning me on like I have never been turned on before.

My hand unconsciously was now tightening around my cock and pulling harder.

She was now pressing the cucumber inside her cunt. Firstly just an inch or two, then gradually working it up to 4, then 5, then 6 inches. She then found a rhythm of pumping the cucumber in and out of her cunt whilst sucking her tit. The sight of that cucumber disappearing up her cunt was beautiful. My mum-in-law managed to keep this rhythm up for around 10 minutes.

Alternating between shallow and deep thrusts. Yvonne was moaning, gently at first, but the pace speeding up as her self-pleasuring took on a degree of urgency. Her face was intoxicating to watch, her eyes closed tightly, her orgasm imminent.

“David, David, “ she called

I reached over and tugged down the satin cup of her right breast. I started to suck heavily on her nipple. The sensation of her flesh in my mouth was tingling my senses. I could feel her body tightening up…..

“Christ, oh fuck…. I’m cumming, I’m cumming……..”

Yvonne’s body started to shiver; I let go of her nipple and watched her thrusting the cucumber in her cunt, now held on by both her hands. After about 15 seconds, the shivering subsided, I looked at her beautiful face, it was flushed, with small beads of sweat on her forehead. She withdrew the cucumber and it was covered in her fragrant cunt juices.

She placed it down and we kissed, tenderly at first. Then as our tongues intertwined, our intensity increased. I reached down and felt the smooth silky material of her basque. I traced my fingers down the suspender belt feeling her naked flesh above her stocking tops, and put my fingers in her pussy – it was soaking. I rubbed her swollen clit. As my fingers were swishing inside Yvonne’s cunt, she put her arms around my back and pulled me on top of her.

“Put it in me, for god’s sake, I want your cock inside me……..”

My hard cock slid in so easily – I could feel her cunt contracting around it. I also felt her legs wrap round me, her high heels digging into the backs of my legs. The satin basque felt so sensual as it rubbed against my bare skin. I could feel the suspender clips pressing against me. I was so turned on that I only lasted a few long, hard strokes before pumping bizimkent escort her full of my seed.

As I pulled out, I looked at Yvonne’s body. Her plump breasts were reddened by me sucking on them so hard. Her legs, encased in her silken black stockings, were stunning.

We kissed again, and in elation, and with the warmth of the room, eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms…….

“What the hell was that?” I asked myself. I heard a noise and tried to orientate myself of where I was.

Shit, it was Susan at the top of the stairs.

“How long had we been asleep” – “Shit, we….” I was beside Yvonne

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….” I felt the worst was about to happen.

Some of the candles had burned themselves out, but there were a couple still alight. The door was slightly open, and I could make out a shadow pass by outside.

The door pushed open – Susan stood in the doorway swaying slightly. She looked a little worse for wear and had obviously been drinking. Her glossy brown hair had a smooth sheen highlighted by the candlelight. Her black bra strap had fallen down her shoulder. Her stockings were slightly creased at the knee. Her red lipstick was slightly smeared.

A million excuses raced through my mind, none of them remotely believable.

“David, what are you doing in here?”, she giggled.

Susan walked over to the bed and looked down at me. Then, she totally surprised me and lay down beside me.

“We have some unfinished business, remember?” She placed her hand on my cock and started rubbing me.

“What the hell was happening?” I thought, here was Susan, my wife, getting horny on one side of me, whilst her Mother, whom I had so recently fucked, was lying on the other side.

Susan kissed me deeply and sure enough, I got very hard, very quickly. I could taste the remnants of alcohol on her tongue – it wasn’t unpleasant. I pulled her top down and scooped her fleshy breasts out of her bra. Her nipples were already hard. I could feel her breasts press against my naked chest.

Then…… she reached her arm out and cupped her hand. It landed firmly on the satin material that covered her mum’s breast.

Yvonne then woke up.

“mmmm…. David, that feels nice” she moaned

“I’m glad you like it”, whispered Susan

Yvonne sat upright trying to take in the situation. She was in bed, with her daughter and son-in-law. The whole situation was so taboo, that it had an enormous layer of eroticism inherent in it.

“What the hell……”

Susan, leaning over me and planting her lips against her mother’s, quickly cut off Yvonne in mid sentence. After some initial reluctance, Yvonne succumbed and started to kiss Susan back. My head was spinning. A lesbian scenario is right up there with vivid dreams of how to spend the millions gained from winning the lottery. But when it’s your wife and her mother, it just doesn’t get any better.

I could see their tongues touching, dipping erotically into each other’s mouths. Mother and daughter playing out forbidden love right in front of me. Susan gently pulled back

“mmm… mum, you kiss real good”

Yvonne didn’t answer, but placed her hands on Susan’s breasts taking her nipples between her fingers. Susan then slipped her hand inside the satin of her mum’s basque, and started to rub Yvonne’s voluptuous breast. Yvonne moaning softly with pleasure, then cautiously started to tease Susan’s increasingly wet cunt through the lace of her knickers, with her fingers. Susan pulled the crotch to one side to allow her mother full access. I watched as Susan’s cunt swallowed three of her mum’s fingers.

I noticed the cucumber was still lying on the top of the bed.

I had a delicious idea……


“What was that”, I thought. “Shit”, it was the front door closing.

I opened my eyes and took in my situation. My dream was still spinning around my head, but my priority now was that I was lying in bed beside my mum-in-law, Yvonne, after a night of passion, and my wife was heading up the stairs. I jumped up, knocking the cucumber on the floor. Yvonne didn’t stir. I ran out of her room and closed the door. I had just got into my own bed when Susan walked in.

I looked up and saw Susan stood in the doorway swaying slightly. She looked a little worse for wear and had obviously been drinking ….

“I hope you are awake honey, we have some unfinished business to take care of”, she playfully snapped her suspender belt and started to take off her top.

Maybe next time, I should stay in Yvonne’s room and see what really happens.

“It was the best of times………”

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