Dylan’s Turn to Learn

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This is the sequel series to the Christmas shopping series. I will continue telling it like you read that series already. I will repeat some of the descriptions of the characters again. If you want to skip the Christmas series, you should be able to follow this story easy enough.

This story contains incest, and sex between older and younger people. If that does not appeal please skip it. Also, I am aware that there might still be some errors here and there despite my efforts to find them. Also some of the sentences are not complete. I write the way I talk. I think it’s a regionalism. The flow of the story is as if I was telling you the story, rather than you just reading it. I hope my style is understandable and I hope you enjoy this tale.


The massive 9 ½ inch cock slid into my tight cunt with only minimal effort. I moaned in pain and pleasure from the intrusion. Across the pool, I heard Aunt Susan moaning in pleasure as well. I looked over my shoulder at Uncle Mike and saw that he was watching the scene across the yard as well.

I turned my head and watched as Aunt Susan wrapped her thick, well-toned and tanned legs around Daddy’s 6’4 frame and held on while he pumped into her vigorously. Her voluptuous tanned form rocked and her large 34G tits shook in time with Dad’s powerful thrusting motions. They both glistened with a sexy sheen and slick summer sweat that shone on their skin in the sunlight. Daddy reddish skin tone and her own darker complexion looked so good together. They were a hot sight.

They both looked so sexy. Aunt Sue is about 30 pounds shy of being considered a BBW. Her 5’7 frame is thick and curvy though. She and Mom have similar bodies. Both are voluptuous and thickly built. Wide sexy butts and their slim waists give them that sexy hour glass shape that looks so hot on mature MILFy women. Aunt Susan is 45 years old, almost a year older than Uncle Mike. Her hair is dark brown in a cute cut that comes to about her shoulder blades in sexy layers. Her eyes are a brown that is hypnotic. She passed that color on to Dylan, my cousin.

Dad’s 7 inch rod was spearing her wonderfully. Her moans of delight carried to my ears increasing my own arousal. Dad whiskers from his goatee and mustache tickled her areolae as he sucked on her acorn brown nipples. His tidy pubic area slapped against her sexy black landing strip and his cock drove into her.

Uncle Mike had only slowed for a second before regaining his senses and began a powerful rhythm slapping his tight abs against my upturned tan-lined buttocks. His large 6’3 body felt was powerful behind me. I looked over my shoulder at his handsome face. I loved the sun shining on his light brown hair. He was thrusting deep and I could barely keep my senses. He was pushing into that wonderful delirious state I get whenever he fucks me. Which had been quite a bit recently.

“Wow. Ash, so glad you two stopped by today,” Uncle Mike said. “I had been looking forward enjoying your company again.”

I moaned as his huge rod delved in and out of my moist channel. I had allowed my pubic hair to grow a little since Christmas and now I was trimmed into a sexy “V” which Uncle Mike and Dad both said was hot. Mom is completely shaved, Aunt Sue has her landing strip and now I had this V cut. The guys really enjoyed the three different looks.

I told him, “It was all…ung..Dad’s idea. Mom showed him…ah.. ah.. the bikini Aunt Susan bought online. Oh my God! Mmmmm. He figured he had a better chance with her if he brought me for you.”

“What manners,” was all Uncle Mike said in response before concentrating on the ecstasy at hand.

The bikini in question was a sexy sea green triangle suit from Wicked Weasel. It was basically non-existent when wet; it was so sheer. Right now the top of that suit was spread out around Aunt Susan’s beautiful tits and the bottoms were pulled to the side allowing Dad access to her honey hole.

It was a hot sun shining day and the four of us were enjoying the warm weather. A fun romp outside in the back yard. Aunt Sue had a couple of towels on the ground she had been laying on while she sunbathed. Now we had them under us as we fucked lustfully on the warm ground.

Now that I was “informed” on my family’s fun situation, I had gotten to enjoy so many great times like this. Poor Dylan. His time was right around the corner. His 18th birthday was another reason we were at Aunt Mike’s house that day. We had been out here a lot recently, getting things together from his big day. While we were there, if we had time, we might enjoy a bit of incestuous fun. I loved watching Mom climb into Uncle Mike’s lap and ride his shaft. Sometimes, she would get him so spent, all I was able to do was watch.

Dad had been putting a Monte Carlo together as Dylan’s birthday present. Uncle Mike had ordered a couple of finishing touches and Dad and I had come over to pick them up. We would be bring the car over for Dylan’s birthday party on the following Saturday. We didn’t bursa escort bayanlar need to come today, but we wanted to cum today. Since Mom and Dylan were both at work today, we decided it was a perfect time for a little four-way play. Uncle Mike and Dad were enjoying the delectable delights that Aunt Sue and I had for them.

Aunt Sue cried out, “Oh God! Yes, Ben, yes!”

Daddy’s piercing blue eyes were staring into her hypnotic brown orbs. Daddy hooked his arms under her knees and drove into her plush form. Her big boobs shook with the force of his thrusting dick. Groaning together, they reached their climax simultaneously.

I had already cum once earlier when Uncle Mike had gone down on me. As much as I was enjoying his massive tool, this quick fuck was for him to reach his own peak now.

He gripped my slender hip with one hand and wrapped my thick blond wavy hair around his other hand. Pummeling me doggie style,

I was at his mercy as he vigorously worked toward his release. He worked my body wonderfully though and all too soon, I knew another orgasm was close at hand for me as well.

He was thrusting into me just right and my slender 5’8 body went off like a firecracker. I wailed in delight as he took me to another peak of pleasure. My tight cunt gripped his cock and soon his throbbing member was filling my gushing cunny with his manly cum.

Dad and Aunt Sue were still cuddling on their towel and kissing playfully. Uncle Mike flopped to the side on his back after he was spent. I rolled over and kissed her fair skin, working my way up to his lips. It was a sweet loving play of lips over lips and soon I lay back on the towel as well. Uncle Mike stood up and bent over to lift me in his strong arms. He carried my lithe naked frame over to one of the deck chairs and set me down gently. I sat there in post-orgasmic bliss.

Uncle Mike got dressed and picked up my purse. He pulled out the keys to my mustang.

“Hey, Ben. You mind if I throw the parts into Ash’s car?” he asked, jiggling my keys.

Dad answered him, “No. Go ahead. I’ll be there in a sec.”

Dad got up and started putting on his clothes. Soon Uncle Mike and Dad were in the garage. Aunt Sue joined me on the deck. She re-adjusted her bikini and sat down in the deck chair next to mine.

“Gorgeous day, huh,” she opened.

I smiled and stretched in my chair, “Yes, it is.”

She continued, “Supposed to be a beautiful day next Saturday too.”

I could tell she was leading this somewhere. I opened my hazel eyes and turned to her. She really is a striking woman. I think she has some Greek in her. She is a darker skin tone than even Dad. She had some grass in her dark hair still and I leaned over and plucked it out.

“For Dylan’s party, you mean,” I said.

“Yea,” she started, “his birthday is really Wednesday, you know. Mike and I are taking him out to dinner, just the three of us. Then, the big party will be here on Saturday.” She paused. “You know, we’re telling him Wednesday night right?”

“I knew you would be telling him soon. If not that night, then Saturday probably,” I told her.

Aunt Sue fidgeted, “I’m really nervous.”

I asked her, “Why?”

“Well, with you, it was different. You found out on your own. One day you didn’t know, and then the next day, you were joining us,” she explained.

I understood. “So the hard part of trying to explain it and seeing if I could accept it all was out of the way,” I reasoned.

She responded meekly, “Yes. We had all fantasized about you and Dylan joining us, but didn’t know if it would ever really happen. Then, you found out and it only seemed fair to tell Dylan. But, what if it freaks him out?”

I laughed, “Oh God, Aunt Sue. You have nothing to worry about. Dylan already thinks that you and Mom are both hot…and me too, I imagine.”

“How do you know that,” she asked excitedly.

“Cause I’m a sneaky bitch,” I explained giggling. “Ever since I found out, back around Christmas, I kinda checked on him in subtle and some not-so-subtle ways. I flat out asked him in a little. I even played “What if” and Truth or Dare. Trust me, he will be thrilled to find out.”

Aunt Sue breathed easier, “Oh, what a relief. You’re sure?”

Dad came out of the garage before I could answer.

“Get dressed, you two. Dylan’s pulling into the driveway,” he told us.

Aunt Sue went into the house to change into a more conservative bathing suit and I scooped up my clothes and went into the bathroom. I used a cool wash cloth to wipe my sweaty tanned skin. I fixed my appearance and got dressed. I put my long blond tresses in a pony-tail holder I found in a counter drawer.

When I came out, Dylan had backed into the front yard. He and Uncle Mike were pulling a picnic table out of his beat-up F-150.

He had three piled in there.

Aunt Sue was directing, “Just take them around back for now. We can set them up where we want bayan sarisin escort bursa them later.”

It was amazing to think how much Dylan had changed in a year. He was still the great good-looking buddy of mine, but he had a

part-time job at the grain mill. Moving the heavy bags of grain and loading pallets had chiseled his 6’2 body more. His face, while still gorgeous, was more angular and his body had become more broad and firmer. He was hovering around 190 to 195 pounds. His eyes are the same sexy brown that Aunt Sue has. He is not as fair skinned as Uncle Mike, or even Mom and I, but isn’t as dark as Aunt Sue either. (Yea, it makes me wet to look at him.)

I helped Dad unload the other two heavy tables from the back of Dylan’s truck. Uncle Mike and Dylan carried them around to the back yard though.

Dylan and I went up to his room. I stretched out on his bed while he went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. He came out in a pair of red and black basketball shorts and a red tank top. The towel was still around his neck when he sat down and started playing Destiny on his X-Box One-his graduation present. I hopped on the game with him to help him with some “shard farming?” and that was it. Video games are so not my thing.

It really was beautiful day. I had one pair of black capris yoga pants and a pink Victoria Secret’s tank top that said Love Pink on the chest. Luckily, it was tight. I did not wear a bra over my small boobs and they would have been visible in the arm holes of the tank top if it was not so tight. I had a black thong on under the yoga pants. I had asked Dad before we left out house if he could see my panties and he lied and said no. I did not realize the yoga were this sheer. My sandals were by the front door.

Dylan offered, “Mom and Dad are taking me to Hollister Farms for my birthday dinner Wednesday night. Wanna come?”

I smiled at his word choice, “No. It sounds like it’s something for just the three of you. I’ll see you here on Saturday though,” I promised.

We hung out for a little bit. Dad and I had to head home shortly. I wanted to get dinner started by the time Mom got home from The Roadhouse. I was thinking about doing some stuff on the grill tonight. It was too nice to be inside this evening.

Dad and I got in my car to head home.

“Mmm, I had a good time,” Dad mentioned as I pulled out of the driveway.

I agreed, “Yea, me too. It is a lot fun being involved. I love you all so much.”

Daddy leaned over to kiss me, “I love you too, honey.”

We got home and Dad went into the garage to finish up Dylan’s car. I started getting some ka-bobs ready. I had some cole slaw already made and had a melon to cut up.

Mom got home while I was at the grill.

She said, “Smell’s good, Ash. Need a hand?”

I admitted, “Yea, could you cut up the cantaloupe in the kitchen on the counter?”

“Sure. I’ll go change and then go get it, Mom told me. Then she inquired, “Where is your dad?”

Working in the garage on Dylan’s car some more,” I stated.

Mom went into the garage and talked to Dad for a couple minutes. I turned back to my ka-bobs but I did notice her heading into the house. She must have headed upstairs and changed. A few minutes later, I could see her through the sliding patio door in the kitchen cutting up the melon.

She had changed into a Metallica t-shirt and a pair of faded denim daisy dukes. It was one of the old ones from one of the concerts she had attended; you know, with all the tour locations on the back? The shirt was stretched tight over Mom’s big rack. Her luscious fair booty was exposed out the bottom of her shorts. She is still a sexy curvaceous woman.

Mom is Lisa. She is 41 years old. She is an Amazon queen. She is 5’7, same as Aunt Sue, and has long blonde hair with light brown highlights. Her long blond hair was out as she be-bopped around the kitchen, shaking her head to whatever she was playing on her IPOD. She has a slim waist and big 36FF tits. The guys out at the bar love watching her and she likes flirting with them too. She has the same hazel eyes I have. I know she has soft rose colored nipples, which is different the honey colored ones I have capping my perky 32B titties.

Once everything was ready, we three sat at the patio table and ate. Mom told us a couple funny stories from the bar that day and I told her and Dad about my conversation with Aunt Sue.

Mom noted, “Well, judging from what you’ve been telling us about your talks with Dylan. I think it will all turn out great.”

“Naughty slut,” Dad quipped, “You just can’t wait to get that hunky young man between your legs.”

We all laughed and Mom agreed. I had to agree too. If it all went well, it could soon be three gorgeous men and three lusty ladies.


Wednesday morning bursa evi olan eskort came and I woke up when I heard Dad leaving for work. I didn’t have to go to work until 10 am. I’m a lifeguard at The Country Club. The pool opens at 10:30. It was only 7 am, so I had some time. I put on my favorite string bikini; the one that gave me my well-known tan lines, and went down stairs. I had some breakfast and made it outside to greet another beautiful sunny summer day. I positioned my lawn chair and prepared to get some more of the hot June sun.

I had flipped over onto my stomach and was reading a book by the time Mom joined me. She had on her cute red bikini. It’s too big for me and (almost) too small for her buxom body. I only had time to gab for a little before I took off to work.

I love working as a lifeguard at The Country Club. We were members the whole time I was growing up. I took all the swimming classes here, got my lifeguard and CPR certifications here, and lost my virginity on the 13th hole to Corey Lowell here. Every summer I would be one of the lifeguards here. Even after I went away for college, Amber called and told me to let her know when I got home. She would work me into a spot if I wanted it. I love doing it so I definitely called her when I came home.

My lifeguard station is a tall chair at about the midway point of the deep end, near the diving boards. I take it very seriously. A few years back, I had to pull someone out of the pool and perform mouth to mouth on them. It was a harrowing experience.

It can still be fun most of the time. The life guards and adults get to the pool to ourselves about ten minutes every hour. We call “Everybody Out” and the adults get a chance to enjoy the pool without all the rowdy kids splashing about. I like that I get to wear my bikinis, get some sun, and flirt with the cute guys. Some of the younger boys can get a little pervy, but we girls like to tease them a little. We’ll put lotion on real slowly while we look at them or wink at them and stuff. Amber lets us get away with it so long as we don’t go overboard or get lewd.

Today I was all lotioned up as I sat there. I had on one of my sunset print Venus string bikinis, my favorite sunglasses, a visor and flip-flops. I was watching a group of younger boys horsing around by the diving boards. They were getting a little too rowdy.

“Settle down a bit, fellas,” I called over to them.

One stuck his tongue out at me, but he had merry grin, so I stuck my tongue out back at him. He and his little gang laughed as they ran back to the shallow end.

Suddenly I heard Dylan below me, “Making new friends, I see.”

“Happy Birthday,” I exclaimed. I looked back at the kids in the shallow end, then down at him. “Yea. They were getting a little rowdy is all. What are you up to? Out celebrating?”

Three of his buddies, Scott, Matt, and Brett came up while we had been chatting.

Brett said, “We were gonna swim for an hour, then we have a 3 o’clock tee time. We’re taking the “birthday boy” out for a round of holes.

“Well, you guys have fun,” I replied.

They went over to an empty table and took off all their stuff: sunglasses, towels, shirts, and sandals. Scott and Matt are both slender and lean muscled. Scott is about 6’2 and Matt is maybe an inch shorter. Brett is built like a Rottweiler. He has thick shoulders, broad chest and is short, I’d say, 5’8 about. Matt had shoulder blade length light brown locks. Scott’s hair is a conservative high and tight style. And Brett has a cute tousled look. Dylan blows them all out of the water these days though.

“God, he is pretty,” I thought.

He looked so good, shirtless, soaking wet, and having fun. I could feel my tight cunt tingling just from the sight of him. My nipples tightened into tiny granite points as I fidgeted in my chair. That God my sunglasses concealed the fact that I was basically eye-fucking my own cousin.

The guys hung out for an hour, diving and swimming. They came over and chatted with me a couple times and made a few sexual innuendoes like “When do you get off?” and stuff. It was an entertaining afternoon.

Dylan and his friends eventually went and changed into their golfing clothes. I soon saw them driving off the first tee. I lost them after that and turned my attention back to the pool. It was a slow day and it got to be a pretty sparse crowd. Days like this drag on, and seem to take forever. That’s why I prefer the busier days more.

Amber came by after awhile.

“So Ash, ready to call it a day,” she asked. “I can take over until we close.”

I answered, “Thanks. Take it easy.”

I grabbed my bag with all my stuff in it and my Gator-ade and climbed down out of the lifeguard station. I stopped and talked to a couple people that asked about Mom and Dad, then headed into the locker room. I had stripped off my bikini and pulled my street clothes out of my cubby. I heard golf shoes on the concrete floor only a second before Dylan stepped into the locker room.

“Dylan,” I screamed. I knew he was seeing my totally naked body before I snatched up my towel.

He apologized (sort of), “Sorry Ash. Can I ask you for a favor?”

I yelled, “Dylan! Out! I’m naked.”

“I can’t see anything,” he said. “Can I ask you for a favor?”

“What?” I hissed.

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