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To say that I was in heat by the time my boyfriend Benny and I headed out for a Halloween party is an understatement, to say the least. What’s worse, he knew that I was hornier than a proverbial toad, but for reasons that would only later become clear to me, he decided to make me hold off on getting some nookie.

The aforementioned party was an annual shindig given by some friends of ours at a nearby event hall. We usually went every year without fail, but because we had missed the previous year, there was no doubt that we’d be attending this time. As for my costume, it was nothing special, really. I’m a nurse by profession, so I was just going to go in some of my own scrubs and a face mask, with a stethoscope to complete the look. However, it was Benny’s choice of costume that was a bit…I guess daring would be a good word. We figured since I was going as a “surgeon”, that he should be my “patient”. This was all well and good, but when I saw what, or should I say how little, he had planned on wearing, I was a bit more than surprised.

I was dressed and waiting when Benny finally got back to our apartment, and as I started in on him for making us close to an hour and a half late, he assured me that it’d take less than a minute for him to get ready. I followed him to our bedroom and watched as he pulled a thin hospital gown from a plastic shopping bag. He then proceeded to take off all of his clothes–underwear included–pulling the flimsy gown on over his birthday suit.

“Tie this for me, will ya?” Benny said, turning to expose his plump, bare naked backside.

“Wait…is this a joke? It’s barely fifty degrees outside.”

“Don’t be such a nurse, Jackson!” he cried. “It’s Halloween! AAAnnddd….it’s just a short walk to the car and then into the party. Besides, I’ve got my coat. And I have you to keep me warm, right?”

“But you’re…naked,” I said as I tied the first of four straps that were supposed to close off the gown in back.

“So, that’s why I feel that breeze,” he quipped sarcastically.

“Well, I figured there’d be a gown involved when you agreed to go as my patient, but I didn’t know you were going to go all…out.”

“People hardly ever have anything on under these things, right?”

“Mostly, no.”

“Well, let’s just say I like to be authentic,” he joked.

“Does this mean I get to feel you up during the night…whenever the mood hits me?”


“To be honest, I was hoping we’d get in a little lovin’ before we left for the party…” I said, leaning in to nuzzle Benny’s neck. I wrapped my arms around him and felt myself getting hard.

“Unh uhh…”, he said, gently freeing himself from my grasp. “If we do it now, then it’ll ruin the surprise I was saving for later on.”

“Come on,” I protested. “I’ve been horny all day. And what, with this…you being naked thing and all…it isn’t making it any easier. Why wait?”

“Because good things come to those who do,” he said. “Besides, you said yourself that we’re late, so we really should be getting a move on.” Benny backed up a few feet to give me a good look, holding his arms out in an overly-exaggerated pose. “Whaddayathink?”

“God, you’re gorgeous,” I said. Benny was just under six feet tall with a built, moderately hairy physique that he kept toned by frequent visits to the gym. His chestnut-colored hair was in a crew cut, which is the way it always was, and he usually alternated between a proper goatee or a soul patch with no moustache at all (on this night he was sporting the latter). His skin had the ability to be sun-kissed year-round, and I frequently let him know how envious I was of this fact. Benny was a contrast to me, with my fair skin, bright blue eyes, tussled mane of blondish-brown curls and just-shy-of 6’3″ stature. Whenever I’d wear my glasses (which was more often than not), he would jokingly tell me that I looked like Bo Duke with spectacles.

Benny’s hospital gown barely touched his knees, and as he backed up a bit more, I could see his thick cock flopping underneath it. I asked him to turn around, and when he did, I noticed the crack of his ass peeking out from the slit in the back.

“Um, your ass is showing,” I said.

“You couldn’t tie it any tighter?” Benny asked.

I shook my head and said, “Any tighter and it would rise up considerably. You don’t want your balls to be on display the whole night, do you?”

He laughed and moved to the other side of the room, checking himself out in the full-length mirror.

“Well shit, I guess you’ll just have to stand behind me the whole night.”

“I doubt it. By the time we get there, everybody’ll be so blitzed they won’t notice you’re au naturel under that thing.”

“Ya think?”

“Yep. Then again, you could put on some underwear.”

He shot me a playfully incredulous look and said, “Well, where’s the fun in that?”

“Okay, but just remember not to bend over too often. And sit with your legs closed, young man.”

“You mean I can’t do this…?” Benny asked, bending over far enough for the gown to rise and reveal his two globular, slightly hairy butt-cheeks. I gave him a smack across his fleshy bottom, hard enough that it made him snap upright, screaming, “Owwww!!”

“Want me to kiss it and make it all better?” I asked, getting to my knees.

“Maybe later. But for now, let’s hit the road, doc.”


Someone dressed as one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles greeted us at the entrance, handing Anadolu yakası escort bayan us both plastic pumpkins filled with assorted Halloween favors. We stepped into the cavernous hall and, as expected, things were definitely in full swing. Loud music blared over the sound system, and the massive crowd danced and cavorted in their Halloween best amidst silly decorations, theatrical fog and eerie orange, green and blue strobe lighting. We spotted a coat check area and promptly did away with outer garments–I with my leather jacket and Benny with his pea coat. We then made our way toward the vicinity of the food/punch bowl table to survey the goings-on.

“Happening party, wouldn’t you say?” I asked after pulling down my face mask.

“For sure,” said Benny. “I think we came at just the right time.”

“Are you trying to make me forget that we’re late?”

“Don’t worry, I don’t think they’ve started bobbing for apples yet.”

“Very funny,” I blurted. “Speaking of apples, how’re yours holding up?” I gripped his right ass cheek firmly and squeezed it, relishing it’s firmness beneath the soft cotton hospital gown.

“Ooh, if you keep that up, you might make Benny Jr. stand at attention,” he said.

“That’s the intent .”

Benny took a noisemaker from his pumpkin bucket and blew it in my face, and just as I went into my bucket for a little retaliation, Death himself approached us.

“Well, check out who finally arrived!” Death yelled, pulling his hood off to reveal our good friend Marty, one of the throwers of the party and all-around good guy. His face was covered in white and black paint done up to make him resemble a skull.

“Marty!” Benny shouted. “We were just remarking about the sheer epicness of your little soiree! It looks like there’s more people than ever!”

“Yeah, I think everyone I told about it invited ten more people. But hey, the more the merrier, right?!”

“Exactly,” I chimed in. “We would’ve gotten here sooner, but I had to wait for Methuselah here to get home and all.”

“I don’t think Jackson’s ever heard of being fashionably late,” Benny said.

Marty laughed and said, “Well, you know how these things always go into the wee hours. Lateness is a non-issue. Hey, speaking of fashion, you guys look awesome.”

“You too!” I said. “Who did your make-up?”

“A neighbor of mine is heavily into theater, and he had all the paint and shit for my face. I’ve had this cloak for a couple of years, and finally decided to put it to some good use. Let me guess, you guys are surgeon and patient, right?”

“You got it!” said Benny. I suddenly had an oh shit moment, hoping that Marty wouldn’t investigate Benny’s outfit too closely. I glanced down and saw Benny’s manhood bulging beneath the hospital gown, and just knew that the jig would be up.

“Well, you both look great,” said Marty. Just then, someone from across the room yelled his name. “Coming!!!” he shouted back. “Listen, I’m gonna run, but I’ll see you guys later. Don’t forget to stick around for the big giveaway at midnight!”

“Sure thing, Mart!” I yelled as he made his way across the room. I turned to Benny and said, “Big giveaway, huh? Wonder what that could be.”

“I dunno, but I plan on giving away a little something myself tonight,” Benny said.

“Really? You gonna tell me, or are you gonna make me guess?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”


Bobbing for apples is a lot trickier than it looks, and I was as much a failure at it that night as any other time. You’d think that with a room full of people cheering me on, along with my, ahem, rather adept skills at most things oral, that I’d at least be able to get one of those damn things between my teeth. But, it wasn’t to be. Before long I felt the tap on my shoulder from some guy dressed like a Pez dispenser telling me my time was up.

“But I almost had one!” I yelled in vain.

“That’s okay, babe,” Benny said reassuringly, patting me on the back. “You gave it a good try. Now, it’s my turn.”

“You’re not gonna be able to get one,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Please. It’s a piece of cake.”

I swiped the water away from my face and joined the rest of the crowd gathered around the bucket, with people giving me thumbs up and telling me I’d “get ’em next time.” Benny stretched and cracked his knuckles, readying himself to dip his head into the bucket and give it a go. With his legs spread, he waited until the Pez guy counted three and went at it, thrashing around madly trying to snatch an apple. It wasn’t long before I noticed his hospital gown rising a little too high. His toned, supple thighs were clearly displayed, and the harder he tried to snag an apple, the further the gown rose. I snuck up behind him quickly, checking his progress and, more importantly, keeping his naked ass from being exposed to everyone in clear view. The countdown began quickly with the crowd chanting “Ten! Nine! Eight!…” Before they hit five, Benny emerged from the water with a fat, red apple between his teeth and a look of excitement on his soaked face. He took a giant bite out of the fruit and grinned, saying, “Like I told you, a piece of cake.”


It was just after eleven o’clock when Benny told me he was ready to unleash his little surprise on me. We’d been at the bar for a while, drying off (I’d long-since ditched my face mask, as it became soaked beyond repair during the apple-bobbing event) and chugging down Escort Kurtköy Coronas at semi-warp speed. The opening chords of Golden Earring’s “Twilight Zone” suddenly blared out from the sound system, and I quickly exclaimed my excitement.

“I love this song!” I shouted. “Let’s dance!”

“Maybe later,” Benny said. He took me by the hand and led me through the crowd across the room to a lengthy, dark, narrow corridor. With nary a person around, we swiftly made our way down the hall, and the loud sounds of music along with the chatter of the partygoers became nothing more than a pulsing, muffled echo. We entered a door marked “Gents” and he closed the door behind us, pinning me up against it.

“You know that fantasy of yours you’ve always told me about?” Benny asked breathlessly, directly into my ear. “The one where you’re having sex in a public bathroom stall?”

“Vaguely,” I answered, knowing full well that it was one of my all-time favorite fantasies, but certainly not one that I was expecting to experience on this night.

“Well…how about we make that fantasy come true tonight?”

“You mean…here? Right now?”

“Yeah here, right now. Why not?”

I paused for a moment, trying to think of a plausible reason why I shouldn’t fuck my boyfriend in this tiny public restroom. I came up empty. “I can’t think of any reason,” I said.

“Me either.”

Benny reached down and grabbed my crotch, squeezing my cock and balls with a firm but tender grip. He pressed against me and I could feel his near-rock-hard cock poking my thigh. I had a good buzz going from having imbibed the better part of a six-pack of Coronas, and for me, a good buzz always equals horny. Without hesitation I scooped Benny up into my arms and carried him in the direction of the first of three stalls that lined the wall. He wrapped his legs tightly around my waist and let out a lustful sigh, and I suddenly wanted him more than I’d ever wanted him. I slammed the stall door shut with my foot and put Benny down, looking into his hazel eyes as he looked into mine. He playfully lashed his tongue out at my mouth, daring me to open it and kiss him. I looked down briefly and caught the front of his gown jutting out like a tent with a long pole underneath it. It moved when he voluntarily made his cock jump without touching it.

“You want that, don’t you?” he asked, with the look of a wanton slut in his eyes. He pulled me closer to him and grabbed my ass with both hands, squeezing it as hard as he could in his strong grasp. He let out a slight moan as he ground me into his rigid cock, and I could feel his breath brushing against my shoulder. I embraced him tightly, reaching beneath the gown to let my fingers spread his ass cheeks and delicately dance around his exposed asshole. The tiny hairs that framed his tender sphincter tickled my fingertips, and I fought back the urge to plunge them all the way end, for it was my own cock that would soon get that privilege.

I backed away a bit and squatted before him, marveling at the tented hospital gown before me. He was standing with his back to the wall and his legs spread over the toilet bowl, with closed eyes and a breathing pattern that let me know he was more than ready to be taken. Slowly, I grabbed the hem of the gown and lifted it, and in a complete 180 from my feelings from before, I was ecstatic that he’d chosen a costume that would provide such easy access. His cock was fully engorged and wobbly, pointing out at my face like a snake ready to strike, and I draped the hem of the gown over it the way one would if carrying a jacket over his arm. The big, cut, mushroom head glistened in the faint glow of fluorescent light with the slightest amount of precum, and I lapped it up gingerly amongst shuddering protests from Benny. He grabbed my hair and tried in vain to guide my lapping and licking, but it was of no use, because before long I was enveloping all 7 ½ thick inches of him, taking him eagerly in as I’d always done–down to the base of his shaft. He let out a grunt that bounced off the cold, steel walls of the graffiti-covered stall like a rubber ball, and I knew that he was mine for the taking. I grabbed and rubbed his naked buttocks as I took him in my mouth, eventually making him turn over into a bent position so that his ass was in my face.

“Take it, Jackie!” he commanded, and I lifted the back of the gown to reveal his perfect ass. Wisps of hair covered the toned, taut cheeks, and I went in for both of them the way a ravenous dog would a piece of meat. I reached around and grabbed his stiff cock, and he cried as his body jerked from the immense pleasure. Benny’s precum soaked my hand as I pulled his massive member between his thighs and began to suck and jerk him off from behind. With my other hand, I came up and separated his ass cheeks, letting my thumb dig into the moist, warm asshole as if it had a mind of its own.

“Oh fuck!” Benny called out as my thumb probed deeper into his man pussy. Before long I replaced my thumb with my tongue, savoring the salty taste of him. He smelled of a musty, manly smell–a mix of Irish Spring soap, body spray and sweat. His legs began to buckle and quiver as I intensified my jerking of his cock and my lapping of his sweet ass. I was at it so long that I could barely breathe, as my face became fully engulfed in his hungry, hairy, plump bottom. He fed it to me with a fervor unlike any I’d experienced from him in the four years we’d been a couple.

I could feel Maltepe escort my own thick, eight-inch cock throbbing at full stiffness, and decided to break it from its confinement. I briefly stopped working on Benny to pull down the pants of my surgeon costume. Without thought, I clumsily removed them along with my boxers over my sneakers, draping them along with my stethoscope on the metal stall door hook. I was fully ready to go back to work on Benny, but he had something else in mind. He slammed the toilet lid down and sat down on it, pulling his hospital gown up far enough that he was able to spread his legs as wide as they would go. I knew what was coming next so I closed my eyes, letting my head go back and readying myself to savor it all. I felt his firm grip take hold of my hard prick, and soon thereafter I was bathed in the warm sensations of being taken into Benny’s wet, hungry mouth. At first he worked it slowly, only going down about halfway, while caressing my tense, cum-heavy balls with his fingers. He would occasionally break to rub the hairs on his chin against my thighs and balls, and it drove me insane. I tried to suppress my groans, but with what he was doing to me, it became nearly impossible. A loud cry escaped my lips, and Benny took this as his cue to fully go down on me. I could hear him gagging on my pulsating cock, but he’d be damned if he’d wimp out on blowing me to full length since I’d just given him the same treatment. I lifted my head and looked down to take a gander at my man having his own salacious way with me. His head bobbed up and down in overdrive as he fought to give me pleasure to its full extent. He glanced up at me, and I spotted a tear escape the corner of his left eye and run down his cheek–a side effect of having spent the last few minutes gagging on my thick beer can cock.

“Well, does the reality live up to the fantasy?” he asked.

“Oh, it’s so much better,” I answered, caressing the back of his head. He quickly went back to work, and I ground my pubic area into his face as he was taking me completely in to his mouth. It was so good that I almost lost my footing, but I quickly caught my balance by placing both hands on either side of the stall. I would’ve come in his mouth if I didn’t stop him when I did. And that would have been a bad thing because I wanted to plunge my dick into his hungry hole before I let go of my seed. I grabbed him by the shoulders and made him stand up, bringing him face to face with me. In the dim light of the restroom, I could see tiny beads of sweat on his beautiful, tanned forehead, nose and upper lip. He grabbed my cock again and began to beat it, never taking his gaze away from mine.

“Are you ready to get fucked like you’ve never been fucked before?” I said.

“I’ve been waiting for it all night, baby” he said.

With that, I turned him around and bent him over so that his arms rested on the toilet tank. I lifted the hospital gown and pushed it up over his shoulder blades, stepping back a bit to marvel at the beautiful naked man before me. He widened his stance, making his ass all the more ready for me to plow, and I licked my right palm and rubbed the saliva along the shaft of my cock. I inched closer, rubbing my head along the spread crack of his ass to find the hole. When I finally found it, I plunged in, prompting Benny to gasp and jerk upright. I quickly pushed him back down and slowed my pace, not wanting either of us to get off too quickly. His knees began to buckle and I grabbed his hips with both hands, guiding his ass back onto my hard-on, and meeting each pounce with my own steady thrusting. I’d known by his whimpering that I’d struck gold–I was hitting his G-Spot or was damn near close to it.

His back began to glisten with sweat. I rubbed one hand against it, and he met my caress with an even louder groan. “Unnhhh…it feels so good…” he whispered, and I could only grunt a response because it, too, was so good to me that words wouldn’t have sufficed. I continued to pound him from behind for a good while longer before deciding to change our positions. Withdrawing slowly, I told Benny to stand up and face me. We stared at each other a minute before I lifted his gown up to fully expose his naked lower half again, then hoisted him into my arms, balancing him so that his spread asshole was in direct line to the head of my engorged cock. I quickly licked the palm of my hand for the second time, running it along my shaft to lube it as best I could. Benny closed his eyes and inhaled deeply as I eased him onto my cock, going into his hole about halfway. He bit his lower lip to suppress crying out, arching his back and forcing me to move forward a little. I began to guide his hips up and down, and before long he was riding my pole with ease. We rarely fucked in a standing position, but this confined, public space certainly called for it. Supporting his weight with just my arms was a feat, but the immense pleasure I was feeling at the moment certainly outweighed any slight discomfort. The sound of his ass slapping against my thighs filled the room, reverberating like the sound of wet, pliable rubber against rubber. That sound, coupled with the constant squeaking of my sneakers against the linoleum floor, made for an odd sort of tell-tale symphony of our heady lovemaking. He lifted his body so that he was once again face to face with me and plunged his hot, wet tongue into my waiting mouth. His and my moans became muffled by our passionate kisses. He reached down to once again massage my ass in his hands, slapping it ever so often as I plunged deeper and deeper into his hot man hole. We became so lost in us that we were almost oblivious when someone suddenly barreled into the restroom. Shock overtook us as we momentarily came out of our lustful trance to take a listen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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