Ellen Seduces Her 18-Year-Old Son

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As long as Robert could remember, Sunday night was always bath night and now even though he was 18 years old and showered every day, Sunday night was still the night he relaxed in the bath. Afterwards he would put his dressing gown on and spend the evening snuggling up to his mummy Ellen on the sofa and watch TV.

Ellen was in her late 40s and widowed after her husband had died. There were no other men in her life although Ellen still had the usual female urges and needs and satisfied them through masturbation.

Recently she had begun to notice that Robert was rather well endowed when she accidentally caught a glimpse of him getting out of the shower.

Robert relaxed after his bath settled down next to his mummy and leant casually against her shoulder while they watched TV. Then he stretched out and his head ended up with his head in his mummy’s lap.

She automatically reached down and started stroking his hair and rubbing his neck.

‘Oh, mummy, that’s nice,’ Robert said as he closed his eyes.

Ellen carried on playing with her son’s hair. He rolled over onto his back, his eyes were closed and his dressing gown fell open, Ellen couldn’t take her eyes off what she say. Her son’s erect cock was standing to attention. It was so thick and she judged about eight inches long. She was mesmerised by it and more worryingly she found herself getting turned on. Her nipples hardened and she felt that lovely moist feeling between her legs.

Ellen could resist no longer and she reached down and touched her son’s cock. It felt so hot and hard, soon her hand was slowly rubbing up and down the huge shaft.

Robert was moaning with pleasure, saying, ‘Oh mummy, that feels so good, what are you doing to me.’

She replied, ‘Mummy’s masturbating you, I’m going to give you an orgasm, it’s the most amazing bursa eve gelen eskort bayan feeling ever, you will adore it, just lie back and enjoy it.’

Robert loved the feeling as his mum slowly ran her hand up and down the shaft of his cock. The more Ellen did it the more turned on she became.

‘Lie the other way round, put your bum in mummy’s lap, I can play with your cock better that way,’ Ellen said.

Robert did as he was told. His cock was now right in front of his mother. Ellen now used both hands on her erect son. She desperately wanted to lower her mouth and suck his cock. She adored oral sex with her late husband and liked nothing better than letting him cum in her mouth. She adored the taste of hot cum and always let it roll round her mouth before swallowing all of it. She so wanted to do this to her son, but knew that she really shouldn’t.

She squeezed his balls and rubbed his cock faster until she could feel his orgasm nearing. Just a couple more rubs and Robert was shooting his spunk out of his hot cock. Ellen let it spurt all over her hands, soaking them completely.

Robert let out a huge groan of pleasure as he had his first ever orgasm at the hands of his mummy.

Ellen decided she needed to clean up and took herself of to the bathroom. She was just about to run her hands under the tap when she put her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. She hadn’t let her son cum in her mouth yet but had still tasted his cum.

She licked every single finger clean and swirled his cum round her mouth with her tongue.

Then she dropped her knickers round her ankle and started fingering her moist pussy. The taste of her son’s cum in her mouth and the fingering of her pussy soon bought about the massive orgasm she needed.

She bursa eskort bayanlar stepped out of her panties, leaving them on the floor while she cleaned herself up. Eventually and reluctantly she swallowed the remains of her son’s cum.

She returned to the lounge and Robert was still lying down on the sofa. His dressing gown was on the floor and his cock was hard again and standing to attention. This time Ellen didn’t hesitate. She knelt beside her son and lowered her mouth over his hard cock. She sucked furiously and licked the whole length of the shaft. One of her hands squeezed his balls and she could still taste the remains of his last orgasm.

This is what Ellen had been needing for a long time, a nice long hard young cock to suck. The fact that it was her sons didn’t matter to her. She simply wanted a mouthful of hot cum and she soon got it. As she felt the throbbing start Ellen clamped her lips tight round her young son’s cock so that no cum would escape. Then it happened as spurt after spurt of hot cum hit the back of her throat.

Robert lay still and relaxed as his mummy savoured her son’s wonderful hot cum in her mouth before eventually swallowing it.

Robert said, ‘Wow, mummy that was sensational, Can we do it again sometime.’

Ellen replied, ‘Of course, until you get a girlfriend who will do it for you, I’m happy to masturbate you whenever you need it. In fact if I show you what to do I’d like you to do it to me also, would that be OK.’

‘Of course, mummy, I’d love to,’ he replied.

Ellen then said, ‘Whenever you get a hard on, let mummy know and I’ll masturbate you and give you an orgasm. In fact the rude way to say it is, I’ll wank you or suck you off and make you cum.’

‘Oh, mummy, yes please, in fact almost every morning görükle escort bayanlar I wake up with a stiff cock, can I come into your room and you wank me off.’

‘Of course,’ his mother replied.

They started getting ready for bed and Robert went to the bathroom first. He found the pair of his mother’s knickers on the floor, as he picked them up he noticed they were quite wet. He put them to his nose and loved the smell of them. He took them to his room and as he got into bed he slipped his mummy’s knickers on and wore them all night.

Meanwhile in Ellen’s bedroom she was using her vibrator to give herself an enormous orgasm imagining all sorts of naughty things she was getting up to with Robert.

Robert woke in the morning with his usual hard on and wondered whether it was OK to go into his mummy’s room. He was still wearing her knickers from last night hen the door opened an in Ellen walked.

‘Is there anything you want mummy to do,’ she asked as she pulled back the bedclothes.

Ellen was surprised when she saw her son’s erect cock encased in her soiled knickers. Surprised but also excited.

She said, ‘Oh Robert, your cock looks so nice in mummy’s knickers.’

She lowered her mouth over the head of his cock and started sucking up and down, up and down.

‘Oh, mummy, that’s wonderful,’ he said.

Ellen stopped for a moment and said, ‘How do you want mummy to make you cum.’

‘Oh mummy, please carry on sucking and let me cum in your mouth,’ he pleaded.

This is what Ellen wanted to hear and in a matter of seconds she was getting spurt after spurt of her son’s hot cum hitting the back of her throat.

After his orgasm subsided, Ellen said, ‘I can see I’ll have to find some more of my undies for you to wear, I think you look very sexy and when I get home from work tonight I’m going to show you how to masturbate me and make mummy cum.’

I’m about to write chapter 2 and need some help. Should Ellen eventually allow Robert to fuck her or is this going too far. Robert is going to enjoy dressing in his mummy’s clothes, should Ellen take him to The Fetish Shoe Shop and introduce him to the very sexy Mrs Wyles.

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