ENM Intertwined – Jack Pt. 01

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(Author’s note: This series intertwines with other stories I have been working on that mostly focus on ENM. This particular arc begins before Rorke’s arc but advances during Avery’s arc and possesses an LGBT quality as it speaks through a different perspective. If neither of those things interest you don’t have to read. I hope you enjoy!)


Very nice to meet you all. My name is Jacobee Wendell but please call me Jack for short. I am a pretty big guy, even taller than my best friend Rorke who one of the most musclebound guys I have ever seen. I am not trying to brag but a man who is six feet and eight inches tall tends to draw attention. Which is just another factor that led to an incredibly embarrassing situation in my life.

My family used to own a profitable business so I came from a lot of money which my parents used to pamper me with. Unfortunately since my father made some bad investments with one of his subordinates running a corporate scheme behind his back and a terrible lawsuit we ended up bankrupt with some serious debts to pay. After selling our house to help pay off those debts, I am now out in the world for the first time and I have no idea what to do. I have come to realize that I was so sheltered I have become naïve to so many facets of the world around me. I find myself being too trusting to people who don’t deserve it and I have no way of knowing if someone is trying to pull a fast one on me until it’s too late.

Thankfully, my best buddy Rorke took me in as his roommate in an apartment complex downtown. He has been so graciously teaching me how to assimilate into my new lifestyle until I can find my very first job. We have been living together for almost two weeks now and he often has to leave me at the apartment to go do his job as a party planner. I have made a promise to both myself and my friends that once I get a steady income, I will repay them for their kindness. Until then, I do whatever I can to make their lives easier by helping out whenever they request something. It is that very ideal that begins my tale of love, friendship, and humiliation.

“Okay Jack, there is something I need you to do for me.” Rorke was checking his schedule on his phone. “A package is going to be delivered to this address while I’m out. I just need you to sign for it and bring it in.”

“My pleasure, it is the least I can do for everything you have done for me.” Rorke has been assigned to set up a party at one of my old mansions. Though we had to sell it to pay off our debts, I was still able to use my connections from old acquaintances to help get my friend this job.

I noticed Rorke turned his attention to the full-length mirror in the wall. He was examining every inch of his person except this time he was showing more concern than adoration. He is the type of person that always enjoyed looking at himself but this time…

“Oh I get it! Your going off to do this job with Sage aren’t you?” I caught Rorke blush in his reflection before he turned to look at me.

“Have I ever needed a reason to look so hot?” He said with his usual bravado. Rorke has quite the Beşiktaş Escort high opinion of himself.

“No, but you always go the extra mile when Sage is involved.” Rorke has had a cobra/mongoose relationship with his childhood friend and longstanding crush Sage Bianchi who is now his coworker in the party planning business. “I mean, your meeting up with clients you know nothing about who give you vague details on how to plan this party in a house that I no longer own but you accept the job without question. I assumed it was just for the money, but you just want to flirt with Sage…”

“I am a professional Jack,” Rorke gave a smile that did not meet his eyes and showed another blush that betrayed his true intentions. “There is no party Rorke Blazeman cannot plan and it is as simple as that.” He dismissed me with nervous laughter and headed towards the door. “Don’t forget to bring in my package.”

“Good luck on your date.” I smiled.

“We are NOT dating!” Rorke left the apartment with his ears burning red. “Unfortunately…” he mumbled. I still had plenty of time before Rorke’s package was to arrive, so I decided to shower then do some job-searching online.

I entered the bathroom stripping off all my clothes letting them land on the floor. I turned on the shower and immersed myself as I reached for the soap. The hot water barely had enough time to cover me when I heard the urgent knock on the door. I was about to wash myself off thinking I had an ample amount of time before Rorke’s package arrived. Now it seemed to arrive early and I was about to miss signing for it! All wet and naked, I dashed out of the bathroom nearly stumbling over the tub after I turned off the water. I made it all the way to the entryway when I stopped and looked down at myself. Shit, I’m naked! I didn’t want to waste any more time going back to grab a towel so I just yanked off a red silk blanket Rorke left lying on the couch and wrapped it around my waist.

Opening the door to the apartment only slightly, I peeked out the crevice to notice a lovely female postal worker holding a clipboard in one hand, a pen in the other, and a box at her feet. “Hey sugar, are you gonna come out and sign this or what?” I hesitated, I was pretty much naked but I did not want to trouble her any more for my own convenience; I already made her wait as I got out of the shower and Rorke really needs that package. I relented by opening the door all the way. The postwoman’s eyes widened as she took in the full view of me. “Damn! Now this was worth the trip!” I blushed at her remark as I stepped outside to grab the clipboard and pen.

With my little impromptu towel steadily slipping from my defined adonis belt, I hurriedly scribbled in my signature and returned the clipboard to her with it’s pen. My waistline was momentarily exposed before I quickly caught the blanket from falling down.

“Well, you just made my day handsome.” The mail woman winked. “The name’s Judy, I will be looking forward to your next package.” She waved as she departed downstairs to make her next delivery. My face was flushing from Beşiktaş Escort Bayan that embarrassing encounter but it was all over now. I hoisted the box off the ground and turned back towards the door only to find it closed on its own.

I jimmied the door handle…it was locked.

Oh my God! I forgot to unlock the door when I came out!

Panic welled up inside me as I heard voices coming from downstairs getting louder and louder. Someone was going to see me! Unwilling to abandon my best friend’s delivery I held it in my arms as I tried to move down the hallway before anyone could find me in this humiliating situation. No such luck. I felt a slight tugging at my waist that allowed me to notice that not only was the door locked but it also closed on the hem of my blanket. It was stuck.

The voices that were chatting away at each other were now ascending the staircase to where I was.

The voices came to a halt as their owners finally caught sight of me as they reached the top of the stairs. There was now five mouths opened wide as four pretty girls and one good-looking guy took in the sight of the giant half-naked man caught in a door while carrying a box. My face turned as red as the silk blanket around my waist.

This was the embarrassing beginning to a series of under-dressed exposures for me.

As the girls started to giggle and point in my direction I remained frozen for three reasons:

1) I was too embarrassed to move.

2) My blanket was still caught in the door.

3) I was captivated by the sight of the gorgeous young lad accompanying the girls.

While everyone I saw was beautiful, only one of them looked familiar, while the only guy among their group was what caught my attention. He was the only person there who wasn’t laughing and the sight of him was utterly breathtaking. He had light blond hair with a red streak colored in it, a slender figure covered in designer clothes, and shimmering blue eyes that looked like the ocean. Those had to be contacts right? Surely no man could be that pretty…right?

He still held my attention as he and his group converged upon me to get a closer look. The young blonde hottie held my gaze as he rested his elbows on the box I was carrying and leaned into my face. “Hello there neighbor, we haven’t been properly introduced yet. My name is Zayne. You must be the guy who moved in recently with that party guy,” he had such long eyelashes “Can I have your name?”

My heart skipped a beat. He was waiting for a response but I still remained lost in his eyes; those were not contacts, they were real. I could have stared at him smiling at me all day until a familiar voice chimed in. “His name is Jacobee Wendell. He used to live next door to me.” Snapping out of my reverie, I blushed as I remembered I was practically naked in front of four grinning girls. One of them, I finally recognized.

“Cassidy!” I swerved my head towards my former neighbor. “What are you doing here?” Back when I lived in a mansion, Cassidy used to live next door to me. We weren’t all that close but we were friendly Escort Beşiktaş in passing. She placed a hand on top of Zayne’s head. His hair looked so soft and fluffy I was tempted to drop the box just so I could reach out and ruffle it myself.

“Zayne here is a friend of mine,” Cassidy stroked his hair in front of me and for some reason it made me envious. “He had a long day at work so we thought we would have a little get-together at his place to raise his spirits.”

“This has certainly raised my spirits.” One of the girls chuckled as she eyeballed my blanket. Zach moved himself off the box, breaking our shared look. I suddenly felt very lonely. He took out his wallet and waved it in front of his friends.

“Hey guys, why don’t you head to my apartment and order some take-out on me?” His luminous eyes returned to me. “I will stay here and help out Jacobee.”

“Jack!” I corrected. “P-please call me Jack for short. All my friends do.”

Zayne nodded in understanding and flashed me a dimpled smile.

“Well that ain’t gonna work,” one of the girls who had her hair tied up in pigtails spoke. “We came all this way to cheer you up. Come back with us and we’ll chip in for a pizza or something.” She turned back to me. “As for our new friend Jack here,” her eyes devoured me from head to toe. “Why fix what ain’t broken? Everything looks fine to me.” The other girls chuckled in agreement and proceeded to Zayne’s apartment. Only Zayne himself lingered now.

“Well truth be told, I already cheered up the moment I saw you.” Zayne winked and I blushed once more. “You know I would like it if you came and joined us. We can take this opportunity to get to know one another. What do you think neighbor?”

I was deeply tempted. I don’t know why but every word that came out of Zayne’s mouth made me want to know him better as well. Absentmindedly, I took a step towards him which was all my blanket needed to leave my waist. As it fluttered to the floor I suddenly re-remembered that I was very naked! Thankfully I was still carrying Rorke’s box in front of me so no one could see my dick. As my exposed flesh turned pink I clutched the box tightly to my crotch as I gave Zayne my response.

“T-thank you very much for the offer Zayne but as you can see I am in a bit of a predicament.” My heart was racing while I crossed my legs. I was trying to feel less naked but I probably just looked more ridiculous. Why on earth was I so embarrassed to be naked in front of Zayne? We’re both men right? So why do I feel a thousand times more embarrassed to be seen naked by him than I was with those girls from before? Something about those glimmering eyes of his made him so captivating. Man I want to reach out and touch his hair just like Cassidy did! It’s not fair! “So I will have to take a rain-check on that offer.”

Zayne looked like he was beaming over my increased nudity but now his smile showed a slight twinge of sadness. That slight change nearly broke my heart. “I get it, but if you change your mind,” he pointed down the hall. “I live four doors down just around the corner in apartment 8C. Drop by there any time you want.”

He walked away then. It took every ounce of my willpower not to chase after him.

Now with Zayne gone, I could go back to focus on the problem at hand: I’m naked in the hallway carrying a box…

What am I going to do?

To be continued…

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