Exposing Cindy: The Workers Ch. 02

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Public Sex

Chapter 2: Monday – Richard returns alone.

I was home alone on Monday, Jim was at work, when the doorbell rang. I was not expecting anyone. I looked at the clock and it was just past 11 a.m.

I opened the door and it was Richard. “Is it OK, if I grab some of the tools we left here Saturday? We were a little distracted when we left” he said with a smirk of sorts.

“Sure, go ahead.” I responded. I was wearing a white tee shirt, no bra, and some gym shorts. I felt my pulse quicken and my nipples stiffen just being in his presence.

Rather than going around the house, like I had intended he do, Richard removed his shoes and walked though the house carrying them to the back door. He had a confident demeanor of a man who had recently fucked me and made me cum, twice. It made me uncomfortable. He appeared to have far more control at this moment that I had.

Richard stopped before going out and asked, “Can I use your bathroom?”

“Ahhhh, well,… yes, I guess so.” I stammered. Richard smiled, revealing a good deal of enjoyment with my discomfort.

I pointed to the downstairs bathroom, which Richard entered, but did not close the door. He stood in front of the commode took out his flaccid penis, which resembled a large, thick piece of sausage rather than the typical flaccid penises I had experience with, and began to urinate in front of me. I tried not to watch, but I honestly was mesmerized by it.

“Richard, Jim isn’t here, and I am not comfortable having a strange man in the house while I am here alone.”

“I don’t blame you Mrs. B.” he said and he shook the final drops from his penis and flushed the toilet. “Would it be OK if I ran through the shower for a minute to wash some of the dust and sweat off me? It is hot out there.” Richard removed his tee shirt without waiting for an answer.

“I don’t think that is a good idea Richard….”

Richard was already removing his work pants and underwear when I paused my sentence. “I’ll will only take a minute; I promise I won’t make a mess.” He removed his socks and stood naked before me, as he reached in and turned on the water in the shower.

“Richard, you are not supposed to be here without Jim. Where is Brian?” I was feeling a great deal of anxiety at how this situation was playing out.

“He is on a job across town. He wanted me to pick up some tools he will need this afternoon.”

“OK, hurry up.” I said as I closed the door and went to the kitchen.

I need to call Jim. I called his office, but his assistant informed me he was in a meeting and was not available. “OK, could you have him call me immediately when he is free? This is important, I need to speak with him as soon as I can.”

(This all took place in 1993, and was before everyone had a cell phone and I could have called Jim directly! I was stuck with waiting for Jim to finish his meeting until I could talk with him.)

I waited anxiously for Jim to return my call as I listened to the shower running. The water stopped. I looked at the clock it was now 11:42 a.m. and Jim had not called. I was in a near panic. I picked up the phone and dialed Jim’s office again. His assistant told me that the meeting was just now ending, and she would have Jim call me before he left for lunch.

“Can I just hold and wait for him?” I asked. “It is important that I speak with him as soon as possible.”

“Oh here he comes now.” She said. I could hear her say, “Jim your wife is adana escort on the phone and needs to speak with you.”

Jim stepped into his office and picked up the phone. “Hi honey, what’s up?”

“Jim can you talk?” I honestly felt a level of relief just being able to talk with my husband. Being here alone with Richard actually frightened me on some level; having Jim on the phone alleviated my fears slightly. Although he was not physically present, his voice had a calming effect on me.

“Well yeah, I guess so. I was just heading out to lunch with several of the guys.”

“Richard, you know, ‘hot tub Richard’ came over this morning.”

The tone of Jim’s voice changed dramatically. “When?”

“He is here now. He is just getting out of the shower.”

“Out of the shower?” he was obviously alarmed.

“It’s a long story. Nothing happened…..yet. But he seems intent on having some fun this morning.”

“Hold on. Let me tell the guys to go to lunch without me, and shut my door.” Jim was gone about a minute when he returned. “OK, are you still there?”

“Yeah, I am in the kitchen.” Just then I heard the bathroom door open and Richard walked towards the kitchen, naked, drying his head and face with a towel; his massive penis was swinging proudly in front of him with each step. “Richard is coming in to the kitchen right now. Jim what do you want me to do?”

“Well what is he doing there?” Jim asked, still confused about the situation I was in.

“Jim, he is coming out of the shower, and he is naked in my kitchen. What should I do?” There was a level of panic and excitement in my voice. Although Jim had shared me with other men before, this was the first time I did not have him there to control the action and, if needed, protect me.

Richard walked up to me, his penis was growing erect now, growing longer, thicker and stiffer. It poked straight out from his tight abdomen, basically horizon. The situation was surreal, fraught with danger and excitement. Despite my panic and fear, my pussy was reacting to this beautiful, naked black man who was approaching me. Seeing me on the phone, Richard remained silent, but gently pulled at my erect nipple through my tee shirt. “Jim, he is in the kitchen and he is starting to feel me up.” My voice was quaking slightly.

“What do you want to do, Cindy? What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to be here to protect me. I am very nervous doing this without you.”

Richard then gently pulled my tee shirt up, as I switched hands with the phone allowing him to remove my shirt, and expose my breasts. “Baby, he’s undressing me. He just removed my shirt. Honey, he wants to fuck your wife again.”

Jim was silently trying to process this unexpected chain of events. Richard then lifted me up, placing me sitting on the counter, bare breasted and parted my legs so that he could step between my knees, his penis was now fully erect and pointing towards the ceiling. Richard leaned forward and took one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking it gently as his fingers explored my crotch through the material of the gym shorts. I was hot and wet, aroused, but scared. “Jim, he is sucking my nipple and playing with my pussy. Baby, he is going to fuck me; I know he is. You should see how hard and big he is…..”

I continued to give Jim details of the proceedings over the phone. Jim asked a few questions, but mostly just listened. eskişehir escort I knew this was exciting him as he sat in his office 20 miles away, unable to do anything but listen to what was happening to his wife.

Richard, grabbed the waistband of my gym shorts and my panties together, and started pulling them down. I instinctively raised my bottom off the counter to allow him to remove them. “Baby, he is taking off my panties now. He is going to try to fuck me, should I let him? I don’t see how I could stop him anyway. Oh god, he has me naked here in the kitchen and his dick is so fucking hard and erect. Jim, he is going to fuck me whether I want him to or not. Baby, I am going to get fucked and you are not here to protect me.”

Richard looked up and smiled at me in response to this last comment.

Richard grabbed a chair from the breakfast table, and sat in front of me. I was naked except for my white socks and tennis shoes, the coolness of the granite countertop was distinct on my bare ass.

Richard scooted the chair forward as he parted my knees, separating my thighs. He pulled my legs forward so that my bottom was barely in the counter.

Richard leaned forward and kissed my shaven pussy, running his tongue up my slit until he found my erect clitoris. He gently sucked on my clit. All I could do is moan.

“What’s happening? What’s he doing to you?” Jim asked with a bit of panic in his voice, but the intense pleasure on my clit had all my attention; I could only answer with a moan.

After sucking on my clitoris for several moments, Richard stood up, pushed the chair away and pulled my hips forward so my ass was hanging off the counter slightly. He began rubbing the he of his uncircumcised penis up and down my slit, lubricating his head with my flowing juices. I set the phone down in a hurried attempt to balance myself and keep from falling off the counter.

My conversation with my husband was over, but I knew he would continue to listen and form a mental image of what was transpiring.

Richard found the opening of my vulva, as he slowly pushed the head of his cock between my very wet but very tight lips. “Richard, go slow. Don’t hurt me.” I cautioned.

He moved in and out, as he had on Saturday morning, gaining a little depth each stroke. I was a bit more comfortable knowing that I had accommodated his massive tool before. Nonetheless, I needed time for my pussy to adjust to this massive intrusion. But I knew it would fit without destroying my pussy. I was bracing myself against the counter as I watched his black cock stroke deeper and deeper into me, my pussy looked obviously stressed by the girth of his erection; but it did feel wonderful being taken like this.

Richard grab my legs and pulled them around his torso; and reaching under my ass, pulled me up, holding me partially impaled on this massive erection. I admit, I liked being held in this way, my tiny petite frame hovering over an massive erection that was partially piercing my tiny vagina. I do not know exactly why this position was so appealing and arousing to me. But part of the appeal was the knowing that in this position, I was Richard’s little ‘fuck doll’, completely helpless and vulnerable. With several inches of his erection inside me, hovering over the remainder of his massive and rigid penis, he could fully impale me at his whim. I was at his mercy to be gentle and sakarya escort not hurt me; I liked that feeling of vulnerability.

Richard started lifting me up and down, pushing himself deeper into me. “Careful now Richard, you don’t want to tear me apart.” But I could feel myself opening up and I was meeting his thrusts by pushing down on his intruding penis. I leaned backward slightly, forcing the head of his cock up against the front wall of my uterus. “God you feel good. I love the way your cock fills me, stretches me.”

I began to feel my orgasm approaching. “Your going to make me cum again, aren’t you? I want all of you inside me again. Damn you reach so deep into me.” I was moaning, partially for Jim’s sake on the phone. But as my orgasm approached, Jim slipped from my mind and my sounds became incoherent moans of pleasure. As I came I announced it to the world.

But Richard was not quite done yet, he kept bouncing me up and down on his cock, I could not stop cumming. “Oh baby, we need to stop. You need to let me down. I can’t keep cumming like this. Please, just let me catch my breath. Oh God, I need to stop, it is too much.” I was babbling. I had lost complete control of my body. I was convulsing with waves of pleasure, and I wanted to stop.

Finally, Richard stiffened, fully imbedded himself deep inside me and erupted with spasm upon spasm as he pumped me full of his seed. I loved taking his young virile black semen into my womb. I don’t know why, but having a man cum inside me seems like the most sensual of acts, the most personal of exchanges two people can experience. And Richard was giving my his full load again.

With his cock still deep inside of me, Richard carried me to the couch where he collapse backwards with me on top of him. I feel on his chest, cuddling as his penis continued to throb inside me. I love this post coital cuddling, especially when the man’s penis remains inside me and firm. I think I could remain like that for hours after an orgasm, feeling close, intimate and feeling my man’s penis to remind me of how fully I had just been taken, how completely I was just fucked and, in a manner of speaking, how completely the man owned me at that moment.

We remained like that cuddling for several minutes until I remembered Jim on the phone. “Oh shit, Jim is still on the phone.” I said as I lifted off Richard’s wonderful cock and freed myself.

Picking up the receiver, “Jim are you there?”

“My God Cindy, what happened? I am going out of my mind here.” Jim said with a great deal of anxiety.

“Jim, your wife just got fucked; she got fucked real good. Baby, your wife’s tight little pussy has been abused this afternoon. Richard left a huge deposit of semen in your wife’s womb. You better hurry home to take care of your wife’s sloppy and sore pussy. Can you come home for me, baby?”

“I am going to try, Cindy. I am going to get home as soon as I can.”

“Hurry baby.”

Richard got dressed shortly after that. He still needed to deliver the tools to Brian across town. He had already used his big tool on me. I walked him to the back door, still naked. I kissed him goodbye and thanked him; and he fingered my pussy one last time as he left.

Jim was home within the hour. I had put on a pair of panties and a robe to keep me from leaking Richard’s sperm all over the house and furniture as I waited for Jim. Jim was very wound up when he arrived, and immediately removed my panties to inspect what damage Richard had inflicted on my sore, swollen pussy. He seemed very pleased with what he saw, and once again, quickly added his semen to the cocktail of sperm swimming inside of me.

Yes, being his wife had some real advantages.

ing soon – Volume three: Exposing Cindy – The butterfly vibrator

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