Feminized by My Girlfriend Ch. 02

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I followed Brook and Linda out of the spa onto the sidewalk and I looked around for the limo but it was no where to be found. As the girls started walking down the street and talking to each other, I asked where the limo was. Neither of them responded and just kept walking. I followed behind as closely as I could and hoped no one would notice me. Luckily it was an uneventful walk for two and a half blocks when they turned and opened the door to a nail salon. I got very nervous as we walked in and the place was crowded.

I just stood there looking at all of the girls and women as they waited for their turn. A few teen age girls looked at me and started to whisper to each other and point. After Linda checked us in, her and Brook took the only two seats that were available and that was as on the far wall about 15 feet away from the check in counter. Since I did not have a seat I just stood by the counter which in my mind made me the center of attention. Just as I thought things could not get any worse Linda blurted out, “Hey Sissy, I did not notice if you put your cage back on your cock. Did you?” At that moment My heart pounded and I froze as everyone in the room turned and looked at me. Some smiled, some laughed and others just looked disgusted. I reached for my crotch and realized I had completely forgotten all about it and did not have it on. I did not even have to open my mouth because my eyes told everyone who was looking at me what the answer was.

Brook looked at me sternly and said, “You better hurry your ass back to the spa and get it. They are about to close and Linda spent a lot of money to get you the top of the line chastity device. If it gets lost or you can’t get it, you will have to find a way to pay her back for that one and a new one.” I was in shock and just stood there. Brook opened her mouth again and shouted, “Did you hear me Bitch, Get your ass back to the spa before they close.”

That snapped me out of my state of shock and I flew like the wind out the door and ran down the street to the spa. When I got back to the spa I pulled on the door to find it did not budge. I pulled again on the door to no avail and started to panic. I banged on the door and cupped my hand against the glass trying to get a better view inside but I saw no one at all. It was obviously closed and I was fucked. As I was walking back to the nail salon I was trying to think of what I could say to make things better when I started to realize I was walking all alone. This really made me nervous and I picked up my pace because I would rather be in trouble with Linda and Brook than to be alone in a strange place looking like this. As I rushed back inside the Nail Salon I accidentally threw the door open which made everyone look at me. I quickly turned to where Brook and Linda were sitting to see they were no longer there. I went to the girl at the counter and before I could speak she told me they had already gone to the back and for me to have a seat until it is my turn. I sat down and stared at the floor so I would not have to make any eye contact with anyone.

It was probably only a few minutes but it felt like hours as I sat thinking about how I ended up sitting alone in a nail salon, dressed in girls clothes and looking like I could either be a boy or a girl. I was so deep in thought, I did not even hear the girl behind the counter try to get my attention. I finally snapped back to reality when she yelled, “Hey Sissy, it’s your turn. Get up and follow me.” Turning beet red I stood up and followed her to the back. As I walked back I looked at all of the people getting there nails done to see Linda or Brook but they were not back there. I was instructed to sit down and as I did I asked where Brook and Linda were. The girl just walked away without saying anything to me at all. Just then another girl walked up and said her name was Rita and she would be doing my nails today. I was about to ask her if she knew where they went when she looked into my eyes and said, “You look very nervous and their is no reason to be. We get all kinds of people in here and we don’t judge anyone at all.”

I replied to her, “I am worried because I came here with my girlfriend and a friend of hers and they are no where to be found.”

Rita calmly placed her hand on mine and said, “Brook is not far from here and your in good hands. She gave me explicit instruction on how to do you nails and already paid for it. When I am done with you your nail will look absolutely amazing and she will she you when your done. Why don’t you just lay your head back and close your eyes and let me do my magic.”

I took her advise and did what she said. I tried to go limp, relax and let her work but what has transpired since I left the spa had me nervous and tense. Even with my eyes closed I could not get relaxed and I think Rita could sense that so she gave me a hand and foot message and talked to me. She told me how courageous I was to let my inner beauty come out and to fully be myself. She made me feel so comfortable I started to tell her an abridged version of why looked this way and how I ended up in her chair. I kept my eyes closed while we were talking and the more we talked the better I felt. I was starting to relax so she stopped the message and explained mersin escort what she had planned for me. Rita told me she was going start with applying fake nails to my hands. While those set she was going to repaint my toes and then paint my new finger nails. It felt really weird when she glued on the finger nails because I have always chewed my nails and have never had them long.

Hearing this stared to get me nervous again but she was so nice and reassuring, I just kept my eyes closed and tried to relax. She knew just what to say to keep my mine occupied to the point when she told me she was done I was surprised. I did not want to open my eyes because I enjoyed the conversation but also opening my eyes meant I had to get back to the strange reality I was currently in and deal with what ever Brook had planned for me. I knew in my heart she would never hurt me but this was all a lot more than I ever bargained for when we left the house yesterday morning. I opened my eyes to see I had what felt like serious talons to be pink finger nails that were only a little more than a quarter inch long. All of my finger nails were the same except I have a red heart on each pinky. I tapped them and pulled on them and I could tell they would be staying on until someone removed them. I then looked at my toes to see the pink color matched my fingers except on each of my big toes was a blue design of the male and female symbol combined into one. I looked at Rita and she just smiled and handed me an envelope. I had a hard time grabbing it and trying to open it not being use to my new nails.

Once I got it open I pulled out a card which read, “I am sure you are wondering where I am and what the hell is going on. Well I don’t want to you worry one bit and to go with the flow. I am not far and everything has been planned out. I can guarantee you will not get hurt and what takes place from here is what you truly desire even though you won’t realize it. As I have told you before, I know you better than you know yourself. Now it is time to leave the salon and when you get outside, turn right and walk 4 blocks to Jones Street. Turn right again and half way down the block you will be an all black door with a the number 538 on it. Ring the bell only once and wait for a response. When it is your turn to speak say these exact words. “I am Mistress Brooks’ Sissy and I am here to obey Mistress Kaitlyn.” When you hear the door buzz, open the door and step inside. Once inside, do anything and everything you are told to do without question or hesitation.

Also you must remember the rules, First, always keep you head bowed and never look Miss Kaitlyn in the eyes. Second, never speak without being told to do so and when you are allowed to speak, address her with her proper title and name. I am confident in you and know you will never do anything to make me look bad in front of her. She is a mentor of sorts to me and I know you will be obedient and impress her. I will see you soon and I love you, Brook.”

I sat and thought about what the letter said. I knew I had no choice but her words in the letter made me feel reassured and also scared the hell out of me at the same time. Even though she said she was close and said she will see me soon I was still all alone. Not only was I being transformed into a girl, I was about to go and completely submit to a Mistress I knew nothing about or what she had in store for me. Rita once again smiled and told me that she knows Brook, how much Brook loves me and that everything would be alright. Knowing I had no choice, I stood up and for the first time, I raised my head and walked out of the salon. My confidence faded the as I walked to my next destination. I was down right scared and I approached the door and rang the bell and nothing happened. After a few minutes I thought about ringing the bell again but the letter had stated to only ring it once. After about ten minutes I heard a females voice from a small speaker near a camera above the door saying, “May I help you?”

I responded exactly as I was told to do so in the letter while keeping my head lowered. The door buzzed and I entered through the door way. I could only take on step inside since a black wall was directly in front of me. I was in an all black hallway which was barley lit by a black light and it only when to the left for a few steps. I just stood there because I had not been instructed to do anything else. Even though I had no clue what was going on, I did know I did not want to make Brook look bad. After a few minutes I was instructed to follow the hallway until I got to the end. I took the two steppes to the left at which time I had to turn right for one step and then turn right again. After two more steps I was at the end of the hall with no where to go and no door in front of me. The female voice then instructed me to remove all of my clothes to kneel on the floor. I quickly got undressed and got onto my knees bowing my head and in the direction of the end of the hall. Just then, the wall opened up from the bottom and light poured into the hallway. I kept my head lowered and waited for instructions. The voice then spoke to me in a very stern manner. “Why is you little cock not locked up in the kocaeli escort cage I gave your Mistress?” I kept my head and did not speak. “I asked you a question and I demand an answer from you. I am instructing you to tell me why your little pathetic dick in not imprisoned by the cage I gave your Mistress.”

Keeping my head lowered I said, “Mistress Kaitlyn, I am sorry but I forgot to put it back on after I left the Spa earlier today. Once it was realized I had forgotten it I ran back to retrieve it but the Spa was closed. I am very sorry Mistress Kaitlyn and I will get it as soon as possible.”

“It is obvious feminization and humiliation suites you. Not only do you have the build and looks for it, telling me what happened got that tiny dick of yours is now rock hard. How small is that thing anyhow? I bet it’s barley over four inches if that. In my mind, anything under five and a half inches is nothing more than a clit. I am pleased however that Mistress Brook has obviously trained you in respect for your manners but forgetting is not an option and for that you will be punished. For starters, I want you to tell me how much of a sissy you are and that you want everyone to know you have a clit instead of a dick. While you tell me, place your hands in front of you on the floor and crawl like a dog to me and kiss my feet.”

Knowing hesitation was not an option and not wanting to get in more trouble, I told her what she wanted to hear as I crawled to her and kissed the top of each of her feet. As I didthis she placed a collar around my neck with a chain connected to it. She then pulled the chain up so I head was held up high. She just kept me in that position and made me continue to say how much I loved being a sissy and loved my clit.

While I was doing this I could tell I was in a store that had a lot of fetish clothes made out of leather, PVC and other materials. She then led me through the room and up a flight of stairs. On the next level she led me through the room had all sorts of sex toys and bondage equipment. From there I was led up another flight of stairs and was led into a room that resembled a doctors examination room. It had a chair with stirups like OBGYN doctors used. She stood me up and had me sit in the chair. I had to bend my knees and place my feet in the stirups. My arms were secured to arms on the chair and the chair was laid all the way back so my back laid flat. Mistress Kaitlyn left the room and while my mind raced. I think I was starting to not only get use being treated this way, I was finding I was liking it. It not only kinky, it made me feel horny and slutty.

When Mistress Kaitlyn returned she had an inflatable butt plug in her hand. I just laid there as she lubed it up and eased it into my ass. She spoke harshly to me before but took her time and care not to hurt me as she inserted it. After it was in she gave it a few pumps which filled me up and started to stretch me out. The she closed off the valve and started to apply something to my chest. I saw her pick up a couple of very real looking breast forms and press them onto my chest. A coupe of days ago this would have made me yell and scream and try everything in my powers to get the hell out of there. I obviously had no choice since I was secured to the chair but even if I could leave, I did not want to. “This is going to take a little while to set so I want you to tell me everything that has happened to you since to left your house yesterday until now. I will find out the real story so do not leave out any details or I will make you wish you had never been born.`

As I laid there telling her everything that has transpired since Brook placed the pink plug up my ass and painted my toes, she listened and explored my body by dragging a riding crop across my skin. Every now and then she would add another pump to the plug to stretch me out even more. After I finished my humiliating story, She started to tug on my chest to see if they had set properly. She pulled very hard and it was obvious they were not going anywhere. Mistress Kaitlyn then released the air in the pump and removed it from my ass making me feel a bit empty. She then grabbed a large butt plug and started to lube it up. I got scared because I thought their was no way it would go in but what I had not realized is she had stretched me out so much with the other plug, it went in with no problems. She then placed and ice pack on my clit to make it go soft. She then placed a new cage in my clit to prevent it from getting hard. I was then unsecured and told to follow her but walking on my feet this time. With every step I felt the weight of my fake breasts. I have to admit I loved how it felt but was also getting scared that I liked the fact I was being turned into a girl.

I was then led back through the store past the first floor down to the basement. There I found a fully set up dungeon. As I was secured with my hand stretched directly above me head as far as go with out having to stand on my tippy toes I was advised it was time for my punishment for forgetting to lock my clit back up. I was not told to move and I felt a sheet of paper stuck to my lower back. A damp sponge was then run over the sheet multiple times. samsun escort After a few minutes the sheet was pulled off and by Mistress Kaitlyn’s response, I could tell she was happy with the outcome. I then felt a sharp pain as a flogger struck my right ass cheek. It made me jump and I accidentally let out a painful, “Ahh”. This was obviously unacceptable to Mistress Kaitlyn.”Until you take your punishment without making a sound, I will continue to punish you in what ever manner I chose. Do you understand and I expect to hear your answer,”

“Yes Mistress Kaitlyn. I am sorry for not taking the punishment properly like the sissy I am. Please forgive me Mistress Kaitlyn.”

Just then I felt another sharp strike on the other ass cheek. I twitched this time but did not make a sound. I hoped this would satisfy her but it was not enough. The strikes became harder and more frequent. I was starting to tear up and bite down as hard as I could to prevent from letting out a sound. It was becoming more and more clear in my head that I was a natural born sissy slave because my clit was straining to get hard in the cage. Finally she stopped striking me and applied lotion to my ass cheeks. “This will take away some of the sting from the flogging. Now I am going to release you from the restraints and expect you to follow me to the other room without any trouble. As always you will do anything and everything I tell you. If you understand nod once.”

I nodded wonder what was next on her agenda. She released me and I followed her to a professional looking dressing room with the big mirrors and lights. She had me sit down in the chair and proceeded to brush my hair and apply my make-up. As she was applying my make -up she explained everything she was doing and why. When she was done I completely passed for a girl and not a drag queen. I was not over done in a lot of blues and green, I had Pink lips, Smokey eyes with long lashes and properly blushed out cheeks. She spun the chair around and pointed to a table with shoes and clothes laid out on it. Laid out was a matching lacy pink thong and bra set with a little blue heart on the top of the band of the thong and in between the cups, a very short pink dress, pair of pink high heel shoes with no toes to show off my nails, pink clip-on earrings that dangled, a pink and blue bracelet and a pink collar with Sissy Amita written on it in blue.

I was led to the table and Mistress Kaitlyn asked me tell her how good it felt as I put on each article of clothing. I told her what I thought she wanted to hear but in away I was saying what I was thinking. As I slide the thong up my legs I told her how much my heart was pounding because how sexy it made me feel. She then showed me the easy way to put on a bra by clasping it in the front, spinning it around and sliding the straps over my shoulder. She then helped me step into my dress and zipped up the back. She then helped me into my shoes and the whole time I kept explaining how happy this made me and I could not believe how beautiful I looked. As I placed the collar around my neck she explained in the Hindu language, Amita meant without limits and I had to tell this to anyone who asked about my name. After I finished with the earrings, a chain was secured to my collar and I was led back upstairs to find Mistress Brook and Mistress Linda waiting for me.

They all just smiled and stared at me. Mistress Brook thanked Mistress Kaitlyn for completing the transformation. Mistress Kaitlyn kissed Mistress Brook and told how proud she for how she trained me. She said the only punishment I had to received was for forgetting to lock up my clit and losing the first cage. Mistress Brook took the chain and led me out of the store. Even though I was walking back out in public, I was now completely confident since I was not alone anymore and also since I completely was passable. I was led down the street and had to explain to both of they what had transpired since I last saw them and how it made me feel. The more I talked it out, the more I was enjoying all of this. At that moment I felt like I could spend the rest of my life as Mistress Brooks Lesbian lover. I even relished at the fact she was parading me down the street chained and collared.

We walked into the back door bar and was led to the bar. I heard Mistress Linda say to the bartender, “Mel. we are here to party and get drunk. Make us up three mouth fulls of come and make yourself one too.” I thought that was a strange name for a drink but I was told it was just called that because it is white, salty and creamy. When the shooters arrived, we all shot them back and they were right. It was salty and creamy and had a coconut flavor which I really liked. She then told Mel to make us up two more rounds of those and to have them brought to the booth across the room. It was obvious Mistress Linda and Brook were regulars here. A lot of people greeted them as we crossed the floor to the booth. Next to the booth was an iron pole with a few rings attached to the top and a few down the sides. My chain was secured to the top ring so I had to stand next to the booth and my hands were cuffed to a ring behind the bar. They both sat down and started talking. When the drinks arrived they were placed on the table and one was pored down my throat. They were definitely strong and this one was a little more salty than the last but still real tasty. The girls just sat and talked as people kept coming up to the booth. The music was getting loud and between that and getting buzzed, I could no longer hear what was being said in the booth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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