Finding a Way

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I am divorced after many years of living with a house full of men. I feel alive again after all those years but not because of my sons. I lived through the normal teenage years and all the trials and tribulations that go with them and came out of it, a better person. It still has a lingering effect on me though and I still can picture it through my fantasies, what I wished had happened so many times before. I have this uncontrollable fantasy about my ex-husband and our two sons, watching them as they fuck one another with their long, thick, hard cocks.

Being around three men, it wasn’t a place for shyness. I saw, many times, my son’s young and healthy bodies in various states of dress and undress. Seeing them emerge from the shower, their cocks swinging between their legs as they walked, would make my pussy wet to the point that I started wondering about having them together in bed. At 43, I still feel sexy and from the looks I sometimes catch my sons giving me along with some of their friends, I feel whole again.

As I’m writing this, I can see the three of them, their naked, sweaty bodies, intertwined together, pumping and thrashing on the bed together. I can see legs up in the air and hear grunts and groans of pleasure as they fuck each other’s asses. The picture is very vivid in my mind. It’s as if I’m in slow motion and here’s what I picture every time I think about it.

My husband is on his back, his legs being held apart by one of my son’s rough hands as he pumps his hard cock in and out of his father’s ass. I can see the veins standing out along his length as he pumps in and out, in and out, my husband urging him on.

“Yes son. Fuck me hard. I want you to come in my ass.”

My other son is standing watching the two of them, slowly rubbing his thick cock, waiting for his turn at his father’s ass hole.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming, Dad. I’m coming in your ass,” my son yells at his father as he starts to spurt his hot come deep inside his father’s ass hole. “I’m coming inside you.”

He grunts once more and then throws his head back as his cock explodes inside my husband. My husband is writhing under him as he receives the hot load of come deep inside his bowels. He wraps his legs around my son and tries to pull him deeper as my son keeps bağdatcaddesi escort emptying his balls into his father. With one last thrust, his balls slap my husband’s ass and he holds himself against him. He groans loudly as he continues spurting up into his father then he slowly, pulls out of his ass, his cock slimy from both their juices. As his cock slides out of his father’s ass, I can see the strands of come joining the two of them together and watch it start to run down my husbands legs, over his balls and then pool on the bed underneath him.

My son moves out of the way, as my other son takes his place, quickly getting between his father’s still, widely spread legs. I watch his cock push against his opening and then disappear inside him, making him cry out in pleasure. I watch my son slide his entire length up into his father and hear him breathing hard as he concentrates on what he is doing. I can hear my husband urging him on.

“That’s it son. Put your hard cock up my ass. Fuck me with your hard cock. Fill my ass with your hot come.”

“Oh dad,” my son says as he continues pushing into his father’s ass. “Your ass is so tight around my cock. I am going to fuck you as hard and as fast as I can.”

I watch as my son starts to thrust in and out of his father, his balls slapping against his skin, making a sharp clapping noise. Their grunts and groans are getting louder and louder as my son fucks his father’s ass as hard as he can, pounding his hard cock, in and out of his ass, over and over again.

“Oh fuck, son. That feels so good. Having your hard cock up my ass is so beautiful, don’t stop.”

My other son is standing watching the two of them fuck, slowly running his hand up and down his length. His eyes are partly closed as he watches and I hear him groan once or twice as he stands beside them. The three of them have a sheen of sweat covering their bodies and I can smell the mixture of sex and sweat as my son continues to fuck his father, pounding his cock in and out, not stopping. I can see the thighs of my ex, jiggling as he is fucked. I can hear his groans and I sometimes wonder, where it was coming from as he never did make any noises when we were making love.

My son suddenly yells, “Oh fuck,” and thrusts beykoz escort into his father one more time. I can almost hear him exploding inside his father’s ass as he starts to mix his hot come with that of his brother’s. I watch his ass clench as he comes and see the sweat rolling off his face and back. He holds himself against his father’s ass and empties his balls into him before slowly pulling himself out of his anal cavity.

I watch the two of them separate, my husband slowly lowering his legs down to the now, soaked bed. There is a big pool of come right under one of his cheeks and I can hear it squish under him as he lowers his legs on top of it. My pussy is so wet by now, I can’t move, afraid of the noises I’d make. I can feel my juices running down my legs and feel the sensitivity of my clit, rubbing against the walls of my crack as I try to move, not wanting to.

I then see my husband, move over and let one of my son’s lie down beside him. He then gets up and straddles his chest, his hard cock pointing at his face and mouth. I see my son open his mouth as my husband thrusts his cock between his lips and fully into him.

“Yes, suck my cock, son,” my husband says as he starts to thrust himself slowly in and out of his son’s mouth, his balls slapping my son on his chin every time he thrusts fully into him.

“Yes, suck it. I’m going to come in your mouth and I want you to swallow all of it.”

My other son is getting hard again from watching the two of them and soon he is on the bed again, moving behind his father and spreading his cheeks apart. I see him reach out with the tip of his tongue and flick it against his father’s hole, tasting him and his brother’s come as it still, oozes out of my husband’s ass. Then he moves up and pushes his cock back into his father’s ass and starts to fuck him again. He uses long steady thrusts and soon is banging his balls against his father’s ass as he pounds in and out of his ass hole. My husband is groaning as he feels his son fuck him and as his cock is being sucked dry.

Suddenly, the bed erupts in a frenzy of action as my husband starts to come in his son’s hot mouth while his ass is being filled with another hot load of young seed. They all are groaning loudly now and I watch their caddebostan escort frenzied movements until all I can hear is their heavy breathing and see the sweat rolling off their bodies. Finally, with a little care, they all separate and roll away from each other, completely spent, their chests heaving and their cocks soft and wet. It takes quite a while for them to catch their breath but after a while, they start again, only this time, it’s my husband that does the fucking and my son’s who receive loads of hot come deep inside their bowels, over and over again for the next two hours.

Now, I’m as wet as they are and I reach down and touch myself, feeling the wetness that has gathered in my folds. I run my finger up and down my crack, dipping a finger in and out of my cunt, as I imagine one of my son’s hard cocks entering me, filling with its youthful thickness. I groan as I continue to feel myself and I find my engorged clit, running my finger across it and circling it, pushing harder and harder against it every time. My legs start to shake as I watch the three men in my life, gain their senses and I know I have to move. I try to move but I find I can’t. I stand where I was and continued to circle my sensitive clit with my fingers, groaning louder and louder.

I put my hand up and cover my mouth as I come, groaning softly, feeling my juices running across my fingers. My legs feel like they are about to give out so I quickly sit down, gasping for air as I try to relax. I get up and head for the bathroom, quickly closing the door, pulling my shorts down and thrusting a finger inside my saturated cunt. Again, the picture of one of my son’s hard cock fucking me takes me into another climax and I collapse against the vanity. When I finally look up, I see in the mirror, my red, flushed face and I smile at myself, thinking about what I had just seen and thinking also about what I would like to happen.

I know that fucking your own sons is not the right thing to do but after today, I wanted it more than anything. For the next little while, I tried to let them know what I was feeling and didn’t try to hide it from my husband. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to have their young cocks inside me but now, maybe I will try again. Every time I have this fantasy, it takes me a long time to get over it. I see it in my mind all the time and I’m finding that it is taking over my every thought. Maybe soon, I’ll have the chance and when I do, it will fulfill my fantasy and maybe give me more room for others. Who knows what a sexy, mother can dream up?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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