Finishing School For Ladies Ch. 08

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Chapter Eight — Passport To Eternity

“So are you seriously thinking about getting tits?” Sally dropped her newspaper and snuggled up to Valerie.

“But I thought the whole tranny deal was only for two or three years? Just until Tony stopped looking for you?” Sally said inquisitively.

“Well it was. But now I don’t want to live any other way. I can’t tell you everything right now but becoming a transvestite has answered a lot of questions that I had about myself. I love being Valerie; I can’t imagine being anybody else. William is just a distant memory,” Valerie said.

“But getting breast implants. That’s a huge step. That really is crossing the Rubicon, as you like to tell your school friends,” Sally sounded concerned.

“Well there is one other thing that I’ve been meaning to tell you. In fact I should have told you long before now,” Valerie said seriously.

“Ooh! This doesn’t sound good,” Sally said earnestly.

“I have to tell you I’ve fallen in love with someone,” Valerie said.

Sally paled. She half expected something like this would happen. Valerie was twenty and she was beautiful; someone was going to fall for her or she was going to fall for some young handsome bloke.

“Anyone I know?” Sally tried to smile but she looked genuinely downhearted.

“You might.”

“It’s this thirty-something brass who lives in a flat near Soho. She’s a good looking sort with a heart of gold and I fell in love with her ages ago but I was too stupid to tell her,” Valerie smiled.

Sally began to cry silently and Valerie pulled Sally to her and cuddled her and gently kissed her.

“Have you told her?” Sally baited her.

“Very recently,” Valerie smirked.

“What if your love isn’t reciprocated?” Sally teased.

“Then I guess I’ll just have to make do with you,” Valerie giggled.

“Oh you fucking bitch!” Sally leapt on Valerie and they play-fought for a little while.

Then their fighting turned to cuddling and caressing. Valerie lay on top of Sally kissing her; her hard cock rubbing against Sally’s through two layers of silky knickers.

“Mmm, I like Sunday mornings,” Sally grinned.

“You still haven’t told me about these luscious things,” Valerie freed Sally’s tits from her bra and began to nuzzle them.

“Mmm, well they work just like real ones but don’t give milk,” she joked and pressed Valerie’s mouth to them.

Valerie tweaked one of Sally’s nipples between her finger and thumb, and sucked and gently nibbled the other one. She rubbed her cock against Sally at the same time and was pleased when Sally began to writhe with lust beneath her.

Sally was getting impatient and trying to goad Valerie into penetrating her but Valerie took her time kissing and caressing her lover and bringing her to the edge with frottage.

“Fuck me you bitch,” Sally looked up into Valerie’s green eyes.

“That’s a nice way to talk to the woman who loves you,” Valerie smiled down at Sally.

Valerie eased Sally’s knickers aside and prodded at her puckered bud with her erect penis, deliberately teasing Sally. Sally whimpered and grasped Valerie’s erection and placed her glans at the entrance to her anus.

“I love you,” Valerie whispered and pushed her cock inside Sally’s sphincter.

Valerie slowly pushed herself all the way into her lover and Sally lifted her legs to assist. Valerie placed Sally’s ankles either side of her head so she could reach down and kiss Sally while fully penetrating her.

They fucked like that until they were both ready to come then Valerie locked her lips on Sally’s and thrust vigorously and deeply into her until she orgasmed. Sally came against Valerie’s belly and the two lovers fucked and caressed and kissed until they were totally satisfied.

They lay in bed, a tangle of limbs, and kissed and petted and spoke of how much they loved each other until it was time to do it all over again. This time Sally mounted Valerie, who wanted to lie on her belly and feel Sally’s body pressed against her back while they fucked.

They even showered together and did their makeup side by side in the ensuite bathroom.

“We’re like a married couple,” Valerie joked.

“Yeah; we almost are. We know each other so well we might as well be married,” Sally chuckled.

Valerie looked at Sally in the mirror and took her hand.

“I really do love you Sally,” she whispered.

Sally lowered her head to Valerie’s shoulder and mewed.

They sat at the dining table having brunch dressed only in knickers and bra, the flat was warm and the sun was shining in the window.

“So where were we? Oh yes. So tell me about yer tits,” Valerie’s witticism disguised her genuine curiosity.

“So as I told you I’ve been living as a transvestite since I was seventeen; well it wasn’t until I was twenty five that I’d saved enough money to get the job done. By then I knew I was going to live the rest of my life as a woman so I had no qualms doing it,” Sally began.

“It cost me everything I had at gaziantep escort the time to fly to Thailand and have breast implants. It was awful because I had to travel on my male passport and I hadn’t been a man for so long I’d almost forget how to be one.”

“Coming back home I was this guy with long hair who had sprouted tits. A lot of people at the airport stared at me and those cunts at Customs singled me out and strip searched me,” Sally was angry even now.

“But it was worth it. I love my tits,” Sally beamed, pushing her breast up with her hands.

“They’re just the right size for me. A lot of trannies go and get the biggest ones they can…double Ds and shit, and they look awful. They look like drag queens,” Sally screwed up her face.

“So note to self. Don’t get double Ds,” Valerie quipped.

“If you try to get breast implants here in the UK it will take years being on some stupid sex reassignment register, seeing psychs and doctors who think that gender dysphoria is a myth anyway. That’s why most girls go to Asia or Europe to get them done,” Sally finished her tale and bit into her toast.

“So? You thinking seriously of getting tits then?” Sally said around a mouthful of toast and tea.

Valerie sat in the gardener’s cottage that evening sipping scotch with Billy and Billy’s ‘friend’ Raul.

“You know all the faces and geezers around here Billy. Where would a girl who has a bit of cash go to get a decent bit of forgery done?” Valerie asked, sliding a twenty across the table.

An amateur forger herself, the next day at school Valerie produced a letter ‘from her father’ requesting she be given the day off school to meet him in the city as he had returned from Asia and was in London for the day.

Valerie poked her head out of the taxi window and looked around.

“Are you sure this is it?” she asked the cabbie.

“Yes luv; this is it. Are you sure you want to get out here?” the cabbie replied.

“I’ll tell you what. Be back here in exactly half an hour and there’s a two quid tip guaranteed ok?” Valerie opened the door and stepped out of the cab.

The cabbie nodded and drove away in a cloud of diesel fumes.

Valerie stood out the front of a dodgy looking dilapidated building in a back street of Moulsham. She checked and rechecked the address Billy had given her and this was definitely it. The alley was dark and strewn with abandoned shopping trolleys, junk food wrappers, empty beer cans and bottles, cigarette butts, and condom wrappers.

Valerie turned down the alley and her heels click-clacked on the dirty cobblestones.

“Jesus!” she hissed.

She passed a doorway where a prossie wearing a stained leopard skin mini dress with her tits nearly falling out of it, laddered black fishnet tights, and scuffed black high heels with smudged makeup and dishevelled hair was on her knees fellating a man in a business suit.

The man looked mortified at being caught but the prossie didn’t miss a beat; she just kept sucking away, ignoring the sound of Valerie’s footsteps.

Valerie knocked on a door caked with fading and peeling blue paint. When it wasn’t answered she knocked again and this time it opened a crack and she could see someone peering at her.

“What the fuck do you want girlie?” the man hissed through the door.

“Billy The Bottle sent me. He told me that you were expecting me,” Valerie replied.

The man opened the door and invited Valerie in. He looked up and down the alley and closed the door.

“I’m going to be up front luv. I normally wouldn’t touch this job with a barge pole but I owe Billy a big favour so I’ll do it,” the man said tossing a cigarette into his mouth.

“Also…I don’t believe in coincidences but believe it or not this is the second time today I’ve been asked to knock up a passport for a tranny…er I mean…er a transgendered person. I don’t suppose you know Candi Pops do you?” he lit his cigarette.

“Yeah! All us trannies know each other. It’s like a big club where we meet every Saturday night and braid each other’s hair and talk about how many cocks we’ve sucked,” Valerie rolled her eyes sarcastically.

“All right! All right! Keep yer knickers on!” the man said exasperated.

“It’s not exactly cock in a frock central here if you know what I mean; and two trannies in one day? Well who’d have believed it. Anyway what can I do for you luv?” he asked.

“Anyway, who said I was a tranny?” Valerie glared at him.

“Oops sorry darling. Billy told me the job was to knock up a passport for a tranny so I thought it was for you. You don’t look like one if I may say so,” the man gave her his best smile.

“Well I am and now you’re only the third person to know that,” Valerie snapped.

“Jeez I can’t win a fucking trick today. Every time I say something I put me foot in it. Anyway I’m John Benstead,” he offered his hand and the killer smile got bigger.

John was good looking and cocksure of himself and Valerie couldn’t help but konya escort smile back at him.

He looked to be in his early forties. He had stylish long blonde hair and was tanned and muscular. He was wearing a pair of tight jeans and tighter T-shirt. His cigarette hung out the corner of his mouth but he managed to smile around it.

Valerie had rummaged around in Sally’s apartment while she was out and found Sally’s passport. It was in the name of Brian Macintosh. Sally had kept her male surname for convenience. Valerie did not recognise the man in the passport photo as Sally and was not interested in him. She had also found the faded copy of Brian Mackintosh’s birth certificate.

Valerie didn’t have a passport but she had a copy of her own birth certificate. She also had two Polaroid photographs of Sally that Emily had taken with her Land camera.

Valerie had used the ruse that she was supposed to be meeting her father today so she had had to dress appropriately. She wore the same outfit she had worn to her school interview. The navy blue pleated A-line skirt with the hem resting mid-thigh, a white nylon long-sleeved blouse, and a navy blue blazer that hung to her hips, wedge-heeled Mary Jane’s with the strap over the instep. White semi-opaque tights and silver necklace, bracelet, earrings and a ring on the ring finger of each hand. A simple black leather-banded watch was affixed to her right wrist.

She knew she would be having her photo taken so she had worked on her appearance; the blunt cut classic bob had been shampooed, conditioned, and given the obligatory one hundred brush strokes.

Her makeup was subtle, some foundation, powder, a dab of rouge, a sparing amount of eyeliner and eyeshadow but plenty of mascara. Her pink lipstick matched her nailpolish. She had completed the ensemble with a subtle splash of perfume.

She could sense John’s eyes on her.

“Anyway; to business shall we?” Valerie said.

John smiled and indicated a ratty chair facing a large desk with a chair well and a chest of drawers on either side. On top of the desk, papers were strewn everywhere and there were various stamps, ink pads, pens, glue, scissors and an abundance of office supplies.

Valerie sat and deliberately allowed her skirt to rise up her thighs and smiled when she saw John’s eyes follow.

She threw the documents she had bought with her on the desk.

“It’s all there. I want passports and birth certificates for Valerie Swindon and Sally Macintosh; the details are in the envelope. You can take pictures of me but you will have to make do with the Polaroids for Sally, it’s a surprise for her.”

John picked up the Polaroids and scanned them.

“Yeah I can make them work. This won’t be cheap; plus it’s off the books if you know what I mean. Half a monkey,” he lit another cigarette.

“Two hundred and fifty pounds; fair enough. I take it you want cash?” Valerie opened her purse.

“I’ll pay up front and Billy will pick up the finished products for me.”

“You’re very trusting,” John tried using his charm again.

“I don’t need to be; I’ve got Billy The Bottle working for me,” Valerie grinned back at him.

“Well yeah…I see,” John paled a little.

“Right get yourself against that back wall where the sheet’s hanging,” he walked over and picked up one of his cameras and adjusted it.

“Good. Look this way and give us a smile,” he aimed the camera and took half a dozen shots, some with a flash and some without.

“Right all done; should be ready in week,” John said.

Valerie still had the money in her hand and John put out his hand for payment.

“You’re really cocksure of yourself, aren’t you?” Valerie examined him.

He just shrugged his shoulders confidently.

“You’re the type that fucks ’em and forgets ’em aren’t you?” she grinned at him.

He shrugged his shoulders again.

“Well this time it’s going to be the other way. I’m going to give you the shagging of your life and then I’m going to forget all about you,” Valerie said soberly.

She reached out and with one swipe of her hand she wiped everything off his desk onto the concrete floor. She pierced him with her eyes as she backed up to the desk and hiked herself up on it.

She lifted up her skirt, pulled down her knickers and ripped open the crotch of her tights and tore away her gaff.

John stood mesmerised.

“Are you going to fuck me or are you too scared to fuck a tranny?” Valerie smiled up at him.

John dropped his pants and underpants, his cock poked out in front of him erect and ready.

He approached Valerie and lifted her legs and positioned himself between them. He kissed her ankle and rubbed the opaque fabric against his cheek. His cock was rubbing on her leg, the white translucent nylon became transparent where his precum dribbled on her thigh.

“Come on fuck me. I’m in a hurry,” Valerie teased him.

Her own cock tented the front of her tights and was also leaking pre-seminal kayseri escort fluid.

John slid his cock into Valerie’s anus and he leaned down and kissed her. He cupped her buttocks and plunged his cock in and out of her tight arse and Valerie lifted her bottom off the desk to meet his thrusts. She wrapped her legs around him and fucked him, writhing underneath him; kissing him lustily when he bent over her to do so.

He came; holding her down on the desk, jackhammering his cock in and out of her while he howled with pleasure. Valerie stroked her cock and flooded her tights.

When they had finished fucking, John picked up the box of tissues off the floor and wiped Valerie and himself.

Valerie stood and pulled up her knickers and straightened her skirt and blazer while John pulled up his underpants and jeans.

John went to kiss her but Valerie turned her face so that his kiss landed on her cheek.

She held out the cash she had taken out earlier and offered it to Steve who snatched it out of her hand.

He escorted her to the door.

“I’ll send Billy around in a week then to pick up the documents?” she smiled at him.

John nodded. He was confused. The gorgeous young tranny had come on to him and now she was cold as a fish.

“You’re not as good as you think you are John. You better get your shit together if you’re hoping to get together with this Pops woman,” Valerie gave him a disparaging smile and stepped through the door.

The street walker had finished with her punter and standing in the doorway smoking. She held a bottle of gin wrapped in brown paper. She took a slug and eyed Valerie suspiciously as she passed. The prossie let out a cackle.

“You’re not as good as you think you are, you stuck up bint!’ the crone shouted.

“That’s funny I just told that bloke in that warehouse the same thing,” Valerie chuckled.

Her taxi was waiting and she was glad to see the back end of Moulsham.

Valerie had the rest of the day off so she called Sally and arranged to meet for dinner. Sally was a little grumpy as Valerie had been paying a lot of attention to her businesses; Billy’s contraband and Emily’s whores. It didn’t help that Valerie had to go back to school that evening.

“Valerie! You’re fucking twenty years old now; why are you still at the Finishing School?” Sally asked; she’d had a few glasses of wine with dinner.

“Well it’s complicated Sally. I just need to make sure I’m safe before I come out of hiding and also I’m making good money out of the place,” Valerie tried to placate her.

“I really don’t have to leave until I’m twenty one if I don’t want to.”

This made Sally a little angrier.

“I hardly see you except for the holidays. I love you and I want to be with you,” Sally was getting a bit teary.

“Babe; I’ve got a term holiday coming up and I promise we will spend the whole of it with you. You’ll love it I promise,” Valerie took her hand and squeezed it.

Valerie had been working away behind the scenes making bookings and sorting out every detail of their surprise holiday.

On the first day of her holidays Valerie went home to the flat she shared with Sally.

They made love of course but Valerie turned in early, much to Sally’s chagrin. Valerie got up really early and was super excited. She pottered and banged around the flat until Sally couldn’t stand it any longer and she got out of bed.

Sally came into the living room and found two suitcases in the centre of the floor and Valerie standing between them in travelling clothes grinning. She was holding some documents up and waving them.

“Surprise!” Valerie shouted and hugged Sally.

Sally was still half asleep and when Valerie dropped the documents in her hand she was surprised to see they were airline tickets. They were airline tickets to Bangkok.

“You’re coming with me while I get my boobs done and then we’re having a holiday,” Valerie gushed.

“Are you crazy!” Sally was angry.

“I told you about the last time I travelled overseas. I’m not travelling as a man!” Sally sulked.

“Why would you. You are a woman. You are Miss Sally Macintosh, it says so right here on your birth certificate and your passport!” Valerie squealed and dropped them into Sally’s lap.

Sally just sat there stunned, staring at the birth certificate and passport. She thumbed through the documents and then dropped them on the coffee table. Then she squealed.

“We’re going to Bangkok! I love you Valerie Swindon!” Sally fell into her arms and kissed her.

“I take it you have similar documents?” Sally asked between kisses.

“Of course,” she replied.

“What a wonderful present,” Sally kissed and hugged Valerie again.

“Ok girl. Get yourself brushed up and dressed. Billy will be here in an hour to take us to the airport. Don’t pack; this suitcase is full of new clothes, we can play dress up at hotel in Bangkok,” Valerie beamed.

They flew first class and got through customs and immigration without a hitch and checked into the Bangkok Hilton. Valerie was only in the hotel for a day and then she checked into a private hospital and had her breast augmentation. The doctor made her stay for three days after the surgery and then let her go with instructions on how to care for her wounds and with enough drugs and dressings to fill a small pharmacy.

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