Flowers For Pansy

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Daffodils were Pansy’s favorite. To this day she is still a silly little flower gurl wanting, waiting, craving for another man to bring a fresh bouquet. But today was not an ordinary day. With the vacuum grinding and sucking and growling the knock on the door was just slightly audible. The little sissy . . . excuse me, pansy (she just loved being called a pansy) flamboyantly sashayed her way with little itty bitty tiny steps. She swung the door open and presented a lush bright smile. “Yessss?” She said with a lisp.

“Flowers for pansy.” The delivery boy read off his note.

Pansy gasped with complete exaggeration and brought her finger tips to her lips. “For meeeee?”

The delivery boy looked her up and down with a perplexed expression. “Are you . . .” He looked down at his note again. “Pansy?”

“I am, I am, I am!” Pansy replied while clapping her hands together and jumping up and down.

The delivery boy handed her the enormous vase filled with a variety of flowers and green leaves.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” She blew him a kiss and closed the door. Pansy clickity click clacked her way over to the window sill. “Sunshine for you pretty little flowers.” She clapped her hands again and smiled. “Ohhh.” She sighed dramatically. “What is this?” A small pink envelope. She carefully pulled the card out using just the very tips of her fingers, nail polish glistening. “Oh, my heavens. Who on earth could it be from?”


“No, no, no!” She smiled and giggle and jumped and laughed. “You urfa escort can’t tease me like that!” She twirled and swayed and thought real hard (without hurting herself). “Um, um, um. Noooo! I can’t think of who it might beeee.”

Such a silly little pansy.

“Who could it be?” She gasped while holding the note close to her heart. “I can’t stand it!” She clicked her way into the bedroom, sat down and punched the pillow with the weakest, most awkward limp wristed outburst imaginable. As one might guess, she pouted like a spoiled little teenage girl. “No fair.”

KNOCK KNOCK on the door.

“Oh my.” Pansy straightened up. “Could it be?” It had to be. It must be. She ever so very much hoped it would be. Her beaming bright smile reappeared leaving the dark cold pouty pout-pout far behind. Click, click, click, click, click. She loved the sound of her high heels making love with the floor. “Coming.” Click, click. “Coming.” Click, click, click. “Ohhh, one moment please.” Every hand gesture, sashay and other body language was exaggerated to the fullest. She stopped at the mirror and looked herself up and down, fixing her hair and adjusting her skimpy mini skirt. She blew a kiss at her reflection and smiled with nervous anticipation. Deep breath, collect the flutters. She swung the door open “Yessss? She lisped while throwing her hair back and tilting her head.

“Did you like my flowers?” The dark, handsome man asked with an incredibly sexy half-smile.

She recognized him right away. The six foot tall balıkesir escort mechanic down the street with rippling muscles. Pansy could barely contain herself. “My,” She teared up. “My s, secret admirer?”

He winked at her. “May I come in?”

“Omigawd, omigawd. Yes, please come in.” She felt so tiny and fragile.

“Turn around for me.” Such a deep, firm, controlling voice.

Pansy did as she was told and looked back over her shoulder.

His huge arms reached out for her and grabbed on tight. She felt like melting. Two overwhelmingly masculine hands holding her waist and pulling her closer to him, forcing her bunns to feel his already erect cock under his jeans.

“Please, don’t hurt me. Be gentle.” She batted her eyes.

He pushed her down on all fours, knelt behind her and unzipped his pants. “If you liked the flowers you are gonna love this.”

Pansy, as usual, gasped as she felt her mini skirt being pulled and tugged at. She lifted one knee and then the other as if it was teamwork, helping him to remove the skirt. Her knees went wide, her chastity cage swayed. He forced her face to the floor. “Ohhh, Gawd.” She whispered with lust as the tip of his cock pressed against her hole. One quick thrust and she was already in ecstasy. “Oh please, oh please.” She arched her back.

Her soft sexy voice only made him plunge deeper. Foundation and mascara smeared all over the hardwood flooring. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, Pansy.”

She pushed back. When he called trabzon escort her ‘Pansy’ it nearly threw her over the edge of sissification. “I, oh, I loved the flowers.” She moaned as her body rocked back and forth.

He slapped her on the ass. “I knew you would.” He was exploring so deep. “I always wanted to fuck you, Pansy.” Sweat was forming on his chest.


“Every time you walk by the shop this is what I think about doing to you.” His rhythm was that of an orchestral conductor.

“That’s, that’s why I, why I walk by every day.” Her soft response was nearly inaudible.

He picked up the pace. “I thought so.” He was fucking her with love and passion now. Steady. Firm. Deep. Accurate.

“I, I,” She was incoherent.

He slapped her on the ass again. She was lost in sissy femininity. Another slap on the ass. Sweat dripping. Pansy’s cute little tank top crinkled into a piece of spaghetti wrapped around her nipples. Soft little sighs were all she was able to let out. The only active communication now were his grunts which grew louder and louder. He grabbed her waist tight and pulled her in, thrust after thrust. She was nothing more than a rag doll at this point. He couldn’t take it any more. His desire for Pansy overrode everything. She sensed it and relaxed her hole completely. She wanted it all. And then it happened. One last deep thrust. He held it there. She held it there. Those special moments. They both moaned in orgasmic unison without saying a word. Pansy saw unicorns jumping over rainbows, leprechauns collecting gold, pixies giggling. She felt his warm ejaculation. They both remained there for no more than twenty seconds. A memory that would last a lifetime.

He pulled out, stood up while pulling up his pants. “Come on down to the shop tomorrow. I want you to meet the boys.”

She smiled back at him. She loved that idea.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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