Gloria’s Transformations – the Yacht

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Please see the first episode entitled “Gloria’s Transformation — the Gym” for the story of her genetic transformation into a gorgeous, voluptuous, totally uninhibited nymphomaniac, with many perverse sexual impulses, including hypersexuality, size fetishism, exhibitionism, masochism, voyeurism, androphilia, and submissiveness.

She submitted reluctantly for a second set of genetic alterations, as described in “Gloria’s Transformations — the Freak.” Her large booty, nipples, and boobs were further enlarged, and her waist shrunk, giving her a stunning 81-21-71 figure. Her lips were enhanced, but not enough to decrease her incredible beauty. The lactation of each of her 36Z boobs doubled to two liters of milk every hour. The central milk duct in each breast was enlarged and made very deep and highly expandable. Her nipples were made very long, elastic, and thick. Her cream production tripled, and the sensitivity of her erogenous zones and her sex drive greatly increased. She became the slut of a large group of brothers to satisfy her new desires. See “Gloria’s Transformations- BBC slut.”


Gloria is talking with Bill, one of her very rich clients.

“When are you ever going to accept my offer to go cruising on my mega yacht? Right now it’s in St Martin, an island almost as beautiful as you are.”

“I’d love to, but I couldn’t leave my masters.”

“Well, bring them along. How many do you have?”

“Sixteen. Do you have room for that many?”

“Wow, that’s a lot of masters for one little lady! Sure, if that will get you to come, I’ll accommodate them. And I’ll pay all their airfares, of course.”

“Great, but there is another problem. Your white crewmen will go nuts watching me, and you know my preference for black men. So would you please give your white crewmen some time off and replace them with some good looking brothers?”

Bill says the captain and first mate are essential to the ship but agrees to furlough the other white males and replace them with blacks. When Gloria tells her bros about an all expenses paid vacation to the Caribbean, they all want to go. She gets excited about the trip, dreaming about being the only sex partner for her 16 studs for two weeks. “I should definitely get satisfied”, she thinks, with a smile. As they are waiting at the airport for their flight, Gloria talks to her bros,

“I’m sure you all want to join the mile high club, but the flight to Miami is only five hours. So I’ll do half of you on this flight and half on the return flight. That will give each of you a half hour with me in the restroom. Let’s not get caught and miss our connecting flight!”

Gloria finds it hard not to moan loudly. She sits on the toilet and sucks on their cocks, or lets them fuck her nipples. Then she leans over the toilet with her hands on the backwall and spreads her legs for them.

The non-mile-high clubbers are horny after seeing the smiles on the others after returning from the restroom. So instead of waiting in the long, slow line for customs, they all crowd into a corner of the customs building and start feeling Gloria up. The mile high clubbers stand close together in a semicircle so no one can see what the rest of them do to her. They strip her naked and multiple hands simultaneously fondle her breasts and ass and finger her pussy and asshole. She is turned this way and that as one bro after another grabs her hips, grinds his bulging crotch into her booty, and humps her ass until there is no one left in the waiting line. She is still putting her clothes back on when the bros breakup around her, but no one sees her. The cream from her arousal is still dripping from her as she moves through customs, and she is thankful the officials are looking at her tits and not the floor. As soon as she climbs into the limo that Bill arranged for them in Sint Maarten, she is pulled down onto the lap of a bro, who instantly has his cock inside her. She thinks,

“This cruise is starting out great!”

When they arrive at the harbor, the bros have to yell at the bro fucking Gloria to get him to stop. Then they have to wait for her to put her clothes back on.

They can’t believe the size of the mega yachts in the Port de Plaisance harbor. Arriving at night, they see red lights on top of masts tall enough to be hazards to aviation. The beautiful yachts are majestic with all their deck and underwater lights on and their hulls towering far above the dock. All the men on the dock and the yachts stop what they are doing and stare at Gloria as she walks by. She is dressed modestly, but they can see she is someone’s trophy and ravishingly beautiful. Bill greets them warmly on the dock and Gloria kisses him passionately to show everyone that she is his sugarbabe. He leads them to his mega yacht, an 86 meter schooner.

As soon as they have been shown their cabins, Bill announces that Gloria will be the cruise director in charge of onboard entertainment. She immediately tells the crew she wants a mattress put on the aft deck.

“Okay, bros, let’s comment backlink have a contest to see who can fuck me in the most erotic way! The prize will be an hour alone with me.”

Gloria strips and enjoys the reaction of the crew to her naked body. She then explains that each bro has to fuck her in a position that is different than anyone else. The bros are all very muscular and easily pick her up and put her however they want. They fuck her for several minutes in all kinds of positions — on her side, lifting her up and down on their cocks, upside down, etc — and she loves the novelty and frivolity of it all. The bro who wins the prize has her on her side in the air, with just her forearm and calf on the mattress, while he stands on the deck, holding her upper leg. He manipulates her body to gyrate her boobs in circular orbits that the men love watching. Her bust is a mystery to the crew, seeing it for the first time. Her boobs are mind blowingly big and so firm that they do not sag at all. Yet she obviously has no implants, since they move freely and jiggle easily, and the crew can see how soft they are when they are squeezed by the bros.

She endures the pain of her titty oscillations because everyone is enjoying them so much. The second most favorite position for the men is with her shoulders on the mattress and her ass held high by a bro standing on the deck. This is not Gloria’s favorite, since her tits hit her face. Another favorite is fucking her from behind after putting her on folded legs on top of a sofa back. The guy’s only contact with her is his cock and a hold on her hair, and her body is magnificently on display for everyone to enjoy. When they announce the winner, he puts her back into the winning position and fucks her to completion.

The aft deck is high and no one on the docks or ashore can see Gloria in the center of the deck, but people on the other yachts can. Voyeurs line the decks of nearby yachts as Gloria is gangbanged on the aft deck after the contest by three, four, and five bros at a time.

When she satisfies the last bro, she sees several of the black crewmen looking at her like starving dogs eyeing a juicy steak. She thinks this is a great way to meet them and have some fun, so she tells them they can have her too, but only if they can think of a position that she has not already been fucked in. So a clever crewman Googles Kamasutra on his cell phone and puts Gloria down on her side on the mattress. He gets on his knees, straddles one of her legs, and pulls her other leg up towards his chest, lifting up her ass and opening her up. He pauses before he draws her close so that he and the others can ogle her vulva covered in white and her gapping vagina, loaded with semen and cream that is trickling down to her ass. She smiles at him as he again pauses with the tip of his cockhead smothered in her cream. Then she closes her eyes, opens her mouth a little with slightly puckered lips, and adds a long “oohhh” to the sloshing sound of his cock sliding into her overflowing pussy.

“What’s your name, ahhh, and what position is this?”

“I’m Kaleem, and this is the Spiderman.”

She places a hand softly on his leg. “Well, Kaleemmmmmm, the Spiderman, I, ooohhh, love the way yoooouuuuuu are fucking me!”

One of her voluptuous mammaries is sunk into the mattress, but the other one is free to move with his thrusts. For the men’s voyeuristic pleasure and her exhibitionism, she holds her arm behind her back to better expose her tits and rotates her upper body to press them more together. As Kaleem pulls her towards him, her heavy upper tit slides down over her other tit to the mattress. He enjoys watching the motion of her massive tit and forcibly pushes her away as he withdraws, making her upper tit slide up, over, and then down her bottom tit. Each time he pushes or pulls her, her wonderfully resilient breast distorts, sprays a burst of milk, and then springs back to its perfect shape after its memorizing journey over the other tit. She asks to be put on her other side to milk her other tit too. When Kaleem is done with her, her tit continuously sprays milk as the next waiting crewman puts her into another Kamasutra position.

“How many positions are in the Kamasutra?” “254.” “Great! Let’s do them all before the end of the cruise.”

Some of the Kamasutra positions are weird, but Gloria likes the unique sensations many of them give her. She remembers the best ones to repeat with her bros, as the orgy continues into the night. She finds the much longer cocks of her bros make unusual coital positions much easier. Another reason to love big black cocks, she thinks.

The bro who won the exclusive hour with Gloria takes it late that night in her suite. Gloria has the owner’s suite because it has glass walls facing the main deck, and she has promised to sleep naked with no sheet and a light above the bed. Happily for her, this bro is one of the real studs of her group, and the coitus lasts the entire hour. He switches between her five holes comment backlink Botu and two cleavages and is a gentlemen, doing her asshole last. When his hour is up, other bros file into the suite and join in on the fun with her on the bed.

There are no absorbent mattress pads for her to sleep on, so she hooks up her breast pump and runs it while she sleeps. She gives the liters of milk she collects to the bartender to serve to her bros and the crew, and suggests that he should sell the leftover breast milk on the island.

Dinner with Guests on Board

Bill invites the owners of six mega yachts in the harbor and their wives to dinner tonight on his yacht. At breakfast, he tells Gloria he wants her to join them. When her bros hear this, they hatch an idea for some fun. They tell her to give herself an enema, and when she comes back, they strip her and drape her over the back of a sofa. Her bros begin taking turns in her asshole and blowing their wads into it. Her ass fucking continues non-stop the rest of the day, and they all want to do her before dinner, so they agree to limit everyone’s time in her ass to thirty minutes. Her tits are conveniently and alluringly mounted on top of the sofa, so those who can’t blow that quickly fuck her nipples before their turn in her ass. Before mounting her ass, each bro penetrates her sloppy pussy and then wipes her cream with their cock all around her asshole, to maximize the amount of air being pumped into her. She realizes that they are setting her up and protests, but they of course pay her no heed. She gets off the sofa when her last bro blows inside her, and a crewman grabs her and presses a hardon into her ass crack.

“Oowww! No way! I’ve had enough ass fucking for one day!”

One of her bros says,

“We told the crew they could have your booty too.”

“Okay, but I begging you guys, don’t ram me hard and don’t blow inside me! I’m so sore and bloated already!

She lies back down on the sofa back and holds her cheeks apart for all the crewmen. She enjoys being subservient to the crew but not the pain they give her. They don’t last long and their cocks are just average sized, but they all grab her hips and ram her as hard as they can into her huge, soft ass.

After the crew has finished with her, Jay does her a second time. He doesn’t ram her hard, and she rewards him with passionate moans, even though it is still painful due to her rawness. She loves the warmth of his voluminous ejaculations inside her, and they send her into an epic orgasm. When they put a butt plug in her, she groans from the pain of its insertion. She is finally allowed to get off the sofa and slowly walks to her cabin with little baby steps. Even though she is in pain, the gentle motion of the butt plug in her ass as she walks gives her orgasms.

“Oh my God, I’m so sore, I can barely walk!”

The pounding on the sofa did not drain enough of her milk, and her poor breasts are throbbing. She drains some milk, to give her some relief from the discomfort, but leaves them two cup sizes bigger than normal. She wants her breasts extra big to impress Bill’s rich friends. “I should be able to get some new, very rich clients tonight”, she thinks. She does her hair and cleans herself as best she can without taking a shower, since she knows her bros and the male guests will enjoy seeing the semen and cream all over her ass and thighs. She puts on perfume to hide the smell of hours and hours of heated sex.

Her top for the evening has a narrow band that is tied around her just under her boobs. A two inch strip of material goes from the band over her nipples and ties behind her neck. Some of her areola and most of her stunningly curvaceous breasts are exposed, and there are alluring peaks and wet spots at her nipples. She also has on a G string that only fills her ass crack and just barely covers her vulva. One of her bros comes into her head.

“Do you like my outfit, Dazhawn? It shows off my assets very well, I think.”

She puckers her lips while he is looking at her in the mirror, ostensibly to check her lipstick, but really because she wants to show off to him her enhanced lips. Her lips are the perfect size. Their increased thickness is not that noticeable unless she has them around a cock or is puckering them, so they don’t diminish her stunning beauty. But they are big enough to enhance her blowjobs and kisses, which her lovers have been enjoying since her second transformation.

“Boobies, you always look fantastic.”

“Look how bloated I am after what you and the other bros and crew did to me today! I still can’t believe all of you guys fucked me in my ass and then told me to let all the crew fuck me there too. I am so sore!” Her purpose is not to complain but to titilate, which she enjoys doing to her bros.

“The dinner guests have arrived and are seated. Bend over, and I’ll take the plug out.”

“Please, Dazhawn, let me keep the plug. This is going to be so embarrassing!” He pulls her G string aside comment backlink Programı and slowly removes the butt plug from her. She groans and groans.

“Oh wow, Boobies, you still have quite a gape.” He pushes the plug back into her, and she groans more.

“I’ll take it out just before we get to the dining room. We don’t want the guests to miss any of your surprise.”

Dazhawn walks with her and pulls out her butt plug just before she makes her entrance.

“Here she is, the lady I’m been telling you about! Isn’t she incredible?”

Gloria stands next to Bill as he introduces her to his guests and semen starts dripping onto the deck and flowing down her legs. The unmistakable aroma of semen surrounds her. Gloria can feel the first fart coming, but has no control due to her gape. Her eyes go wide open as she makes a terribly loud and very sloppy sound. She purses her lips and covers them with a hand, making it obvious who is responsible. Everyone laughs at her, while she stands there, blushing, with a sheepish look. The crew and bros standing behind her get to see their semen being ejected from her ass crack and spraying the deck. Then she makes a series of farts, each one sounding wetter and sloppier than the previous one and ejecting more semen. She says,

“I’m so sorry, I can’t control this. Bill, may I be excused?”

She wants to show how embarrassed she is to add to the amusement of all, especially her bros who are delighting in her predicament. Gloria is a classy lady and truly chagrined, in spite of her lack of inhibitions. She is thankful her farts are just air and only have the pungent smell of semen.

“Don’t be silly, Gloria, you are the entertainment for tonight!”

She feels movement in her loins and starts cramping. She leans forward and grimaces, as she puts a hand on her stomach and expels more farts. One of the wives says,

“My dear, what is wrong?”

“Men have been up my ass all day long, and now it’s loaded with air and their semen! Look how bloated I am! My stomach is normally very slender and flat, isn’t it Bill?”

The wives are shocked, and the men, pleasantly surprised and terribly aroused, not just from her cumfarts, but from her unbelievably voluptuous body as well. She rubs her hands on her bulging stomach and makes a face. She then turns away from her audience.

“Look at my poor ass! It must be very pink! Isn’t it a mess?”

She bends over all the way and spreads her ass cheeks to show her ass and the semen and cream covering it and her G string and dripping from it. Of course, as she bends over, she lets out a tremendous fart that ejects semen out around her G string. Her fart also blows her G string to the side, where it sticks to her, completely exposing her gapping asshole and even more semen around it and inside it. Were it not for her bottom, the dinner table and guests would have been sprayed with semen. Long filaments of semen connect her ass to the deck as semen continues to drip from her. She speaks to a crewman.

“Please get me a donut pillow to sit on!”

She turns her head towards the dinner guests.

“You can’t imagine how sore my ass is!”

She stays bent over, enjoying the stares from the male guests and her onlooking bros and slowly rotating around to give them all a good view, until a crewman arrives carrying a collar style life preserver.

“This has a hole for you.”

She positions her asshole over the neck hole in the life preserver with the help of the crewman and very gingerly sits next to Bill. The air she expels as she sits and talks makes terribly juicy sounds as more and more semen leaks or is ejected from her ass and accumulates on her chair. The pungent smell of semen fills the air around the dinner table, adding to her embarrassment.

When the men regain their composure, they change the subject, since their wives are clearly not handling the present conversations about her anal sex and her sloppy sounding cumfarts very well.

“Gloria, tell us about your boobs.”

“They are huge, aren’t they? I have a condition known as gigantomastia.”

She has an elaborate cover story given to her by her geneticist doctor to hide the genetic origins of her incredible body. Her tits are resting on the table, and she leans into the table, pushing them up. Then she straightens up, lifting her boobs off the table, looks down at them, and shakes so they jiggle for the men. Then she looks up and relishes the lust on all the men’s faces.

“And they are real! Would you like to feel how soft they are?”

The men’s eyes light up when she says that. One of the wives says coldly,

“No, darling, we’ll take your word for it.”

One of the men asks,

“And why does your bosom not sag at all?”

The guest can all see that the very thin material of her top is providing no support for her breasts.

“It’s in my genes.” She loves saying that because it’s true.

Bill says,

“My dear, why don’t you show them your nipples? They are quite remarkable.”

She is eager to exhibit herself and get the guests’ reactions, so she wastes no time in pushing the material to the side and exposing her 2 inch long nipples to all the staring eyes. Her nipples immediately start dripping milk onto the table. One male guests says excitedly,

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