The Lost Story Ch. 02

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The rapping at the door seemed more like a dream than reality when Philip first heard it, and for a moment he was convinced it was someone knocking on the cabin door of the yacht that he was sailing across the Mediterranean, but as reality settled in and he swatted in the direction of a buzzing mosquito in the darkness, he realized there was no yacht, and he was still on the balcony of his condo.

“Coming.” He groaned, not nearly loud enough for the person to hear him as he moved towards the door, nearing it as another series of raps came on the wood, “Christ, I’m coming!” He shouted a little louder this time, and apparently they heard him because the knocking ceased, “Yes?” He yanked open the door to see Vicky standing in the same clothes from earlier, looking awkwardly at her feet for a moment.

“Right, so did I leave my keys here?” She asked, purposely avoiding his gaze and he turned to look back into the dim room.

“I’m not sure, I didn’t check… but you can look.” He flicked the switch by the door, the lights casting a golden glow around the room as they flashed on. It always made him miss the fluorescent lights he had at home.

“Thanks Professor, I was everywhere else and I didn’t find them, so I was retracing my steps.” She stated walking in and lifting a few cushions out of the couch, in search of keys that Philip wasn’t sure even existed at this point.

“Philip.” He said curtly and she nodded and continued looking, “You need any help?” He inquired while she got to her knees and looked under the couch, ignoring him and reaching around for a moment before giving a little shriek of glee, then stood up and dangled the keys for him to see. How they got under couch, he couldn’t possibly imagine.

“Nope, I found them. Who would’ve thought?” She smiled and headed to the door.

“Yeah, ah Vicky, I’m sorry about today. It’s just, you know. You’re a student and all, but somehow I let my urges get the better of me.”

“Happens to the best of us professor.” She said before turning and flashing him a smile, “Don’t sweat it.”

“Philip.” He said again and she nodded, “Well you have plans for the night?”

“Probably going to go back to my apartment, finally and get into bed. I’m a bit tired çanakkale escort from all the walking around.” She stood in the doorway, the hallway lights illuminating her figure – his mind wandered again, “You’re going to, go back, to doing whatever you were doing in the darkness?” She asked and he laughed.

“Yeah, which was sleeping, until someone rudely interrupted me.”

“Well lucky you, you get to sleep, I however, need to take a thirty minute stroll back to my apartment, before that idea even becomes a reality.” She said and he glanced at his watch.

“It’s after nine, you need someone to walk with you?” He raised an eyebrow and she chuckled.

“Why Philip, is this you attempting to redeem yourself?” They laughed for a moment.

“I just thought maybe it’d be safer.”

“I walked here didn’t I? I’ll be fine Professor, go back to sleep. Rest those old bones of yours.” She smiled and he couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I thought I wasn’t that old.” He said, feigning hurt while she laughed.

“Well Professor.” She touched his shoulder, “You didn’t exactly give me much to work with, old, guy.” The last two words were purposely stressed on, seemingly laced with venom, something to shock him into a response, he knew it, and from how she looked into his eyes, she was certainly aware of what she was doing, and still he knowingly took the bait.

“You know Vicky, you’re awfully rude.” He pulled her out of the doorway and kicked the door shut, before leading her by the hand to couch, where he sat while she remained standing in front of him, somberly as ever, like she awaited a coming scolding.

“It wasn’t my intention to be rude, Profes – I mean, Philip.” She caught herself and he grinned.

“Professor. Use Professor Vicky.” He still held her hand, as she looked down at him.

“Professor.” She responded meekly.

“Now, seeing as you think I’m old, let me show you how we were punished, back in my day.” He added emphasis on the last part then pulled her over his knees, and she began to giggle a bit as her bag slipped to the floor.

“I’m sorry, Phil…” The first slap on her ass cut the sentence short, and after catching her breath she continued, “I’m sorry, Phil…” çanakkale escort bayan Another one, and she hissed as his hand connected through the material of the shorts.

“Professor.” He reminded her with a slight grin and she nodded while his hand worked its way under the leg of the shorts, touching her bare skin. He was enjoying the ordeal, but a part of him still hoped he hadn’t hurt her too much

“I’m sorry, Professor.” She made special care to be correct this time, and as a prize he gently massaged the area he had been spanking just seconds ago.

“Now, what else are you going to do as part of this apology?” He asked, his hand moving further now it had finished the massage, and he tugged on what seem like the lace in her underwear.

“What do you want?” She asked. That was the wrong response and like lightning he offered her another slap, one that seemed to echo in the room as it connected with the exposed skin from where the shorts had been pushed up, and she stifled what he could only assume was a yelp.

“It wasn’t something that required my input, it was a question solely for you Vicky, and I know just how smart you are, so what?” His voice was stern, and he could only imagine how her ass stung, but he was enjoying it, and she seemed to be as well.

“Would you like me to suck your old…” Another slap and she hissed this time, “Sorry, Professor. I’m going to suck your life out of your cock.” She grinned. He wanted to give her another slap, but thought against it.

“So you’re going to murder me?” He questioned, rubbing her ass nonchalantly while she seemed to ponder about the question while bent over his knee.

“Not intentionally, no… it really all depends on how good your heart is.” She looked back at him slyly and he grinned before delivering another slap onto her ass and watched as she bit her lip and looked away.

“Well onto your knees then, show me how far your prowess extends Vicky.” In compliance she slid off of his knees and onto hers, then pushed his legs apart to get closer to her goal. Unzipping his pants for the second time that day, she pulled his already hardening dick right out of the pants, and wasted not a second before running her tongue escort çanakkale along the underside of the shaft, stopping at the tip to circle the head and savor any drops of precum that dared to ooze out in the moment, before closing her lips around him.

Her mouth was wet and warm, getting wetter as she slurped and deep-throated him, until she held up to show him just how full of saliva her mouth had become, and in doing so stretched a string of spit between the tip of his dick and her bottom lip.

“Oops.” She gurgled, then slurped it up like she just had the best pasta in city before returning to the task at hand, practically making his toes curl as she worked.

‘A whiz at school and a whiz at this.’ He joked to himself before reaching out and grabbing her hair, thinking it was time to regain control of the situation, and almost like she read his mind, her eyes looked up at him, like she was pleading for what he was about to offer.

“You’re an eager little slut, aren’t you?” The words left his mouth before he had time to think about them, but from the bob of her head in agreement, there would be no need for regret, and so holding her hair firmly he began to slowly move his hips, fucking her open mouth, causing her to gag a bit, before he began to move her head in unison with his rhythm, until spit coated her lips and dribbled onto the tip of his dick as she pushed away when he went a bit too deep.

“Woah.” She replied after swallowing and wiping her lips, and he decided to give her a moment’s respite to catch her breath, “I did not expect that.” He laughed at the statement and cupped her chin to pull her face closer to his, then leaned in and kissed her. Her mouth was still warm, lips still slimy in the aftermath of everything that just unfolded, and the eagerness that she showed as their lips clashed, left him certain that she too wanted things to escalate beyond the teasing that just occurred.

“Is your apology finished?” He questioned and she nodded, pressing her forehead against his.

“But I think you should be the one to apologize now, after all, you did nearly choke me.”

“Oh, what would you like?” He kissed her lightly.

“I’m thinking.” She replied gripping his still slippery dick in her hand and beginning to jerk him off, acting unfazed and uninterested in everything around her, even him, “You’re going to fuck me, until your knees buckle, and shake as you try to stand, until I can’t walk home from here tonight, until I tell you to stop.” The words rolled off of her tongue easily, and without a single lapse between them, they both knew he wasn’t going to say no.

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