The Man Who Lives with Us

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My father and I live at 1211 8th Street. It’s a beautiful old house. My father, Bill, inherited it when my grandfather passed away. It has two bathrooms and six bedrooms. But with just my father and I, obviously we don’t need all that room, so we rent out three of the rooms.

I’m 19 years old, and I’ve had a very….well, distressing dating life. That is, until I met my current boyfriend, Gary. Gary is a doll, I just love him to death! He’s handsome, he’s sweet, he’s got it all. But there is one problem: he lives in one of the rooms that we rent out. My father has a very strict rule for the guests: no dating his little girl. No checking me out, no touching, no flirting. Nothing.

So for the past two months Gary and I have been dating behind my father’s back. Sure I feel guilty about it, but once Gary kisses me or tucks my hair behind my ear, I forget all about my Dad. Gary is 37 and has been divorced for almost four months now. What with the alimony he pays, he’s not exactly on his feet financially, that’s part of the reason he wanted to move into our house, it’s nice and cheap. We only ask $350 a month.

It’s kind of hot though, sneaking around with Gary. My bedroom is down the hall from Gary’s. It’s such a different relationship, knowing that his bedroom is so close to mine. Gary is my first older man, and he is by far the hottest man I’ve ever been with. Not that I’ve been with a lot of men, but you know what I mean. I’m a college student and Gary has been a carpenter for almost fifteen years.

The other two rooms are rented out to a pair of elderly sisters, who are just adorable. They’re in their late sixties, but they still keep on trucking. One’s a school teacher, the other a secretary.

It’s a cozy household. My Dad makes sure breakfast and dinner is always prepared for the five of us. With our individual schedules, it’s hard for us to all sit down at the table at the same time, but once in a while it happens that way.

That afternoon, Gary had just come back from Seattle where his parents live. He had spent a week with them, and that was the first time Gary and I had ever been away from each other for that long of a time period. Gary’s plane landed back in Iowa that day at one o’clock, but unfortunately my last class of the day hadn’t finished until four o’clock.

I was driving home, and I could tell from the sound of Gary’s voice on the phone that morning that he was very horny, and I knew for certain that I was too. It seemed to take forever to get home that afternoon, but finally I did.

I parked in the driveway. My Dad’s car wasn’t there, but when I got in the house I called out for him, just to double check. You can never be too careful with a man like a my Dad, an owner of an extensive gun collection.

Mrs. Jones, one of the elderly women were home, but that was ok. She normally kept to herself. I raced upstairs and ran into Gary in the hallway. Without a word said, I grabbed hold of his hand and dragged him into my bedroom.

We started kissing hotly, then he gave me a close hug.

“Oh Chelsea,” he said to me. “Baby, I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you sweetie,” I said. I cupped my hand over my mouth and whispered in his ear, “You can’t imagine how lonely and how wet my pussy was for you.”

He looked into my eyes and he kissed me more passionately when he heard this. We were kissing and touching each other’s bodies. The sounds in the room was the sounds that make when two people kiss: that sort of wet sound, I guess you could say.

“Mmm,” I moaned.

“Ssshh, baby,” he said to me. “Baby,” he started. “My dick was so hard when we talked on the phone this morning, all I could think of was that sweet, tight pussy of yours. How have the college boys been treating you since I’ve been away?”

“Gary,” I smiled. “You make them sound like a bunch of grabbers! They’re not that bad.”

He grinned back at me, “I just wanted to make sure my sweet girl was being treated like the graceful young lady that she is.” With him being 6’4″ and my being 5’5″, he had to lean down to whisper in my ear. “I haven’t cum in three days, I’ve such a big load saved up for you.”

I needed no more explanation. I kneeled down before him as he frantically undid his pants and yanked down his boxers. No matter how many times I saw his cock, I was always shocked by the size of it. It was big, hard, sticking out and had pre-cum leaking from the tip.

I lazily swirled my tongue around his cock and looked up at him with my big, pretty eyes, fluttering my eyelashes at him.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned quietly. “Baby don’t tease me, I need it bad.”

I did as he asked and wrapped my lips around his cock. I took all of him in my mouth to were his pubic hairs were tickling against my nose.

He held my head and started fucking my face. I could tell it wouldn’t be long before he came. He slid his slippery cock out from my lips.

“Where do you want it baby?” he asked.

I patted my face with my hands and smiled.

“Mmm, such a ankara escort nasty girl,” he said playfully. He started to jack off right in front of me. His hand moved up and down so fast, so frantic and desperate. “I’m so close princess,” he said to me.

I shut my eyes and then soon felt a splash of hot semen onto my face. Spurt after spurt. I could feel some on my forehead and on my cheeks. Some had dribbled onto my lips. After I was sure he was done, I slowly opened my eyes and smiled sweetly up at him. My innocent face covered with his hot gooey cum.

He moaned quietly. After pulling up his boxers and his pants, he sat on the floor with me and started to rub the cum off my face with his index finger. He held out his gooey finger before my lips. I opened my lips and leaned forward to suck his finger, but he pulled away, teasing me.

He smiled and I grabbed his hand, sucking his finger. Before we had a chance to go any further, I heard a knock at my door.

I swallowed, “Who is it?”

“It’s Daddy honey,” said my father on the other side of the door. “Dinner’s ready.”

“Great, I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

And with that I heard his feet patter down the hall and down the stairs. Gary got up and slowly looked out the door. When it was clear, he shut the door and rushed out of the room. He came back a moment later with a wet cloth and helped me wipe my face off.

He kissed me and told me he’d see me downstairs.

Gary went downstairs and I went to the bathroom down the hallway to wash my face and hands. I went back to my room, reapplied my make-up, combed my hair and changed my t-shirt (there was a little cum on it).

I skipped out of my room and thundered down the stairs. Gary, my father and Mrs. Jones were already at the table. Miss Delworth, the other elderly woman, was not home that evening.

I sat across from Gary and took a helping of potatoes and peas. The main course was homemade chicken noodle soup which I loved. Gary and I exchanged knowing glances at the table. He smiled slightly, those cute dimples of his showing.

Mrs. Jones was talking of her day. After she was finished there was silence at the table. Then my father spoke.

“Oh honey,” he said to me. “By the way, a young man called for you earlier. It was Marty. He told me to tell you to call him back.”

“Thanks, Dad,” I said. Marty was a boy in my psychology class. He had a crush on me. Gary knew about it, but didn’t mind. He knew I had no interest in Marty. Gary once said to me, “Marty gets to admire you, and I get to play with you.” I always liked hearing that statement because it made me so horny.

“Chelsea,” Mrs. Jones spoke. “I never see much of this Marty boy, don’t you like him? He sounds like a nice, young gentleman.”

“He is nice Mrs. Jones, but he just isn’t my type I guess.”

“Marty is not good enough for my little girl,” my father said. “Marty is scum.”

I ignored daddy and was feeling particularly naughty after that blowjob I had just given Gary. I slipped my foot out of my sandal started to rub Gary’s calf. He started to cough hard, then desperately gulped down some of his drink and regained his composure.

I giggled, “Are you ok, Gary?” I asked innocently.

He blushed. He was always more shy around my father than he was when we were alone. That’s part of the reason I was drawn to him, was that innocent shyness about him. While I on the other hand was very flirtatious.

“Yes, Miss,” Gary said. “I’m alright.”

I giggled again, very flirtatiously. My father noticed my shameless flirting.

“Now listen here young lady,” my dad said. “You will not act so shameless in this house. Gary here is a fine gentleman. He’s a mature adult and would not give your advances a second thought. Isn’t that right, Gary?”

I wanted to burst out laughing. If only he knew how sexual Gary was.

“That’s right, sir,” Gary answered. Gary always referred to my father as “sir” when my dad spoke in that particular tone of voice.

At ten o’clock that night, I was downstairs watching tv with daddy. Everyone else had already gone to their rooms for the night.

“Well darling,” my father said. “I guess it’s about time for me to go to bed.”

After a few more minutes of chit-chat, Daddy and I said good night. I went to the bathroom and noticed I started my period. I cursed under my breath. I slid a tampon into my pussy and went into my room to put on panties, then headed back to the bathroom to wash my hands.

Like I said, Gary was very sexual, but he and I never had sex when I had my period. I think it disgusted him too much, which is completely understandable. Periods are pretty disgusting. Plus, during periods, sometimes I would feel sick and didn’t want sex.

I walked down the hallway and noticed Gary’s light was on underneath his door. That meant he was up. I looked around to make sure no one was around and quietly knocked on the door.

I heard a sweet “Come in,” and entered ankara escort bayan the room.

He saw me in my shorts and half-top and ushered me over to his bed on the far side of the room. He was watching his little television set he had. He said he wanted to make love to me, but I explained I was having my period. He shut his lamp off and I snuggled next to him, the only light being the glow of the tv.

I slid my arm across his stomach and looked up at him, admiringly.

“Baby,” he smiled. “You almost killed me earlier, teasing me like that in front of your Dad.”

I giggled and we started to kiss. I felt his big hand caress my bare back. His hand went up and he moaned, “Mmm, no bra.”

I rolled my eyes and grinned, “Of course not, I never wear a bra to bed.”

He gently squeezed my tits with his hand as we necked.

“Chelsea,” he said. “I was so shocked when you started to rub my leg at dinner tonight. Baby, you’ve never been so daring with your father in the room. It made me so horny. You know what I wanted to do?”

I shook my head.

“I wanted to just clear that dining room table, spread you on it and fuck you till you couldn’t walk.”

I smiled sweetly, “Really?”

“Oh, yes. Your father has no idea what a naughty little girl he has raised. And jesus,” he looked me over, “God what a body, princess.”

I was laying on my side and started to rub my outer thigh, “Do you really like my body, Gary?” I asked teasingly.

“Oh fuck, baby, you know I do. When I first time I came to this house to talk to your Dad about living here, I was shocked the first time I saw you. You were wearing these really tight little shorts and that white shirt I love, you know the one I mean, the v-neck. Shit baby, my cock got so hard. I thought to myself, ‘how am I going to live here and be able to resist this little nymph?'”

I giggled and stroked his face as he talked to me.

“But of course I couldn’t resist. Sweetheart, when I first saw you, I could tell you were a little nymph and a sweet angel all wrapped into one.”

I started to kiss him passionately. I loved it when he said I was an angel. I stroked his bare chest. My hand traveled down to his cock in his shorts and started to rub him.

He grinned at me, “I have an idea, princess.”

He got up and sat down in the recliner in his room and patted his lap. I came over to him and sat on his lap sideways. I was wearing a nightie with my little panties underneath and when I sat down, I made sure my nightie was up and that my little panty covered bottom was sitting on his boxer-clad cock.

I started to rub his cock with my bottom, moving back and forth. We kissed hotly.

“Do you like that baby?” I whispered in his ear.

“Oh fuck,” he whispered back. “You know I do. Oh that sweet little ass of yours.” I could feel his hand move down and rub my asshole through my panties.

I groaned.

“You like that honey? You like my finger in that tiny little asshole of yours?”

I nodded, unable to speak.

“You like to wiggle that little ass around on Daddy’s lap don’t you baby?” I loved the whole thing Gary and I did, pretending he was my Daddy.

“Do you like it Daddy?” I asked him, rubbing my little bottom harder into his cock.

“Mmm, oh yes princess. You wiggle that little ass around at school, don’t you baby? Trying to tease all the boys?”

I moaned into his mouth as I kissed him, “Oh yes, Daddy.”

“You are such a good little slut for Daddy. Mmm, what a good little baby girl you are. Take off your top for Daddy sweetheart.”

I peeled my top off, exposing my breasts and my hard little nipples. He started to rub my breasts in his hands.

“Do you like my tits Daddy?” I asked him.

“I love them sweetheart.”

I held Gary close to me, my tits rubbing against his hairy chest. We exchanged hot, nasty kisses and I wiggled my little ass faster against his lap. My thighs instinctively came together, and I could feel my little pussy beat with orgasm.

“Oh shit,” Gary said. I felt his hard cock jolt a few times and he groaned. After a few moments, he spoke, “I just came in my shorts,” he said.

We were both panting hard, I leaned my face up against his neck. Both of us so out of breath.

He stroked my hair, “That’s a good girl. Sweetheart, I need to get up, my shorts are full of cum,” he said chuckling. “Plus, a young lady like you should get a good night’s sleep.”

I stood up and he stood up with me. We kissed each other good night and I snuck out in the hallway to my room, while Gary snuck down to the bathroom with a clean pair of boxers to put on.

I shut my bedroom door and laid down on my bed, thinking of the wonderful night we had.

For the next few days I suffered through my period. Cramps and crying, and nausea and resting. Gary took care of me as secretly as he could, and to the best of his ability.

The day after my period ended, I woke up around 9 escort ankara o’clock in the morning. I groggily got out of bed when I saw a pink envelope on the floor behind my door. Someone must’ve slipped it under the door when I was sleep.

On the front of the envelope it said “Chelsea”. I got up and opened it. It was a poem from Gary to me entitled “For My Chelsea”. It was such a beautiful poem that I cried when I read it. It read:

To a girl so precious to me With others I am thoughtless, careless, Because it is only you I see. From the pink of the morning, To the blue of the night. I love you darling, From darkness, you are light.

We make love, and I’m inside you. I am helpless to your beauty, There is nothing I can do. You make me come alive, The way your mouth takes me in I love you darling, Whether righteous or sin.

I read it several times over, then tucked it carefully in my underwear drawer. I wiped away my tears of joy and straightened up a little, heading down to the bathroom where Gary was shaving. He was in a t-shirt and very clean and very cute boxers. I shut the door behind me when I went into the bathroom.

I whispered to him how much I loved his poem.

He smiled, “I’m glad baby. You were on my mind so much of the night.”

I had no idea where Mrs. Jones or Miss Delworth was, and I really didn’t care either. I loved hanging out with Gary when he shaved in the mornings. Of course, we couldn’t do that every morning, but I enjoyed it when we could.

I sat on the bathroom counter and we talked about what was going on that day for us.

“I have a huge project today,” he said. “I have put in cabinets for an entire kitchen area, plus two bathrooms.”

“I wish they had a ‘take your girl to work day'” I said to him, winking.

He chuckled, “So do I. But of course the other men would be sneaking glances at my little girl and I wouldn’t like that one bit. I have a feeling we wouldn’t get my project done though. Do you know what I mean sweetheart?”

I nodded, “Yes, that’s why I want to go with you!”

He cleaned up his face, then held my cheeks and kissed me, “I love you honey.”

“I love you too,” I said to him.

An hour later Gary was gone and I was sitting at the breakfast table with my Dad.

“Dad, where are Mrs. Jones and Miss Delworth?”

“They left early this morning to go to Minneapolis, they have a brother that lives there.”

“Oh….When will they be back?”

“Three or four days from now, I think they said,” he said, finishing up his toast and coffee. He started to gather up his things to go to work.

“What time will you be home?” I asked him.

“Around four o’clock I should expect. Have a wonderful day darling.”

“Thanks Daddy, you too.”

And soon he was out the door. For once in a very long time, I had this entire house to myself. I was feeling good and decided to skip my classes for the day and just enjoy the free time.

I ran upstairs and got ready. After showering, I quickly put on my clothes, hastily yanking out panties and bras from the drawers and jeans and shirts from the closet. Today was going to be a shopping day! I ran downstairs, grabbed my purse and off I went with energy!

After five hours, four shopping bags, three cokes, two cheeseburgers and a partridge in a pear tree, I tiredly hauled my ass in the house with all my stuff.

I was glad to be in the house. It was so hot outside, the air conditioning felt so good! I brought my bags up to my room and dumped them on the floor.

I was flipping through a magazine when I heard the front door downstairs slam shut. I looked outside my window. Only my car and now Gary’s car was in the driveway. I smiled to myself. I started digging through my bags and found what I was looking for. A white lacey sexy piece of lingerie.

I slipped it on, it ended high up on my thighs. Wait I was missing one thing. The white lacey thong that went with it. I slipped on the thong. I heard a knock on my door.

“I’ll be there in a minute Gary,” I said.

I heard him walk away and close his bedroom door. I quickly went to the bathroom, applied mascara and lip gloss and brushed my long thick hair. I came out of the bathroom and knocked on his door.

“Come in,” I heard him say.

I walked inside his bedroom and shut the door. He sat on his bed staring at me in amazement.

I blushed, “I bought it today, for you. I-I hope you like it.”

He came up to me and held my hands, looking me up and down. “Sweetheart, you may only be 19, but you’re as much as a woman as I’ve ever known.”

He gently wrapped his arms around me and we started to kiss. I gently unbuttoned his shirt. No matter how many times I saw his chest, I always got so excited when I saw it. I slipped his shirt over his shoulders and onto the floor.

I unbuckled his pants and pull them down along with his boxer shorts. This is the first time we’d been able to make love since he got back from Seattle. My heart was beating a million times a minute and I could tell his was too by his heavy breathing.

He laid down on the bed and I straddled him, my wavy hair falling over my shoulders. I slipped the top up over my head so I was only in my thong.

“The panties, they’re so pretty,” he said. He started to rub my pussy through the thong. I was so wet already.

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