Happy Family Ch. 06

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“What the hell is going on here!?”

Tiffany blinked out of sleep and looked around. It was Josh. The older of the two brothers stood in the doorway. He wore a loose pair of boxers and a slightly bemused grin. His hair was all mussed. He had obviously just woken.

Josh lost his load. It splashed out of the wildly waving dick, delivering a good old spurt right to her right cheek. The second splat landed on her chin and the third hit her firm young boobs. Andy scurried back quickly, trying to cover up the fact that he was wearing their mom’s panties by throwing a sheet over himself. He was half shocked, half angry, and all worried. “I… you shouldn’t have just walked in here like that! I could have been getting changed!”

Their brother raised an eyebrow. “I think I found you doing something more than getting changed, Bro!”

“Yeah, well…” He was embarrassed and shocked. Tiffany simply knelt where she was, unashamed, and scraped the cum from her boobs. Sucking it into her mouth she savored the taste of it for the second time this morning. She’d been going to visit Andy in a little bit, but with both of her brothers already here she might as well take advantage of the situation.

Josh laughed loudly and came further into the room. Tiffany noticed that his cock had gotten half hard and was swaying sexily in the material of his boxers. She giggled. “Andy, it doesn’t look like you’re complaining too much. If the coin had landed the other side up I would have been in your room instead. Why don’t you come in here and join us? I’m sure we could find something for you to do.”

Josh gave her an angry look. He looked all defiant now.

“What makes you think I want to share?”

“Oh come on Josh. We shared last night. It’s not exactly a chore for me. I think I can keep both of you entertained at the same time.” She reached under the covers and stroked her fingernails up his leg.

Josh blushed furiously, his guard dropping. “But but I…” He looked at her pleadingly.

Only one way to deal with that situation. She flicked her hand upwards, removing the sheets from him in one smooth motion. He lay there naked but for their mother’s thong. He moved immediately to try and hide but she threw the sheet into the corner of the room away from him. “Look, Andy, what Josh doesn’t want you to know is that he’s wearing mom’s panties. You have any problem with that?” She looked at their older brother from under heavily lidded eyes and rolled her eyes.

“Nah.” Said Andy immediately. “Not a problem for me. Mom does have some sexy panties. I tried them on once, Lady Tiffany, and they were cool. They didn’t really do it for me though. But if you’re into that then it’s not a problem for me.” He reached out his hand to Josh. Josh shook it and grinned, his scowl and frenzied manner dropping immediately.

“Right… so… now that’s over… what you guys up for?” She laughed, rubbing her hands together excitedly.

“How about we show you rather than tell you, Lady Tiffany?” Andy replied.

“You’re the oldest! Dad did leave you in charge!” She said, shaking her hair, her heart beating wildly in her chest. Andy’s voice had taken on a strength of command that sent her loins quivering with excitement. It was going to add a whole further level of fun to their games if he continued in that vein.

Andy pushed down his boxer shorts with one hand. His raging tool stood out at attention from his crotch. Tiffany licked her lips.

“Come over here and show me some family love.” He said, grinning widely.

“When you put it like that…” She could not help but obey him. Climbing down from the bed she crawled over the floor to reach her brother. He stood perfectly still, his eyes hotly caressing each curve of her body. His gaze locked onto hers and she could see sex hikayeleri him shiver. Stopping just short of his feet she knelt up. Her eyes crossed at the beautiful sight of his cock up so close. Even though she had spent quite a deal of time with it the previous night she was still shocked at the way it looked in the morning light. It took her breath away. Her hair hung around her shoulders, framing a face that was not pretty or ugly, but beautiful in a girl-next-door way. She had her legs braced apart, poised comfortably on her knees, a position she knew very well.

Her body language dripped sex. She loved to give blow jobs and her polished technique was working wonders on both of her brothers.

“Mmmmmm… you know guys, I wouldn’t have thought to have seen this before today. I bet you didn’t even consider how this would make me feel did you? My two randy brothers available to provide me with the spunk I NEED every single day.”

They both gaped at her.

“Think of all the DISGUSTINGLY DEPRAVED things we can get up to.”

She clapped her hands.

“It’s going to be so much fun!”

Josh coughed and shifted excitedly. Andy was still laying on the bed. He did not look like he knew quite what to do with himself.

She placed her hands with fingers spread wide on Josh’s hips. He shivered at her touch. “You want a blow job, Master Josh?” She asked, looking up, keeping the expression on her face completely subservient.

“Yes, Lady Tiffany. I want you to blow me.”

“You want me to suck on your cock, big brother of mine? Suck it? Nurse on it? Take it deep into my mouth and draw all of your cum out of you into my stomach?”

He shook his head, warming to the role. “No. I want you to suck me until I’m about to cum, but I’m going to cum all over your face and tits. My sister is a sexy little slutty lady. I want to decorate your body with my jizz.”

Her eyes went wide. “You want to do that? You want to mark me for yours like that?”

He nodded, hesitantly at first. He remembered his role then and did so more firmly. “You’re to be mine.”

Her throat tightened. “I want the taste of you though. I love the taste of your inky, musky, incestuous cum.”

“You can scoop it off yourself afterwards then. I can cum more than once too so you’ll get plenty more today, and for every day until dad gets back. Now blow me.”

Without further hesitation she leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth. It felt great sliding between her wet lips. She pushed right down, using his hips to balance, until his quivering brotherly dick meat was secured in her mouth. She felt as well as heard him gasp. The feeling of being under his power and doing anything he wanted lit the inside of her like a fire.

“Oh, Lady Tiffany!” He groaned.

She could not get any more into her mouth. She ran her right hand down over his hip, up between his legs and over his balls. Backwards it went until she brushed the tightness of his buttocks. She used the leverage to pull him forward until the head of his dick with sliding into her throat. She gagged and backed off again. Using the hand on his muscular young ass she moved him and and to so that he was fucking her mouth. The soft slock-slock-slock of his pistoning dick sounded from between her greedy young lips. Remembering what she had done to Andy earlier she gently stroked one of her fingers up and down the cleft of her older brother’s ass. He gasped and widened his stance slightly.

With all the spit lube his cock was sliding easily into and out of her mouth. She kept the head in all the time, but the rest of the complete length of his shaft was ploughing her. He fucked her face, back and forth, his veins pulsing and the flared head of his dick rubbing the top of her palate.

His little nerve porno hikayeleri endings were jangling with happiness.

Tiffany felt her pussy juice running down over her lips. She was sure that it was dripping onto the floor.

“Andy, come over here!” The sound of Josh’s voice made her jump. It was deeper than normal and far more husky. He seemed to be into his stride now. He just had enough self control left to order the situation while still enjoying her oral administrations. She felt her breath shorten as she wondered what scenario he was about to play out. He was certainly different from the brother who had resisted her attentions the night before.

He was the power. Controlling the situation. Andy, who had just stood and watched amazed until this point, joined them in the middle of the floor. Using her free hand Tiffany reached out for his turgid organ. Her eyes flickered to his good hard cock. Andy was as hard as ever, his shaft still slick with some of his jizz from before. How could he help it? His sexed up sister was fucking her mouth up and down on his brother’s pole. Her body was shining in the morning light. Her muscles were moving, stretching and relaxing. Her perfect bubble ass was tensing and flexing as she almost danced on his brother’s slick pole.

The horny teen wrapped her hand around his cock and pulled him down until he knelt next to her. Although she was going to damn well suck Josh until he spunked for her, she was not going to miss out on Andy’s cock either. Without any ceremony she continued working both her brothers. They were both so good and tasty, Josh filling her mouth and Andy tightly gripped in her hand.

Josh hissed and groaned. He didn’t give a fuck as to the fact this was his sister anymore! All he saw was a sexy young lady who was willing to go wild whenever she wanted.

But he was still in control. “Andy, I’m sure that feels great bro, but I think you should get down under Tiffany and pay her some attention.”

His brother looked at him and grinned widely. “Oh yeah.” He smiled.

Tiffany gagged with excitement around Andy’s dick. He was so thoughtful! Such a sweet brother.

Andy removed her hand from his dick and vanished from her sight. The next thing she knew he was wriggling between her legs. She opened as wide as she could to let him in.

When his tongue hit the lips of her pussy she screamed around Josh’s cock. She could feel the effect that had on her older brother and gently squeezed his ass. She wanted him to continue and not worry he was hurting her. He missed only one beat before returning to a gentle fucking of her pert young mouth.

She was spread open below and her horny clit was erect so she was not surprised when Andy found it right away. His tongue flickered over it, sending shivers of pleasure up through her body. Shivers that she transferred to Josh’s cock. Josh felt her movements change and gave her a big brotherly smile. Oh yes, she thought, she was going to remember this position!

Andy could only think of three things. One, how great his sister’s pussy looked. Two, how great her ass looked. And three, how amazing she tasted. She tasted like him and something else. he wondered whether that something else was their mom. That thought made him feel guilty and horny all at the same time. His groaning cock was lonely, so he used one of his hands to jack it. He did not want to cum yet so he did it gently. His other hand was on his sister’s ass. He held it, squeezed it, stroked his touch over her fleshy buttocks. She has a great pussy and amazing ass. He wondered how it would feel to be fucking ass. Some of the girls did it but he had never experienced it. That it was his sister’s ass he was thinking about did not bother him. She was a little hottie and he loved her. He wanted seks hikayeleri to paint her bowels with sticky sperm.

He grinned and leaned up to press his face into his sister’s needy snatch. Her lips enveloped him. He was surrounded by her slick juices. They smelled great. He slipped his tongue over her willing clit and tasted all he could of her. He danced his tongue like an electric eel.

“How does she taste down there, bro?” He heard Josh ask from between gasps.

“Yummy!” He said as he drew back. He could see that his sister’s nipples were hard and glossy with passion. “Totally delicious!” He laughed.

“Have a feel around inside her then. I bet she’s tight!” Josh replied. Andy kinda liked his brother being in control. It made him feel safe. Like he was being looked after. He guided his hand from her ass to her pussy. The slickness coated his fingers instantly. Finding her hole he guided a digit in. It was easy and welcoming, but she was still very tight. Knowing how often she got fucked he marvelled at how she had kept her cooze in trim.

“Wow, yeah, she is tight Josh. Amazing considering how much she likes to fuck!” He heard her protest around his brother’s cock, and slapped her ass. “You know it’s true! I want to try this some time soon!”

Tiffany moaned and actually pulled her mouth off Josh’s cock in shock. “NO WAY!”

Andy replied. “Why not!? You’re letting me go down on you and you’re sucking us off now. And it seems like you have every intention for this to be a regular thing.”

“But fucking me is… it’s just not right. Not happening.” She shook her head. No. She liked sucking around with both of her brothers. They had great cocks. Nice big cocks. Cocks she could have any time she liked. She liked to fuck too. A lot. And yes her needy pussy was drooling. It really really needed a cock. There was no way she was going to be fucking with her brothers though. Things could go wrong. She was on the Pill but it could all go horribly awry and then what?

“Your mouth says no but your pussy says yes, sis.” Andy giggled. It was saying yes too. Since he had brought up the idea her juices had began to flow even more copiously.

“My pussy isn’t in charge though.”

Josh, who had remained silently listening through the argument, chose this moment to step in. “Tiffany, shut up and suck me. Andy, stop teasing your little sister.”

They both responded to his command. It was ingrained into them since he was the oldest. Tiffany soon had her mouth back around his needy cock. He waited for a few thrusts before he said:

“No your pretty little pussy isn’t in charge here sis. I AM. And I’ll decide whether you give it up to us or not.”

Hearing this made Tiffany groan. Despite her slight objections to the whole thought of being fucked by her brothers the commanding tone of his confident voice was an aphrodisiac to her young body. She picked up the pace at while she was sucking up his rod, trying to put aside the idea of it filling her aching twat.

Andy was giving her a good tonguing now and, despite herself, she felt the orgasm building in her hips. It leaped like lightning to her thighs and flat young stomach. Soon she was bucking and rocking as her two brother took care of her needy holes. She thrashed between them and the sensation must have sparked into Josh, because he spurted into her mouth. She screamed when he pulled his cock out of her lips, reaching for him, but she was too unsteady in her orgasm. Inky ribbons of delicious cock juice flew through the air and splattered on her rapidly heaving breasts. Without Josh to support her she toppled forward to land in a clumsy heap upon the floor. Andy moved with her, kneeling over her prostrate form, and his own cock was soon adding it’s juice to her body. He pumped it furiously in his hand so that it landed on her ass and thighs.

The two brothers looked at each other, laughing, and then high fived. A gasping and dizzy Tiffany lay on the floor between them. She was hot and sticky and oh so happy!

Thank God for brothers!

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