Helping A Lady Per Family’s Wish

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I am Jayesh from India

In life one gets a chance to fuck a quite a lot of girls/ladies in the life, but one remembers only those with fond memories and only few of them may touch one heart. But here is a case, which I will never forget in my life. Now let me narrate the whole incident.

I was lonely son of my family and both of parents were working and we had a relatively liberal atmosphere in home. Discussion about sex was not a taboo and we freely discussed about sex and we had jointly watched Sharon Stone’s hot movie “Basic Instinct” and my parents constantly asked me about my girlfriends and always advised me about doing sexual activity in safe way.

One of our family friend was seriously injured in an accident so my father, mother and me went to see Mr. Ratnesh in the hospital. When we went to the ward his wife who was 32 year was standing outside the ward and her name was Mallika and welcomed us and I told her who was the uncle.

She replied with soft voice that he was fine but his one kidney was failed due to the accident. Actually I had always had a crush for Mallika as she was very horny and at this age also she did maintain her figure. Her figure was 36-27-37. Then soon we went inside the room and talk with Ratnesh and he was very disappointed and told my father that his kidney was failed and now he cannot at all do any heavy work in life.

We stayed there for some time and mine while I was asked by uncle (Mr. Ratnesh) to take aunty to buy some medicines for him, so my father told me to go with her. Soon I went in my car with Mallika aunty to take medicines, she was just looking gorgeous in a sari, as we had good relation with their family she used to talk with me freely. After few minutes aunty told me that now your uncle cannot do any heavy work as doctors has told him. I asked Mallika aunty which kind of heavy he cannot do and then aunty just told me that heavy work also include any sexual activity. I was just surprised to hear these from the aunty mouth.

Now let me tell you that they did not had a child. I told her that there is nothing to worry and soon he would recover he will be fine and his life will normal again. Then aunty was just in tension as it was seen from her face. Then I asked aunty why she was in tension, and then she told me that she wanted to tell me something so she had just called me here in the hospital by ringing to my house. Also she wanted to discuss it with my parents

I told her aunty just free to tell me anything u wanted.

She first told me that pleases do not tell anyone about these matter except your parents, I promised her the and she told me that ” Amar now because of the accident your uncle has lost the kidney and doctor has told that he cannot do sex because of these. As such your uncle had some problem so he cannot became father for rest of his life, then Mallika aunty told me that now she will not give birth to any child and she had an desire since a long time to be the mother”. I told aunty not to worry; these all is the matter of destiny.

Mallika aunty then told me that she really wanted to be a mother, and last night she had discussed with Ratnesh uncle all thing about these and finally they had decided to take help from me. I did not understand, so I asked her ‘ what type of help can I provide”. Aunty told me that ” Amar will u help me to be a mother of a child by having sex with me”, I told her that it was not proper as she was our family friend wife and all will know.

She told me that she has already discussed this with my father and mother and they have no objection for it. I was just surprised and astonished by this statement of her.

She told me Jayesh please accept this and make me happy by giving me a child. Soon the shop of chemist came and she went and brought the medicine for the uncle & again sat back in the car, then she told me that uncle and my parents had just sent her to talk with me, I was surprised at first but latter she told me that she is just doing all these to please her husband and to give him a child. She told her that her husband was not a hypocrite and he has accepted his fate.

I was so nervous that I did not understand what to do? As I never saw Mallika aunty in such high tension. I kept on thinking about the conversation for few minutes until the hospital came. It was strange but the request ataşehir escort was there so I thought to help them and make the aunty happy and I told aunty ” yes I will give u child just to make u happy ” after hearing these she had a smile on her face and she told me that I can come to her house tonight to talk more with them as she was all alone tonight. Soon we left the hospital and the whole day I was thinking about these.

After reaching my home both my parents called me and asked about my talk with Mallika I was initially hesitant but constant smiling by my mother I told them about the entire dialogue and then they said that have permitted them to use my service as my parents wanted me to have some experience of manhood and they asked me to keep strict confidentially of our venture and wished me a best luck.

I was in high spirits after receiving permission from my parents.

At night I went to Mallika aunt’s house. I reached there on dot and was received by Mallika aunty at the door with warmth and affection. She took me inside her house and asked me to sit down. Then she told me that she & her hubby was very thankful to my parents for this help and offer

She then asked me to sit and get relaxed and she would come back soon. I waited for about few minutes and then she told me to ” Jayesh come to the bed room so that we can talk and enjoy our mission “. I slowly started walking towards the room with my heart beating fast, abnormally fast. I saw the room was decorated with flowers d me coffee.

Now I told aunty what all these things meant and she told me not to call her aunty anymore and to just call her as Mallika from today you are my husband as you are helping me to have a child. She then told me that she would soon come back after changing her clothes. After few minutes she came with a pink color sari in which she was just looking great and came and sat beside me. I told Mallika you are looking great,and she said you naughty boy .

I then told her that I do not know much about sex, she told me that do not worry at all she knew all the things and as she was just near to her periods , she had decided all these things so that soon she would be pregnant, I asked her that would she be pregnant in just one day, to which she told me that she was nearing to her periods and it were not a safe days”.

Mallika then sat on the bed and covered her face with sari pallu. I gathered sufficient courage and I took a deep breath and slowly reached out to remove her pallu. I removed the pallu with trembling hands and saw her face, my finger touched her face and started tracing all over her lips, cheeks, and necks. I brought my finger back to her lops and tried to put it in her mouth.

She then opened her mouth and made my finger went. She started sucking it. By now we both had become bolder and without hesitation she pulled me near her face and kissed me deeply and soon started to suck my tongue and our saliva were meeting each others. We kissed each other for some time and then I again pushed my tongue inside her mouth. Our tongue played with each other’s.

I was holding her very tight in my embrace, my hands encircling her body. Our kisses become hotter with each passing second, exploring each other mouth. She was moaning” aaaaahhhhh ooooo Jayesh you are very good make me mother of your child” now I was pressing her boobs and with other hand was on her buttocks.

She told me ” we are hot by now and ready for game and I told her Mallika please remove your clothes to which she replied no I am not going to remove my clothes and just gave wicked smile –and then, I pulled her from bed and started taking off her sari, then blouse. The moment I saw her boobs trapped in the bra, I was in the heaven. I slowly put my hands on her bra and pressed them, as I wanted the whole thing. So I took of her bra and the most tantalizing boobs were in front of me, I forgot everything and attacked them as if it was the end of the world.

I pressed them so hard that she cried out in pain ” darling do it slowly it pains” I was not listening to all this and carried on pressing and twisting the nipples between my finger. I took one nipples in my mouth and sucked and played with it and only god know how long and the other hands was busy kneading the other boob.

She was trembling and feeling weak and wanted to avcılar escort sit on the bed. I stopped all activities and then removed her petticoat. She was just in panty. I had also started taking off my clothes, but I just stopped it then and said Mallika you have to remove o my clothes and She started taking off my clothes and soon even I was in my underwear.

I led her to the bed again. This time there was nothing to stop us from making love. Once again on the bed I started licking her forehead down to her nose her lips to throat then her breasts nipples and then I inserted her right nipple inside my mouth for some time then her left nipple she was also holding my head against her body so tightly then I moved down to her deep naval I licked her naval clean I inserted my tongue into her deep naval and licked her naval sides clean then followed down to her bushy cunt and at first I took down her panty and started licking her pussy, inserted my tongue in her Vagina also other hand was still busy massaging her boobs while the other was opening her pussy lips and twiddling her clit.

She was getting one hand and placed it on my head, pushing me harder in her pussy while her other hand was fondling my cock. She was thrusting her hips upwards to meet my probing tongue. It was too good to last any longer and while moaning, she jerked hard, thrust her hip upwards and I could feel her cunt muscles twitching and then she had her first orgasm. I drank all her juice and then licked her pussy clean. She had the most satisfying smile on her face.

But I was still horny. My cock was rock hard and I asked her to suck my cock. At first, she was hesitant but on my persistent demand, she took my cock head in her mouth. She licked the pre-cum and slowly she started taking the entire rod in her mouth all the while looking at me as if to ask if she was doing fine. I thrust my cock deep in her mouth and started fucking her mouth. Very soon she got the hang up of sucking and licking and masturbating my cock. She was engrossed in sucking and soon after about 10 minutes, I shot out my load in her mouth. She gagged and wanted to take her mouth away but I pressed her head and kept my tool in her mouth till I emptied my balls of juice in her mouth

Both of us rested for a short while, facing each other, holding each other tight. I held her more tightly and whispered in her ears “Mallika you are sexy and horny like Marilyn Monroe, to which she whispered in my ears I like you and always think about you “. Saying these words I hugged her more tightly and started kissing her neck and cheeks. My hard cock was trying to get in between her thighs. My kisses aroused her and she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly. I then put my lips on her lips. I sucked her lips for a while then I inserted my tongue into her mouth. She hugged me more tightly and started sucking my tongue. We both lay on the bed with arms around each other and continued kissing. After about fifteen minutes I started kissing her neck, ears and finally her breasts. I licked her boobs for five minutes and then I took her one nipple in my mouth and started sucking it.

In Mean time I held her hand with mine and she held my Penis and left it immediately saying “this is too big like a spear” .I again held her hand and put it on my cock and said “Mallika, love this and think it as key for happiness which you are longing”. She then moved her hand on my Penis and pressed the head of my cock saying, “where is the lock”, after this she tried to hide her face in my chest feeling shy. I then moved my hand down and inserted between her thighs and pressed her pussy with my palm and said “lock is here” She pressed my Penis and said “No dear how would such Hugh key go in this small lock” and I inserted a finger in her wet and hot Vagina.

She then moaned and tightened her thighs, which gave me more pleasure. I said “Mallika Darling, don’t worry I would properly lubricate my penis and insert it slowly in your vagina and once it is in vagina I would not allow it to come out.” She moaned and kissed on my ear and said, “You just speak few naughty words”. “Don’t you like it ” I said and bit on her nipple. She hugged me more tightly and said, “yes I feel good. I and my husband never spoke such erotic and naughty things “. “o.k. we would do it now” I replied. She did not reply but brought ataşehir escort bayan her hand near her mouth and poured some saliva on it and rubbed it on my penis and started masturbation. This made me more exited. I put my tongue in her mouth and suck her lips and said ” Mallika do you want my cock in your pussy” She pressed my cock more tightly and said “your cock is too big it is going to burst my pussy and my pussy is too tight” an so She sucked my tongue and said “but this big cock would give pleasure and my pussy is just thirsty for it.

She brought my cock near her pussy and rubbed it on her pussy hairs. I kissed on her eyes and said ” I would lubricate you pussy with my tongue”. She hugged me with a loud moan and said “O.K. you lubricate my pussy and I would lubricate you cock.” Then we assumed 69 positions.

First I licked boobs and she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. We did this for about 20 minutes. Then I stood up and placed a pillow under her waist, this exposed her vagina more. She gripped my cock and brought it near her mouth and spit on it and rubbed her saliva on my penis. But her saliva was not enough to lubricate my big cock. She asked me to pour my saliva into her mouth. I gathered some saliva in my mouth and then while kissing her I poured it into her mouth. This filled her mouth with saliva.

She took my entire penis into her mouth and with her tongue she rubbed saliva on it. As she brought my cock out of her mouth it was fully bathed by our saliva. I spread her legs and placed my penis on her vagina. She hugged me tightly and took my tongue into her mouth and started sucking it. I pressed my penis into her tight vagina but could not insert in her vagina. She was really very tight. I kept pressing my cock on her hole.

She continued sucking my tongue and brought her hand under her hips and parted her pussy lips. This gave way to my penis in her vagina. As the head of my penis entered in her tight hole I pressed my penis more and with a 2 hard jerks I inserted my whole penis in her tight vagina. She gripped me tight and her nails pressed into my back and shouted with pain “Ooee ah oh ooee hi ma .It’s paining your cock has teased my pussy.” I kissed on her lips and said “your Pussy is too tight like a virgin” After few seconds I started slow fuck of her pussy, she was now feeling a little less pain and started enjoying the thrusts. She inserted her tongue in my mouth saying “Your cock is too long big and good and my pussy is too tight and from now on only this cock would fuck me and I would enjoy its pleasure” We continued kissing, hugging and talking filthy with slow movements of my penis in her vagina. After about 10 minutes I started moving my penis in and out of her vagina very fast like a super fast train. She also responded by moving her hips up and down.

This made me horny and I started fucking her like a mad dog. During the aching her cotters and this touch was increasing our pleasure. During fucking I continued kissing her lips and tongue. After about twenty minutes, I cummed deep inside her vagina. At the same time she also reached her second orgasm. She tightened her pussy and squeezed every drop of cum with her pussy. After that I did not withdrew my penis from her vagina We remained in this position for about 15 minutes. After which we started kissing again. With her warm kisses my cock got erection again and I started slow jerks in her pussy. I withdrew my cock from her pussy and lifted her legs up so that her knees met her shoulder. I entered her pussy again.

This time it went in easily and fucked her hard. All the while she was moaning- aaaahhhhh, oooohhh. Fuck me more fuck me hard. The fast movement of my cock entering her pussy and coming out for the next thrust was giving me immense pleasure. After about 17/18 minutes of intense hard fuck, I was ready to explode again. With a loud grunt, I cummed in her pussy. Our juices mixed and a little bit started coming out. After this tiresome fucking we laid motionless for about one hour. Then again we started fucking and during the night we fucked 4 times.

During the next 4 months it became a ritual for us. I used to go to their house at any time convenient to fucked Mallika and us. Then one day Mr. Ratnesh gave me the good news that Mallika is pregnant. Mallika gave birth to our daughter.

Mr. Ratnesh was disappointed and asked me to give him a son. Well my relations with Mallika continued till I left my town for higher studies. She later on gave birth to our son.

My parents were happy with my venture indeed a successful venture.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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