Her Ch. 03

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Big Tits

This story is largely the truth but has been slightly embellished with what I would have liked to have happened. This chapter covers what happened when I find out what she really likes. Please read the earlier chapters if you haven’t already. Feedback will be eagerly received.

Chapter 3: She has a weakness

We were lying together making out one evening when I thought I would have a little exploration with my mouth around her cheeks and neck, to see if I could find something she liked. When I suckled on her earlobe she sighed contentedly and moved her hands up the back of my shirt caressing me roughly. I slowly moved round to suck on the inside of her neck. When I started sucking on her neck she moaned loudly and ran a hand down to my ass, cupping it as I leaned into her more.

After a few minutes she whispered she had to get up early tomorrow but now was very horny. She rolled us over so she was on top.

She kissed me and whispered, “Hold me till I’m sleepy?”, looking cutely out the top of her eyes into mine.

“But of course,” I whispered back, kissing her again. I held her close and I felt her relax. After a while she got up to let me out but not before she kissed me deeply and gave my cock a reassuring squeeze. As gutted as I was to get out of there, I was pleased to have some new ideas in the back of my mind.

A few days later, I was talking to her online. I was telling her I had managed to get the Tim Minchin DVD and she wasted no time in asking me over to watch it with her. Naturally I obliged and was at her house before you could say “so fucking rock”. Unfortunately, her DVD player was acting up so we would have to watch it on her computer. She only had one chair so I sat in it whilst she sat on my lap.

As we laughed together, her gorgeously tight ass pressed hard against my crotch and before I knew it I was very hard. Soon she was rubbing herself against my cock more and more often but the DVD ended far too soon. She stuck some music on and we lay down on her bed, she was lying with her back to my front so that my cock was against her ass again. We were both lying on our left sides and in this position her neck was very exposed to me so I casually leaned in, resting a hand on her chest.

After a while, I leaned in further and started to plant gentle kisses on the side of her neck. It didn’t take her long to start sighing and she reached an arm backwards and squeezed my ass very hard. I started kissing harder on her neck and moved my hand up to feel her breasts briefly before sliding down to her crotch.

She leant backwards into me and spread her legs wide in anticipation. I ran my hands up and down her thighs in a big V, squeezing hard on the inside of her thighs but barely brushing her pussy. As her lust grew she squeezed my ass harder, impatiently. I gently moved her hand back unbelievable izle to the front of her and lifted her up so that she was on top of me but still had her back to me.

She moaned as I kissed the back of her neck and slid a hand up her top, slowly rubbing and feeling my way north to her magnificent breasts which I could see heaving from my viewpoint at her shoulder. Just before I reached them, I stopped and slowly felt my way back down to her pussy under her clothes but I stopped at her bush, softly teasing a centimetre or so away from the top of her pussy.

When she had had enough of my teasing, she quickly pulled me out of her jeans and rolled over, kissing me passionately. I pulled off her top and rolled her onto her back, kissing my way quickly down to the top of her breasts where I paid her a bit of attention with my kisses before moving down over her chest.

She was breathing deeply as I reached her belly button and quickly ran my tongue around it. Her jeans were still on but I kept moving down and placed my mouth over her crotch. I squeezed her thighs as I breathed hard and she sighed in surprise as she felt the heat on her pussy.

After a few more deep breaths into her crotch, I moved back up her body and resumed kissing her deeply. She reached up to pull my top off and rolled over so she could straddle me and sit up. She pulled me up and I went straight onto kissing the nape of her neck and fumbling with the clasp of her bra. I cast it aside and gently rolled her back over and moved onto her nipples.

Her nipples were harder than I’d ever seen them and I sucked on them hard, teasing them with my teeth. My hand strayed down and ran over her crotch and she quickly moved in to help me remove her jeans. Once they were thrown out of the picture she pulled me up to lay beside her. We kissed briefly until she pulled away breathless.

“You can do whatever you want to me,” she whispered breathlessly. It might not sound sexy but you could see the fire in her eyes and know she wanted everything you had.

“I want you,” I whispered before moving in to kiss her neck again. “Would you like me to lick your pussy?” I asked tentatively. She looked at me and said no one had ever done that to her before but she asked if I had ever done it before. “No, but I think I should have a free sample,” I grinned cheekily and slid a hand down to her panty covered pussy.

I moved them to one side and slid a finger in her pussy quickly. She gasped with surprise and I felt her grow wetter at my touch. I asked if she had ever tasted herself and she shook her head slowly. I took my finger out of her pussy and slid it into my mouth, sucking the sweetness off it. Before she could object, I kissed her deeply, pressing my tongue into her mouth.

Our lips parted and she whispered uncoupled izle softly, “That wasn’t so bad actually,” she smiled. Whilst our faces were still close to each other, she reached out and felt around my face lovingly. When she reached my lips, I sucked her fingertips in and gently played with them for a little while. She slowly pulled away and looked searchingly into my eyes. A moment later she nodded at me.

I leaned in to kiss her again but not before I softly whispered, “Tell me to stop if you want me to”. She smiled briefly and relaxed so I began a slow trail down her body with my lips and tongue. Her nipples became harder as my mouth approached and she moaned softly as I sucked on them to make sure they were as hard as they could be. I left my hands on her nipples, playing with them gently and continued down to her panties.

Once I was at her crotch I kissed up and down her thighs and wrapped my arms around them from underneath to keep her legs spread. After a while of getting her comfortable, I gingerly planted a kiss on the crotch of her panties, right on her pussy.

She groaned and arched her back off the bed momentarily and I knew she wanted it. I ran my tongue under the edge of her panties, gently brushing her pubic hair and the edges of her lips. She moaned as I pressed her panties into her pussy and my tongue found the wet spot that quickly appeared.

“Please,” she moaned and I quickly but gently slipped her panties off her legs and lay down between them. I started squeezing her pussy and the tops of her thighs. Her pussy became redder as the blood flowed to it. I leaned into her pussy and kissed up and down along her lips.

She sighed a stream of yeses and I placed my tongue between her pussy lips and continued up and down. When my tongue brushed against her wonderfully moist pussy opening on its way to her clit, she bucked her face towards me and wrapped her legs around my back, gently but forcefully pulling me into her.

I moved my tongue lower and teased her pussy opening and she groaned loudly. I licked up the wetness around her lips and moved up to her clit. She jumped a little as my tongue met her clit but moaned loudly. I ran my tongue around it and felt it throb at my licking. I looked up to see her sighing and thrashing her head around. I brought my lips to her clit and began kissing it and sucking on it.

I reached for her hands and pulled them to my head. She eagerly pulled me into her. I reached up one hand to play with her nipples whilst I slowly pressed a finger from the other hand into her pussy. It didn’t take long before I felt her tensing up and knew she was about to cum. I moved back to teasing her whole pussy with my tongue and she cried out loudly as she came.

Her legs were gripping my head tightly as she bucked onto unpaused naya safar izle my face, I was surprised to still be hearing her cries and moans of pleasure with her thighs pressing into my ears. I gently licked her for a while after she came until she pulled me up to her face. She was smiling deliriously and I leant in to kiss her.

She looked at me apologetically and sighed “You tired me out!”

“Lucky for you, you don’t have to work too hard anymore,” I chuckled. By this point of course, I was still only half naked and my cock was threatening to erupt in my pants. I kissed her again and she reached down to undo my belt. I gave her a hand with it and the rest of my clothes and lay back.

“Do you want me to suck you off?” she asked uncertainly frowning.

I kissed her and stroked her cheek, “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” She smiled and lay down against my side, my arm curled around her and softly stroked her ass. I grunted as she reached down and held my cock for the first time that evening.

I pulled her chin up to face me and whispered, “Let me show you what I like,” as I kissed her and reached down to guide her hand. I showed her how hard to squeeze as she stroked up and down on my cock and to play with the head every so often. After a while, she got the idea and my desire got the better of me. I began kissing her passionately and stroking her breast. She relaxed her movements as I held her face and kissed her hungrily. I grunted again and began thrusting back against her hand.

She whispered quickly “Cum on my breasts”. I quickly straddled her and tugged on my cock furiously. Soon I was coming and moaning deeply as I shot hot cum all over her. She giggled and smiled sneakily up at me as she ran a finger through the cum on her chest and swiftly pressed it into my mouth. I hungrily cleaned off her finger and leant in to kiss her passionately.

I wiped her clean and went to kiss her again but she pulled me against her nipples and sighed as I happily sucked on them, where my cum had just been. After a few minutes she pulled me back up to her face and we kissed once more before snuggling together wrapped up in the duvet. Her music CD had long ago given up playing and we drifted off to sleep.

The next day I awoke to find her wrapped in a towel, her hair wet from a shower lying on me and drenching her bed. She saw I was awake and moved up to kiss me. I met her kiss with passion and she smiled as we separated.

“Would you like to rub moisturiser into my hands?” she asked innocently. I smiled at her and sat up as she reached for her moisturiser. As I finished rubbing it into her hands she suddenly wrapped her arms around me and held me close.

“Thank you for last night,” she whispered softly into my ear.

“Any time,” I replied quickly.

She giggled and held me tighter, “One day I would like you to join me in the shower and then rub moisturiser all over me,” she said hurriedly.

I moaned and nibbled on her ear, “Shame I already missed the party,” I breathed into her ear.

She released me and looked sexily into my eyes, “There’s always next time” she said simply.

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