Hero Worship Pt. 02

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Okay, so here’s part two, thank you to Broken Spokes for helping edit. All characters in explicit scenes are over 18. Just to be clear, North Vista, Tagalong Beach and all businesses (except USC, of course) are figments of my imagination. At least that’s what my psychiatrist says. Enjoy!!

Alyssa –

Eventually I opened my eyes to the morning light. This is the part where I tell you it took me a moment to remember where I was, but it’d be a lie. I knew exactly where I was, and whom I was with. My arm was around her middle; her skin was so soft.

I propped my head on my elbow, taking and took a good long look at Taylor, the woman I’d made love to last night. I felt my soul purr in my chest as I thought about what had happened. Amazing didn’t begin to describe it. I could still feel the pleasant soreness between my legs from the incredible penetration she’d delivered. I’d never come like that, not ever, and the goddess lying next to me had made it happen over and over.

She looked so peaceful sleeping, and I loved being able to admire her up close. She really was lovely, high cheekbones and soft, kissable lips. She also had a long graceful neck, where, I’d noticed last night, she really loved being suckled. I ran my finger over it now, and she sighed in her sleep, her head nestling into the pillow.

My eyes wandered down over the sheet covering her body. You know, I never really got a good look at it last night. And she is all naked under that sheet. I felt my cheeks spread into a wicked grin as I ducked my head beneath the cover. She was lying on her side, her top arm pressing her breasts together. Her areolae were a redish, almost mahogany color, not too big, but tipped with large delectable looking nipples. I’d gotten a small chance to taste them last night, but this was my first opportunity to really appreciate them.

I ran a finger around one of Taylor’s areolas, making it crinkle and the tip harden. I moved to the other, slowly circling, and as I did, she rolled onto her back. Under the cover I couldn’t see her face, but I suspected she was waking up. Still, beneath the translucent sheet I had my own little world, consisting only of me and her body.

I caressed the skin between her breasts before leaning forward and taking the nearer one into my mouth. I sucked gently on the nipple while my hand pinched its partner. Taylor moaned slightly and pushed her chest up into my mouth, the fact she was enjoying it giving me a little thrill.

My mouth disengaged, starting instead to kiss down over her stomach. I could tell how powerful her core was, as my tongue traced the abs under her skin. I shifted my body further down the bed, continuing to kiss over her tummy and into the hollow between that and her hairless mound.

As I made my way to that delicious spot where her legs met her body, the cover slowly slid away, and I looked up into Taylor’s incredible blue-gray eyes. I continued to kiss her as she watched me, sucking the skin of her inner thigh into my mouth, making her sigh. If I was going to do this I wanted to do it right, so I scooted down the bed. Taylor let her legs fall open as I lay on my belly between them, a sheen of her moisture already beginning to cover her sex.

Unlike the night before I got to take a good long look. Inside of her puffy outer labia she had pear shaped inner lips, narrow at the top and flaring out as they approached her vagina, revealing the impossibly pink flesh underneath. Her clitty was poking out a good way from her hood, and I remembered how sensitive it was, and how long it’d taken before she’d been ready for direct stimulation.

And then there was the smell, incredible, musky, and rich. I inhaled deeply, which earned a little smirk from Taylor.

“You like it?”

My eyes never left her sex. “You’re beautiful.” I ran my finger from her opening up to her clit, which wiped the smile off her face. The expression that replaced it was hard to read, but the hand that reached behind my head and pulled me towards her sex was easy to understand. I went forward eagerly, beginning to suckle on those lovely lips.

My tongue dipped into her, my pupils rolling up under my eyelashes at the intensity of the flavor. I licked and sucked, drinking her in nectar, letting the essence of her fill me. I thought I could happily drown in it. The hand that had been holding my head was now caressing me, fingers running through my hair as I loved her. I didn’t need any encouragement. I felt like I’d been waiting to do this my whole life. My palm ran over her firm stomach, before finding her other hand and interlacing our fingers. I let my tongue journey up along her slit, then back down, each time getting closer and closer to her clit. Finally I pushed up one side of her hood and then the other. Taylor was emitting a steady stream of ohh’s and mmm’s, which were steadily increasing in intensity.

Finally I gave her exposed clit a flick, which caused her whole body to spasm. I touched it again more escort şişli gently, cradling it with my tongue and closing on it with my upper lip, and began sucking as gently as I could. My new lover’s breathing was starting to become ragged, her grunts and moans increasingly primal. As she began grinding into my face I sucked her fully into my mouth and bathed her with my tongue.

“Oh, god, baby, don’t stop, keep going, just a little more, Aly, ohh!!”

She began to jerk and shake as her orgasm claimed her, and I held on trying to draw it out and make it as intense as possible. As she began to come down, a great sense of happiness filled my heart. I’d done that; I’d made her come hard. I loved that I could do that for her. I cleaned her with my tongue, reveling in the flavor before kissing my way up her body.

Her strong arms wrapped around me and held me close. I fit against her so perfectly; it felt so right. I looked up at her through my eyelashes, my voice dripping with innocence.

“Did I do okay?”

“Mmm, god. That was amazing, baby.”

“Am I really?”


“Am I your baby?”

She looked embarrassed. “It’s too much, too soon isn’t it?”

“Not if you mean it. I think I’d like to be your baby.” I felt her pull me tight, and her eyes glazing with emotion. I didn’t want to push her too hard so early. I let my voice turn playful as I traced patterns on her breasts with my finger. “So, if I weren’t here to bother you, what would you be doing today?”

Her hand played gently over my back, and I could tell she was relaxing into the intimacy of the moment, which made me happy.

“Well, I’d probably do a work out, but I’ve already had one of those. Then I’d probably head out to the warehouse.”

“The warehouse?”

“My studio. There’s an art patron who keeps a warehouse on one of his properties and rents out space to artists.”

“Oh, that sounds fun. Can I come? I’d love to see it. And then maybe we could have dinner after?” Her face changed, and I could see the hesitancy and I started to panic. “I’m sorry, if that’s too much I can just go.”

“No it’s not that, it’s just that it’d be really boring. And I’m having dinner with Jen and Vicky tonight.”

I tried not to let the disappointment show on my face or in my voice. “Oh. Okay. I don’t want to keep you from your friends.” I continued to lie against her for a moment.

Just as I was feeling I might be misreading this whole situation she kissed the top of my head. “Would you like to come with me tonight? Meet my friends?”

“Really?” My voice almost broke with happiness. Damn it, Aly stop behaving like a moonstruck teenager!

Her fingers ran through my hair. “Yeah.”

“I’d like that.” I snuggled in close, my voice dropping to a whisper “Taylor?”


“I really like you.”

“Me too, baby. Me too.” I purred at the endearment, and I turned my head up, my cheek rubbing over her chin before I found her lips with mine. I sighed and sank into the kiss. There was something beautiful about this kiss. It wasn’t leading to sex; just us enjoying each other, reveling in being close.

– Taylor –

Oh, I’m in trouble. Aly seemed incredibly content in my arms, and she fit so perfectly against me. Holding her felt like the most natural thing in the world. There was a bit of a war going on in my head. Part of me was screaming at myself to create some distance, because I was going to get hurt again. But another bit, one that I’d kept buried for a long time, was begging me to never let go.

I knew not letting go would feel so good, for the moment at least. I inhaled the scent of her hair, lavender. She moved gently against my body, sighing blissfully as I pulled her tighter, our legs twining together. And for the first time in a long, I let myself be happy.

We spent maybe half an hour like that. She may have dozed off, but I didn’t, wanting to enjoy every moment holding her. Nothing lasts forever, though, and after a bit she gently kissed my hand.

“Sweetie, I have to get up.”

I gave her a squeeze. “Nope, you have to stay here.” I winced a little at the cheesiness of it, but she giggled and snuggled in for a moment longer.

“I’d love to, but Mother Nature’s a bitch.”

“Okay.” I kissed her head and let her go, watching her glorious ass as she climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom. A few minutes later I heard the toilet flush.

“I’m going to take a shower.”

I laid back into the pillows. “No problem.”

The water started to run for a second before her voice wafted back into the bedroom. “You coming?”

I couldn’t help the wicked grin from spreading across my face as I jumped out of bed. As I entered the bathroom my jaw almost hit the floor. I didn’t have a bathtub, instead there was a glass paneled walk in shower nook. And inside was Aly, turned in profile under the jet, her head thrown back, breasts pushed out, water sluicing off her lightly tanned istanbul eskort skin. From head to toe she was one long, glorious feminine curve. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

I opened the door and stepped inside, feeling the warmth of the steam wash over me. Aly looked at me over her shoulder, her chin tucked behind. I stepped forward into the spray, my arms sliding around her soft, flat belly.

I kissed her neck. “Good morning, beautiful.”

She sighed. “Morning.” She tilted her head to the side to give me better access, one hand going behind my neck, and the other running along my hip, letting my own caress her wet skin.

I cupped the perfect handfuls of her breasts, pinching and teasing her lovely brown nipples.

“Mmm, that’s nice.”

“It is, huh?” She made a little affirmative sigh. “Then how ’bout this?” My hand slid down over her tummy and through the short trimmed hair above her slit.. My fingers scissored around her hood for a moment, before I remembered how little her clitty was, and rubbed more directly over it. This had definitely been the right move, as she began moaning and rocking her hips. I slipped two fingers inside her, while my palm rubbed over her clit.

Aly’s mouth was open now, her steady string of moans warming my insides.

“Is that nice?” She nodded. “Are you close?”

“Uh-huh.” Her voice was shaking.

“Then come for me, baby. I want to hold you while you come.”

She began to shake and tremble in my arms as her orgasm claimed her. I held her up as she came back down.

She turned in my arms, smiling that beautifully innocent smile up at me. “And how would my lady like to be pleasured during her shower?”

I chuckled. “Seriously?”

Aly almost looked hurt. “Of course.” She ran a finger down my neck and between my breasts. “Anything my lady wishes.”

“Okay.” I lifted my leg, placing my foot on the low tiled shelf that ran along the side. Then I put my hands on Aly’s shoulders and gently pushed her down. She got the idea immediately, lowering herself to her knees and taking my sex into her mouth. I sighed heavily. I loved having my pussy eaten, and despite it being early days, I couldn’t remember even Gillian going at it with the gusto that Aly was. With most of the girls I’d been with since then I got a few tentative licks at best, and then they’d switch to fingers. Not that I mind fingers, but there’s something delectable about lips and a tongue.

I reached out and grabbed one of the safety bars as Aly picked up the intensity. She let go an “Mmm” as she worried my clit back and forth.

“God, Aly, that’s amazing.”

I could see her cheeks lift into a smile. “You taste so good,” another lick and a kiss, “I love this.”

“God, baby, you’re gonna make me come. Oh, shit.”

She redoubled her efforts again, and less than a minute later I was shaking and moaning as pleasure exploded through every limb in my body. Aly stood back up and we came together in a kiss that left me breathless. When we separated, Aly proceeded to wash me from head to toe, and I don’t think I’ve ever been touched so gently. She was constantly making comments about how much she loved my body. I don’t want to lose my butch card, but being pampered and adored like that was wonderful. I mean I may not wear dresses, but I am still a woman.

I did my best to return the favor for Aly, who went a little crazy as I washed her hair. I didn’t give in and touch her like she wanted, though. I had to keep her interested for tonight, after all. If she didn’t get bored and run off at the warehouse, that is. I can attest from first hand experience that watching someone paint or sculpt can be deadly dull.

Luckily I still had my blow dryer from when I’d had longer hair, and while Aly was using it after our shower I texted Vicky, asking her if I could bring a friend to dinner.

She responded with an emphatic yes, followed with an inquiry if this was the same friend whose car was still parked in the driveway from last night, followed with a winky face.

I didn’t respond, making Vicky send another text. Fine, be mysterious. See you at 6. I can’t wait to tell Jen!

Aly walked back into the room wearing my robe. “Whatcha doing?”

“Texting Vicky about tonight.”

“You sure they won’t mind?”

I smirked at her. “Are you kidding? I’m pretty sure I heard Vicky scream in joy when I told her.”

She wrapped her arms around one of mine and laid her head on my shoulder, looking up at me with her big, brown, doe eyes. God, they were pretty.

“So you don’t bring girls over often?”

“You’re the first.”

“That means I’m special, doesn’t it?”

I spluttered for a second, before her face broke into a smile and she pulled me down for a kiss.

“So, we’re going to see your studio? I want to watch the master at work.”

I chuckled at her, unable to keep from returning her grin. “All right. You probably shouldn’t wear just my bathrobe, though.”

“Why escort mecidiyeköy not, you don’t like it?” She shifted her shoulders, letting the garment open a little, and a generous amount of cleavage spill out, her lips forming a pout.

I reached out and closed the front, letting a finger trail over her neck. “I love it, but it won’t do well on my bike.” I kissed her nose. “Now go get dressed.”

She stole one more peck on the lips before heading off to get her bag. I watched her as she shrugged off my robe, her beautiful round backside wiggling as she pulled on a clean pair of light green panties. She started humming to herself as she dressed, and all I could do was stare at her. A perfect combination of girl and woman, innocent as a choirgirl, but unashamed and adventurous in bed.

I knew some of the innocence was a put on, but a lot of it wasn’t. She just hadn’t had life beat her down, but if it ever did, I think she’d survive. And damn it, I really wanted her to be happy, content, safe. Because she was precious.

I made myself turn away towards my own dresser, pulling the needed clothes out and getting ready. When I was done Aly had dressed, wearing a tight, white scoop necked T-shirt and form fitting jeans, really accentuating her curvy body and perfect breasts.

“How do I look?” Aly bent her right knee in front of the other, making me laugh.

“You’re beautiful, and you know it.”

She walked towards me and wrapped her arms around my waist. “I only care what you think.” God, those big brown eyes. “So I’m pretty enough to meet your friends?”

“I’d take you anywhere.” We kissed gently, then deeper before she pulled away and smiled that adorable, innocent smile.

“Okay, but first you can take me for brunch. I’m starving.”

All I could do was grin back at her, and feel myself fall a little further.

Aly –

Soon we were headed toward a little mom and pop diner which Taylor said made great breakfasts. I decided I was going to splurge a little and ordered the biscuits and gravy, something I rarely let myself have. I’d had a hell of a workout last night, after all.

Taylor hadn’t been kidding; the food was excellent. I sighed, as I shoveled another forkful into my mouth before realizing Taylor was smirking at me.

I covered my mouth with my hand. “What?”

“Do you do everything with gusto?”

I swallowed. “Gusto?”

“Yeah.” She shrugged her shoulders “You know, joie de vivre. The way you dance, eat, other things. You just go for it.”

“I guess so, especially when they’re amazing, like this is.”

At that moment the waitress stopped by. “How is everything, ladies?”

I smiled up at her. “So good,”

She refilled my water. “Better than homemade!”

As she withdrew, Taylor pointed towards my plate with her fork. “So, did your mom make biscuits and gravy for you?”

“Mom? No way.” I took another bite and swallowed. “Way too unhealthy for mom. Grandma, though, was a different story. We don’t get it often, only see her a few times a year. But she can cook.”

“Why only a few times a year?”

“Mom’s from Kansas. She moved to LA after college to become an actress, ended up in real estate instead. Mom’s beautiful, charming, a great saleswoman.” I shrugged. “But she has a Midwestern genuineness that you don’t see much in L.A. At least that’s what dad says.”

“And she met your dad here?”

“Yeah. He always said he didn’t know women like mom existed, you know, ones with substance and honesty. He grew up on valley girls, so she was something else.”

“How long have they been married?”

“Twenty-five years. Dad’s still enamored with her. And she reminds him occasionally that she learned to butcher a deer when she was seven, so he stays good. They’re also still very active in the bedroom.”

Taylor spluttered in her orange juice. “What?”

“They still have a lot of sex.” Taylor’s face went redder, which made me giggle. “They’re always kissing and touching each other, holding each other’s hand. We live in a city where divorce is as common as palm trees. But they have something special. I want that someday.”

I couldn’t read her expression. I’d obviously been talking too much. “How ’bout you? Did your mom or dad make biscuits and gravy?”

“Mom did, Dad didn’t cook.” Taylor’s eyes looked up and away. “If mom couldn’t make dinner, usually ’cause of some church thing, then it was pizza or fried chicken in a bucket.”

“Wow, and you still have abs like that. Amazing.”

“My high school swimming coach taught me to eat healthy, and my oldest sister, Esther, was a Nazi about us cheating sweets.”

I snorted a bit into my water. “Your oldest sister is named Esther? Did your parents not like her?”

“It’s from the Bible. She was a beautiful Hebrew girl who became a queen and saved her people from destruction.”

“OK, fine. What are your other sibling’s names? Did your parents ever come to their senses?”

Taylor shrugged. “My brothers are named after two archangels, Michael and Gabriel, and my little sister is Martha, one of Jesus’s followers.”

“And you ended up with Taylor? How’d that work?” Her cheeks started to heat up, and I covered my mouth. “Oh, my God, Taylor’s not your real name, is it?”

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