High Rise Antics Ch. 02

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The sequel to High Rise Antics.

After our Canary Wharf coupling we eventually reverted back to client lawyer mode. I explained to Barbara there was no evidence of me being a blackmailer. My emails to, lets call her Lorna, were made using an encrypted service, which destroys them after 14 days. I omitted to tell Barbara that I had indeed demanded 100 bitcoins for the video.

Barbara replied to Lorna’s solicitor. “Our client did not blackmail your client. We are going to instigate proceedings against your client for libel, unless an apology is forthcoming in the next 7 days. As a gesture of goodwill, enclosed with the affidavit is a copy of the video.”

Barbara said that is a shot over Lorna’s bow. Her solicitor is bound to watch the video, like I did. There is no way they will want that video to see the light of day, particularly in a court of law, with press and jury. Court costs are prohibitively expensive. We in all likelihood will be awarded damages and costs. Lets see what happens.

Almost by return I was offered £500,000 as a goodwill gesture. Barbara said they are running scared. She wrote back saying the paltry sum offered was in insult, see you in court.

Well that was an easy £1 million. Lorna capitulated and doubled her offer. Even after Barbara’s £10,000 fee I am a rich man. Barbara has invited me back to her penthouse to celebrate, by having a libidinous liaison of our own making. I have a week to plan extra special fucks.

I owe Barbara a lot. The least I can do is to give her a night to remember. Ahead of time I order two Magnums of Krug Grand Cuvee to be delivered to her pent house. With a note to store @ 3’C. I also arrange for two dozen Loch Ryan oysters to be delivered on Friday morning. Again to be stored at 3’C wednesday izle ahead of our evening entertainment. I will take with me 10 red roses ?? for a lovely red head. Together with my special presents.

I turned up at the allotted time on Friday. As before the penthouse door swung open on my arrival. I was greeted in the atrium, hall does not do it justice by a semi nude Barbara. My guess she was already on the expensive juice. She wrapped herself around me whilst treating my tonsils to a deep throat. She encouraged me out of my clothes, wanked me a couple of times to check my cock was working and offered me a white robe. As before we migrated to her lounge. She has the Krug chilling in a wine cooler. The oysters on ice in a platter on the table. A truly sophisticated woman provides right and left handed grants together with substantial daggers. None of these bendable apologies for knives for Barbara.

I attempt my manly act. I open the first magnum and pour us both a glass. It’s exceedingly difficult to concentrate when a transparent g string is cavorting in front of your face. Shall I shuck darling? The answer in the affirmative. I feel like Macbeth, “is this a dagger I see before me” I am expert in dispatching oysters. In no time I have them opened. Barbara has produced a first class mignonette sauce. There is something rather special washing oysters down with champagne in the presence of a rampant woman.

Two dozen oysters took a magnum of champagne in our case. I don’t know if they are aphrodisiacs but the magnum certainly lowered inhibitions and aroused various of our extremities.

Barbara has lovely small pert breasts. Champagne makes her nipples more prominent and erect. I nibble on each one in weekend family izle turn, Barbara, massaging her clit through the thin material of her g string. Would you like your first present I ask? Barbara unwraps what turns out to be two nipple clamps joined by a silver chain. When I was in the sex shop buying her other present my eyes were drawn to the clamps. I hoped she would like them. “Clamp me, big boy” No doubt a reference to the engorged state of my cock. Barbara’s nipples have certainly risen to the occasion. It’s a simple matter for me, to screw up the left one first. When your woman squeals a little, that’s when to stop. Using the same technique for her right nipple I soon have a Barbara that I can lead by her chest. The champagne will act as an anaesthetic for several hours. Barbara already has forgotten she is wearing them. The fun comes when I remove them, but not yet.

I start as though to lick her out. Little kisses up the inner part of her left thigh. I do wonder about her frog tattoo, but events are fast moving and I get caught up with other things. Barbara is yearning for me to move her g string and tongue her clit. Instead I say, open your other present darling. A momentarily disappointed red head, says ooooh Peter you have given me a magic wand. Yes, shall we give it a go? Her yes pales into insignificance as I apply the wand to her cunt through the flimsy material of her g string. The effect is electrifying, figuratively speaking. I don’t feel redundant for one minute as the technology, buzzing away on it’s highest setting brings Barbara to at least one shudderingly climactic orgasm. I find it so erotic a clamped and splayed, still twitching Barbara, I can’t help myself wanking my turgid welcome to chippendales izle prick and creaming her tits.

Barbara got up and half heartedly massaged the excesses of the last minute or so into her chest. A sort of sun tan lotion with attitude. Her nipple clamps and concomitant chain were in this instance a hindrance. Abandoning the whole exercise she settled instead for opening the second magnum and removing that other hindrance her g string.

I spent my recovery time, drinking champagne and zapping Barbara’s cunt with the wand. The woman is insatiable. No sooner had she stopped twitching from number two, she begged for number three.

All good things must come to an end. I was feeling enhanced and engorged again. Barbara was hinting at wanting to ride my turgid cock.

She slowly lowered herself on to my rampant prick. Savouring every inch as it penetrated her vagina. Once in place she began her wanking it with her pelvic thrusts, her vaginal contractions and vulval vicissitudes. Faster and faster, her clit straining not to be left out. My hands are caressing her tits, the clamp chain beating a rhythm on my chest. My balls are beginning to respond. I can feel them filling up preparing to explode. Barbara is nearly at her penetrative pinnacle. I am able to control myself until she orgasms. I maintain my erection, high up inside her, as she prepares for my jizz tsunami which she is expectantly anticipating. All my control evaporates, an ejaculation to die for. Barbara screams, I have released her nipple clamps, her hands shoot to her breasts. There is a massive bang and a flash of light……………


The London Metro reported a tragic accident. A helicopter crashed into a tower block in Canary Wharf. The pilot and his two passengers were killed. As were the two occupants of the penthouse. Investigators from the Air Accident Investigation Branch are at the scene. There are two possibilities. Human or mechanical failure. They advise against speculation at this time.

There are many eye witnesses on Twitter who claim the pilot was distracted.

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