House Party

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Ball Licking

Pat Seese wore a silly smile as she sat in the restaurant munching her lunch. She could only think about what she would be doing this evening. She heard the conversation going on around her but her mind was not on it. Spaced around the table were the girls she had considered her best friends in the whole world, a year ago. Then she would have told them her most intimate secrets. Life moves on and there had been a lot of changes in her and her life, particularly her love life, in the last year. Now her idea of “juicy” had changed dramatically. She wouldn’t dare tell them about her love life now.

She could hardly wait for the work day to end. She squirmed in her chair, her panties testimony to her new “juicy” secret as she thought about the prospect of holding the best part of a man in her mouth while feeling another heeding the invitation of her femininity.

She wondered what the girls around her would think if she told them that she had journeyed into the world of swinging and group sex. She wondered what they would think of her if they knew just how addicted she was. She didn’t like it, she craved it, lived for it. There was no way she would voluntarily go back to the monogamy she had thought so wonderful before.

She smiled again at the group around her. She was wondering what they would say if she told them about her plans for the night. It was one thing to talk about how big your husband’s tender parts were, or even your most successful technique for pleasuring him or him you, it would be quite another to describe how wonderful it felt to be sucking one man’s cock while another pleasured her. She could hardly wait to be the center of attention of more than one man. She thrilled to the thoughts of seeing and hearing other people fucking around her while she was similarly engaged.

She thought of the words she was thinking and wondered. These girls understood the word fuck full well, but they never used it. Instead they seemed to think in terms of making love. A year ago she did too, but now her understanding of semantics had changed. She made love with her husband, she simply fucked her new friends. Some of them were so very good at fucking too!

How could she ever explain that she no longer felt jealousy at the thought of her man being with another woman. In fact, could she even tell them that she loved the idea of watching him having sex with one of her new girlfriends, especially if she could be laying beside him being fucked by one of her new male friends? Would they understand that she felt no anger when another woman asked her husband to the bedroom? She was sure they would never understand if she told them that she had even asked some of her new girlfriends to fuck her husband. Could they understand the pride she felt in his performance?

Would they understand if she told them that she no longer found the idea of sitting naked among a group of equally naked people and talking about normal things unusual? Could they comprehend not feeling anger or revulsion or disgust while watching other people fuck around you? Could they envision sitting with a group of naked people and not being offended when a semi-stranger asked you politely if you wanted to fuck? Would they understand that that question now held no more significance than if a man asked her to dance? Would they understand, if they knew, that she was quite likely to accept that invitation to fuck him?

This would be the first swingers “house” party Pat had attended and the idea of a large group of people all having sex excited her. She had no misgivings, she had already been with three other couples and this would just be more fun. She felt herself dampening as she thought of it.

All of the couples they had swung with, and all the men but Rod had come from miles away and this would be the first time they had swung with a anyone from nearby. She wondered who she would meet tonight. She looked around the restaurant and wondered if any of the people eating lunch were swingers and if any of them would be there tonight. She spotted a good looking man and smiled, hoping it was him.

She looked at the four women with her and wondered if any of them could be swingers. They had been such good friends. She wondered if any of them would tell her if they were, or if they would keep that to themselves like she had been doing. She wondered if any of them could possibly be among the people she would see at the party tonight. She looked at each of her four friends and smiled at the thought. She dismissed the idea as an impossibility.

Deb had short dark hair and brown eyes that glimmered in mirth. Her figure was chubby and she could stand to lose a few pounds. Her breasts were large but not exactly overdeveloped and her waist more padded than it should be. What made it unlikely that she would be there tonight or even understand what Pat was feeling, was how easily she blushed at the slightest sexual innuendo. She wasn’t exactly prudish, but the red came to her face so easily. Pat would never subject Deb to the embarrassment Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort of talking about any of this with her. Strangely though, she felt like Deb found such discussions titillating despite the blushes.

Judy was attractive long hared red head but she seemed so conservative. She acted shocked by the idea of even oral sex. Pat was totally sure she would never see Judy there and convinced that Judy would condemn her totally if she ever talked to her about her sexual interests of late..

Beth was not far behind Judy in conventionality. Beth always dressed like the conservative grandmother that she was. Her hackles came up quickly when anyone talked about how cute one of their coworkers might be. She was offended by the idea of cheating which she seemed to define as even thinking about someone other than her husband. Pat would never even bring up the topic in her presence and there was no possibility that Beth would be numbered among the people there.

Sally was the one that Pat couldn’t figure out. Sally was a petite woman with light brown hair and blue eyes. Her figure was quite impressive. Her makeup and dress were businesslike but a touch sexy. Something in her appearance said sex. Sally said little in their discussions but seemed to have that same lost smile and no comment as Pat, when the subject of sex came up. Pat would never openly talk to Sally about her new found love life. She wasn’t afraid of Sally being offended, as much as she wasn’t sure where she might stand.

Pat wondered about Sally for a second then discounted her. It didn’t seem possible that Sally was a swinger. The only reason Pat could find for that conviction was that she didn’t believe that anyone she knew could be involved in the crazy sex that she was now addicted to.

When lunch was over Pat realized that she had said almost nothing, simply sat there with a silly smile on her face. She also wondered if it was just her of if the conversation had been more mundane than usual. None of them had actually said much.

The afternoon seemed to crawl by. Pat could hardly focus on work but still she managed to make her in box move to her out box. When 5:00 came, she was out the door like a flash.

Pat rushed home to jump in the shower. Her husband, John, would be home in about an hour and he was bringing dinner. She planned to soak and primp for the full hour.

She thought of John and smiled and silently thanked him for the fun of the last year but she also wondered if he knew what he had created. She knew full well, that he had orchestrated the changes in their lives but she wondered if he knew what those changes now meant to her.

He had started talking about swinging two years ago and at first it fell on totally deaf ears. She had had no interest in any of it. Then he started talking about inviting another man to pleasure her. She knew what he was really saying was that he was willing to condition her with another lover so that she would then permit him to have one. Finally, he convinced her that they should try it. He was willing to stop at that, to allow her to decide if it would ever happen again or progress from there.

She remembered the day she had acquiesced to his suggestions. It was a Wednesday and they had just made love. He was snuggling up to her afterwards. Frequently, he just rolled over and went to sleep. Rarely, he snuggled just because, but usually when he snuggled he wanted to talk. Most often he talked about mundane things in their life.

He had always brought up swinging during or before he began foreplay. She assumed that it excited him and he thought it did her. It didn’t, but she had been thinking about it and while she wasn’t excited by the idea, she was no longer totally opposed. She had decided that she would like to please him and this would either please him or end the whole discussion. She had serious misgivings but had decided to go along. She was secretly hoping that he would think about it and decided that he wanted to call it off.

He nibbled on her ear and whispered, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a man on each side of you snuggling after we both made love to you?”

She had not expected this discussion after they had made love and the timing caught her off guard. She considered the timing and pondered her response for several seconds and then decided it was time to announce her decision to him. It was time to do it and get it over with. She was sure this discussion would not end until she had agreed.

She remembered the look on his face to this day when she looked at him seriously and said “Maybe.” She had never before made any kind of positive response.

“Does this mean you’ve thought seriously about it?”

“Maybe.” The excited look on his face got more excited.

“Does this mean you might try it?”

“Maybe, but I get to pick the man.” He looked positively ready to pop.

“Do you know who you would pick?”

She answered him immediately. “Rod.” Rod was John’s best friend, a good friend to both of them. He was almost as hunky as John and with a good easy going personality. She was rather hoping that John would object and hopeful the whole thing would die. If John didn’t refuse, she hoped that Rod would. She held her breath and hoped that John would think better of it.

John smiled, his face practically beaming and an excited gleam came over his face. “Rod would love to get into your panties. I can’t wait to see you two together.”

Pat felt a chill go through her but she also felt an erection poke her in her side and a hot kiss on her lips and he made passionate love to her. Pat was consumed with the fear of it and didn’t respond like normal. For the first time she faked an orgasm.

The very next night, John had told her that he had talked to Rod. Pat held her breath. He told her that Rod couldn’t wait and he would be over tomorrow night. She was filled with a mix of emotions. Her hope that Rod would refuse had evaporated. For the first time she knew it would be happening and she was filled with foreboding. Still, she had responded to his excitement with her own.

Friday dragged for her. She was filled with strange emotions. She was nervous of her reaction to a new lover. Nervous that she would be a disappointment to Rod, which was a worry she hadn’t expected. She was worried about her ability to please two men at once. She was frightened about what her reaction to him would be after they had made love and how this would change their friendship. She was positively terrified about what John’s reaction would be when they actually made it happen. Through all that however she also felt a tinge of excitement at the prospect.

They ate a pizza that John brought home. Pat picked at her meal with none of the usual gusto. John attributed it to excitement, wrongly assuming that she was feeling the excitement that he was and not the fear that she really felt. When the meal was done, he helped her prepare for “her” big night. He dressed her in her sexiest nearly see through nighty. She said nothing but she was mortified at the prospect of seeing Rod while dressed for sex.

Rod rang the doorbell promptly at 7:00 P.M. exactly as promised and John greeted him at the door with a smile and a handshake. Pat was more reserved but her terror didn’t show.

The evening started out awkwardly. They all knew why they were there and the air was full of sexual tension. Rod and John couldn’t wait for the evenings sexual activities to start, and it was obvious to Pat but she was less enthusiastic. Finally, after an hour of nervous innuendo and conversation, Pat surrendered to the inevitable and they moved to the bedroom.

Even after they arrived at the plush destination of her marital mattress, no one knew how to start. Who should undress whom and how? Finally, John began removing his clothes and they all did the same.

Pat watched her husband as she stripped. There was a smile of anticipation in his eyes. As she removed the last of her clothing, she looked at Rod. She knew she was attractive but the look on Rod’s face said even more. He was positively drooling as he looked at the swell of her shapely if not huge breasts and the curls of her blond pussy hair. The look made her flush but she wasn’t sure if it was embarrassment or arousal.

John allowed Rod to have a “get acquainted fuck” and simply watched while Rod fucked her. Pat responded properly but she was much too frightened to truly enjoy that experience. When Rod rolled off her and lay snuggling beside her, she looked frantically for her husband. John was watching and smiling at her. He came to her side and she kept shifting her gaze from the smile on his face to the huge erection he sported. She saw, not the revulsion and anger she had feared, but lust in his eyes and she felt the first slight relief from her fears.

“You two looked so beautiful together, sweetie. I love you so much.” He said as he kissed her tenderly.

She had been close to crying when he said that. A huge flood of relief flowed through her and much more of her fear slipped away as she returned his soft loving kiss. She felt slightly reassured.

“Damn, you’re a lucky man, John.” Rod said. “Pat you are so beautiful and so damn good!” A twinge of pride hit her as her husband demonstrated his lust. Wisely, he started by kissing and reassuring her before he gave her the best loving she could remember.

Rod watched and said nothing through that experience and Pat didn’t even know he was there. She was lost in the loving with her husband. When John collapsed beside her, she suddenly remembered Rod’s presence. He smiled at her and told her how beautiful she looked. Rod’s easygoing attitude put her much more at ease. She could not remember what any of them said but Rod was making comments that had her softly laughing. They all just had fun for a few minutes while they recovered. It was kind of like old times with Rod, except now they were laughing about sex instead of sports. They made her feel beautiful and special. If it hadn’t been for the remaining fear about her relationship with John, it would have been great but that tinge of fear would not go away.

It was not long before she was aware that Rod had fully recovered. John noticed too. At her husband’s urging, she found herself reaching for Rod’s erection. As she stroked it, she reached for John and felt him harden in her warm loving hand. Both men smiled at her lustily and while she couldn’t remember what they said, she remembered a feeling of relief and desire coursing through her. At that moment, she wanted them both.

John suggested that she suck Rod’s cock. She rose to her knees and took Rod into her mouth. Moments later she felt John’s cock nuzzling the entrance to her pussy. She moved to accommodate, invite his manhood into her. This time, as a strange man pounded into her mouth and her husband rocked her world from behind, they were more vocal. The two of them were talking about her, saying lewd but complimentary things and she discovered that it aroused her. She exploded in an orgasm that wouldn’t quit.

Then they rested and recovered. Again Rod’s sense of humor had her relaxed and laughing. She forgot her fears and was warmed by the soft touch of four male hands roaming her body. She basked in the feeling.

It was just after 10:00 when Rod kissed her softly. “I think I need to leave you two alone to work this out. I don’t want either of you to feel that this changes our friendship. If you don’t want to ever do this again, I’ll understand and just be a friend. I’ll never bring this up again.” He looked down at his flagging penis and laughed. “Hmmmm looks like you wore him out Pat.” He giggled softly. “If you ever want to do this again, just call, I’ll be here in a flash. Thank you both for having me over for this. Pat, you are one amazing lover.”

John looked at Pat. There was a flush of excitement on his face. “What do you say Pat? Should we do it again?”

She sighed contentedly and looked at the two handsome naked men. She thought that they should have had this discussion after Rod was gone, just between them. She didn’t know what to say. Her only reservation was with John. She desperately wanted to talk to him before answering that question but he had put her on the spot. She was still worried about her relationship with John but at the end it had been a wonderful experience.

She looked deeply into John’s eyes and saw that he was anxious for her to agree. In that moment she made her decision. She sucked in her breath and answered. “What are you doing tomorrow, Rod?”

A huge silly grin spread on his face. “Well, I’ll let you two talk about it and change your mind if you want, but I have no plans so if you call me I’ll be here fucking the living shit our of you.”

Rod had dressed and told them to stay where they were, he knew the way out. He left them there to talk.

They talked most of the night and then made love before falling asleep in each others arms. Pat’s fears about John had totally dissolved and she began to think of the fun things three people could do.

They awoke in the morning and talked more. They made love again and then just before noon, before they had even gotten out of bed, Pat picked up the phone and dialed Rod’s number.

After that call, there would be no turning back for Pat. She was not the girl taking orders that night, or any night after. She became the ring leader. She threw herself into the sex, directing the activities to give her the most pleasure. The second night had been truly incredible. From that second night with Rod, she had been addicted. She craved the attention, being the center of the world. She loved the way they talked about her, the way they fucked her.

Rod still came over once in a while for a night of incredible sex.

After that night John had introduced her to swappers chat rooms on the net. From the day they signed up, their mail was flooded with single men who wanted her. In the next several months, they waded through them and found five men that appealed to Pat. Four of them turned out to be great, and one a jerk. Four of them gave her truly great sex while the fourth got kicked out before he caused any damage to her love of threesomes.

The sex was incredible. She loved everything about it from the thrill of holding two cocks and loving them to the way the men talked around her. They made her feel so beautiful and desirable.

She also started chatting with other swingers in the swappers chat rooms. She made a number of good friends, both mail and female. As she talked to other swinging women, she came to grips with her feelings about swinging. She didn’t love the men they invited to fuck her. She just had good dirty fun with them and they didn’t interfere with her marriage which had become even stronger. The women she talked to in the chat rooms, led her to think about things. They had no problems with their husbands with other women and explained that there was no difference in the way she thought of her fuck partners and the way her husband would think of his. John would no more want to run off with one of their partners than she did with her male “friends”.

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