How I Found Out

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I had been divorced for a few months. I decided to take my time before I got involved with another woman, so I wasn’t going out much. I was just trying to raise my kid, who lives with me, and relax a little before I jumped back into the dating thing. My ex only kept my kid every other weekend, so I didn’t have a lot of time for looking anyway. I had been out a few times to the bar scene but, I just hadn’t met anyone I was really interested in going out with.

I have always had bisexual thoughts and tendencies but I had never acted on them since I never had any problem finding women to have sex with.

One rainy Saturday night I was extremely horny but wasn’t in the mood to go out, so I decided to just stay in and drink a couple of beers and watch a couple of hot porno DVD’s. I had bought a few since my divorce to help out when I was horny and didn’t want to go bar hopping. I had a couple of bi movies in the bunch and watched them a few times. I have to admit, they got me worked up and I didn’t have any trouble getting off watching the guys in them sucking and fucking each other.

Anyway I took a shower and dried off. It was great being by myself because I wasn’t planning on even getting dressed that night. I turned the lights down low and took a pair of short, terry cloth shorts I had and threw them on the couch in case I had to put some clothes on fast.

I was about to go get my porno movies and decide which one I was going to start with when there was a knock on the door.

Damn! I threw on my shorts and went to the door. When I opened it there stood Dan, an old friend of mine I hadn’t seen for a couple of weeks. He stood there with a smile, looking me up and down and asked, “Hey man what’s happening?”

I said, “Come on in.” I was always glad to see Dan even if he had interrupted my evening I had planned.

Now, Dan is a good-looking guy and since it was a hot August night that explained the way he was dressed; an old pair of short cut off jeans with holes in them, no shirt and just a pair of tennis shoes on his feet.

We were comfortable with the way each other was dressed because we had seen each other naked a lot of times in the showers after gym class when we were in high school several years back. We had even seen each other’s cocks hard a time or two when we double dated some hot chicks and seen them giving us blowjobs and fucking them in the back of the van we were in.

Dan has a nice cock, almost eight inches long and a couple of inches fat. Mine isn’t as long, about six and a half inches, but just as fat as his.

I asked Dan where his woman was and he told me Candi had been out of town since Monday visiting relatives, and wouldn’t be back till the middle of next week.

He wanted to know what I had planned for the night. He knew I was a horny fucker just like him, so he probably thought I was going to go out looking for pussy.

I stopped for a second and thought about lying to him and telling him I was just going to watch some TV, but then something just told me to tell him the truth. I thought well if I did tell him the truth maybe he wouldn’t stay long and that would let me get back to blowing my load before the night was over.

So I looked him straight in the eye and said, ” Dan, I had planned on staying home tonight and laying around naked, drink a couple of beers, watch some porno movies and jack off a couple of big loads!”

It took me completely by surprise when he said, “Well don’t let me stop you, get the porno flicks. I’ll grab us a couple of beers.”

At that point my mind started spinning trying to figure out what was going on. It didn’t make much difference anyway because Dan was headed to the refrigerator for the beer. I went to my bedroom closet and got the porno flicks and went back to the living room where Dan was sitting on the couch. I put the movies down and Dan started looking through them to see what was there. He spied the Bi movies and picked one out and said, “Hey this looks like an interesting one” and put it in the player.

I had sat down on the couch and was watching Bycasino him load the disk in the player. He got it started and turned around and came over and set down right beside me on the couch. He set close enough to me our bare legs were touching. Damn. his bare skin felt hot against mine.

Dan had told me a couple of times in the past, when he had got a good look at my cock, that he thought I had a nice one and kinda joked about how big it was, but I had just blew it off as guy talk. I was beginning to see that he might have been trying to come on to me and it was making me hot and horny as hell that we were here alone, half naked, touching each other watching a hot porno movie with guys sucking and fucking each other.

My cock was starting to get hard and I was starting to loosen up a little about the situation and beginning to enjoy the thought of Dan and I getting together like this. I was checking him out and he was commenting on the movie about how nice the guy’s cocks were and how horny it was making him watching them suck each other. Dan was rubbing his cock through his shorts and I could see it getting hard and the head was already sticking out of the leg. I looked up to see him staring at my cock that was hard as hell now, standing up under my shorts. I didn’t know how to make the next move so I just said, “I have to go piss” and got up and went to the bathroom.

Deciding which one of us would make the next move wasn’t a problem. When I returned to the living room, Dan was sitting there naked stroking that huge hard cock of his. He looked at me and said, “What do you think of this?” He held it at the base and it was sticking straight up and throbbing. All I could say was, “Damn, Dan that’s a nice cock.”

I set down beside him and he reached over and slid his hand under the top of my shorts and grabbed my now fully erect cock and started jacking it. He said, “Here let me help you out of those damn shorts.” Saying that, he slid on to the floor in front of me, and pulled my shorts off, got between my now spread legs, and grabbed my cock, and started stroking it again. His face was within inches of the swollen head of my cock and he was just staring at it as he jacked on the shaft watching the cock juice drip from the hole. He looked up at me and said, “Man, I gotta suck your cock!”

I just replied, “OH Fuck Dan, Yeah, go ahead if you want to”

Before I could finish my statement I felt Dan’s HOT, WET lips encircle the throbbing head of my cock and his tongue lapping up the precum leaking from it.

He started lowering his Hot Fucking mouth down on my cock and then would raise back up to the tip and lick at the piss hole to taste my man juice. Each time he went down on it he would take a little more of the shaft into his mouth till he had all of it in his mouth and I could feel the head starting down his throat. I threw my head back and closed my eyes.

“OH YEAH Dan, SUCK IT” was all I could utter.

He increased his sucking motion as his hand slid up and down the slippery wet shaft in time with his mouth.

I had to look down and see this beautiful guy working on my cock like there was no tomorrow. His left hand was stroking his monster cock and the head of it was covered with his own man juice.

I started humping my hips up off the couch. It wasn’t something I was doing on purpose I just couldn’t help it. My breath was coming in short gasps, and Dan knew he was in complete control of the situation, and me. He loved it and I didn’t care anymore just as long as he kept using me to his sexual satisfaction.

“AHHHHH!!! Dan, your gonna make me cum.” With that Dan reluctantly raised his sucking hot mouth from my member and stopped stroking it. He wasn’t even close to wanting me to cum yet. He stood up in front of me with his cock in his hand and kneeled down on the couch over me and put his throbbing cock head on my lips. He started wiping the cock juice over my lips and that was all it took. I wet my lips with my tongue, tasting his precum and let the huge head of his cock slip into my mouth. I heard Dan Bycasino giriş moan a little as he continued to feed me his cock. When I had all I could take and started to gage on the head in my throat he pulled back. I reached up and wrapped my hand around the thick shaft and started stroking it in time with my sucking mouth going up and down on his beautiful cock. My tongue was all over it as it slid in and out and Dan was in heaven. Moaning and saying, “OH YEAH Man SUCK THAT COCK!” “SUCK IT!”

Dan started humping my mouth again and after giving him a few more sucking strokes I reached up with my other hand and felt his oversize nuts. I rubbed them around and they were starting to get tight. I heard him say, “AHHH FUCK MAN!” and he pulled back and out of my mouth. I was still stroking on his cock when he leaned down and kissed me hard. With our mouths slightly open and sucking each other’s tongues, he reached down and grabbed my throbbin’ cock and started jackin’ it again.

Before I knew it he was back on the floor between my legs mouthing my ridged member. His lips and hot fucking tongue were all over it. Sucking and licking up and down the sides of it. With his hand stroking up and down he pushed my cock back against my stomach and slid his sucking mouth and licking tongue down to my swollen cum filled nuts and began working on them with intent in his actions. He licked and sucked on them rolling them around with his tongue as best he could. They were drawn up tight from all the cock sucking that we had been doing. When he had them covered and soaked with his saliva he reached up and took my right hand and moved it over to replace his hand that was stroking my cock. This left both his hands free. He pulled my hips down a little to where my ass was right on the edge of the cushion and lifted and pushed my legs back toward by chest. This rolled my tight little virgin ass up in the air a bit where he had absolute access to it.

I couldn’t believe what he was about to do. His lips and mouth started down the trail from my balls to the prize he was after. He started licking and sucking and running his tongue all around my tight little hole. When he had it all slicked up from his licking and sucking he took his fingers and spread my ass hole open a little and started flicking the tip of his tongue on it. ” HO DAN!” was all I could gasp for words at that point. When he heard me say that he knew it was time to stop torturing me and he spread my little hole open as far as he could and stabbed his hot wet tongue in as far as it would go. I screamed “AHHHHHHHH!!! OH FUCK YEAH BABY!!!” He started bobbing his head up and down so his tongue was fucking me in the ass. I never had any idea anything could feel so fucking fantastic! I was throwing my head from side to side moaning something about “Eat that ass man! Dan never let up. He just kept stabbing and tongue fucking me in the ass till he could tell I wasn’t going to last much longer. That’s when he backed off, withdrew his tongue and mouth from my ass and let me come back to where I knew what was going on again. As he looked up at me he slid a finger in where he just had his tongue and asked, “Did you like that man?”

“OHHH Fuck Dan, That was great”

All this time I had been jerking on my throbbing hard cock and it had been leaking cock juice, and had it all over the head of my cock and my stomach. Dan reached up and smeared it around on two of his fingers and covered them with it and proceeded to insert them in my hot little ass hole. With his other hand he grabbed his shorts, which were on the floor and got into one of the pockets, and retrieved a couple of packets of anal lube he had with him.

My mind was in a fog as I watched him open the packets and begin to squeeze the lube out onto his fingers. He rubbed the lube all around my little ass hole and then slid two fingers back in. He worked them in and out a few times till I relaxed and the finger fucking he was giving me began to feel great.

I was so lost in what we were doing I guess it never dawned on me what Dan had in mind till I saw him Bycasino güncel giriş get the other packet, and squeeze the lube out of it, and start smearing it all over his huge rock hard cock. When he had it covered with lube he positioned himself so the tip of his cock head was at the opening to my virgin ass. He pushed the head against my hole and it started to spread it open. I gasped, “OH Fuck Dan, it’s too big”. He leaned up and put his mouth on mine and we started kissing again as he slowly applied inward pressure with his cock. He would push the head in a little and then let it slide back out. He knew I had never been fucked in the ass before and wanted to make my first time something I would totally enjoy. As he rocked back and forth the huge throbbing head of his cock began to slowly slide farther in. My ass began to get used to the monster cock trying to fuck it.

When Dan could tell my ass was ready he kissed me harder and pushed his hips forward, and I felt the head of his cock pop inside my hole for the first time. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OH FUCK DAN!!! YOUR COCK IS HUGE!!!” He just let it lay there till my ass hole stopped its spasms and got use to the size of it, and relaxed a little. It didn’t take long till I began to squirm my hips around under him wanting him to put more of the beautiful cock in me. He pulled his lips from mine and looked me right in the eyes and said, “You horny fucker, I have wanted to fuck that sweet little ass of yours from the first time I seen it”. “Now I’m going to fuck the cum out of you!”

My mind was spinning and all I could say was, “Come on you big cocked fucker. Fuck me with that ass reamer of yours!” With that Dan began to slowly push. His fucking cock began to slide up my ass till it was buried up to his balls. He pulled it back till just the head remained in. My ass hole was trying to suck that monster back in when he pushed again and slid all the way in again. I couldn’t stand the teasing he was giving me, so I started to hump my ass on his cock to get him to stop fucking around and give me the good fucking I needed.

That is what he was waiting for. He started stroking his hard man meat in and out of my ass as I rocked and humped on it. I was squeezing on his cock with my ass trying to suck the cum out of his nuts. Our moans and labored breathing was mixed with the sounds of his huge cock slamming in and out of my sloppy, sucking ass. I was about to go crazy. I knew I couldn’t hold my load much longer when I felt Dan’s body go ridged and he started slamming his ass reamer in and out of me like a pile driver. Dan screamed, “I’m gonna dump a load up your sweet little ass BITCH!”

That was it, my cock started pumping and squirtin’ hot gobs of cum all over us. I was screaming back at him, ” AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! YEAHHH! FUCK!!! MEEEEEEEEEEE!!! BABY!!! Dan managed the words “I’MMMMMMMM!!! CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIN!!!!!” as I felt his cock swelling and jumping in my ass with every beat of his heart. He continued to slam it home, dumping hot gob after gob of his own man cum up my sucking ass. He just kept slamming it, and slamming it, pumping more and more cum in it till it was running back over his rock hard cock, out of my hole, down my ass, and onto the cushion. I was trying to milk every drop I could get out of his cock, squeezing on it for all I was worth. He hammered my ass a couple more times holding his cock in to the hilt each time and I could feel the last few spurts of his beautiful, hot cum shooting in my well reamed ass.

Dan slowly slid his cock in and out a few more times, just to have the feeling last a little longer before he was finished with me. He leaned down and we kissed one more time, as he let is man meat slip slowly out. When it slid out, my ass was filled with his cum and it ran out of my hole as my ass kept trying to suck on something that wasn’t in there any more. He looked at me and said, “You Hot little Bitch” “You’re the best piece of ass I ever had”.

We both collapsed on the couch rubbing and feeling each other’s bodies while we tried to come back to reality a little. I suggested to Dan that we take a shower. We got up and started toward the bathroom. Dan was following behind me. I mentioned that it was kinda late, and ask him. “Why don’t you just stay all night?” Dan said he thought that was a great idea and reached out and patted me on the ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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