I Used to be Straight Ch. 02

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I rang the doorbell of Dave’s Condo. It had been a week since our family reunion, and I had to see if it was just a fluke experience, or if there could be something more lasting between my 19 year old cousin and me.

I was nervous as hell, worried that it had just been a passing fling for him, and after having me totally under his power in the shower, he would have lost interest.

The door slowly opened, and Dave stood smiling at me, dressed only in his boxers, looking pleasantly surprised.

“Steve. Great to see you. Come on in.”

Shyly I entered and stood in the entryway as he closed the door.

Turning, he slowly advanced toward me and took me in his strong arms and looked down at me.

“I’ve missed you Steve.”

I felt the blood rush to my head, elated at the thought of this muscular stud could possibly feel something for his 35 year old cousin.

When his mouth met mine and began to devour me, the heat rushed throughout my body and I would have done anything for this dynamic young man.

Breaking the lengthy kiss and leaving me breathless, Dave scooped me up in his strong arms and in a husky voice said, “I want to taste you Steve.”

Could he mean he wants to suck my cock? I had never thought about it, but I tentatively wanted to give this man anything he wanted, so I gingerly whispered, ” I want to taste you too Dave.”

A big smile came on his face as he carried me to his bedroom, my arms wrapped around his bare broad shoulders as we once again explored each others’ mouths with our tongues and lips.

My body was already reeling and when he sat me down and stripped me, my short cock was standing at full attention. He picked up my naked Taksim Escort hairy body once again and lay me down on the bed, then tossed his boxers aside and straddled my head with his hardening dick.

The length, color and texture was incredible, only two inches from my face, and I tentatively licked at the pinkish brown head and licked the precum from his massive 9 inch member. His large balls dangled under my chin as I began to suck on his dick, letting instinct take over since I had never sucked another man.

I felt him take my small member into his mouth almost able to fit my balls into his mouth also, so I tried to release the muscles of my throat and was able to fit 7 inches into my mouth.

I moved my head up and down, sucking while I held him with my right hand, and inserted the left index finger into his exposed, parted asshole, causing him to release a low satisfied moan.

Dave matched my sucking, and also probed my ass as our passion built up by the moment. The scent of Dave’s ass, cock and balls was driving me crazy as I let my mouth continue to devour him.

In and out I took his huge dick as I probed his ass until neither of us could take it anymore, and we both came in a huge torrent filling each others’ mouth with our moist warm liquid.

The taste was better than my wildest imagination as his muscular body spasmed sending his strong musky cum into my mouth allowing me to savor and swallow every drop. After we had completely drained each other, Dave turned around and lay beside me and drew me into his arms so my head was resting on his shoulder.

He kissed my forehead as he rubbed my back and said, “That was incredible Steve. After Taksim Escort Bayan we catch our breath, I would like to take you down to our gym downstairs and workout a bit with you.”

Between kissing and fondling we did manage to dress, and I followed Dave down to the exercise area. We entered a large room with mats spread from one end to the other and Dave closed the door for privacy.

“Ever done any wrestling?”

I smiled and said “In 7th grade gym class we had one semester, but I didn’t learn very much.”

“Well I was the unlimited state champ, so I would love to teach you some moves.”

I laughed and said “Now why should that surprise me?….that you were State Champ? You’re an incredible man Dave.”

“So are you Steve. To make it interesting, I will use one arm, and think we should wrestle naked, unless you have any objections.”

“You’re still going to kill me with one arm, but the naked part sounds like fun.”

We both stripped down and went to the center of the mat to square off. God, I couldn’t get enough of this teen’s sexy muscular body as I watched his cock and balls bob up and down as he placed an arm behind his back.

Both of us bent over, and I tried to grab him in a side headlock and force him down, but he easily picked me up with one arm and threw me to the mat. He was on me in a flash before I could react, drew both of my legs up as he sat on my chest with his muscular ass, totally controlling me and pinning me. I was able to move my hands just enough to pry his ass cheeks apart and I put a finger into his puckered opening, but that didn’t phase him and I had to submit.

Falls two three and four ended just as Escort Taksim abruptly with him twisting me into every form imaginable.

Fall five is when it really happened. He took me down as usual with ease, but instead of forcing me to submit on my back, he flipped me over on my stomach and drew both arms up into the center of my back where he controlled them with just his one hand. He then forced my legs apart with his one knee and lay down on me.

Slowly he licked my ear and neck causing a fire to purge through my body. Still holding my arms firmly in his grasp he moved lower and I felt his tongue explore the crack of my ass, then slowly move in deeper and begin incredible thrusts, sending my head spinning. After ten minutes of reaming my ass, he moved up and whispered in my ear, “I want you.”

Thrilled, but at the same time scared to death I weakly said “I don’t know if I can take you love. You are so big.”

“I’ll be gentle Babe.”

He continued to hold my wrists as I felt him gently insert the head of his giant cock. Slowly, inch my inch he inserted all of himself in me and my ass adjusted to his massive girth and I begged for him to fuck me.

Slowly he pulled out, then more quickly shoved into me again causing me to gasp out, yet beg for him to continue.

“Oh my God! Harder. Fuck me hard stud.”

“You want it bad don’t you?”

“Yes. God yes!”

Never had I experienced such bliss as he pounded into me over and over. I could feel his giant balls pound against my ass cheeks as I was lost and moaning with the sensation. Finally, I could take it no more and just as I heard Dave’s primal scream of ecstasy as he released his seed into me, I exploded in a big gusher, covering the mat in a huge spot with my cum.

From that moment on, I knew Dave and I were going to have many more wrestling matches and if anyone was going to “take” my virgin ass, I would be incredibly glad it was Dave, my lover, who did it.

The End

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