In Love with Justin

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Let me tell you about my Justin. I love him so much and dream of him constantly…let me start with how I met him. This was many years ago back in the days of Yahoo messenger, I had been talking to a woman in a BBw chat room and realized she didn’t live too far away. We had the usual conversations and followed by more intimate ones. Nothing particularly kinky and certainly nothing bisexual. I drove up to see her bought her some flowers and we went to grab some lunch. Her photo matched her appearance, which was good, she was about 5’7 180 big 36dd (more like ee) dark haired brunette.

We grabbed a DVD and were back at her place, we were laying on the bed and started kissing. We made out for a while then stopped for awhile and went on her puter. She was showing me photos and then she showed me one of this guy she hung out with. By now you can probably guess his name is Justin, she showed me a photo of another girl sucking his cock and I couldn’t believe how big and thick it was, it looked so gorgeous, my mouth watered and I saw she noticed it . She showed me more photos and we went back to kissing. This was “almost” the first time I felt so incredibly, obsessed with a man, the first time was when I saw a rocco siffredi movie, but that’s another story.

I kissed her so passionately, I couldn’t Bomonti Escort stop thinking about Justin being with her. I ate her hairless pussy and sucked on her ass hole. I loved sucking and licking her body, I milled her huge breasts and left them covered in bite marks. As I ate her pussy and sucked her ass she looked at me and she and I knew I was serving her. She went to the top draw of her nightstand and pulled out a medium sized dildo, she put it in my mouth and I sucked it all the way to the bottom. It felt great sucking it and it wasn’t even half as big as Justin was, then she started fucking herself with it getting it wet with her juices before putting it to my mouth. I loved the taste of her on it, she looked at me and said “should I call”… I must’ve looked like the happiest person on earth cause I didn’t even have to answer.

She took of my pants and saw my cock, I’m not small but no were near as big as Justin. She said “I’m glad he’s coming” I knew exactly what she meant, that she was a real woman and needed a real man with a real cock to fuck her and that wasn’t me. She lowered me to her ass and I ate it as she fingered my hole, I felt so good…she went up to three fingers then started using the dildo, the dildo felt good but nowhere near fully satisfying. Bomonti Escort Bayan It hurt at first but she kept going and it started to feel incredible.

She was using the dildo on herself after as I sucked her clit and told her how much she owns me…unprompted. She came several times and I lapped up her juices, she put her fingers in my ass as we drifted off to sleep.

We awoke to the doorbell ringing. I felt a strange of feeling of fright, I’d never been with a man, but with this man my body was on fire and I hadn’t even seen him in person. She greeted him with a huge long kiss right at the doorway so I couldn’t really see him. She then led him in and I saw him…damn was he hot. He has dark hair, circular loops in his ear lobes. I could tell he was in good shape under his clothes. I dropped my gaze to his jeans as I stuck out my hand to shake his and the thick bulge was obvious.

I fell to my knees, but he brought me up to his mouth and we kissed. He kissed so well, I felt like putty in his hands, my body was against his and I could feel his hard cock. I tore his button up shirt off and licked his chest, I made my way down to his jeans and nearly ripped them off. He was in his boxers, but I could see the huge piece of meet outlined. I pulled his boxers Escort Bomonti down and started cumming when I saw it. It was at least 10 inches long and as thick as a beer can. I grabbed my cock and jerked off all over his. After almost a minute I stopped coming and went right down on him like I had done with Michelle’s dildo. It was my first cock, but I wanted it all. I deep throated him, my face buried in his pubes and I could feel Michelle shoving her fingers in my ass.

I kept him in my throat only letting my gasps of pleasure escape my mouth. His cock tasted so great and felt incredible. The smell from his pubes was intoxicating and Michelle’s fingers in my ass were making me hungry for more. I didn’t even glance up at Justin I was so focused on pleasing this gorgeous man.

I wanted him so much, I never felt these feelings for anyone, male or female. I could hear Michelle moaning and heard sounds of wet kisses, his huge cock was all the way down my throat and I had at least 4 fingers in me. My body started to shake and I felt my orgasmed start in my ass. I started throating him harder and felt his cock erupt, I wouldn’t let it out of my throat. I felt what might be cups of his hot juices shooting right into my stomach.

After literally a few minutes my orgasm ended. He stopped coming but was still rock hard, I looked up and saw him and Michelle kissing. It was so sensual. I took Michelle’s fingers and put them in my mouth. They both stared down at me knowing they own me…

I know this is only the start but I’d like any input…will continue shortly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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