Insatiable at Work Ch. 03: Robin

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Another adventure in workplace romance! Robin and I were semi-dating; yes, it was undefined…sort of a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship. We were inseparable at times and enjoyed each other in many ways…we had a lot in common and most importantly, we were fuck-buddies!

Because she had two impressionable kids and neither of us wanted to commit, we were very careful about what her kids might see or observe. At times, I’d spend the night, but I would sleep on the couch in her bedroom…usually. After they were asleep, we would meet up on my couch or the bed. Her daughter was old enough to babysit, so we also “went to the store” often and returning with nothing, other than cum stains and smiles. We would fuck like animals in the car; even doing it in the garage a couple times…the car was just the right height, if she sat on the trunk and rested her feet on the bumper.

Looking back, I now understand a conversation where she asked me about threesome or group sex experiences. I never really answered her question. We were in bed at the time and I was easily distracted by things like…her naked body…her breasts…her pussy…sex…

That conversation ended but on several occasions, she brought up the subject of a threesome. I guess, I assumed that she meant with another woman, never thinking it could involve two guys. So, I never thought anything about it when she told me that she wanted to invite Tom over for dinner on Friday. I knew she flirted with him a bit, almost as much as she would flirt with me. We all worked together at the same firm; he was a construction foreman and managed one of the crews…a hard-worker, who always did a great job. I even went to high school with him and thought it would be cool catch up and, honestly, I always assumed he was gay. He had spent a lot of time around locker rooms and never seemed to have a girlfriend. Now, almost 40 years old…something just didn’t add up…though, I never heard anything about a boyfriend or partner, either…I honestly didn’t know anything.

Anyway, we had a great dinner and we laughed and gossiped about work.

Robin said “It’s late and my mom has the kids tonight…why don’t we have another beer or two and you guys just spend the night?”

“Sure, sounds good.”

“Yea, we can do that.” I thought to myself…I had planned to spend the night anyway…a couple more beers…that was perfect.

We began to drink a little more and, of course, it always happens, we got bolder with our discussion. Robin began to flirt with both of us…and she informed Tom that I was her “official fuck-buddy.”

I thought everybody at work knew we had something going, anyway…it didn’t really matter…its cool to tell Tom about things.

She went on to inform us “You two are my favorite guys, at work.”

Then, she abruptly changed directions and asked, “Um…would you all mind if I put on my jammies”

“Sure, go for it.”

“Yea, that’s cool.”

I don’t think either one of us saw it coming, but she came out with some cute boy shorts and a hot little tank-top that did amazing things for her abs and perky breasts. Barely covered, her nipples were showing through a bit. I think Tom and I were both enamored. There was a tension between the three of us that seemed hard to explain, but it was safe to assume, now, we both wanted Robin.

I thought, I sort of knew his story, but nothing tangible…so it didn’t really surprise me when he cleared things up by confirming my suspicions about his sexuality. Tom blurted out, “I haven’t had sex with a woman in ages, but Robin, you bursa escort might turn things around.”

“What’s that mean, Honey?”

I said nothing because I knew what he meant and thought I should let him explain things on his terms.

“Well, uh…I lean towards guys. But you look so damned hot…I wouldn’t mind getting closer to you.”

Then he looks over at me “Closer to both of you. Fuck, you’re both hot.”

At the time, I didn’t know if I was ready for all that, but I was excited about having a threesome and sharing Robin with Tom. Looking back, I now know, Robin had this all planned. She was out to have a threesome with two guys. She really didn’t much care if one of the guys had gay tendencies. It sounded like we were both ready to give her what she wanted and she was ready to have two guys. She immediately stripped off her tank top and shorts for us.

Again, awkward and surprised, Tom and I, realized we’re going to have a threesome. All kinds of things began to run through my head. It had been a long time since high school and I had long forgotten about his size; and at that age, pussy was my focus. He yanked off his clothes to reveal a lean body, with an athletic build, around 6′ 4″. And…he as a good-sized boy…meaning he was hung with at least ten inches. It was ten thick, healthy inches!

“Fuck” she said! I knew there was something special about you.”

I think we both were obvious with our expressions and he replied, “Yea, guys love it and I like it when they hold it, admire it and suck it.”

Robin, still a little confused over his sexuality and wondered what that meant for tonight. However, she was still impressed with his size and managed to say, “Was that an invitation? Would it be okay if I held it?” She looked tentatively at me, as if she needed my approval. I smiled and motioned for her to go for it.

“Sure was…grab a handful, but I want to see what Rob has,” as he looked directly into my eyes.

Robin quickly replied, “He’s big too…that’s one of the reasons I love my Robbie.”

“Honey, I’m not that big!” I stepped out of my pants to expose an erection wrapped in some skimpy underwear, she had bought me. I guess I was every bit as thick but a maybe an inch or two shy in length. At any rate, it (or I) did look good in that underwear. She knew what looked good on me and I was glad I wore them that night.

As Robin took him into her mouth, he reached out and began to rub me through the underwear. He let out a big moan and, to this day, I don’t know what excited him more, the blowjob he was receiving or pawing at my cock.

Tom began to meet Robin’s bobbing head with thrusts into her throat…she was gagging some but that’s how she liked it. With his hand, he rubbed the entire length of my cock, stroking me through the underwear; then he focused on the tip by rubbing the underside. He leaned in to chew on it. He knew exactly what he was doing and began to work the underside of the tip.

I was almost oblivious to the hot scene of my girlfriend servicing him, because he made me feel so incredible, fondling and sucking at my cock.

“Tom, let me help you with that.” I grabbed the underwear and ripped it down to my knees. He went after it like he was starving. “Ummm give me that thing.” He grabbed it and shoved it into his throat. He was more aggressive than most of the women, I had encountered. I loved it and Tom opened a door for me…it was a world that I had fantasized about but never acted on anything.

Robin pulled off Tom, and positioned herself on the bed so that she could take us bursa escort bayan both. I started to work it into her mouth…an easy go, because Tom had already loosened her up for me…it slid in easier than ever before. He took up a position behind her and fucked her doggy-style. He may not have been familiar with women, but he knew what she wanted. We spit-roasted her by slamming her from both ends. I propped her up in front with pillows and she moved her hand down to rub out an orgasm. When she started to buck and shake between our thrusts, Tom pumped harder and began to groan and grunt out a huge load over Robin’s back.

I watched him spray her, “Shit, that’s a fucking cumshot, dude!”

Robin was panting a little but said, “Hon, come around here and fuck me some more…I need some of you, now.”

With a chorus of her moans, I plowed my cock into Robin and began to stroke into her.

Tom twirled around and kneeled on the bed, next to Robin and facing me. He leaned back and stroked himself, while watching me pound her. He smiled at me and said, “I wouldn’t mind having a little, too.”

He quickly suggested, “You could fuck both of us, doggy-style…or share it…I can suck you when her pussy tires.”

“I’ll take the latter.”

He laughed a little, “I thought you would…I don’t want to push you or cross too many boundaries…it’s all good. Fuck her hard, dude…she loves that cock!”

I fucked her for a long time before moving over to Tom. He gave it a couple strokes and licked it clean of all her girl juice. He shoved it into his mouth and I picked up where I left off, stroking into his throat as I did with her pussy. I moved back and forth, trading a mouth for a pussy and pussy for a mouth. I was close and yelled out, “who wants it?”

Robin assertively replied, “I want it inside me…can I have it?”

Tom, “She deserves it, dude. She’s worked for it.”

Robin, stroking her clit hard to catch up with me, began to quiver shortly after I had emptied my load into her. I held it deep inside her till she started climax and buck against me. Tom and I watched in amazement as she impaled and finished herself on my cock. When her pussy relaxed, I pulled out of her bringing with it a stream of warm cum. Tom leering as it oozed from her, jumped down to replace my cock with his tongue. He’d, obviously, never been much for pussy, but somehow he knew he’d like this. The idea of sucking a pussy after a hard-fucking was amazing. Girl-juice mixed with cum, it still tasted of cock and he had never been so turned on.

I said, “You like it, don’t you?” He nodded and continued cleaning the pussy.

“I shot a huge load in her and you can have it all.”

It seemed like he got every drop and slurped the remainder out of her pussy. His face smeared with our juices, he had taken the whole load, even shoving his tongue in her to clean it out. I had never seen anything like it but it turned me on, too. Tom opened my eyes to the ambiguity of sexuality and sexual identity. I could see a little of myself in him and felt confident that I need to explore this in the future.

“…whose gonna ride your wild horses…” came up on the stereo and the three of us lay on the bed exhausted and knowing we all had to work the next day. Tom looked at us with one of his big smiles and awkwardly explained how he wanted to get together again! Then he got more serious and explained how he has to hide his sexuality, especially at work.

Robin and I both understood and promised his secret was safe with us. I piped up with, “Tom, I understand, completely. escort bursa Look, you gave me a blowjob and we had a threesome with Robin…two things that I would probably like to keep between us.”

We all looked at each other “Agreed!”

Tom and I both had another beer and exchanged our highlights from the evening. Tom hadn’t been with a woman for 15 or 20 years, since he was in college. He told me that was where he discovered he was gay. Robin, had passed out on the bed and looked so fucking hot; we were both tempted to jump on her again.

I said, “Let her sleep; we gave her a good workout.”

Rubbing himself, Tom added, “I think she gave us a workout! I feel real good but I bet she’ll be sore in the morning.”

“Man, if you ever want to get together, give me a call…and that includes, you & Robin or you, alone. I wouldn’t mind some quality time with you.”

“That’s cool…I appreciate the invitation. Tom, I had a great time and feel like I need to explore some things further.”

He grinned at me and I said, “What do you say we think about turning in?”

“Yea I’m with you. I’ll take the couch; and you should have the bed with Robin.”

I shook my head, “absolutely not!”

“We both need to sleep with Robin, if we are going to do this threesome properly.” With a big smile, I said, “I think we should all wake up together; there is no telling what could happen.”

“I hear ya, man.”

We laid on each side and sandwiched her between us. I spooned her and Tom wrapped his arms over the two of us. I remember thinking that it felt good and I was in a good place…It didn’t take long for me to pass out…I was tired, too.

Tom and I woke early. I whispered, “Are you feeling what I am?”

Tom replies, “Morning wood?”

We didn’t know it but Robin was awake and listening to us. Without whispering, she bluntly replies, “Yeah, he’s got morning wood! I can tell you he’s always hard in morning.”

“But, I can take care of both” and she jumped on top of me and rode me till she could feel me stiffen and flood her with warmth. Watching us fuck, Tom had stroked himself to the brink, already. Robin, dripping with cum, barely got his cock into her, before he grunted and she could feel more filling her. By the time she pulled off, she had a major creampie, with both loads dripping from her.

“Now, it’s my turn boys.” She sat between the two of us on the bed with those long legs spread and rubbed out an amazing orgasm. We watched her as she used (our) cum to coat her clit and circle her fingers over it, faster and faster. She took two fingers from her other hand and stroked them in and out of her pussy. I think she, sort of, enjoyed performing for us.

She picked up speed and worked her clit harder. She started to buck her ass off the bed and fuck herself on her fingers. She moaned, “Watch me cum…I’m cumming…cumming for you! Oh fuck!!”

I smiled at them both, “That’s a great way to start the morning…now would you like a cup of coffee?”

We laughed and had our coffee, together

Even though it was Saturday, we all arrived at work with big smiles and great moods. I dated Robin off and on for maybe six months after that evening, but we, the threesome, never got a chance to get together, again. Tom moved on to start his own business and I eventually parted ways with my fuck-buddy and left the company. They both live in the area; Tom is still single and Robin is now divorced…I’ve considered calling them to get together. I question whether it would still work, today; but one good thing came from our threesome…I discovered that sex does not have to be defined as heterosexual or homosexual; it can lie anywhere outside or between. Robin and Tom led me into trying a whole range of new experiences…down the road.

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