Iron Cloud Night Ch. 03

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“MMnnnnhhhh…” Ruciel stirs slowly in his sleep. “Mnnggghhhh… Fffffffuuuck.” He moans as he stretches his lithe body to as far as it can reach. His arms and legs stiffen and tremble for a second before they let loose. “Hhhhhh…” He rolls over to give his naked butt a fresh waft of air from the bed-like floor, feeling the deep and major soreness still throbbing in his anus, “Dammit…” He giggles sleepily, “I’m gonna be walking weird for a week…”

His waking eyes peer to the side and spots the shiny buttplug with the smooth jewels encrusted into the metal. He reaches for it and plucks it up, seeing a vivid aqua shimmer from the smooth metal and a twinkle in the gems. “I wonder if he would let me keep this? Maybe I can pay it off when I can get some coin…”

Then comes another scintillating shine from the door. “A-Ahh, wha?” He flinches and blinks as he looks over and sees something sparkling from Bruno’s pack. “… Wait, that’s not…” Ruciel carefully stands up and walks over to the pack next to his knapsack. He squints and tilts his head to see the gap of the opening and then squats to gently lift it open.

“… Oh! I know what these are!” He says as he sees a collection of glass tubes filled with shifting sands and transparent orbs, both sides of each tube sealed with a brass end – the bottom having a sharp point, and the top having a black orb attached. “These are Solar Flasks, the ones Father told me to pick up. That means…” He looks over to the sleeping nude man on the huge cushion and then at the pack, “Oh, he’s the person I was supposed to meet for the delivery!” His eyes look into the pack again and then observes a few exotic leaves and a few metallic petals in glass bottles.

“Hang on…” He closes the pack again and sees the lock-latch between the flap and the middle of the pack, seeing a sigil of a circle and triangles drawn into each other with a blue orb in the middle, with tiny white diamonds arranged on the sigil to symbolize a constellation, “Oh, he’s an alchemist!” He whispers in astonishment. “It’s the crest of the Hakason Institute. There’s even an enchanter’s certification badge here. NOW it makes sense…” He looks to the perfectly clean magic toy in his hand, “Of course he knew how to make an item like this,” He gets up and goes back to the sleeping man.

He blushes and grins as he snuggles right next to him. The man groans lazily as he moves his beefy arm up and wraps it around the slender teen’s back before Ruciel is pulled into the manly chub. Ruciel puts his dainty leg up and cuddles a bit closer, already feeling himself stir in his groin again.


“Ah!” Ruciel jumps from a sudden and loud slap on his ass! “Ow, fuck…”

“You shouldn’t go through people’s things, boy…” Bruno grumbled lowly.

“Heh, sorry…”

“Hhhmmmgggghhh…” Bruno rolls onto his back and sighs as he keeps his eyes closed, “So you are Xerkan’s boy then.”

“You know my father??” Ruciel asked with intrigue, while also glancing at that large, fuzzy globe of a gut.

“He and I grew up here. Went to the same academy. He chose to take over his mother’s farm, and I chose to travel. Every once in a while, he asks me to have something created for him. I’d normally go to his farm myself, but from what he’s told me, he had raised a crop that I am highly allergic to, and he has not taken the measures to contain it in time for my arrival.”

“Mmhhhh…” Ruciel snuggles up and puts his arm over those manly hairy mounds on Bruno’s chest, his leg putting onto one of the others, “So… You and my father… Ever… you know…”

“He is straight, I am not. You do the math, boy.”

“Yeah, but… You ever asked?”

“Mind your business, boy.” Bruno growled.

“Hehehehe” Ruciel giggles as he cuddles closer, “Are those bitter grapes I taste?”

“Do you want to be dry-fucked, boy?”

“Ooh. Talk dirty to me, why don’t you?”

“Hgggrrrrhhh…” Bruno snarled lowly as he turns. And of course, like all dominant men who were shown up like he was last night when Ruciel entirely shifted the dynamic, Bruno is a pouting about it like a sore loser. It’d almost be cute if it weren’t annoying how obviously bruised his pride and masculinity is. “If you really must know, I asked him twice before. He gave me a chance, but we decided on friendship rather than bad terms.”

Ruciel pouts but looks at those fuzzy asscheeks. He blushes and snuggles behind him, rubbing his groin into those big warm buns and tucking his arms in and holding from behind… Like a giant teddy bear.

“Mnnnmmhhh…” Ruciel moans pleasantly, “You feel so good to hug…”

“Hmmpph…” Bruno groaned as he doesn’t even look back at the boy. Nonetheless, Ruciel rubs himself sensually on the side of the brawny gentleman, and slides himself on top and then along that bowl of hairy jelly. The nude teen snuggles close and nears his face to Bruno’s.

“Come now, you bear…” He mutters.

“Hrrrrhhh…” Bruno growls stubbornly as he deneme bonusu veren siteler gives a lazy frown at him. Ruciel curls his plump lips before he nibbles onto Bruno’s lower lip. The man feels a twitch in his own fat penis just from the sounds of those wet lips lapping on his. Bruno begrudgingly responds before his beefy arm moves down and caresses that curving back. Ruciel continues to slide his arms into the hot confines of Bruno’s bulk while his slender tummy pushes in on that round squishy gut.

“Hrrrhhh…” Bruno sighs right before Ruciel rolls his jaw up for a deeper kiss, “Mgghh, herrmmff,” The man’s hand goes to the back of the teen’s head and holds him firmly as that strong tongue forces right into the young man’s maw.

“Mmmhh!” Ruciel moans as his dick is already at full hardness as he makes out with Bruno. His hand grasps and squeezes one of those thick moobs as that powerful organ curves and rubs into his mouth. Their lips squelch and slurp for several minutes before Ruciel parts the kiss.

“Mnnnhhhh… Hhh… Hhh…” He pants, rubbing the side of his face into Bruno’s chest. “Would you care for another ride, sir?”

“I’m a little too sore for that…” Bruno huffed.

“You? Sore?” Ruciel snickered, “I’m the one with the labored asshole, sir.”

“Wild fucking takes a lot out of you, boy. Particularly at my age.” Bruno grumbled as he sits up and rubs the back of his neck. Ruciel eyes that partially hard cock between those thighs.

“Then… How about a bath?” Ruciel suggested as he gestures for the spring in the middle of the suite, “I can wash and worship you, if you like~”

“Heh… I suppose I can go for that.” Bruno agreed. He grunts as he lifts his heavy body up just as Ruciel easily gets on his feet, secretly wincing at the internal throb inside of his anus as he moves… Along with the twitch inside his member from feeling that deep and erotic pain.

The two of them go to the warm tub of the floor in the middle of the room. It is akin to a koi pond, but with no lilies or fish, but smooth large rocks for stepping stones around and forming a sort of stair into the water. Calm steam rolls idly from the surface, indicating the soothing heat of the hot spring enlaced with healthy minerals and salts.

Bruno steps into the water and gradually moves himself down. Ruciel escorts him eagerly as he too wades into the mildly hot bath, both men already feeling the keen tingle from the specialized water cleansing their skin. The water level rises as the burly stud goes waist-deep into the tub while Ruciel’s navel submerges.

“Urrrhhhff…” Bruno huffs as he sits his sizable butt onto a stone platform to the side, the water reaching to just below his chest, “This feels so much better…”

“Mmnhhh, yes it does~” Ruciel purrs as he swims intimately to the man, floating himself onto Bruno’s lap. The hairy beast smiles at the twink while his hands take hold of the younger male and pull him close. The water trickles from Ruciel’s arms as they rise and wrap around Bruno’s shoulders as he goes in for another kiss. Bruno opens his mouth and samples Ruciel’s rosy, sweet lips again.

“Aaaoooohh…” Ruciel moans and closes his eyes as that rough and experienced maw starts to roll and graze his mouth, their tongues tasting each other before the smooch slowly becomes more passionate. “N-Nhhnnn” Ruciel quivers as those hard hands start to grab him firmly as they roam. His own hands go to hold onto Bruno’s head as he tilts his head to slurp his mouth into the other’s.

While they deeply entwine their lips with each other, the mineral water of the spring loosens and exfoliates their skin of contaminants. The dirt, sweat, dried cum, all of it fogs from their bodies like a thin fog in the water. As Bruno’s hand brushes a layer of mild filth from Ruciel’s hip, the affected water slowly migrates away from them. It seeps into the crevices of the rocks at the bottom of the bath, the dirty mixture disappearing from the tub. Conversely, fresh and enriched water flows from the upper crevices of stone in a self-efficient filter system built into the suite.

“Mmnnhhh,” Ruciel moans sweetly as he nuzzles Bruno’s moist and hairy chest, “I can fall asleep all over again…”

“Go ahead. I won’t stop you, boy…” Bruno mutters in a lull. He cradles and nuzzles his short beard into the young man in his arms.

“MMmnnhh~” Ruciel positions his arms and legs to hug and snuggle Bruno even closer, his raging boner rubbing against Bruno’s big blob of a stomach while feeling that half-baked meat push under his buttcheeks. “You are the best bed I have ever laid on.”

“Hm hm hm…” Bruno chuckles while he feels the boy up. His hand roams to Ruciel’s rear, cupping those sumptuous buns and riddling his fingers into that crack.

“Mmh…” Ruciel’s eyebrows furrow as he tenses. Bruno’s fingers roll and knead into his ass, exploring the abused anus further, “Ghh… Mnhh…” His jaws tense as the soreness gets worse. Bruno’s finger then starts to push into his pucker, “A-Ahh! Ow,”


“My ass.” Ruciel groans as he gets up a little, reaching back and feel over his bum, “It still hurts…”

“Oh, sorry,” Bruno winced, “I confess I should have put a healing rune on that toy of mine.”

“It is alright,” Ruciel bites his lip, “I just can’t use my hole for a while.” He pouts as his tunnel gives another painful throb inside, “Dammit…”

“Well… In that case.” Bruno gently pushes the twink away.

“Huh?” Ruciel drifts backward and sees the well-rounded man start to get up. The water splashes and rushes off his body like the bear titan that he is. Before he knew it, Ruciel’s eyes gleam with wonder as he sees that towering figure show the dripping forest of pubic hair and a hanging chubby log with a pair of low-hanging kiwis dripping with the mineral bath water.

“How about you sample my meat like the mermaids of the Siren Isles.”

“Yessir~!” Ruciel beamed.

Bruno grunts as he shifts backward and sits his behind down onto a higher stone, his legs still soaking in the hot water up to his calves while his balls waddle below. His hand takes his thick cock and jiggles it about, as if to lure Ruciel like a beautiful fish to his bait and tackle. Accordingly, Ruciel swims to the man, his bubble butt just skimming under the surface before he nestles between Bruno’s thighs.

Ruciel’s dainty hand takes that hot and heavy meat and strokes it, feeling the sides of the organ continue to stiffen as his lips near the mushroom-shaped head. “H-Haahhh…” Feeling so aroused and thirsty, Ruciel opens his mouth wide and starts to slurp and suckle at the glands.

“Mmmnnnhhhh…” Ruciel closes his eyes as his lips glue onto that fat head and his tongue starts to wiggle and suck around the edge. He tilts his head around a few times to initially entice it, wetly kissing the underside of the penis and sliding his lips onto the glans.

“Ooohh… Heh heh, whoao,” Bruno stifles his own giggle as Ruciel’s starting motion tickles his sensitive member. His eyes scan over Ruciel’s backside – the naked teen’s golden tan body is on full display under the surface of the bath, his curved back down to that wondrous and ample bottom, “Hgghhhhh…” His dick jerks as it grows rigid, with the fancy teasing and from staring at that erotic body.

“Mmhh,” Ruciel groans as his tongue tastes the distinct salinity of Bruno’s precum. His hand strokes and rubs that solid pole; for a man his age, Bruno’s penis is very quick to erect. Grinning secretly, Ruciel opens his jaw wider to go down onto that meat. He bobs his mouth and fits that huge cock halfway its length before going backward, and then swerving his head down to the bob upon that member once more.

“FFffffoooo,” Bruno’s fat belly inflates and lowers as the boy starts to slide his rod into that mouth, “Damn, boy…” He huffs, “Most men tease longer and keep me waiting.”

“Mmllk, not me.” Ruciel says after popping that cock out of his lips, giving Bruno a playful smile while stroking that dick, “I am anything BUT a boring whore.” He then opens his mouth and sucks at Bruno’s meat.

“Mnnhhh~!” Bruno moans as the boy starts to swallow his shaft again. “Whoooggh…” He gives a long breath of relaxation as he spreads his legs, rests his arms back and leans backward.

Ruciel flexes his throat and allows that monster to go part way down his gullet. His hands go to feel up that gut and press his hands into that wobbly girth while he bobs his head up and down, his lips oozing with saliva as he glides his head along that throbbing manhood.

“Aaahhhhh, that’s it, boy, ooohhhhhhmmm…” He moans as he lets Ruciel go to town on his cock. “Ohhhhh… Haaaahhhhh…” Bruno moans more as that soaking wet velvet envelops and rolls around his dick. That tongue grinding into the underside of his penis, the lips squelching around the head, the hand gripping the base as his log is held in place to be sucked.

Ruciel releases Bruno’s meat with a loud, wet pop. He strokes that huge rod while he moves his face down, and scooped up those hot and salty orbs with his nose.

“Mmhhhh, yeah, play with my balls, boy, that feels nice.” Bruno smiles as his tender testicles were meddled with. Ruciel rolls his mouth around that fuzzy sac and nursed on one of those heavy nuts, his tongue gliding along one and licking into the divide between the man’s thigh and the scrotum.

“Oo-Ooh! Heheheh,” Bruno jumbles and snickers, “That tickles, you know, hahaha!”

“Hmhmhmhm” Ruciel giggles before delivering some audible kisses into that sensitive area.

“HaaAHhahahAHAhhah!” Bruno laughs and squirms, taking a breath when Ruciel slurps along those heavy nuts before tickling the other side with his tongue, “HeheHEHahaha! You little imp, ahaha”

“And that was for trying to finger my hole when it was sore.” Ruciel playfully scolds. “Now…” He then takes his hands and cups both of Bruno’s fat testis. They really are quite large for any man, both of them could be the size of Ruciel’s fist. He rolls them in his palm and massages those thick babymakers, gently pulling at them and licking along the thin layer of flesh.

“Oooohhhhhhhh…” Bruno melts as his cock takes up more firmness. His hot tower twitches and oozes copiously as his balls are at the divine mercy of some expert fingers. “By the Gods, boy, mmmmff…”

“You like that, big bear?” Ruciel asks as he applies the delicate pressure to specific areas of Bruno’s nuts, “Bet you did not know your balls could be toyed with in such a manner. For instance…” His thumbs go to a divide of the two round spheres, “In case there is no KY oil…” He presses down and rubs into them.

“Fssss! H-Ahhhh!” Bruno tenses and squirms as his balls feel an intense pressure. Consequently, his cock begins to practically pour precum like a faucet after darkening in tone a little.

“Make extra…” Ruciel chuckles, “Or my favorite way…” He ducks down again and starts to lick and slurp the underside of Bruno’s sac.

“Haaaahhhh…” Bruno sighs as those fingers rub and roam his bag again with the addition of the wet red carpet polishing his man-fruit. Ruciel’s tongue licks and rolls around the coarse surface of those balls with fervor, his plump lips smooching and opening around either one to nurse and taste that musky flavor.

Before long, Ruciel goes back up to stroke that massive cock and goes up to gulp it down once more. “Mnnnhhhh” Bruno huffs and groans as that twink starts to lower his face down on his shaft, those lips pressing all around his swollen member while that tongue dances and curls around that rigid meat. “Oo-Ooh, mmhh” Bruno’s leg twitches and rise as Ruciel starts to go deeper onto his crotch. “Getting deep there, boy, heh…”

“Hrrff hrrfff” Ruciel chuckles with his mouth full of penis. He takes in that organ, bobbing his head a few times before ducking his body down grasping onto the man’s hips. Ruciel then moves forward, gagging a bit as he goes in and meshes his mouth into that thick bush on Bruno’s lap!

“H-Hoohhhhhh!” Bruno moans out as his entire length flexes within the cramped confines of Ruciel’s throat! He sits forward as Ruciel deep-throats him for several seconds before pulling back. Ruciel bobs his head back and forth, his throat sporting a soreness all around before he rearranges his gullet again and moves in again for another plunge into Bruno’s manly forest.

“HaaAAaahhh!” Bruno’s fat and muscular body writhes as his head rolls back and squirms as the boy massages his meat with little more than his tongue and the inside of his neck! “F-Fuuuck boy, mmMMffFF!” Ruciel deep-throats that cock again and again, his throat getting used to the massive intrusion to add onto the frequency.

“Mllggk, mmhhllgghh,” Ruciel’s mouth dribbles with a mix of drool and precum as he shoots his head back and forth, grinding his tongue around that tool and pulling on that member with his wet vacuum. The young male looks up at the man with those beautiful eyes. So cute and lewd with those lips glued around that pole before his face disappears under that large belly again. Part of him wants Bruno to grab his head and start fucking his mouth like he did his ass last night. On the other hand, knowing that he has this huge titan of a bear at his mercy gives Ruciel a divine sense of superiority that is frankly hard to come by.

“H-Haahhh, fuck, mnnhh! Ahhh,” Bruno jerks and tenses as the saucy minx has him reeling. His eyes glimpse Ruciel’s butt, that curved back, the nudity in general, only making himself more horny and aroused, with that mouth working over every inch of his-

“O-Oh! Fuck!” Bruno growls as his hands grasp onto the stones, “B-Boy, it’s coming, I gah…”

“Mmhhmm~” Ruciel puts both hands into those thighs and really started to focus his effort into milking that cock. His mouth and tongue slurped and sucked all around that huge member.

His taste is full of that manly tool, his rosy lips glued and rubbing all over that hot and heavy shaft. Ruciel slurps up and around that cock, moaning and squelching all around it, swallowing almost on a constant pattern, almost gagging once or twice, and deep-throating several more times.

“H-Hhhaaahhh~!” Bruno groans as his large stomach ballooned and deflated again and again with his deep breathes. His hips tensed and jerked as his member was overwhelmed with the famished sucking taking advantage of every sensitive spot of flesh on him.

“Hohhh, FFFF, ha-aahhhh, nnnnhhh!” His arms bulged with muscle as he tenses from the oncoming burning rush before the storm. “NNNHHH… RRrrrrhh! AHH! GGgghhh!”

“Ullnnggh!” Ruciel’s cheeks puffed from the sudden gush in his maw. He pulled back and coughed a bit from the hot and thick milk flooding his mouth and gullet. He looks to that throbbing fat mushroom before the slit spat another thick rope of white, the steaming strip of goo hitting his forehead in a short-lived arch that dribbles down his face, before another spurt landed on his cheek and seeps into his thin layered facial hair along his jawline.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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