Jasmine Unleashed

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Jasmine untied the wide, toweling cord that held her bathrobe securely in place. As she pulled back the lapels on either side of her body she felt a familiar surge of energy deep inside her vagina — her body seeped warm moisture into her inner chasm.

The eighteen year old’s firm, succulent breasts sat perfectly displayed in the morning light and the lips of her slippery, sweet girl slit tingled with enthusiasm as she allowed her friend James to indulge his every desire to see the pretty, young blonde without her clothes.

‘Do I make you hard, James?’ Jasmine grinned.

James unfastened his denim trousers and let his thick erection spring free in front of him. It seemed large, Jasmine thought, and wondered if it would hurt to have such an immense protrusion shoved deep inside her tender opening. She imagined taking it between her legs — being forced to accept James’s full length — and she imagined her vagina swallowing his seed as he pumped his shaft in and out of her svelte slot, emptying the contents of his testicles against the sweet girl’s cervix.

‘It certainly looks that way.’ Jasmine smiled as she kneeled between her friend’s thighs and eagerly took the tip of his penis into her mouth. With her mouth covering James’s glans she frantically licked and devoured his head, while skillfully using her hands to masturbate his length. She curiously observed the sheer look of joy upon her best friend’s face as she sucked him off. James closed his eyes and shuddered violently as a thick wad of semen spurt from his penis, directly against the back of Jasmine’s throat. She swallowed hard to make room for another as James blasted her with a second dose of his masculine fluid. Jasmine continued to drink from James’s surging fountain until the young man collapsed, completely spent.

Jasmine awoke on top of her bed with the sheets kicked off to one side and her pillow clutched tight against her chest. But for a small pair of pink panties, the beautiful eighteen-year-old student was utterly naked. Her entire pussy felt wonderfully alive — drowning in a sea of sweet electric sensations. She wanted it exposed.

‘Oh God…’ Jasmine groaned as she lifted her legs, slipped off her panties, and felt for the moisture between her thighs. The ample lubricant gushing from inside her mystical chamber instantly dampened her fingertips. Pushing aside the short auburn curls of pubic hair that covered her wonderfully, wanton young vulva, the stunning beauty explored her clitoris with a frantic urgency that provided instant relief for the gorgeous vixen’s desire to be touched.

‘God I wish he was here to put it in me…’ Jasmine moaned as she imagined James standing beside her bed with his long, uncut cock dangling loose between his legs. She visualized lying on her back with her pussy parted while James draped his flaccid member in her mouth. She wanted to nibble on his foreskin until his cock hardened and his skin pulled back to expose his delicate mushroom shaped glans. She wanted to suck it like an ice block on a hot summer’s day and then drink his sticky, white milk as it gushed from his cum slit.

‘I so badly want him to fuck it…’ Her body convulsed as she imagined spreading her legs for James to lie between and insert his prick into her delicious, young chasm. ‘Do you want to fuck me, James?’ she grinned. ‘Do you want to fuck my pussy? Do you want me to cum for you?’

Jasmine came profusely under the pressure of her own touch.

After the pleasure dissipated, Jasmine got to her feet and opened the blinds, flooding her bedroom with wonderfully warm winter’s morning sunlight. She had no idea if her neighbors could see in as she made her bed — her beautiful big boobs hung deliciously beneath her as she tucked in the sides. The sunlight looked golden on her bare bum cheeks as she moved in front of the open window. She loved the thought of being busted without any clothes to cover her gorgeous, young assets.

‘If only he could see me like this…’ Jasmine sighed. ‘If only he could see how badly I want to be fucked.’

Jasmine grabbed her pillows and tossed them up to the head of the bed. Climbing up on all fours she positioned them beside one another and paused. The mouth-watering hair covered bulbs of her treasured pussy glistened in the morning sun as it danced across her backside and between her legs, revealing every personal detail of her tender, young snatch. The thick tuft of her protruding inner labia looked soft and inviting as it pushed out from the length of her narrow girl slit. With her tits hanging loose beneath her and backside pushed back to accentuate the curve of her bursa escort lower back, Jasmine was a picture of raw feminine perfection — ready to be mounted — ready to be fucked.

Jasmine’s neighbor, Mister Tucker, swallowed hard. He peeked through the pot plants that lined the upstairs balcony of his apartment and looked distinctly shocked as he discovered the view into Jasmine’s bedroom was clear and utterly explicit. The beautiful teenage student was a sight to behold as she perched on all fours on the top of her bed, without anything at all to cover her privacy. The full rounded orbs of her smooth, white bottom, as well as the pubic hair covered lips of her delicious virginal pussy were quite clearly discernible — she looked as though she was in the middle of a fantasy — one in which she was being taken from behind. Mister Tucker felt his prick surge in his slacks as he imagined being the one to have access to her sweet, young honey pot.

‘Fuck, she wants it badly,’ Jasmine’s admirer grinned.

Struggling to gain a better vantage point to spy his neighbor — to see even more of her delectable beauty — Mister Tucker’s hand brushed a small gardening fork he had carelessly left out on the balcony and the sound of metal clinking against the tiles caused Jasmine to suddenly look back over her left shoulder.

‘What the!’ Jasmine noticed Mister Tucker crouching down, peeking in on her! She realized he had full visual access to her entirely naked body, and in a manner which was not at all modest.

‘Fuck, he can see!’ her heart raced as a surge of adrenaline caused the color to drain from her face. ‘He can see my pussy!’

Spinning over, Jasmine provided a brief, yet revealing flash of the full face of her bare pudenda. Mister Tucker smiled with delight as he drank in the display of soft, light brown pubic hair that covered her perfect pink petals. Jasmine’s large tits flopped back to either side of her body as she jumped off her bed and reached for her panties. Pulling them up over her saturated opening she fetched a clean bra from her dresser and securely fastened her jutting jugs, covering her ample areolas and thick, swollen nipples.

When she finished dressing in jeans and a t-shirt she grabbed her books and headed for the bus stop.

James greeted Jasmine with a broad grin as he waited for her on the lawn in front of the university. He noticed his pretty friend seemed to be glowing, yet had no idea it was partially fueled by a fantastic dream in which she had quite happily sucked him off until he came in her mouth!

‘You still up for some extra tuition this weekend?’ Jasmine smiled wryly. Earlier in the week Jasmine had offered to help James with some calculus problems. He knew he really needed the extra preparation for the coming exams.

‘Uh yeah, sure,’ James didn’t quite know what to make of the lovely energy surrounding his good friend.

‘You can feel free to pack some clothes and stay over if you like…’ Jasmine smiled and playfully skipped up the footpath ahead.

‘Oh, ummm, yeah… sure!’ James smiled, still completely at a loss as to what had gotten into Jasmine. He knew Jasmine had a spare bedroom and figured it might be an excellent opportunity to get to know her a little better — he had often wondered what she looked like without her clothes. Perhaps he would be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her in a towel, or even her underwear…

What James didn’t realize was that Jasmine had other plans for her hot, young friend. She had every intention of exploring every last inch of his throbbing erection and having him put it inside her — she desperately wanted to lose her virginity!

On Saturday evening the pair ate Thai take-out and watched a movie together. Jasmine felt decidedly nervous as she sat beside James on her leather lounge, wondering how she could possibly make a move on him. James felt exactly the same way. He knew that he was in a prime position to gain access to his young friend’s most private places, still didn’t want to spoil their friendship.

When the movie finished, Jasmine offered James to shower first. She knew the view in through the door keyhole was clear — she had every intention of spying on her guest as he undressed!

James entered the bathroom and hung his towel on a hook on the back of the door. Closing the door behind him, he barely noticed the small keyhole under the handle as he pulled his t-shirt over his head. Unbuttoning his jeans he pushed them to his ankles and stepped out of them. He paused, and then reached for the elastic of his underwear.

James’s cock hung long and loose bursa ucuz escort between his legs. As he opened the shower door and turned the faucet, Jasmine swallowed hard as she drunk in the sight of his wonderful, thick protrusion. A neat bush of light brown pubic hair surrounded his genitals — a clear indication that he was more than capable of filling the young woman with his cum.

Standing naked in his gorgeous blonde friend’s bathroom, it came as no surprise to the eighteen year old boy that his member began to stiffen as he stood waiting for the shower to run warm. With his body side on to the door he looked down to the tuft of skin at the tip of his penis. It began to peel back as his shaft slowly rose in front of him. Within mere seconds his prick sat firm and erect, pushing straight up in front of him. His large ball sack, brought forth from between his legs, revealed two very sizable testicles, matted in light brown pubic hair and filled to the brim with sticky, white seed. The tip of his glans looked shiny and swollen as it emerged from his foreskin, like a snake being charmed forth to perform. James instinctively glanced around, ensuring his privacy would be protected, and then gently eased back the skin covering the tip of his penis, completely exposing his swollen, purple head. His mushroom shaped protrusion looked menacing as he stripped back its protective sheath. It felt wonderful having his shiny knob unveiled in all its nude magnificence. He figured Jasmine had no idea of how thick and hard he could get — the smell of her perfume in the bathroom aroused him to no end. If only she could see me like this, he thought. I want to stick it in her pussy so badly.

Outside the bathroom door, Jasmine’s heart raced and body quivered uncontrollably. She couldn’t quite fathom what she was seeing or indeed how completely wet it made her. As if seeing her friend’s flaccid penis wasn’t enough, watching it grow in front of her and then seeing him pull back his foreskin to expose every intimate detail of his jutting erection simply pushed her to her limits. She had never witnessed anything quite so incredible. Indeed, she had never felt so completely turned on in her entire life. Her pussy was awash with desire as she secretly looked in on James. The teenage boy had no idea that in that very moment his beautiful blonde friend was witnessing one of his most intensely personal moments. Standing with his penis fully erect he inadvertently showed Jasmine exactly how he looked when aroused.

Jasmine’s skirt was bunched around her waist as she leaned over, staring through the keyhole, spying on James. Spinning around, James admired the length of his cock in the bathroom mirror. His smooth, white bottom sat firm and tight as he provided a perfect showing of his naked torso. Jasmine blushed bright red as James turned the other way and quite unwittingly granted a full frontal view of his completely exposed genitalia. It was completely on show — his cock looked thick and hard as it pushed out, almost vertically, in front of his body, while his scrotum looked bulbous and swollen under the base of his member.

Jasmine pulled down her panties frantically and her hand dove straight between the plump folds of flesh of her vulva. She simply could not comprehend what she was witnessing — James’s cock and balls sat perfectly poised to be appreciated in all their nude magnificence and if that wasn’t enough he was starting to play with it! His hand gently eased his foreskin back and forth, up and down over his head, masturbating his cock in full view of Jasmine. Of course he simply had no idea Jasmine was privy to such an intensely personal display. How could he possibly know what Jasmine was seeing?!

Jasmine’s pussy shuddered violently under the pressure of her fingertips — her cunt quivered uncontrollably as a flood of ecstasy enveloped her entire being. She bit her lip in a bid to muffle moans of sheer approval as James stepped into the shower, out of sight of the pretty blonde’s wanton gaze.

Jasmine composed herself and sat innocently watching television when James finally emerged from the bathroom in a pair of white boxer shorts and matching singlet.

‘I won’t be long…’ Jasmine smiled as she leaped up off the sofa and headed for the bathroom.

Ten minutes later the beautiful blonde exited the bathroom with a just a clean white towel covering her naked torso.

James looked up enthusiastically from the television, admiring the length of his friend’s legs. He wondered what treasure she might possibly have hidden under her soft cotton privacy-protection bursa elit escort and realized he was developing an erection just thinking about it. It didn’t help when Jasmine perched her backside on the edge of the lounge right beside James. Her towel was parted to reveal the tops of her thighs and he strained to get a glimpse of what was on show. James was in the wrong spot to see anything, he realized – Jasmine’s pussy was securely hidden between her soft, white thighs. Still, his cock stiffened in its entirety under the loose cotton of his boxers — he now had a full erection to contend with!

‘Are you thirsty?’ Jasmine grinned, looking over at James. James’s heart raced as he realized if she looked down she would discern a very obvious protrusion in his boxers.

‘Ummm, yeah sure…’ James tried to feign normalcy, as if that was even possible.

‘I’ll fetch us a Coke…’ Jasmine said matter-of-factly and hopping up off the lounge strolled into the kitchen. The soft underside of her bum cheeks was covered by mere millimeters of cotton towel, barely enough to prevent James from seeing anything that might delight his senses to no end.

James secured his cock under the waistband of his boxers and ensured his singlet covered his swollen glans. He quickly composed himself and tried to focus on the television show rather than Jasmine’s gorgeous barely covered body — a feat which proved to be impossible as the teenage stunner returned brandishing two tall glasses of Coca-Cola.

‘So James, would you prefer to watch television, or watch me get ready for bed?’ Jasmine grinned cheekily as she hopped up off the lounge and wandered into her bedroom.

‘What the… hang on a second!’ James smiled from ear to ear.

‘Haven’t you always wondered what girls get up to before they turn out the light?’ Jasmine smiled a beautiful grin and disappeared around the corner.

James jumped up from the lounge and followed Jasmine into her room like a lost puppy. He jumped up onto her bed and watched as she brushed her hair in front of her dresser.

Standing up she gently tugged the knot, which held her towel securely in place, and let the fluffy white cotton fall from her body.

James couldn’t believe his luck as Jasmine presented her entirely naked body.

‘Your turn to get naked!’ Jasmine smiled with her hands on her hips, showing off the full face of her bare pussy and ripe, jutting tits.

James stood up and removed his singlet, before slipping off his boxers. He felt self conscious as Jasmine stared at his sizable erection.

Jasmine walked around to where James stood without anything to cover his body. Reaching up she put her hand on his shoulder and then gently kissed him on the mouth. ‘Do you want to use that on me, James?’ she grinned cheekily.

James didn’t say a word; instead he put his arms around Jasmine and pressed his cock firmly against her stomach. He secured her bottom with his right hand and reached up and grasped a handful of raw, ripe boob with the other. Jasmine’s pussy squirted fresh juice within as James grabbed hold of her, preparing to mount her and strip her of her virginity.

James pushed Jasmine back onto the bed. Climbing up he kneeled between her thighs, which she slowly opened wide for him, allowing the young man to see where he was clearly meant to put his erection.

As he kneeled over Jasmine on all fours, James put his mouth to her tender left teat and licked its raw beauty. Her nipple stiffened under the pressure of his lips as he slurped on her juicy magnificence. Jasmine reached down and grasped his length. Guiding him to her opening, she felt his glans pressing against her outer labia and then using her other hand to part her tender love lips, let his swollen tip slip inside. James looked at her intently as he felt his cock being swallowed by her warm, wet opening. As their pelvises met he realized he was inside her chasm. Looking down he could see his cock disappearing into the soft pink flesh of her vagina. Pulling it back a little he then let it plunge back inside, this time even deeper. Jasmine winced as she felt her tight muscles pushed into for the very first time. James was finally fucking her — filling her pussy with the very organ that only an hour before she had spied through the keyhole. His cock was inside her, fulfilling her every feminine yearning, and she hoped it would be only the first of a myriad of occasions when he would fill her with his length.

The beautiful eighteen year old had every intention of perverting him — exposing his cock not only for her personal enjoyment, but also for her best friend Lucy. Jasmine had fantasized of having James inside her for a long time and she knew that now she had access to his member, it was hers to pull out whenever she felt the need to relieve her pent up desires. She wanted to expose it, suck it and fuck it in ways only her diary knew of.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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