Jennyfer Collects Men’s Clothes Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Hi, I would like to tell a story about a dominating woman, who had a fetish in stealing clothes from other men, and leaves them in an embarrassing situation, completely or partially naked.

Her name is Jennyfer, best known by her friends as Jenny.

This girl is the type that went to clubs just to seduce and steal some man’s clothes, and you know why?

She was a nymphomaniac, a kleptomaniac, and collecting clothes as trophies.

And nothing is more intimate than the clothes of someone that you had a romantic date.

And nothing is more exciting than stealing that person’s clothes, and leaving only the wallet and cell phone to the guy to ask for help!

Jenny started having this habit of stealing clothes when she started working at a nightclub, she just did the cleaning of the place, and during cleaning,

She always saw a lot of men’s clothing in the rooms, brand jeans, Levis, 7 Jeans, Diesel, branded briefs, Calvin Klein, lacoste, shoes, tennis, even men’s suits with shirts on the hanger, and that made her curious, because there no man lived, only girls.

One day she was talking to one of the girls and asked what those men’s clothes were, and the stripper’s response was.

“It’s the clothes we got from the customers, silly!” Jenny asks “how come?”

The stripper got up, went into the bedroom and brought a bag, when it opened it was full of men’s clothes, and the stripper kept counting.

“When men come here, we make him spend money on drinks, with the dancers, and after he has spent enough, I go to the client, and I invite him to go konyaaltı sınırsız escort to the room, but, before arriving in the room has a little room, and it’s in this room that we take his clothes off, after he’s naked, we take him by the hand, we take him to the bedroom, we have sex, and when he’s done, I say I’ll get a drink on the house, I leave, I close the bedroom door, I leave only the cell phone and the wallet without money, and I take all the clothes with me, and I go through a side door, then the guy calls, and someone brings him a clothes!

And you know what’s cooler, no one makes a complaint to the police, because everyone who goes to the room with us is married, and they do not want a scandal, and when someone wants to create confusion, security throws him out naked, right in the middle of the street!”

After hearing this she asked “what do you guys do with the clothes?”

The stripper replied “or we go to a thrift store and sell it, we stay as a souvenir!”

Well, I will not delve into this, but I will tell stories about Jenny, little tales.

One day she was in a nightclub, and she was with a friend, Amanda, and they had already left the house with that thought, of leaving someone naked in the club bathroom.

They entered the club, danced, drank, until the victim appeared, a tall, handsome, sensual man, they smiled and Jenny spoke into Amanda’s ear, “that’s the one!”

He was handsome and drunk, and after he approached, and we began to talk, he said that he was alone there, because his friend, konyaaltı türbanlı escort had gone away with a girl.

Jenny said with a mischievous tone, “Is it alone?” he answered yes.

She went on to say, “You’re not any more, you’ve found two very naughty girls!”

And they made him drink more, and when he was well drunk, around 01:30 am, they danced, and Amanda began to hug him behind, and Jenny started to move her hand on his cock, and undid his belt.

He said “what are you doing?”

Jenny put her mouth to the guy’s ear, passed her tongue and said, “This belt is very beautiful, I’ll get it for me!”

The boy said “He’s yours now!”

Dai Jenny unbuttoned the button of his pants, there on the dance floor still, and said, “I’m so horny! We’re going to the ladies’ room, I want to get those pants off you!”

And Amanda completed “not only pants, all clothes, and I want to suck your dick until you cum!”

And he said “I will fulfill my dream!”

Amanda said, with a malicious smile “sure will!”

The two of them went into the bathroom with the boy, and in a partition they started to take off the boy’s clothes.

While Amanda was kissing her neck and standing behind him, Jenny was in the front, she opened it and stripped his pants, took off his shoes, his socks, and then his pants,

one leg after another, lowered his underwear, and while Amanda masturbated him, Jenny ripped off his underwear, then began to unbutton his shirt, slowly, one button at a time.

Then Jenny tossed konyaaltı ucuz escort his clothes on the floor, then Jenny started sucking his dick while Amanda licked her ear, her neck and squeezed his butt.

Jenny took a sale from her purse and said “Let’s play a game, this game is called who sucked me?”

At the time the boy said “Let’s go!”

Jenny put the blindfold in his eyes, and said “turn around and put your hands back, I’ll love your hands too, to get more exciting! Let’s start.”

And as Amanda ran her tongue over his back, in the neck, and moaned in his ear “Do you know who that is?”

And the boy was so excited that he did not answer any more, he just moaned!

And in the meantime, Jenny would gathered his clothes of the floor, and put them in her purse, took the jeans, his underwear, his socks, his shirt, even his shoes.

And then Jenny opens the door very slowly, and when the door is open, Jenny comes out very slowly, and Amanda speaks in his ear.

“Do you know what’s going to happen now?”

He replies “no, what?”

Amanda replies “something you will never forget!”

Jenny and Amanda run out of the bathroom and look for a security say a naked boy in the ladies room, screaming for clothes.

Jenny and Amanda leave the club, get in the car, and they can not stop laughing.

The boy, well he was taken from the bathroom, totally naked, in the middle of a nightclub full, and taken out and left on the sidewalk, and the security man says “You is sleazy, and is lucky I did not hit you, but I will not help you, you’ll have to go home naked, fucking exhibitionist!”

And the boy did not understand nothing.

He thought he was going to have sex, and now he was naked in the middle of the street.

What a night!

Now Jenny gets the Pants Jeans, Belt, Underwear.

And Amanda with the shirt and the tennis.

The socks they threw away.

To be continued.

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