Jim And Doreen Have A Secret

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Jim sat at his desk working on his computer with fervor because he knew that in a short while he would be home getting ready to go out for the night. He only had to finish this contract and he was just strokes away from doing that.

Finally finished he got up shut down his computer and walked out of his office. Doreen was at her desk daydreaming about this hunk of a man who was her boss and hoping every day that he would ask her out

“Have a good evening hon and enjoy your weekend,” he said as he strolled out of the office.

Doreen was a beautiful woman in her own right, she had a shapely body that men drooled at with large D cup breasts that slimmed down to a narrow waist and then flared to very nice hips. She wore provocative clothes that drove the men of the office wild. They tried in vain to get to know her but her interests were only in Jim.

She often dreamt of just going into his office and stripping her clothes off and jumping in his lap and fucking his brains out, but never worked up the nerve. She also never got up the nerve to let Jim know of her feelings for him so she was settled with this unrequited love for a man that seemed to be so far away from her.

“Thanks Jim I will,” was her reply but he seemed not to hear it as he strolled past the elevator to the stairs.

Jim was a fitness buff and hardly ever used the elevator opting instead for the stairs. His lean body and toned muscles were a testament to how he was devoted to working out 3 times a week and once on the weekend, but this was Friday and working out at the gym was not on his mind tonight.

Doreen and Jim worked together for 7 years now and their demeanor was very casual. He had brought her along with him on each of his promotions and now that he was the regional manager of a large consulting firm, he was glad that Doreen was with him. She knew how he did things and was his right hand on many contracts. She helped him often and they had spent many nights working late in his office.

He did notice how she looked and had often wondered what she would look like naked, but dismissed those thoughts as soon as they appeared. Jim was not very comfortable around women. He held a secret in the office and no one knew that Jim loved to suck cock. He often fantasized about having a hard cock in his mouth and having it explode the sweet man nectar down his throat.

He would sit in the board meetings and imagine that everyone there wanted him to suck their cocks and they would take turns shoving their man meat in his mouth. It would make him so horny that sometimes he would have to excuse himself and run to the executive bathroom and jack off. He would cum in his hand lick himself clean, then relax and get his thoughts together again so he could go back to the meetings.

Doreen left the office and headed to her car frustrated with herself that she could not bring herself to talk to Jim. She drove home thinking about that hunk of a man and worked herself into such a state that her pussy was dripping when she got home. She went to her bedroom and drug out her favorite toy, which she named “Jim” and immediately sunk it into her pussy. The vibrations and ministrations of fucking herself quickly sent her into an exquisite orgasm and she lay flushed and relaxed, but still wanting her man to do those things that she just did to herself.

She looked at the clock and it was almost 8 PM. No sense in sitting alone, she thought, might as well go out for the evening. Maybe she would get lucky, or some strange guy would, she chuckled to herself. A new club was opening downtown and she thought oh well, might as well try it out. She dressed casually in tight jeans and a low cut blouse with a denim jacket that she could close if someone got to fresh.

She got to the club at 10:30 and there was a line that was quite long. She knew that with her looks and connections, she could get in there easily, but she saw a couple of guys in line that perked her interest so parked the car and was walking toward the line when she spied Jim going into the club across the street.

She stood frozen for a minute, should she go over there and talk to him? She knew in that instant that no one else was going to do it for her tonight, so she gathered up her courage and headed Beylikdüzü escort across the street. The club was quite crowded and she looked around but couldn’t see Jim anywhere. This place seemed strange and it didn’t register right away. A very attractive blonde woman came over to her and grabbed her ass. Doreen was taken aback and looked at the woman who just squeezed her left cheek and leaned close and told her she was quite stunning.

Doreen looked around again and then it hit her. She was in a gay club and the pairs were all the same sex. Men were with men and women were with women. The thoughts that ran thru her mind were crazy, Jim is gay? Her reaction was even stranger, her pussy was instantly wet. This gorgeous man with another man having sex. She wanted to see this. The blonde woman was still close and Doreen leaned back and said thanks.

“Where are you sitting?” Asked the blonde who introduced herself as Candy.

Doreen smiled a sly grin and said she just got here and didn’t have a seat, but if she had a table already, sitting with her would be fine. Candy ushered Doreen to a table near the back and they sat down. The club was noisy and dim so she felt a bit relieved that Jim didn’t see her come in. She looked around and saw him about 4 tables away with his back to Doreen.

Candy babbled on about this or that, but Doreen heard little of what was said. Between the noise of the club and her constant vigil on Jim her mind was on very little of what this bimbo had to say. She watched as Jim stroked his partner’s leg and the man parted his legs to allow better access to his cock. Jim’s hand went straight to his target and she watched as Jim was stroking another mans cock in the club. Doreen was so wet she thought that Candy could smell her sex.

Jim and Frank were talking closely as the noise in the club was too much. Frank had met Jim a couple of weeks ago and they had wild sex the last time they got together and Frank was excited that Jim was here this night. He loved the way Jim sucked his cock and when he saw him he got instantly hard. He also wanted to get Jim’s hard cock in him again. Jim continued to stroke Frank’s cock and finally he asked if Frank would like to leave and go home with him. Frank readily agreed and they got up.

Jim got up and put his jacket on turning a bit. He took a double take towards Doreen’s direction, and then just left with Frank right on his heels.

Oh no, she thought that Jim saw her, what should she do, she leaned over and kissed Candy on the lips. Candy sent her tongue into Doreen’s mouth and she just let it happen. Doreen opened her eyes and Jim was leaving with Frank. She quickly broke the kiss and got up, Candy grabbed her wrist and looking hurt asked,

“Are we leaving?”

Doreen just wrestled her wrist free and said goodbye.

She followed Jim and Frank and they got in Jim’s car and drove away. Doreen was relieved that she had not been discovered and followed him home at a discrete distance. Jim and Frank drove around the back of Jim’s house and Doreen parked a couple of houses away and quickly ran up to his house. She got there just as the bedroom lights clicked on. The curtains were drawn but a small crack allowed her to see the two guys getting undressed. Frank was the first one undressed and stood up for Jim to appraise his erection. Jim greedily leaned over to suck this cock into his mouth and Doreen thought she was going to faint.

Here was the man of her dreams sucking another mans cock into his mouth and from the looks of it, seemed that he was quite skillful indeed. She started getting wet and sent her hand down her pants. Jim continued to suck on Frank and started bobbing his head up and down. Faster and faster he went till Frank groaned and emptied his load into Jim’s mouth. Her hand was very busy in her panties stroking her pussy and she had a small orgasm. Her legs were a bit shaky but she continued to look. Then she got the surprise of a lifetime. Jim stood up and dropped his boxers and she saw the biggest cock she had ever seen. It must have been 10 inches. Frank grabbed hold of it and sucked about one third of it into his mouth. Jim leaned back and Frank sucked the rest of it into his mouth and Doreen freaked. How the hell could he do that? Beylikdüzü escort

Frank bobbed on Jims cock for a little while and then he grabbed something off the nightstand. He rubbed Jim’s cock and then he turned around and guided Jim’s enormous member to his asshole. Frank leaned over the bed and braced himself while Jim slowly inserted his large cock into Frank. Inch by inch his cock disappeared into this man and Doreen was instantly jealous wanting that cock in her.

Watching these two men fuck and pleasuring herself brought on another orgasm, this one greater than the last one and she shuddered and fell against the house. She leaned against the house for a second and then she realized that when she fell against the house she might have made some noise. She looked up and saw Frank but not Jim. Just then the back door opened and Jim was standing there looking at her.

She tried to say something but her hand was in her pants and Jim immediately got the idea.

“Come here” he said.

Just as obedient as she was in the office, she stepped over to her boss and stood before him. Her hand still in her pants and her crotch wet from her ministrations she could not remove her gaze from the magnificent member staring her in the face. It was then she realized that the thing Frank grabbed off the nightstand was a condom. Without thinking her instincts took over and she grasped his cock. Her hand could not get all the way around it and she was mesmerized as it jumped in her touch.

“You might as well come inside, you’ve already seen enough.”

Doreen followed Jim inside and into the bedroom.

“Well, what do we have here?” Frank asked.

“Seems we have a peeping Tom, or is it Tomboy?”

The two men laughed and Doreen felt a bit out of place. Jim took Doreen’s hand and brought her close. He kissed her gently and she was in love all over again. All of a sudden, there was no one else there and she melted in his arms. Jim felt the tension leave her body and started to undress her.

Neither man was particularly into women, but this vision of loveliness being undressed before them was a sight for anyone to admire. Her breasts sat high on her chest and her nipples were like two iron pellets straining against some invisible restraint holding them onto her tits. Jim undid the rest of her pants and slid them down her slender legs and let them fall to her ankles. Her lacy pink panties were soaked and showed the slit in her body that so many other men desired. Jim slid the panties off her and let his fingers slip into her honey pot. Doreen moaned and spread her legs so Jim could have better access.

She stepped out of her clothes as Frank guided her over to the bed. She sat on the bed and looked at Jim who had removed the condom and waived his cock in her face. She took hold of the cock and opened her mouth to suck him in. She worked slowly but deliberately and managed to just over half of him into her mouth when she gagged and had to back off. She loved the feel of this huge cock in her mouth but was still jealous of Frank who could swallow the whole thing.

Frank was busy sucking on her tits and the feeling was wonderful. She wanted more and took her hands and wrapped them around Jim’s cock and jerked it while she sucked on as much as she could get in her mouth. Frank’s hands were busy buried in her pussy and she was getting very wet. Jim pushed her down and she pulled up her legs waiting for him to push that monster in her pussy. Jim teased her clit with the end of his cock and she bucked up to try and get him into her.

“Fuck me Jim, I’ve been waiting for this for years now.”

Jim pushed his cock into Doreen and she shrieked, “Yes.”

Jim plunged into her pussy with determination and force. Doreen thought she was going to pass out. She had never been so filled up in her life and this feeling was more than she could bear.

“OH hell yes, fuck me harder.” Doreen could not believe her ears, was she saying this?

Jim plunged in and out of her pussy harder and harder, his balls slapping against her ass. Frank crawled on top of Doreen and stuck his cock into her mouth, this one she had no problem getting it all in to her and she sucked for all she was worth.

Frank was the first Escort Beylikdüzü to blow his wad and Doreen swallowed all of his man juice. This sent her over the edge and she had her third orgasm with this monster cock in her pussy. Jim felt her cunt spasm around his cock and he unloaded his sperm deep into Doreen’s pussy. They fell in a heap onto the bed and relaxed for a while.

Doreen reached over and grabbed the two cocks next to her and both men ran their hands over this delicious body between them.

“How in the hell can you swallow his whole cock?” she asked. ” I can’t seem to get more than half of it in my mouth.”

“It takes practice, a little at a time until you have the whole thing in.,” replied Frank.

“Show me again,” said Doreen fascinated with the prospect of being so close to see this.

Frank sat up, leaned over Doreen and picked up Jim’s cock. It was about half-mast and Frank popped it into his mouth. His expert sucking quickly brought Jim to full erection and then Frank sank his mouth down on this monster cock letting his chin rub against Jim’s balls. Doreen was in awe and her pussy was getting very wet. Frank bobbed his head up and down on Jim’s cock and was getting very excited himself.

Jim loved the attention his cock was getting and felt himself getting close to cumming again. He told Frank he was getting close and this spurred Frank to suck harder. When Jim exploded into Frank’s mouth he just held the head of his cock in his mouth and let his mouth fill with the seed of his friend. When Jim had emptied his cock, Frank got up and leaned over and kissed Doreen with his mouth full of Jim’s sperm. Doreen sucked the cum from his mouth and searched his mouth with her tongue to make sure she got it all. She then leaned over to suck whatever she could out of Jim’s cock and savor the flavor of it in her mouth.

Frank pushed Doreen on her side and licked her ass. Her pussy exploded and she never thought anything could feel this good. Frank got her bunghole all wet with his spit and moved up to rub his cock against it. She had never been fucked in the ass before and was a bit nervous, but Jim leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. Again the feeling was there and she totally relaxed as Frank started to insert his cock in her ass. It felt strange, a little pain, but more pleasure. As she continued to relax and Frank sunk his cock deeper into her she loved the feeling and wanted more.

“Fuck me, slam your cock in my ass”

Again this strange person talking and it was making her hotter. Jim moved closer and started to put his cock in her pussy.

“Yes” was all that Doreen could say.

Her first time being double penetrated and it was feeling wonderful, Frank filling up her ass and Jim plunging his cock in her pussy. Frank was pumping furiously and shot a load into her bowels. It felt wonderful having her ass fill up with this spunk and she started to feel empty as he pulled out.

She looked at Jim and said, “Fuck me in the ass, and fill me up with your monster cock.”

Jim rolled her over and stuck his cock at her ass hole. It slipped in easily as it was full of Frank’s cum. The feeling she felt was so intense the threw her ass back at him taking his whole cock in one swift motion. Never had she been so filled up in her life. Jim had just cum in Frank’s mouth and knew that he would get to fuck this beauty for a while in her ass before he came.

Doreen bucked and backed into Jim’s cock and had the most intense orgasm in her life. When she came, her asshole squeezed Jim’s cock and he couldn’t hold it anymore and he shot a load in her ass too. Doreen had another orgasm as Jim filled her ass and she passed out.

When she woke up, Jim and Frank were in the traditional 69 sucking each other’s cocks and Jim saw her first.

“Welcome back, we thought you had died.”

“That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. How long was I out?”

“About 20 minutes, we weren’t to worried, cause you were still breathing.”

They all laughed and hugged.

Doreen looked at Jim and said, “I didn’t know you were gay. All these years I wanted to fuck you so bad and thought you were too busy working to notice me.”

“I noticed you and had thoughts about you from time to time, but I just love the feeling of a hard hot cock in my mouth especially when it shoots that wonderful nectar down my throat.”

“So do I,” said Doreen and reached over to take Frank’s cock from Jim and she sucked it greedily while staring at the man she loved.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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