Lori and Vicki’s First Meeting

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Let me tell you a little about myself, My name is Lori I am 22 years old, I have blonde hair and amazing green eyes. I am fairly short and have an average build; my breasts however are a 40D. I guess you could say I am a fairly normal girl, but enough about me I will start this story.

I had known Victoria (Vicki as I liked to call her) for about a year and we had become quite good friends, we could talk about anything really from boring everyday happenings to sexual experiences and what turned us on or off. She was a great girl to talk to. Pretty, funny, very horny most days but I never minded, it made things interesting.

We had met online, and never really thought anything of our relationship, I considered it friends and I thought she did to. One day I said. I’m going to come meet you in the summer; she got so excited I was shocked to say the least. She talked about what would happen when I got there. This turned me on just thinking about it.

The morning I boarded the plane my mind was wondering all over the place. I was nervous, excited, a little confused as to what was going on, however it all added to my mood. The flight went quickly and with in a few hours I was landing. As I stepped off the plane I knew that she would be there waiting, my eyes scanned the airport looking for her when I spotted her. Pictures did her no justice! She was amazingly beautiful. As we hugged our breasts pressed to each other, my heart skipped a beat and I görükle escort bayan felt butterflies in my stomach (this was an entirely new feeling to get from just a hug.) we got my bags and made our way to the car. The conversation was scarce as I am very shy, but eventually the mood changed and things started to become as normal as they were on the Internet. I could not believe I was sitting next to this girl who had turned me on in our IM conversations, and the one I turned on, while talking on the phone. (Our phone sex conversations were always interesting, and sometimes included a male) We pulled up in front of her place, got out and went directly to her room leaving my bags in the car until later.

We decided that the first night would be casual enough if anything happened it happened, We didn’t want to plan anything and have nothing happen, we smoked a little and drank quite a bit when we decided to go online and see who was around. Being as we were both fairly messed up we were feeling quite happy, when we were propositioned to get on cam. We looked at each other and giggled turning on a light and set the camera up to start a cam session. We invited the person that asked and eventually we had at least 5 people watching. The asked us to do things for them at first both of us were reluctant not wanting to look whorish, but with time we eventually wore down and agreed to kiss each other, this did not seem to be enough bursa otele gelen escort for the people watching and they wanted more.

We kissed again and I ran my hand up her shirt tweaking her nipple beneath her bra, she pulled away and got quiet, I was a little worried that I had scared her off but I couldn’t help but touch her. I was getting really worried until she smiled and whispered something in my ear. A wicked grin crossed my face and I slowly began to strip giving her a lap dance, not letting Vicki touch me. This drove the viewers crazy, as I removed each piece of clothing, or ground my hips into her, or rubbed my boobs in her face, Finally when I was completely naked and on display for everyone to see I let her touch me. Vicki’s touch drove me crazy, it was light but unbearable as her hands brushed across my nipples and caressed my skin. My pussy was so wet. I stood up and we switched places. Her dance was so erotic I had a hard time keeping my hands off her. The viewers were amazed at what we were doing for them, and kept sending us messages with what they would like to see. One guy wanted us to fuck for him, and we told him not yet we were just getting started. He didn’t like the answer but he didn’t shut us off either.

We repositioned the camera toward the bed and told the viewers that we could no longer respond as we were going to give them a show that they wouldn’t forget. Vicki bursa escort bayan grabbed my hand and we walked to the bed. Standing in front of it she kissed me again, I opened my mouth and our tongues began to wrestle, My hands explored her breasts playing with her nipples making them become erect, I pulled back and began to suck on them. Gently biting them and flicking my tongue across them I knew this was driving her wild I could smell the sweet musk rise from her pussy and her moaning was getting louder we fell to the bed and I kissed down her body licking and sucking and biting. I stopped just above her pussy and moved right to her inner thigh… I kissed up and down leaving little love bites stopping just so she could feel my hot breath on her pussy I looked up at her. Her hands wrapped around my head and pulled me closer to her. I slowly placed kisses up and down her slit before spreading her open with my fingers. I licked it up and down slowly at first then faster… stopping at her clit to suck on it, her hot wet cunt was driving me crazy, I slid a finger into her and pumped it slowly adding 2 and then 3 fingers paying attention to her clit.

I felt Vicki’s body tense and I knew I had brought her to the first orgasm of the night. I backed off and let her relax before I started all over only this time my tongue was plunging into her deep fuck hole and my fingers and vibrator worked her clit, she didn’t last long when her second orgasm came. She wrapped her legs around my head as I willed all her juices out of her loving her taste swallowing it all. I backed away and kissed my way back up her body before straddling her and kissing her deeply my tongue raping the inside of her mouth making her taste her own juice, she broke the kiss and bit my lip before she began to explore my body…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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