Love on Aphrodite’s Isle

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About eighteen months after she had moved back home, Debbie, my neighbour Rachel’s daughter, was given a well earned promotion by her employer. With the significant increase in salary that came with her new position, she could afford the mortgage repayments on a place of her own, and with her mother’s help, she put down a deposit on a small, but well appointed loft conversion in a refurbished warehouse close to the city centre.

In order to celebrate her daughter’s new circumstances, Rachel booked a fortnight’s holiday on Cyprus, and as I was living on my own, and also as a way of saying thank you for my help in moving Debbie’s belongings into her new home, as well as other favours, Rachel kindly asked me whether I would like to join them. So one Saturday in early May we found ourselves waiting in the departure lounge of Manchester airport for a plane to fly us to the island of Aphrodite.

The flight was uneventful, but the queues at the car hire booths at the airport were long, and it was nearly 90 minutes after our plane had touched down at Paphos International Airport before we were on our way. We took the road in the direction of the village of Kouklia and the area known as Aphrodite Hills, where Rachel had rented a small villa. The area was famous for its proximity to the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite at Petra tou Romiou, and the open air sanctuary where she had been worshipped as the goddess of fertility for over 5,000 years.

We had brought tea and coffee with us, but we stopped at a small supermarket in the village to buy other essential supplies — bread, butter, cheese, cooked meat, olives, tomatoes, etc, and of course, wine. The first thing we did on arrival at our villa, even before unpacking, was to have a simple al fresco lunch in the small garden alongside the pool at the back of the villa. The surroundings were idyllic, and we were serenaded by the chattering of the birds in the pine trees, and the hum of bees in the bougainvillea that cascaded over the walls of the building

After lunch, once we had put our clothes away and stowed our suitcases, we were at last free to change into our bathing costumes, and crash out in the sun beside the pool. Debbie had bought a very skimpy white bikini and brightly coloured sarong especially for the holiday, and I could not help thinking how delicious she looked. The sunlight was intense, and we all started to apply sun lotion to prevent ourselves burning. Debbie asked me to do her back, and to make things easier for me she unhooked her bikini top, letting it fall to reveal her pert young breasts, before lying face down on her lounger.

After doing this very pleasant duty, I wiped my hands, lay back, and picked up the copy of Lawrence Durrell’s collected poems, which I had brought with me to read. Many of these had been written when he lived on Cyprus in the 1950s, long before the Turkish invasion and partition of the island — years described in his book ‘Bitter Lemons’.

As I leafed through the book, I found the following poem, which seemed very apt with Debbie stretched out on the lounger to my left. The poem was called “To Ping-Ku, asleep” and began with these lines, “You sleeping child asleep, away Between the confusing world of forms, The lamplight and the day, you lie . . .”

As I finished the last lines of the poem, a gentle breeze sprang up, seemingly from nowhere, and ruffled the folds of Debbie’s sarong to reveal her white bikini bottoms with little bows at the sides. A sudden naughty thought came unbidden to my mind, that I would like to undo those two little bows, and remove her bikini bottoms altogether. I was also filled with a deep longing that before the holiday was over she would sunbathe naked and allow me to spread lotion on her lovely round cheeks. As I watched her she stirred, and sat up briefly, turning to face me, not caring to conceal her breasts. She mouthed “Uncle Will isn’t this wonderful?” before blowing me a kiss and lying down again to luxuriate in the sunshine.

Soon I too was overtaken by the languour of the afternoon, and fell into a light doze, my mind filled with vaguely erotic dreams of beautiful girls in diaphanous gowns dancing around my bed in the sunshine, beckoning to me to get up and follow them. As they danced, it suddenly felt as if fingers were gently stroking my penis through my trunks.

With a start I woke up and looked around, but Debbie was still lying face down, as she had been when I dozed off, and on the other side of the pool Rachel had also fallen asleep. The book she had been reading had slipped from her fingers and was resting on her breasts, so I got up and walked round the pool, gently taking the book from where it had fallen and placed it by her side. I thought that she would not be pleased with a book shaped patch spoiling her tan. I then dived into the pool to cool off, and swam a few lengths, before going into the villa to fix a cool refreshing drink for us all.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Ankara escort In the evening we took the car and drove to a nearby taverna, where we had our first Greek meze, followed by baclava and dark sweet Greek coffee. The deep fried baby squid were particularly delicious, so different from the rather rubbery fare in restaurants back home, and the whole meal was washed down by a bottle of the local wine. Rachel and Debbie did not particularly like the resinous flavour, and I must admit that I drank two thirds of the bottle, so it was a good thing that I had added Rachel as a named driver when I hired the car.

The next morning we decided to explore the immediate area, driving first to Aphrodite’s sanctuary, before making our way down to the coast to her reputed birthplace at Petra tou Romiou, where Rachel and I sat by the car, while Debbie went off on her own to explore the beach. We were chatting about what a good idea it had been to come to Cyprus, when she came rushing up with another young woman in tow.

Rather breathlessly she managed to blurt out, “Hey Mum and Uncle Will, meet Anastasie. She lives in England, but she is here for the summer staying with her grandparents. They live just down the road from our villa.”

After she had got her breath back she was able to tell us that Anastasie was a couple of years younger than she was, and was studying in London. Her parents had moved to England before she was born to open a restaurant in Macclesfield, where she had been brought up.

Anastasie was very beautiful, with long honey blonde hair, which contrasted with Debbie’s raven locks. She was dressed in just a very brief pair of shorts, which showed off her shapely legs to perfection, and a tee shirt. She was not wearing a bra, and her tee shirt clung to her deliciously full breasts, her nipples making twin points in the thin cotton fabric.

Still excited, Debbie continued, “Can she come and stay with us – there is a spare bed in my room, and she is rather bored since she has not met any young people since she came here. Please say yes, she will not be any trouble, and it will give me someone my own age to talk to?”

“Well that will depend on her grandparents,” Rachel replied. “I have no objections, but we must ask them first before we make any decision.”

“O thank you, Mum,” trilled Debbie, “Can we go and ask them now?”

Rachel looked at me, but I said I could see no harm in Debbie having a female companion of comparable age, and I was quite happy to have three beautiful women around me for the rest of the holiday to delight my eyes, and maybe wait on me hand and foot!

Without further ado, we all bundled into the car and made the short journey to the small house where Anastasie’s grandparents lived, where after a few minutes discussion it was agreed that Anastasie should come back with us. Whilst Anastasie packed a very small suitcase, her grandfather tried to press some notes into my hand to cover the cost of her food, but I gave them back to him, thanking him for his kindness, saying that it would be very nice for Debbie to have a friend to share with, and that it would be no trouble to look after her while we were there.

After another simple lunch, accompanied by a few glasses of a sweet white wine that was more to the liking of the girls, we all agreed that we had done enough sight-seeing for the day, and that it would be a shame to waste the glorious sunshine.

My duties with the sun lotion bottle were no longer necessary as far as Debbie was concerned, although I was happy to do the honours for Rachel. I was more than rewarded, however, when both girls removed their bikini tops and started to apply lotion to each other’s back and breasts, which was a very erotic sight indeed. Following their example, Rachel also decided to sunbathe topless, so I did get to caress one pair of breasts, which was very pleasant, and not a little arousing.

What followed was rather more of a shock, when Anastasie calmly slipped off her bikini bottoms as well, to reveal a neatly trimmed bush, the same colour as her hair, but with a completely shaved vulva. “It’s alright Uncle Will,” called out Debbie mischievously, as she followed suit and removed her bikini bottoms as well, “no one can see us, and it’s not as if you haven’t seen me nude before,” and she laughed with joy. I was surprised, however, to see that her pussy was completely bald, her inner lips and clitoris just visible, when in the past they had been hidden by her dark curly pubic hair.

Within moments of lying down on my lounger I was fast asleep, beguiled by the effects of the wine and the sun, a soft breeze playing over the happy scene. In contrast to the day before, when my dreams had been only vaguely erotic, I found myself transported back in time to the days when Aphrodite and her nymphs ruled the island, to a scene of wildly explicit sexuality. I was at the entrance to Aphrodite’s sanctuary, in company with many others of Ankara escort bayan her worshippers, and found myself being taken by the hand by a beautiful young woman, naked except for an almost completely transparent garment of some sort. She gestured to me to remove my clothes, and then led me into the sanctuary to the sound of wordless chanting by a choir of equally nubile and scantily dressed maidens.

On a chair behind her altar, in the form of a white and very lifelike phallus about three feet tall, sat the goddess herself, absolutely naked, and looking uncannily like Anastasie. In her hand was a large black dildo about fifteen inches long and three in diameter, with which she was gently stroking her pussy, the lips parted to reveal the pink flesh within.

The nymph who had greeted me at the entrance to the sanctuary knelt in front of me and started to stroke my cock with one hand, gently cupping my balls with the other. As my erection grew, she licked the very tip of my penis before taking the head into her mouth, giving me a very expert blow job. After several minutes of exquisite bliss, she sensed my approaching climax, and squeezing just behind the glans to prevent me coming in her mouth, she gestured to a couch in front of the altar on which another nymph was stretched out, naked, and with her legs parted in a clear invitation to me to go over and fuck her. Her face was hidden by a veil, but as I approached the couch she drew it to one side to reveal her face – Debbie’s face!

She looked deep into my eyes, and beckoned to me to approach closer, parting the lips of her pussy with the fingers of her other hand, to reveal the entrance to her cunt, which was already dripping with her juices. “Come and worship the goddess of love,” she murmured, “come and make your offering on the altar of my body. It is the command of the goddess that you fill me with your seed, and in our union ensure the fertility of the land.”

With that she reached out and pulled me to her, taking hold of my cock, and after stroking her pussy with it for a few seconds she placed the head in the entrance of her cunt and pulled me deep inside her, until my shaft was fully engulfed in her tight velvety warmth. As I entered her, she moaned with pleasure, and kissed me with an intensity of passion which only served to fuel my desire even further. We started to fuck each other, slowly at first, but with an increasing intensity, thrusting against one another in a harmony of motion as we ascended to a state of divine ecstasy, lost in each others’ body.

The chanting of the choir grew louder and more frenzied as our climaxes approached, until with a great bellow I exploded in exquisite agony, pumping spurt after spurt of thick white cum deep into the nymph’s welcoming cunt. As I rose above the stars in the rapture of my orgasm, her body was wracked by convulsions, wave after wave of indescribable sensations ripping through her body. Her head was thrown back and her mouth open, and at the peak of her pleasure she let out a piercing scream of triumph as she was possessed by the goddess.

After an infinite moment of pure bliss, conscious only of our conjoined bodies, we gently drifted on a cloud of contentment, our desire satiated by orgasms of surpassing beauty. Opening my eyes, I glanced up to see Aphrodite fully impaled on her dildo, every inch inside her cunt. Light radiated from her body, and the air shimmered around her, as she poured out her blessings on the land in the aftermath of her own earth-shaking climax

At that moment I woke up to find that I was naked, with Debbie and Anastasie licking my cock and balls, great gobbets of cum on their faces. They looked up at me, and smiled. “Was that good, Uncle Will,” said Debbie, “we certainly enjoyed it, when you came your body went rigid and it felt like you would never stop pumping your delicious cum all over us.”

Amazingly, my cock was still rigid, and Anastasie got up from her position at my side, straddled me, and slowly sank down until my member had fully disappeared inside her, whilst Debbie sucked my balls into her mouth and caressed them with her tongue. Anastasie rode me until we both came in another orgasm of startling intensity, showers of sparks going off in my head like so many firecrackers. As I came down from the heights of my pleasure, I looked over to where Rachel had been, but her lounger was empty. Noticing my questioning look, Debbie laughed and said, “Mum went inside not long after you dropped off to sleep. She said it was just too hot, and she was going inside to lie down where it was cooler.”

Even now after two stupendous orgasms, I was still in the grip of the intoxication that had stolen upon us that afternoon. Miraculously my cock was still hard and swollen, slick with a mixture of saliva and cum, and Anastasie’s pussy nectar, the urge in my groin as potent as ever. What had gone before, however, was merely the prelude, preparation by the goddess for the act of worship Escort Ankara and adoration which was about to come, as Debbie and I consummated our love in an act of passionate lovemaking where we would reach heights of mutual ecstasy beyond anything that we could ever have imagined.

Anastasie rose from where she had been seated astride my tummy, and offering a hand each to Debbie and me, led us to a shady glade at the end of the garden. She made us face each other, hand in hand, and placing an arm around each of us offered a silent blessing. As she did so the air around us appeared to thicken and darken, leaving us in a bubble of clear golden light. The sound of wordless chanting quietly surrounded us, such as I had heard in my dream, and as if drawn by magnetism we came together for a long kiss, our bodies pressed against each other, our tongues exploring each others’ mouth, face and neck. As our bodies melted into each other we were both filled with the most incredible lightness and joy, and it was almost as if we could feel each others’ emotions as our own.

Debbie pulled away from me, and kneeling on the soft grass, scented with the fragrance of wild flowers, whispered to me, “Make me yours now Uncle Will, enter me and fill my cunt with your divine cock, I want to feel you inside me.”

Kneeling behind her, I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her cunt, and gently pushed so that my shaft disappeared inside her, until my balls were nestling against her pussy mound. As I filled her with my manhood, she sighed, “Oh Will, that is so divine. This is the most wonderful moment of my life. Thank you.”

After that there were no more words, just the sighs and moans and cries of our passion as we ascended to the stars. The sound of the chanting seemed to fill our minds, keeping time with the urgency of our coupling, reaching a frenzied peak of intensity as our mutual climax convulsed our bodies in exquisite explosions of light and colour. Words cannot describe the feelings and sensations that we shared in that infinite moment of utter bliss, but to my utter wonderment I could feel everything that Debbie was feeling, as if our minds had become joined as well as our bodies. After that first act of consummation, we fucked again, face to face, slowly and tenderly, and as we reached another peak of joy we gazed deep into each others’ eyes and deeper into our very souls.

The enchantment of that afternoon remained with us for the rest of our holiday. Together we explored everything that that beautiful isle had to offer, from the heights of the Troodos mountains at the centre of the island with their coating of eternal snow, to the baths of Aphrodite in the north where we frolicked naked in the waves, bathed in the lambent light reflected from the turquoise water of the Mediterranean. We saw Greek temples, recited in Greek theatres, and visited the Tombs of the Kings and the newly uncovered mosaics in Paphos. We went to monasteries, and marvelled at the paintings of St George and other early Christian saints on the walls of caves. In all this Anastasie was our guide, sharing her amazing and encyclopaedic knowledge of the island right back to the times of the first human settlements.

It was on one of these trips that we bumped into a good looking man of about Rachel’s age. He told us his name was Tom, and as he was on his own, he asked if he could tag along with us for the day. Rachel was obviously attracted to him, and she suggested that he might like to join us on future expeditions. A couple of days later, she came to me, somewhat embarrassed, and said that Tom had asked her out for dinner, and did I mind looking after the two girls. I replied that I didn’t mind at all, and that she should accept his invitation, telling her to go and enjoy herself. She didn’t come back to the villa that night, and from then until the end of our holiday she spent most nights with him.

Left to ourselves, Anastasie, Debbie and I explored to the full everything that three people could do to give each other pleasure. Although she was bisexual, Anastasie really preferred to take part in, and watch, the sexual union of a man and a woman. Through her magic she ensured that I could satisfy both of them every night, filling each with my seed in mutual acts of great tenderness and passion, and from her suitcase she produced a selection of dildos of various shapes, sizes and textures, so that neither pussy was ever left unfilled and unsatisfied. I lost count of the number of orgasms that I enjoyed; in many ways each night was one continual orgasm of joy, with troughs between each peak of ecstatic climax.

Towards the end of our stay Anastasie produced a small double ended strap-on dildo, and one of my greatest fantasies was fulfilled, as both girls fucked me in the arse until I came, my semen shooting up to coat their tummies and breasts, as they drove me over the crest and into the land of delight. The last night ended with Anastasie fucking my arse, and Debbie astride me, riding my cock, and when we exploded in a mutual orgasm of shared rapture, it seemed that the earth shook beneath us, as if the ancient gods were signalling their approval and enjoyment of our lovemaking.

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