Made to Beg

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Note from Author:

I would like honest feedback so that i can become a better writer. I hope everyone who reads this will take the time to let me know what they think.


My back was against the wall, my heart beating faster. I can remember asking myself “what’s he going to do?” as he approached even closer. His hand reached forward and cradled my flaccid penis. His face moved in closer, my face hot. I knew I was red and there was no denying it. It felt like my face was bathing under a heat lamp. My flaccid penis now growing as his hand remained unmoving as it cupped my scrotum.

“I will make you beg me to cum” he said, his voice sounded sure, even his body gave off the appearance that he was absolutely sure he could make me beg for release? Ha, No one has ever made me beg for anything. It was at that moment I became aware of the growing erection. I could almost feel my blood flowing to it as he unzipped my pants.

He lowered my pants and underwear, slowly with his right hand. His left against the wall beside. Looking deep into my eyes with such a look that just said, You will beg me, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. He had no fear, and all the confidence in the world. There is no way someone could have that much Escort bursa skill I thought, but my cock twitched.

His hand gripped my shaft, His eyes still glaring into mine, and he started to stroke it with small gentle strokes. His hand always remained around my shaft. His hands were rough, but touched me with almost a silky gentleness. As if they were feathers dancing in the wind. they moved with a smooth fluidity like the waves of a calm ocean.

Though it wasn’t much movement it was very enjoyable. After a few minutes he made his stroke just a little longer. slowly increasing the size of his stroke every few minutes. The anticipation was getting to me. His hand just barely touched his skin yet the feeling was incredible. I lost track of time. Nothing else mattered in the world around me except the feeling of his hand stroking me so gently.

Suddenly he paused just a moment on my base, he took his stroke up the full length until only a small portion of his hand surrounded just the tip of the head. He paused, and then he stroked back to the base. his hands never touching me with the lightest of touches. He stroked me continuously with full strokes at a slow pace, increasing the speed as he went along tormenting me.

His hand was Antalya escort stroking fast now, I could feel the urge rising, the desire for release building. His pace didn’t change. He stroked like he wanted nothing more than to make me cum. I could feel it building. My body tightening, my cock hardening and swelling even more. I was just about there. Any moment I was about to blow, and he stopped.

His hand did not move as it held onto the shaft. He gripped it with a firm grip unmoving. my urge for release slowly fading away as he moved his thumb. He pressed his thumb against the sensitive spot just under the head of my throbbing member.

I started slowly taking deep breaths trying to calm myself down. I needed to regain control. His eyes still locked on mine. His confidence seemed to have increased. He smiled as he started moving his thumb in a circular motion. My need for release returning.

As my urge to cum reaches its peak his grip around my shaft begins to loosen and tighten. His thumb now changing pressure and direction periodically. I try to keep my breathing steady, but the only thought in my mind is of the pleasure I feel.

I feel the need to cum as he continues pleasuring me. I want nothing more to release the load within Manavgat escort bayan me, but I cannot. All my senses focused on the fire within my hardness. He skillfully keeps me at the peak of orgasm, the intense pleasure built up against a wall.

He now ads a movement with his wrist that allows his hand to slowly move up and down, my knees shaking, my breath raged, all I want is for him to remove the wall and let the pressure release.

I don’t know how long he had kept me at the brink of orgasm, my body needs but only one thing, and my mind knows exactly what it has to do. My lips begin to move as I try to form words. It feels as if an eternity has passed, “please”. He smiles knowing that what he was so confident about is coming to pass. “Let”.

My words hard to get out, I don’t want to say them, but I must. The need for release too great. “Me”. Just one more word and this torture will end, yet, the last word seems to be the hardest to get out. It’s as if I’m choking on the one word that will set me free. “Cum” I finally mutter and at that moment, he whispers “good boy” before leaning in and kissing me.

The moment our kiss begins he lets me explode. My whole body shaking as I feel each spurt erupt like a volcano. As the last of my seed leaves my body, I lose all strength as I slowly slump to the floor. My cock still twitching as it leaves his hand.

I look at him as he brings his hand to his mouth and licks any trace of cum from his hand. “Mmmm tasty” he says before turning and walking away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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