Gobble Factor

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You know what it is when you are away from your lover for weeks on end, like when I was with the army in Korea. It was one hell of a war and most of the guys did it I guess.

We are all human and normal red blooded guys who need that certain comfort of a woman or, in dire circumstances (if you are homosexual, or just a bit of both as am I) ) another guy can give because -in Korea there were always more guys than dolls to share those certain delights which helped offset that awful war.

When we got a few hours of freedom my mates and I took to visiting the local dives, as said girls were scarce and all those available were well taken up and the brothels were pounding, and anyway with the number of guys using them I was reluctant to take the risk of picking up crap, and from what I heard all they were good for was just a hard one sided shag, like they were smoking or whatever whilst being shagged and there was no feeling at all.

When I shag a girl I like to feel she is enjoying too otherwise it is no real gratification, but having said that the guys were desperate, we all were – and even I succumbed to the temptation of the ‘gobble’ – which I should add with me being Bi. was not at all difficult and, as I will tell you, was altogether very satisfying indeed, I guess because the recipient really enjoyed doing it like he was hungry and eating a hot dog in a long roll. Because you see the youngster who did the service, I shall call him Jimmy, a local 18 year old who somehow was not caught up with the war (I never discovered why) carried out a very beneficial side -line I shall call the gobble factor.

“Like a gobble Tommy?” was his tally, such a good looking lad too. I could have gone for the whole hog but he was loyal to his cause so to speak and only offered a gobble, he told me the other was saved for his live -in lover but if I wanted ‘the whole hog’ as he put it I could contact a number, a girl who liked Belek travesti it both ways, on a card he gave me. Who, he promised, the girl was particular and very clean and always insisted on her client using a condom

He took me into this room which outside was named as Jimmy’s massage parlour, said I could have the choice of two specials that day.

“You don’t do bog-off’s do you?” I joked but I don’t think he knew what I was talking about, apparently special number one was for just a straight quickie but, as he mischievously explained, special number two was much more beneficial and satisfying because it would last longer. The mind boggled but for a cost of ten dollars more I thought I’d better make a splash of it after he showed me pictures of the two choices, the second involving a cock-tie which withheld ejaculation which looked very promising given more pictures of Jimmy in action, me wondering just how he got it all into his mouth.

I paid him the money and he gave me some more pictures to bog -eye over, a couple of him with, I presume, was his live-in lover which looked very inviting indeed, he had the most gorgeous fuckable hind on him and although I offered him more he was loyal to his guy, and I said what a lucky guy he was.

He sat himself on the edge of a bed and invited me to stand over him as he began to give me the most delightful massage down there. Over my trousers, it was all very stimulating to feel another hand other than my own playing my cock and balls.

“it’s been a long time eh?” he asked casually as his fingers started to squeeze me into action over my khaki serge trousers .

“It certainly has been, you can tell, Huh Jimmy?”

“Well your response is immediate which is always a good sign, but you Tommy’s -you wear such uncomfortable uniforms, not like the yanks, much softer gabardine making it more pliable to handle through their trousers, but you anyway Kemer travesti I can feel you are nicely equipped I can tell.”

I stood there feeling his experienced hands squeeze and explore me.

“I think we better let him free now, eh. He would like that I can see. Mmm. what a lovely one, lets drop these eh and let me see all.” He was of course referring to my newly freed uprising cock

He helped me down with my trousers and army supply underpants and it was simply lovely to be standing there, cock straight out awaiting Jimmy’s service. I’d tried so many times to imagine what it would be like, it had been so long since Julie did it, and Jimmy would have to be good to come up with the quality of her oral expertise, she absolutely worships it and we shared many a wonderful pre-fuck evening simply sucking, licking and enjoying each other orally.

But seeing the picture of Jimmy’s partner fucking that lovely tight ass made me well and ready and soon I was enjoying the sweet touch of his fingers working my cock in the most wonderful way, him sniffing in its opulent scent as it responded beautifully when I thought it may not, it was thanks to Jimmy for that – who knew just what he was about the way he stretched it back so tight to reveal the crimson glistening head was magic, and the way he blew on the very sensitive knob end was so thrilling and wonderful that I wanted him to suck cock there and then, But the fact that he was teasing me as he tied a handkerchief tightly around the base causing it to jolt up and down then just the so delicate touch of his tongue licking my p-hole was heaven on earth.

This guy had it all and I knew I was in for a rollicking bollocking time as he called it. At last I felt the sheer warmth of his mouth as he started to suck me His eyes looking up at me as if to ask if it was alright but I guess he could see that straight away for I felt I was being transported Travesti into paradise as he continued to suck and lick and to tease my balls with cupped fingers, then coming away, complimenting me on my ‘magnificent big prick’ – he’d had me go to the wash room first to wash myself up which was good, feeling happy this guy was clean, his sucks and licks sent tingles through my spine, what I wouldn’t have given for his fuck at that moment, seeing in the picture, how his partner enjoyed his ass, so deep up inside, what a great fuck that would be, but I guess I had to be content with Jimmy’s ‘gobble’ which was the next nearest thing, I could always take up the offer of phoning this girl Jimmy recommended and fuck the ass off her, imagining stuffing my face into wet pussy and sucking it up before a nice juicy hot fuck. All these things going through my kind as Jimmy progressed, it all seemed so real somehow, that was the quality of Jimmy’s suck.

Already the pangs were there and twice my climax was held back, my cock swollen and wild as he pummited me , how ever did he get it all in like that, I mean I am a good seven and half inches, but he did, he gobbled me good and I yelled for the gratification of the climax, to which he immediately released the tie and I was thrusting his mouth with pure unadulterated hit throbbing cock for all I was worth,

Then it happened, the shoot out, I closed my eyes and felt the surge within come through, then I knew I was cuming when Jimmy’s gasped and moaned, taking most of my spunk in his mouthy, spitting it out again as he massaged my cock to cum again, this time showing me that it was over his face, some gobble that was, highly reco0mmended and I would visit him three times more before, unfortunately he was killed in the war. That is how it was, we had to enhoy life for the minute because we could have a bullet with out number on it any time.

I never went with the girl, Jimmy’s supreme gobble satisfied my soul, and then we returned to the UK and I was happy with my girl again, to have and to hold, to fuck and to enjoy, in my element again in her arms and under her skirt.

But it was thanks to Jimmy and his gobble that kept me sane….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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