Making It Happen

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This is my first attempt at writing erotica, so all comments, suggestions, and ideas are welcome! Thanks everyone 🙂

I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this moment. You’re finally here, no hesitation, no second thoughts. You told me once that you were worried about taking my innocence, but honey, I’m anything but innocent. I’ve wanted to please you for so long and I can’t believe I finally got my chance.

It started with a kiss. We were talking, laughing, just relaxing next to each other on the couch. I accepted a long time ago that there was never going to be anything else between us, but I always wanted more. We were having a great time when you suddenly trailed off midthought. When I asked you what was the matter, you didn’t answer, you just continued looking at me like you had never seen me before. I decided to take a risk. Heart pounding, I leaned in and gave you a gentle kiss. I worried that I had crossed a line and immediately pulled back, but you pulled me back in and kissed me deeply. I had never been kissed like that before, Bycasino not even close.

I let you have control at first, but I wanted so bad to prove to you that you weren’t taking advantage of me. I took over and pushed you against the arm of the couch. I moved off your lips to your neck, kissing and nibbling my way to your ear. I heard you let out a soft grunt as I nibbled on your ear. I knew I had you then. I continued my licking, sucking, and kissing back down your neck until I found your collarbone, which this time elicited a long sigh. Impatiently I pulled your shirt over your head and made my way to your chest, then down your stomach. You groaned and I smiled into your stomach as you slid your fingers into my hair.

Now here I am, fingers on your belt buckle, trying frantically to get it undone. I can tell you’re at least as excited as I am judging by the huge bulge in your jeans. I finally unbuckle your belt, undo the button on your jeans, unzip your fly, and pull off your jeans. I look up at you like a little slut while Bycasino giriş I stroke you through your boxers, then drop my gaze down to the large cock straining to get out of your boxers. I briefly kiss you through the fabric, but I’m impatient, and soon your boxers join your jeans on the floor. I take a moment just to look at your beautiful cock and steady my nerves for what I’m about to do. I love sucking cock, as I’ve told you more than once, but this time it’s you and I’m suddenly nervous. All that leaves me though when you sigh my name and

run your fingers through my hair; I know you want this just as much as I do.

I take your gorgeous cock into my mouth, gently at first. I flick my tongue over the tip and swirl it around a few times before I let my lips slide down your shaft. I come back up, slide my wet tongue all over the tip, and slide down again, getting your cock nice and wet. My hand circles the base of your shaft and squeezes while I pump you, slowly at first, then faster. I move my mouth down to your big balls, Bycasino güncel giriş sliding my tongue along the crease between them then gently taking one in my mouth. You moan as I swirl my tongue around and suck on it, then move over to the other for the same treatment.

At this point, your cock is hard as a rock. I rub your cock on my lips like I’m putting on lipstick, then slap your now saliva-coated cock against my cheek. I bob up and down a few times before I slowly take all of you in my mouth, gagging a little as you hit the back of my throat. I continue alternating between taking you all the way into my mouth, sliding up and down, and pulling back to swirl my tongue around the tip. Occasionally I pull back very slowly, sucking so that, when my lips finally leave your cock, they do so with a loud pop. It’s not long before my efforts are rewarded with loud grunts and a long moan as you stiffen and cum for me. I swallow every drop of your delicious cum and lick my lips as I look up at you, suddenly shy.

You pull me up and kiss me deeply and I wonder if you find the taste of your cum on my tongue as hot as I do. You stand up, taking my hand, and lead me back to my bedroom. I can only hope you’ll give me many more opportunities to please you. You wouldn’t be so cruel as to deny me of that joy, would you?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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