Miss Perkins: Thursday

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Wake up being kissed so I am liking having a girlfriend/Mistress/boss. Course I don’t wake up to the alarm so I am wondering how she knows when to get up. Get dragged to the bathroom and made to wait so park on the sink staring at the wall.

“How come I never hear the alarm?”

“I hate alarms, do have one before you ask. I set it then wake up a minute or two early so turn it off then wake you with a kiss.”

“I like waking to a kiss better than the alarm so don’t change that. I am curious though, what are we doing today?”

“If we are lucky we get the new headset system in so you can work with the assistants on that. After that we will all use a conference room as our office, at least those of us without a working office.” Miss Perkins also gets up and flushes so I can use the toilet finally.

“Are we all using the same conference room?” Miss Perkins turns around to look at me so cover up with a squeak and she giggles.

“Don’t think so, though you were able to serve with others in the room.”

“I was under the desk. Well alright so I rather like him as well, he is very nice.”

“Francis is a nice man, also smart and knows everything there is to know about criminal law. To be honest I was surprised that you did blow him.”

“He kept talking to me and never got upset or anything. Far as I know he is the reason the firm did as well as it did to need the new building and more partners.”

“Well no, it was a combination of all three founding partners. Businesses liked that they could go to one firm to cover everything for their employees and them. Francis just got the firm noticed because he managed to do some really clever tricks to get a celeb off.”

“I was hired the day before the verdict. Did he tell you he thinks the client actually did it?” Miss Perkins frowns and shakes her head.

“No, we don’t talk about our cases much. Why does he think he did it?”

“Because there are holes in the story. He is not positive, I’m not either because the story he gave would make it hard to do but not impossible. Most likely it was someone else but it would almost have to be an employee of the client.”

“Or someone that he hired just to do that. Like Simpson.” Have to shrug.

“I haven’t seen everything but I’m fairly sure Simpson was there, everything else is up in the air.”

“No telling without the investigation. Not that it matters, he was found not guilty. How do you know so much about it?”

“I filed the cases, we had electronic and paper copies then. Did ask before doing it but read what he had in the file.”

“Can you still do that?” Nod and shrug.

“I have access to everything in our system. It is important because I was the assistant for all partners. So I need to be able to bring up and print anything they want. Also have the partner printer behind my desk.”

“I knew that, do know how things work in the office.” Miss Perkins then waves for the shower so nod.

Flush then we are getting in the shower. I had finished before we finished the conversation but didn’t want to change things in the middle of it. Today we just take a shower, which is a little darn. I did enjoy the sex shower, well half sex shower since I got off and she didn’t. Still it would be better to not do that every day.

I have fallen into a rut before, not a pleasurable rut sadly but a rut is a rut. After brushing our hair, mine is almost straight again darn it, we get dressed. Today I am wearing a black two piece dress, also a little odd. For the top it buttons up, except the buttons are hooks and the whole thing is seriously low cut.

Skirt is short, and no panties. Fairly sure I’m not supposed to wear panties except for when it is my time. No way in hell I’ll not wear panties then. Fairly sure Miss Perkins has the same view on it. She didn’t disagree with not when it’s my time. At least I only have another twenty or so years of having them.

Do stop and have breakfast at home. I feel weird since I’m wearing my work clothes and I’m not to wear clothes in the apartment. Brings to mind one thing, I didn’t mind the delivery guy staring at me in nothing. Didn’t really mind getting my clothes out of my car nude either. It was embarrassing to do that, but besides embarrassing and maybe get the cops called, I liked it fine.

“I think maybe I like being naked in front of others.”

“I got that impression, I mean besides the red face when you came back from your car you were pondering a threesome.”

“I’d like a lesbian threesome. I mean guys don’t excite me and I did a threesome with a guy. Not sure how well a lesbian threesome would be on pleasure but I do want to try it.”

“Are you not nervous about the foursome any longer?” Shake my head.

“I am nervous because I will serve a woman, which I want to do, but I want to serve the one in my car not some other chick.”

“I will also fuck a guy.”

“I’m not sure if I will hate that or not. I mean you are doing someone else but I’m doing the same thing and we may very well get you a Cami Halısı boyfriend to serve you with me.”

“I’m still surprised we found a lawyer.”

“I’m not, we all deal with the stresses of life differently. I play games on my laptop, though when I have a girlfriend I more or less do what I am doing with you.”

“So they always decided where to go and so forth?” Shake my head.

“No, though we are both deciding what we do anyway. I mean I would go to her place and lounge there with her, give her sex and so forth. I would be attentive and caring.”

“I see what you mean, you would go over and give them what they wanted.” Nod and smile.

“Exactly, it’s not submissive, but is all in one.”

“Also how we are supposed to act. Men mostly don’t though do expect it from us.”

“Never been there, my getting it from a guy was just take me out and score.”

Miss Perkins giggles, I giggle with her because it is not how we are supposed to do it. Course also paints me as a slut, which I suppose I am since I did suck off a partner yesterday. I screw Miss Perkins anytime she wants.

“Dang, now I know why I keep finding the gals in the closet and not coming out, I’m a slut.”

“Basically, though you are my slut so it doesn’t matter.”

“Makes me feel a little better.”

Miss Perkins puts her hand on my leg and smiles at me. This is nice, and we turn the radio on. No singing along just sit together driving to work with her hand on my leg. Pulling in to our lot I almost ask about coffee. Don’t though, not really needing coffee very often. The partners tend to come in holding a coffee often.

We are met in the foyer by a man holding a new headset. This is given to me and he goes over how it works. More or less the same way as the one I had, but there is a network of them now. They had to put in a new system. I am liking there is a mute at the ear, and the mute on the receiver is now to put them on hold.

The system is designed for receptionists to use but comes in handy for us. Can be talking to a ranting celeb and still manage to talk to a visitor or our boss. I have the master headset, so I get an extra feature. Can listen in and even talk to any of the calls on the system. Nominally this is so I can teach others how to deal with our clients.

Also means I can step in if she is having a problem getting the ranting celeb to say why they are upset and what they need. I think the best feature is simply I’m primary receiver, if I get a second call it shunts to another headset. I can also assign the primary receiver in case I am busy for whatever reason. In other words going to the bathroom though he doesn’t say that.

Get to get on the elevator now, though oddly enough we go all the way up. The twelfth floor is not being worked on yet so it is quiet and rather nice. Then we are going in to an office and everybody is here. Us gals are wearing the headset so that is nice, though there is a question to ask.

“Why are we all here?”

“You are going to work with our assistants on working the headset. Also remember we are all using cell phones only.” Nod then frown because most of the assistants are new to the firm.

“Do you all have a cheat sheet on which number the partners are?” Everybody nods and holds up a sheet.

Go and grab a sheet to look over, the listings are pretty inclusive, it has the office number, and the cell number on it. Don’t need that because you just need to know what each partner does and which number they are for forwarding purposes.

“Didn’t need to have the numbers on these.”

“When they put in the system they told us to use that listing.” Frown because there is something to check, so select a call to Miss Perkins and her cell rings.

“They entered everything then. Makes the numbers redundant. So ladies, do not share the phone number, they call our system and get forwarded because they are clients of the firm.” Pause and look around. “Did we get new office phones or is it just the new network and headsets?”

“New phones, we all get a headset to use with the phone so we can act like movie producers. Besides that it works the same as the old phones.” Nod and smile.

“If I have to teach you all how to do it again I will smack heads. Now for you new girls, I can monitor the calls and set primary receiver so you will all get calls. If we get enough calls in. We may not get many since it’s almost the weekend and the celebs are getting ready to party, expect many on Monday.”

“What if they call over the weekend?”

“We have an answering service. Calls in get an alert to our founding partners who will then assign the case. Took me three months to get them to understand the system but they got it now and not changed I hope.”

“We changed services three years ago, they walked us through how to do it.”

“I am surprised you didn’t ask me a few times, also surprised I’m not on the alert.” Miss Perkins snorts.

“It’s a good system, it calls up the relevant partner. It tells that Cami Halıları by what the calling number is.”

“Criminal we both get a call, so we trade off on who answers over the weekend.”

“Huh, I thought you were all like eighty year olds when it comes to electronics. Anyway, ladies does anybody have a question?” Hand goes up so point to her.

“How are we supposed to talk to the celebs?”

“Talk to them like they are your ninety year old grandparent. Old and confused so talk slow and enunciate clearly. Never swear at them, even say thank you when they get especially vicious about you. When you get one denouncing men agree with them if you want, never flirt however. They are paying customers so they are always right, and nothing more than a voice in your ear.”

“Damn, how do you keep that up?”

“Honestly I have no fucking clue. I want to scream at them generally five seconds into the call. But that is not professional, besides the calls we get pay our salary. They are all our clients as well and we do want repeat business. Now remember, no screaming at them. Well let me rephrase that, if they are having an argument with someone else yell so they pay attention and remember they called. You need them to say why they called and forward the call to the proper partner. Make sure it is the proper partner, you get a mute so you can ask your boss. It doesn’t matter how many cases they have already, forward the call. Mostly it only matters for criminal and the courts do structure court dates to fit in with the partner’s schedule. Now unless there are more questions I’m assigning a primary headset and we can all find a place to do our work at.”

No more questions so I assign the primary headset. We also break up though not getting on the elevator with Miss Perkins. Instead we go for a different office. The same one I gave a blowjob in yesterday. Squeak and turn red getting Miss Perkins to giggle, then the partner and his new assistant are coming in with us.

“I don’t want to do that again.” He is chuckling and shakes his head.

“Not going to ask, we are staying in here because we do the same thing and Perkins needs the access from one of our offices.” I’m confused now.

“I thought the laptop was just registered as a partner computer.” Miss Perkins shakes her head.

“The laptop is the same one worker bees get. I like having it because I can use it to look up things in court. I don’t remember everything like Francis so need a cheat sheet. The computers in here are wireless and access partner level on the network because it’s in the office.” I get it and odd but still.

“So the receiver only broadcasts in this room?”

“Yes, we got special ones, it registers the room and only there. Sprayed something on the walls to do that.”

“So if I had my laptop I can look at everything?” Gets me a couple snorts.

“Your computer has partner level access. In this building we didn’t have a spot for you on twelfth floor so you got eleventh and the whole floor is on partner level access. Big long password that we were assured can’t be hacked.”

“It can but the range of the thing puts them in the building to do it so nobody would bother.”

I get guided over to one of the visitor chairs and get handed my laptop. Didn’t realize Miss Perkins packed mine in her briefcase with hers. Takes me a minute but I do remember the password so log in over the network. Don’t have the programs on my laptop but I can access email and Google works well if I need to look up court cases.

Miss Perkins has her laptop as well, though she goes and sits on the sofa. He joins her so I’m sitting in the visitor chair and nobody behind the desk. Grin and hop up to go behind the desk to sit. Gets giggles and a couple snorts but I am left here. Go over the company reports I got then switch over to one of the online games I play.

Seems odd, but this chair isn’t as good as mine. Probably should ask about that but then there is a call in over the system. I know because it beeps at me so check the receiver and the call is answered right away. Reach up and mute my headset then connect with the call to listen to a rather long winded diatribe.

The answer in a pause has me giggling. She said ‘I completely agree sir, why are you calling today because that is not a legal matter?’. The diatribe was about driving, or rather the lack of people who know how according to the rules of the road. Course he goes on another diatribe about what it was like when he was young but finally he does get around to what he called about.

Call is forwarded to the right partner so fist pump time. Then squeak because there are two partners on the desk staring at me.

“What was so funny?”

“We got a call, the client wanted family law, redoing his will I think. He did a long diatribe about the lack of good drivers. She answered with agreeing then asked what he wanted because that isn’t a legal matter.”

“Who answered?” I think about it and groan.

“Mr. Scores full service assistant.” Both of them are laughing.

“You should assign primary to one of our new assistants, she’s been working here.”

Nod then reach down to do that because I didn’t change it. Luckily the system allows me to do random primary so do that and go back to my game. I swear to you no more than thirty seconds later I am clearing the moon because I got assigned primary. Still I need to answer because it is a paying client probably and it does pay my salary so answer and do the greeting.

“I am having a good day but do need to check in on the progress with my prenuptial.” I am actually speechless for a couple seconds, this guy is always screaming.

“Absolutely I can do that, though there is one thing. We got new assistants in and I am trying to see how they are with calls so can I forward you to one of them and have you scream at her like you usually do?” He snorts and chuckles.

“I think I can find a little mad in me, forward away.”

I am giggling then forward him to one of our new girls and listen in. He gets pretty darn vindictive in his diatribe and she handles it well. I am thinking our new girls are going to work just fine here. Day progresses well, I switched to just picking the primary after each call. Also find myself checking the receiver screen because it is a new system though mostly the same as it was.

Bigger screen now so that is all sorts of awesome. The old headset had a tiny half inch screen on the top of it. It was enough since seven partners and one assistant I didn’t have to send to anyone but a partner. Also could handle the in office calls because all I needed was front desk, mail room, and the partners.

Now with more assistants you need the bigger screen to actually see things. Also touch screen so if you are talking to someone else you can place a call without voice activating. Important because the system actually has every phone in the building on it. The old one did as well but it was all voice activated.

The tiny screen only lit up to show there is a call on it and the number of the call if more than one. Looking at the thing I find myself thinking we should have little stands on our desk for it. It has a clip to hook to your skirt but you don’t need that. It is hand held for the most part just so you can use the darn thing. Notice Miss Perkins coming over so close up my laptop.

“I got a lunch meeting today so you better share how to order lunch for the partners.” There is a question to ask on that one.

“Am I going to your lunch meeting to stay or dropping you off?”

“You are going to eat with me and take notes.” Nod then open the middle drawer to get a notepad and find porn magazines instead, those go on the desk while I keep looking.

“Francis, there is porn on your desk.”

“Notepads are in the bottom drawer on the left.” I had been looking at his scotch bottles so follow directions and pull out a notepad and pen.

“You have a bar over there, and scotch bottles in your desk.”

“I like cheap scotch but our clients prefer the expensive shit.” You know, that is actually a good thing, so pat him on the arm as I go past.

“Well you are a good boy with that so no complaining about having porn in your desk. The computer can go online so you should just sign up to a porn site.” He turns red.

“I was but got tired of it and still looking for a new one.”

“Have your assistant help search for one.” I say at the door then I’m pulled through by Miss Perkins.

She is giggling to the elevator and all the way down. Exiting the elevator I remember I am wearing my headset still so shut it off. Not having anywhere to put it I take it off and in my purse it goes. Out in the car Miss Perkins says where we are going so I just get us going and follow the directions.

“I always wondered, why do these lunch meetings cost a thousand?”

“There is a charge to get in the room and there are two appetizer trays. They just move around to let you take things off. Because of that the meals cost more, then the drinks are expensive as well.”

“I hope they do sodas because I’m the driver.”

“What if I ordered you to get drunk so I could drive?”

“Only if we were in your car.”

Miss Perkins snorts then she is laughing. I admit it is funny but it’s a new car that I am still paying for. I don’t want to need my insurance, though I am being a little mean since Miss Perkins can drive. Not that this is her car, guess I’m not a good submissive. Could be I suppose, I mean this is actually my car.

I mean besides not letting her drive my car I serve her in all ways she actually asks for. Not that I would complain about driving one of the other partners to the police precinct. Staying in the office all day occasionally printing something for someone and taking phone calls from nut cases that are worth millions, I’d rather drive somewhere else.

Not to say I hate their movies, music, and TV shows. Just don’t like talking to them while they are high and freaking out about something. Not that all of them call while high, would rather hope so but they are not as drug addled as some say, I think. Greatly depends on who you ask I suppose, the celebs mostly all deny or don’t comment on drugs.

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