My Boyfriend and My Two Dads Ch. 06

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Female Ejaculation

(Author’s note: This story takes place in the summer of 2018)


Chapter 6: “Daddy Issues”


I didn’t really get a chance to have a conversation with my boyfriend for the rest of the afternoon. After his dad announced we’d all be taking a trip together soon, Eric was too excited and that was all he wanted to talk about. He and his dad Sven decided to go out for a drive, grab something to eat somewhere, maybe even go shopping for some things they’d need for the trip.

“Do you wanna come?” Eric asked me, the two of us alone in our room.

“No thanks, there’s some things I gotta do. You don’t mind if I use the computer while you’re gone?”

“Sure,” he said. (My laptop broke a few months ago. The school lent me one I could use while I was still in college, but since graduation I’d been using Eric’s until I get a new one.)

“I’m just uploading some new photos and videos. They’re hot, aren’t they?!” he said, and grabbed his computer to show me. It was his Tumblr blog.

A few months ago Eric started uploading pictures of himself online. At first they were pretty tame, underwear photos from just the neck down. As he started to get comments and likes from people he got more and more into it and started uploading short vids of himself jerking off. A couple of weeks later, he asked if I was okay with him putting up videos of us fucking (I agreed as long as my face wasn’t visible).

“Wow, they’re really hot,” I answered truthfully. Eric was getting really good at taking photos, he definitely knew his angles and how to work the lighting. Plus, we were both working out more lately and it was starting to show, which undoubtedly made him want to show off even more. “You’re posting your face now as well,” I noticed. “And this one has your name in the caption.”

“It’s just my first name, not like there aren’t a million other Erics out there. Do you like it?” He reached over and squeezed my dick through my shorts.

“I do,” I answered. It turned me on that my boyfriend liked exposing himself online. Sometimes we’d go through his posts together and read the comments, and start jerking off and fucking. But right now I had too many other thoughts on my mind.

“You know, Dad’s waiting for me downstairs but we can make this quick,” he offered, squeezing my dick again.

“How about you go with him and get it over with, and then we continue where we left off tonight?”

“Fine,” he acquiesced, gave me a kiss and headed out. “See you later.”

I wasn’t in the habit of turning down sex with Eric, but I had way too much going through my head today. I kissed his dad last night, for fuck’s sake! Granted I was drunk, but wasn’t that just a catalyst for me to do what I always wanted to do anyway? I grabbed the laptop, opened a new tab, and started typing.

“Father… son… kissing,” I typed.

Not only had I kissed my boyfriend’s dad, but asked if I can call him “Dad” as well. My daddy issues were obviously stronger than I realized. I wanted to explore this some more.

I have no idea what I expected to find with my Google search but it wasn’t much. Innocent photos and random forum discussions.

“Father… son… naked together,” I continued.

Again, not much. Articles on nudist websites. Some Brazilian porn star who posed naked with his adult son for some magazine.

“Father… son… naked together… gay,” I tried.

This led me into the world of gay websites, stories, and forum threads.

“Fellas, have you ever seen your dad or an older male relative naked?” someone wanted to know, and got 16 pages’ worth of replies:

“Would never happen in my family! But I do remember him walking around in his tighty whities.”

“Years and years ago, we used to go swimming naked at the YMCA (yes that was a thing that happened. It was mandatory back in the day).”

“Omg lol so funny. I live in Finland and we have a sauna in the backyard. My whole family goes in together naked. I don’t think I know a single person who hasn’t seen their parents naked. Different cultures, I guess.”

“No, but I wish. He was such a handsome man!”

“Only in photos. Going through my old man’s porn mags once, I found old photos of him and my mom having sex with another woman. I always assumed they were taken by the woman’s husband. I’ve snuck in and used the photos to jerk off a few times since.”

Fuck, I was getting hard. Without even realizing it for a second, I’d been stroking my dick through my shorts the entire time while reading the posts. What’s the harm, I figured, it’s other people’s lives. I took my shorts off and got comfortable.

I thought about my own dad and step-dad. They were both firmly in the “would never happen in my family” camp. But then looking at David and Sven, and Eric’s experience growing up with them, as well as stories other people were sharing online… you never know what happens behind closed doors, I figured.

This site seemed promising. I clicked on the search bar and just typed “father son” to see what else people were talking about.

“Have you ever caught your dad Bursa escort bayan jerking off, or vice versa? I remember walking in on mine, I kept thinking about it for years,” was another thread with a good amount of replies.

Some of them made me roll my eyes and I took them with several pinches of salt, but some of them sounded more realistic and reading them made me hard. I started jerking off reading the posts, my precum serving as lube by this point. I started thinking about Eric and his dads. Have any of these things ever happened to them? Knowing them, I knew they’d have a laissez-faire attitude about catching each other jerking off or more. Had it happened in the past, was it maybe even a regular occurrence?

I was ready to cum, so I stopped my edging. No! I wanted to cum with Eric tonight, I’d promised him that. Time to jump in the pool to cool off!


“Fuck!” I said out loud. I was in the middle of a sentence and my laptop decides to die on me. I looked around for the charger but I couldn’t see it. Which room did I use it in last? Is it in the living room? Oh fuck it, I’ll just borrow Eric’s while he’s out.

I went to the boys’ room and walked to the desk to get the charger. “Ooh, who’s that guy?” I thought. Something on Eric’s computer caught my eye.

He had been looking at Tumblr porn and left it on. I was looking at a photo of a guy wearing tight boxer briefs, bright red. It was a great pic, even though you couldn’t see the guy’s face. On the photo next to it, he was pulling down his underwear, showing off his ass. (“Mmm, great ass,” I thought.) I had to keep scrolling. On the next photo the guy’s dick was out, fully erect, and he was stroking it.

I was starting to get hard, my white briefs feeling uncomfortably tight. The photos were really good, just the right combination of pornographic and artsy. I heard Will head to the pool earlier, so I was alone in the house. Enough time for a quick jerk session, I figured. I pulled my briefs down and took a seat.

I continued to scroll slowly through the photos. The model, although with some muscle definition, seemed svelte, probably younger. And his dick looked gorgeous! My mouth opened subconsciously as I imagined his perfect dick in it and stroked my dick, now as hard as the guy on screen.

Eric had a good taste in men to jerk off to, I thought. I scrolled through a couple more photos when my heart stopped! I lost control of my breathing, like someone had punched me in the gut.

The naked guy on screen WAS Eric. His face was in the next photo, and the ones after that. He was smiling in some, pouting and trying to look sexy in others. I stopped stroking and used both hands to lean against the desk.

This was ERIC’S blog, he uploaded photos of himself. My fingers kept scrolling without me controlling them. There were videos as well. I didn’t watch any of them start-to-finish, but I caught glimpses. Vids of Eric jerking off. Some of him being fucked, by a guy who looked like Will. Will’s face was blurred out but Eric showed his off, proudly looking in the camera while moaning and taking Will’s dick.

I switched tabs just to get away from the blog. I shouldn’t be doing this. I took a few seconds to catch my breath, when I realized my dick was still rock hard, even though I wasn’t touching it. I got ready to leave when I noticed what was on the other tab.

“Have you ever caught your dad jerking off”? What the hell was this? I scrolled through the thread, worried there might be a post by Eric talking about us. I read through the replies and there didn’t seem to be anyone that sounded like Eric. Some of the posts seemed twisted, but some of them were hot to read! I felt my pulse in my penis. It was gushing precum, dribbling down on Eric’s chair.

What the fuck was my boy doing online? I thought I knew him! All his life, I’d tried to let him know I’m a friend, that he can come to me with anything. This seemed like a whole new side of him.

I had to browse through his history, to make sure he wasn’t posting anything too foolish. I was shocked by the searches. “Father son kissing,” “father son naked together,” “father son naked together gay”… I pulled up my briefs and left the room, almost panicked.

I wasn’t even aware of where I was going, but my feet led me to the yard. I needed some fresh air, and some time to think.

“Hey!” Will waved at me from the pool. Fuck, I forgot he was here.

I waved back. I looked down and realized my dick was still hard, my tiny briefs barely concealing half of it. There was a large precum stain on them.

“Will, can I ask you to go get me something?” I asked, partly because I needed it but partly because I wanted to be left alone.

“Sure,” he said, coming out of the pool. “What do you need?”

“Can you please get me something to smoke? And roll it up for me and everything?”

“Umm, sure,” he said, confused. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I just feel like having some.”

“Okay,” he said, still sounding confounded, and waked inside slowly. By the time he was back a few minutes later, my Escort Antalya dick was mostly soft again.

“There you go,” he offered me a blunt and a lighter. “And David… not to intrude, but if there’s anything you wanna talk about, feel free to let me know.”

“Thank you,” I said, taking the blunt. I wasn’t sure if I looked stressed to him, or he was just weirded out by me asking him for weed.

“Aight, I’ll leave you to it,” he said and went back inside.

I smoked in silence, standing, for a couple of minutes.

I don’t know why this hit me so hard, honestly. I wasn’t someone who gets shocked easily, far from it. In retrospect, Eric wasn’t doing anything too crazy by posting those photos. I myself spent hours every week jerking off to photos and videos just like that that other guys put online.

I was very sexually deviant at his age, but one thing I never got to do was post myself on the Internet. I had fucked and been fucked in public restrooms, dance floors of night clubs, alleyways… so I wasn’t worried about being seen. But the Internet was something else. His face and his name were on there now, forever, even if he tried to delete it, he’ll never know who might’ve downloaded it already. He was only 21, was he really thinking about his future and what might come back to bite him in the ass?

I took another deep puff.

And then there were those “father son” searches. What the fuck was going on in my boy’s head? No one understood daddy issues better than I did. For the first few years of having sex with men, I was fucked exclusively by older men, calling most of them Daddy. (I still called Sven that to this day, occasionally.) But I explained that to myself easily: my own dad had turned his back on me, so I tried to make up for it with other men. Eric was smothered by not one but TWO dads, his interest in it didn’t make much sense to me.

Was I just upset by all this because I was more conservative and less openminded than I thought I was? You live long enough and you turn into your parents, was that true for me too?

Another puff, and a long exhale.

Truth of the matter is, this is what it was like living with my son as an adult. He was 17 when he left for college, legally still a child. Now he was back, and he had grown in those 4 years. Just yesterday, he had come back home with cum on his face. He didn’t realize, but I knew what it was. He’d probably sucked his boyfriend off, either in the car or at the mall, maybe. He was his fathers’ son.

But then this morning he jumped in bed with us and he felt like a little boy again. I missed cuddling with him all these years. As he stroked my chest, could he tell I had jizz all over it from the night before? Fuck, why wasn’t Sven here, he could fuck all these thoughts right out of me.

And we were all about to take a trip together. Sharing hotel rooms and B&Bs and going to the beach and to gay clubs together… Fuck, this was gonna be interesting. I laughed loudly at the absurdity of it all and killed the blunt.


“Let’s go outside and talk for a minute,” I yelled to Will at the top of my lungs over the music.

So far our first gay club experience was everything we wanted, and more. Weirder than the gogo boys, and the nearly-naked men in the crowd, was the fact we ran into one of our teachers. Granted, we were seniors and Prof. Carr only taught freshmen. But I still remember sitting in his class, a nervous kid in his first semester. I had no idea he was even gay back then. Seeing him now, wearing tiny little shorts (and no visible underwear underneath), nice sneakers, and white athletic socks, there was no doubt.

“Be right back,” I mouthed to Prof. Carr as Will and I fought our way to the bar. Will got us two bottles of water as I put on my shirt, before we went outside.

The crowd of smokers and their friends on the sidewalk was having a party of their own. On my way out, I almost bumped into a big, burly bear in a leather jacket. He was ridiculously tall, as tall as my dad Sven, and made even taller by the heels on the leather boots he was wearing. His tight jeans made him look like one of the homoerotic Tom of Finland posters my dads had up in their room. His jacket was open (and probably couldn’t zip up over his big belly) and he wasn’t wearing any shirt underneath. I admired him standing on the sidewalk, hairy chest and belly on display, as passers-by walked by around us.

“So what did Carr say?” Will asked me as I opened my bottle of water.

“He invited us over to stay with him.” I finished half the bottle in one big gulp. “Said he’s got a hotel room close to here and we’re welcome to crash.”

“‘Welcome to crash’? C’mon, that’s gotta be code for sex, you know that, right?”

“And what if it is?” I asked with a smile.

Will came closer to me. He looked left and right, then gave me a kiss. “You wanna do it?”

“We’ve talked about having a threesome.”

“But not with a teacher!” he noted. He was smiling as well.

“So what? Even kinkier.”

We kissed some more, until he broke it off.

“Okay, Manavgat escort but I feel like we need some rules if we’re gonna sleep with other people.”

“Yay, rules. That makes everything more fun,” I said sarcastically.

“I’m serious! We’ve never talked about this. Do we wanna be… exclusive?”

I finished my water. I looked over Will’s shoulder, at the bear in leather smoking.

“I think we should be open to sex with others. Just… as an option.”

“I… actually don’t disagree,” Will nodded.

I was surprised to hear this, at least so soon. It must’ve shown on my face.

“I was reading this article,” Will continued, “about the pressures of monogamy -“

“Will, honey! I love you but you’re killing my buzz here!”

“Okay. One last thing. What if we start to develop… feelings, for these other people we’re open to having sex with?”

“That sounds like a ‘cross the bridge when we get there’ kinda problem, IF we ever get to it. In the meanwhile,” I stroked his face as I talked, “as long as you come to me and you’re honest, I’m sure we’ll be fine, no matter what happens.”

We kissed and went back inside the club.

When we got back to the bar, Prof. Carr was waiting there with three new drinks (I couldn’t tell if he was being nice or TRYING to get us drunk). We drank and moved to the dance floor, next to one of the gogo boys. By this point, his jockstrap was tenting and he was obviously hard underneath. It was definitely good for business and he seemed to be getting tips like crazy (made me wonder if he’d popped a pill to make sure he’s hard while dancing).

“Here,” Prof. Carr said and handed Will and me a couple of singles. “It’s your first time here. Enjoy the show.”

Will and I reached for the gogo boy’s jockstrap and tucked the money in. He smiled at us and started gyrating his hips, shaking his dick up and down in our faces a couple of times.

We all laughed and I kissed Will. As I closed my eyes, the music seemed to thump even louder. My heart started doing the same. I opened my eyes and saw Prof. Carr looking at us. I reached over and pulled him in for a threesome kiss.

Fuck! This all happened so quickly but it felt amazing! It felt so new, his stubble against our smooth faces. I sucked on his tongue, then shoved mine in Will’s mouth. We exchanged saliva, and struggled to all keep up with each other as the music blasted.

This continued for another hour. Will and I both took our shirts off, and all six of our hands explored each other’s bodies as we kissed on the dance floor. We took breaks to go to the bar or the restroom, but the rest of the time we were kissing, more and more intensely with each song.

“Do you wanna head out?” Prof. Carr offered. We went with him to the coatcheck, where he got a backpack with his clothes and put them on. I barely remember us walking drunkenly to the hotel, laughing and kissing on the way.

We were the only people in the hotel elevator. As we kissed, I put my hand in Prof. Carr’s shorts and started stroking him, turned on by the possibility of the doors opening and us being caught.

The hotel room had a king-size bed and a large couch. There was no talking, as soon as we walked in we took all our clothes off and headed to the bed.

Prof. Carr got on his hands and knees, his ass up in the air. I got behind him, tongue out, and started rimming him, while Will was behind me playing with my hole and dick. We were all hard.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” Prof. Carr moaned. He pulled out a bottle of lube from his backpack and tossed it to us. Now that we were here he didn’t seem to want to waste any time. That or he was just too horny.

“Yeah, you need this dick up your ass?” I said with a deeper voice than usual, while lubing up.

“Yes, fuck me please.”

“Ever been fucked by one of your students?”

“No. No, you’ll be the first ones.”

“You’re a little whore, aren’t you, Prof. Carr?”

“Yes! Yes, I’m a gay whore who needs his ass fucked.”

Will and I looked at each other, both surprised by where this was going, and how naturally it came to me.

“Can that hole take two dicks at the same time?” I said authoritatively, unsure if I was playing a role or being myself.

“Yes, I got a loose hole,” Prof. Carr said, his answer muffled, his head in the pillow.

I got down and lay on my back, as Prof. Carr lay on top of me and we made eye contact. Will carefully positioned himself on top.

“Shove your dick inside me. Please shove your dick inside me,” Prof. Carr begged, looking at me in the eyes.

I grabbed my dick and positioned the tip next to Carr’s hole, and I felt Will do the same. We both struggled for a few seconds, but managed to get them in at the same time.

“Fuuuck!!” Prof. Carr yelled out. He wasn’t lying, his hole was loose and managed to take two dicks with surprising ease.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” he moaned, and there wasn’t much talking after that. Just grunting and moaning from all three of us. Will and I slipped out of Carr’s hole a couple of times, but managed to get back in swiftly. I’d never double-penetrated anyone and I was loving the sensation of Will’s dick rubbing against mine, while we were both fucking our teacher simultaneously. Lube and precum were dripping everywhere. It was so hot in the room, and all three of us were sweating buckets.

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