My Cuckold Life Pt. 01

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Bianca was stripped of everything but her black and white converse and black socks. Her brown skin gleaming from sweat and lubricant. Her petite body was mounted on her host, while swaying her hips and body upon his steel cock. He sat back while his hands explored every inch of her body. Her small breasts would bounce ever so gently with each motion she took. Every now and again he would kiss or lick her small erect nipples as they teased in front of his face. Her moans were of a pleasurable and pain that coursed throughout her lathered body. Her scent was of sunkist skin and strawberry lube. The sound of their bodies grinding together was similar to the noise of squeezing a wet sponge with an occasional pop or click.

Bianca wore only her shoes and socks as I stated prior. It made her seem more naked than not having them and she would catch her host staring at them time and time again. She felt a hint of embarrassment, not because of how she looked, but because she wanted him so badly that the standards of how she presented herself in the bedroom had gone out the window. Her focus had been on getting his cock inside of her and nothing else. She didn’t want to spend the extra seconds bothering with her shoes and socks when she could be spending that Urfa Escort time on top of him. In all honesty, they were partially to blame for the current pillar that was lodged between her wet thighs.

After I watched Bianca mount and tame my best friends cock, April (my best friends girlfriend) and I (Biancas boyfriend) lathered her in lube as she caught her rhythm. We rubbed and groped them as we poured the scented lube on their naked bodies. The extra set of hands sent them into a trance like state. So many sensations ran through them as everyone was exploring each other for a brief moment.

April took me aside shortly after and undressed me as I watched my girlfriend slide her body on him. It was the way they touched and connected that sent me into euphoria and it was as if they were in love. She had never fucked me like that before and it made me feel so…horny and jealous.

I was so fixated on them that I barely realized that April had begun to suck on my erect cock. Blood was still surging through it and the swelling actually hurt until she pleased its nerves. She aggressively guzzled my cock as if it were the last cock on earth. She must have been waiting a long time to do this because not twenty seconds later I was Urfa Escort Bayan inside her. I pumped her large ass as hard I my hips could while we watch Bianca and Anthony make love. The loud clapping of our crotches smashing together went unnoticed by them. I gripped her large hips and pumped faster and faster. The sound was reverberating through the apartment and yet they still didn’t care for us. All they cared about was their high and riding it out together into one explosive climax.

With that thought in my head I shamefully burst my load onto Aprils gorgeous round ass. However, April had been waiting to fuck me for awhile apparently, so she brought me to the couch and began to ride my still erect penis. I sat right next the man who was drilling my girlfriend and I couldn’t help but love the sight of them together. To top things off, I got to bury myself in Aprils large plump breasts.

Aprils body was thicker, but had a well formed shape. Think thighs, huge ass, slim stomach, and busty breasts. There was so much meat to her that the sensation of being sucked up by her extremely wet pussy was TOO much pleasure. Her ass ricocheted off my pelvis with so much force that it would knock the wind out of me. I was so overwhelmed Escort Urfa with being buried in her flesh that I came again. But this time inside of her damp pussy.

April didn’t give a shit and kept grind her body on my cock. She made sure every ounce of cum I had in my body was being pumped up into her. As she embraced me in her breasts she gave her last few grinds into climax. I felt her juices pour on me like a water faucet before we gave each other several final kisses and watched the rest of the show together.

Bianca gripped her own hips and opened her mouth in seductive pleasure. Her climax was coming and Anthony felt her tense up. If he wanted to cum with her, he would have to do it soon or their connection would be ruined.

Their love making turned into an onslaught of violent thrusts. Bianca screamed and repeatedly shouted “I’m cumming.” During the pummel she received from Anthonys cock her orgasm shot out of her similar to Aprils and not moments later his shot up into her. He would jam her again and again making her eyes roll to the back of her head and with one final deep push he emptied out inside her.

Bianca collapsed on top of him defeated and they vigorously kissed each other for a few moments before turning to April and me. The four of us lay there in our own fluids for several minutes before the ladies got up and went to the restroom together to clean up. In that moment Anthony and I agreed to do this again the following week. Only next time we would dress them up for each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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