My First BJ with Swallowing

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My last job required a fair bit of travel. A couple of years ago I got involved in a big project that required me to stay in a big city for several months until the project was completed. I got to the city and was put in several nice hotels over the course of my stay. What ended up happening is that I had a lot of free time to myself in the evenings after work. Since I’ve never been a party animal and don’t like the club/bar scene – I decided to try an alternative form of entertainment.

I got on Craigslist and started posting ADs and responding to ADs that couples were posting. Specifically I was looking for couples who wanted to have sex in my hotel room and all I asked in return is that I could at least watch. Most of the replies were of course scams, but I learned if you keep at it and interact a lot – eventually you do find real people. Thats exactly what happened for me, I finally got a couple of real responses of interested couples. I began asking questions of them, exchanging photos and making sure we all wanted the same thing.

After weeding through the options and finding several real couples, I picked the couple that sounded the most reasonable and real. We arranged for them to meet at my hotel and I’d come down to the lobby and greet them. If we all felt comfortable, we’d go up to my room and they would have sex while I watched. This story is real and took place several years ago but sadly I do not remember their names. Here’s what happened…

I nervously walked out of my room into the elevator in the hallway. I pushed the ground floor button and waited eagerly to meet the couple I’d been chatting with for a few days. The elevator doors opened and I began to slowly look through the lobby to find them. Finally I saw them standing near the entrance, so I went over and greeted them. The wife was tall, around my height of 6 feet. She had shoulder length blonde hair done up nicely in an attractive modern style. The husband wasn’t very attractive, in fact he was fairly overweight and not what I personally find attractive at all. But he had a really outgoing and friendly personality which I find endearing and we all seemed to hit it off from the beginning.

I invited them up to my room after a few moments of small talk. They followed me to the elevators as I once again felt nervous. In my mind I’m wondering if hotel staff watch for these types of meetings in the lobby? Is anyone thinking Uşak Escort they know whats going on here? I tried to put those thoughts out of my mind as the elevator doors finally opened and we all got inside. I pushed the button for my floor and up we went.

As we walked into my room, I told them to make themselves at home as we got settled in. It was a cooler time of the year so they took off their coats and I went to sit down in a chair next to the bed. They sat down and we started talking for probably 10 minutes or more. We chatted about my work and their careers and similarities we shared. It was refreshing that they were so down to Earth and friendly, easy to talk to. After a while of talking the husband says to his wife “well, why don’t you go ahead and undress and we can get things going here”. With that, his wife began to slowly remove her clothing. She was in pants and multiple layers of shirt/sweater combinations, so it took her a few minutes to fully disrobe. I sat back and enjoyed watching her, she really was a beautiful woman, very nice figure, seductive personality, sensual and in-tune with her desires. I could tell from the grin on her face that she was enjoying putting on a show for me.

The husband was undressing at the same time, but I was trying not to look. It sound terrible to say this but he was not an attractive man. He was older than her, very hairy and overweight, not exactly a sexy figure in my opinion.

She finished undressing and went to the bed, he walked over and kneeled next to her. She sucked his cock and got him hard, but another disappointment there, he had a very small dick. No offense to those who aren’t well endowed, but I had hoped for more of a sexy performance, so far it seemed this wasn’t going to turn out like I had hoped after all.

Once he was hard, she laid back on the bed and he got on top of her missionary style. I’m not really sure why they chose this position, as it didn’t seem like the best option to me, at least not from my vantage point. The show they were giving me wasn’t “sexy” but I wanted to let them finish and was enjoying the sounds his wife was making. She was very much enjoying his cock and moaning which I find very sexy.

Finally, in a mix of grunts and groans, the husband came and that was the end of the show, or so I thought. He caught his breath before getting up off the bed and walking towards the bathroom. Uşak Escort Bayan As he walked away he said “okay, you’re turn”. I didn’t know what he meant, I was only supposed to be watching them. I certainly didn’t want any sloppy seconds after his time with her. And thats when it happened. The single most important, most erotic, most intense sexual experience of my life happened.

His wife got on all fours and crawled over to the edge of the bed where I was now standing. I had on a white dress shirt but had removed my pants and underwear and had been stroking my cock while I watched their show. As she came over to me, she went straight for my cock with her hands and grabbed it. What happened next was overwhelming and unexpected. I was shocked, nervous and not sure what to do. I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t stop her, I wanted this too.

She leaned her head down and started sucking my cock. Let me explain why this is such an important moment. At this point in my life, I was a BJ virgin. The only woman I’d been with in a dysfunctional LTR did not give oral ever. She had been my first everything but left lots of firsts to be desired. So when this woman came over and started sucking my cock unexpectedly, it was a huge thrill. I was conflicted inside, this wasn’t what we had agreed on, it wasn’t what was supposed to happen. But here it was, happening to me finally after all this time. I was 35 years old and finally losing my BJ virgin card.

Not only was this unexpected, but it was amazing! This woman was really into me, she acted like she loved my cock and couldn’t get enough of it. She was moaning, looking me in the eyes and clearly enjoying me. This was a huge first for me, never before had I been so enjoyed by a woman, desired and wanted. I was completely overwhelmed with these surprising feelings and events, but also overwhelmed with pleasure. As you can imagine, being a BJ virgin, this was an incredible turn on and felt absolutely amazing. I knew I wasn’t going to last long and after a few moments I told her, sort of warning her that I was about to cum. I figured she would stop sucking and stroke me off to finish me and let me cum somewhere like on a towel or maybe her breasts like I had seen in porn. To my surprise, she didn’t stop sucking, she kept going, and she was even more into it now than before. She was using her hand to stroke my cock and her mouth was sucking Escort Uşak the head of my cock, the feelings I was getting were unbelievable, unlike anything I’d ever experienced. The warmth of her mouth against the skin of my cock was titillating.

And then it happened, I could feel my orgasm begin to race through my body. I could literally feel my cum moving up through my deepest parts and begin to spew from the head of my cock deep into her mouth. The feeling her mouth over my cock as I came was incredible, I felt such a deep intimacy in that moment, she was accepting me, all of me, it was truly euphoric.

Wave after wave of intense pleasure swept through my body, my cock twitched and pumped all the cum I could muster into her mouth. I could feel her taking small swallows as each wave of cum released from my body. She was moaning and had closed her eyes, I closed my eyes and leaned my head back and tried to focus on the feelings of the moment. I’ve never felt closer to absolute heaven than in that moment.

As my orgasm subsided, she had swallowed every drop of cum. But she didn’t stop, she never broke contact with me cock after I came, at least not until she wa done with me. She kept sucking and gently using her tongue to rub the underside of the head of my cock. This kept sending little orgasmic aftershocks through my body. My cock stiffened with each intense movement of her tongue. Suddenly I felt my legs turn to jello, I was breathing heavier than I realized and felt like I was absolutely spent. This was a new feeling for me.

She took her mouth off my cock and kept stroking it with her hand for a moment before letting me collapse back onto the chair I had put next to the bed. I leaned back and tried to compose myself. I couldn’t stand up, my legs were absolutely useless. Thankfully I had a few minutes to regain my composure as they cleaned up and got dressed again. I managed to finally find the strength to stand and moved over to near where they were getting dressed and we continued to chat and get to know each other. At the end we had said we should stay in touch and seemingly intended to. But sadly, somehow I lost their contact information and never saw them again. I deeply regret this because I would have loved to enjoy his wife’s lips again, maybe take it further next time. But it just wasn’t meant to be I suppose.

The rest of that night I felt so calm, satiated, satisfied. I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened earlier. How it felt, how much I loved being so fully accepted and enjoyed by a woman. It was a memory that I would cherish for many years to come and one that so far I have never been able to reproduce with anyone else.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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