My Girlfriend’s Rival Ch. 02

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Do not reprint this work on any other website, or any medium, without the express consent of the author (me!).

Author’s note: This story is a sequel to an earlier submission I wrote, “My Girlfriend’s Rival”. Although it can mostly be read on its own, the characters, their motivations, and past actions are all tied in with the first story. For full effect, I would recommend reading the other story first, but of course it’s your choice!

I hope this sequel is both true enough to the original as well as different enough to warrant being written. I hope you enjoy it; comments are always appreciated.

Synopsis: In the previous story, Monica (the temptress) had finally seduced the reluctant boyfriend to sleep with her. In doing so, she insinuated that she would attempt to do the same to his jealous girlfriend. This story picks up right where the last one leaves off (with the couple leaving the party), and takes place from the girlfriend’s point of view.


I was hanging off my boyfriend’s body as he clumsily tried to unlock the door to his apartment. I giggled, tickling his abs, trying to distract him and build up his anticipation. He tried to roll me off his arm and bat me away, laughing but anxious to get inside. I knew my man, and my man was horny. But so was I. My body was on a high from the party… and that probably surprised me more than it did him!

We didn’t talk much on the way home from the bash. It was obvious his mind was reeling, but he was nervous. I knew exactly what he was thinking. I had been talking with her. I had been dancing with her. And then we kissed! The one girl on the planet that I hate and suddenly he sees me all over her. He must have been dying to talk to me about it… but he was too scared to even mention her name for fear of me turning into a bitch. Like I would’ve known what to say anyway…

The door finally opened and we crashed straight through to the bedroom. He pushed me onto the bed. I mean, he pushed me. I gave him an incredulous look but I couldn’t wipe the excited smile off my face. He’s almost never rough with me. I really stirred up the animal in him tonight. He kicked off his shoes and yanked his shirt off in one quick motion. My heartbeat quickened knowing I was going to be frisky with him tonight.

I wasn’t making any move to undress myself. I lazily watched him from the bed and saw a cloud of irritation in his eyes. He wanted to fuck now and didn’t want to bother with stripping the both of us. Like I care; let him work for it! I dangled my feet over the side of the bed and he grabbed them, reluctantly pulling my shoes off.

My hands lay stretched above my head and I smiled cutely at him. I admit I was still buzzing from the drinks I had at the party. He started to undo my pants and jerk them down my hips. They were tight, but he wasn’t showing me any patience. I lifted my butt to help a little and he tore them down along with my panties. The cool air mixed with the hot feeling between my thighs and I shivered a little bit in anticipation.

Stepping back, he looked hungrily at my legs and eagerly threw his own pants off. He was standing naked before me now, and I cooed at his hard-on. It was already wet at the top! And I could see it move with each heartbeat. God, he wanted me, and I loved it.

He practically jumped on top of me when getting on the bed. I was surprised he didn’t even care about taking off my shirt. He pressed his body against mine, dragging his erection across my skin, desperate to get inside of me. I coyly turned away from him and onto my side. Work for it! I don’t know why I was feeling so naughty. I hadn’t been thinking clearly at all that night…

“You’re being bad,” he growled.

“No! I’m a good girl,” I pouted back. He dug his fingers into my skin, pushing his hips against my ass.

“Don’t play naïve with me,” he responded flatly. His face moved up to my neck and I felt his breath on my skin as he leaned close.

“I’m not playing anything,” I replied.

He gave a noncommittal grunt and ran one of his hands up along my stomach, under my shirt. I wiggled my butt a little bit to put some friction on him, and he instinctively clutched his fingers into my skin. I gasped at the sudden reaction and rolled my body over to the other side so that I could face him.

Running one hand down his chest and stopping just short at his pubic hair, I purred at him, “What has got you all worked up?” In a way, I almost regretted it as soon as I asked. Of course, he was probably thinking about her.

His eyes glared into mine with a combination of irritation and lust. I saw his jaw tense up slightly, and then felt his hand run down between my legs. Suddenly I felt embarrassed, and I tried to squeeze them together to stop him, but it was too late. His fingers brushed against me Trabzon Escort and he knew how hot I was.

A cocky grin broke on his face. “Maybe I should be asking you that…”

I didn’t want him to start getting talkative. Well, I didn’t want him to talk about her. I leaned in and surprised him with a kiss on the mouth. It was a short one; he was startled. But he dove in right away for another one, a longer one. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the passionate embrace.

As we made out, I saw images of the party in my mind. At first I imagined my boyfriend and how bad I needed him inside me. I briefly recalled us dancing, but to my dismay the thought of him turned into Monica. My body pushed into his as I visualized her body rubbing against mine on the dance floor. Why am I thinking of her? I was so shocked to discover her moving near me as the music played on. I was even more amazed that I went along with it. I could barely talk to her… let alone dance?

My heart started to race as I fantasized just then. I kissed him harder, consciously trying to focus on him instead of the nagging image of her. I broke away from his lips and started to move down his jaw line and to his neck. He loves it when I kiss and lick him there. As I did so, I breathed in and realized I could smell Monica’s perfume mixed in with his own familiar scent.

I reflexively put my hand on his chest and pushed him away. “Her perfume is on you!” I cried, almost as confused as I was pissed.

A brief flicker of panic passed over his eyes, but it was quickly replaced by an inflamed stare. “What?!” he blurted out.

“I can smell it on your neck!”

“What are you talking about?!”

Like I was going to fall for his playing dumb. “Oh give me a break!”

“You’re smelling yourself!” he accused. “You were all over her before we left!”

I squinted my eyes in skepticism. Wait, was he telling the truth? I lashed out anyway, “See, you know exactly who I’m talking about!”

“Who the fuck else would you talk about! It’s always her with you!”

“Yeah, well what else am I supposed to think when you’re always drooling over her?”

He rolled his eyes in exacerbated disgust. He always does that when he doesn’t have a comeback.

“See?” I pressed on, “You don’t even deny it!”

Images of him and her making out in some back room at the party flashed through my head. I couldn’t believe I was actually getting along with her tonight, that bitch! I felt a pit in my stomach grow; my anger was mingling in with my lust. In my agitation, my head started to spin a little bit from the alcohol that was still fresh in my system.

“You didn’t seem to mind her right before we left,” he snarled.

I scoffed reflexively. My eyes traced down his body and I could see he was still erect. “Yeah, well I can tell you sure didn’t mind!”

He sat upright, jerking his body up quickly. “Wanna explain why you’re still wet after making out with her?” He was towering over me, and he said it so condescending.

I felt a rush of mortification as I realized he was right. Well, maybe he was… Why am I still turned on? I didn’t know how to respond to him. “Asshole…” I breathed out desperately.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought!” he muttered victoriously. There was this wild look on him as he leaned over me. He looked so powerful right then; maybe because I felt defeated in the argument. God, I was just so confused. I’m supposed to be pissed off, but I still felt all this nervous energy bouncing between my stomach and legs.

He moved over to straddle me, pushing my legs apart with his knees as he moved his body over mine. I just let him do it… The part of me that wanted to fuck was overriding my emotions. He was still so hard; I was almost nervous that he was going to be too rough with me. But I got to admit, I wanted it. As frenzied as I was, my body was taking control.

Before I knew it, he had easily slid inside of me. For a moment, all thoughts cleared as my sexual instincts took over. My hands instinctively grabbed onto his ass so I could steer his thrusts to meet my pleasure. I had shut my eyes and tried to focus on just the sex and how it felt. But despite myself, I kept seeing images of Monica.

I couldn’t believe I danced with her. It was the alcohol… I kept trying to tell myself that. I didn’t like it. Well, I did but… why? Maybe because I knew it would turn on my boyfriend to see me with a girl… I didn’t want him thinking about her though!

I tried to push it out of my head. I opened my eyes and realized he had his face turned away from me, pressed into the pillow. Was he thinking about her? I pushed him into me further, shuddering. Fucking asshole, can he ever stop thinking about her? I felt my face turn red. Can I even stop thinking about her?

Suddenly Escort Trabzon a thought popped into my mind; he couldn’t have fucked her… Abruptly and without thinking, I heard words tumbling out of my own mouth.

“I- I know you didn’t- uh- make out with- with her, baby…” I shocked myself when I said it. Was I apologizing?

His hips jerked from the sound of my voice, but he tried to regain the rhythm. “I know I- I didn’t,” he grunted.

“Wanna know- mm- know why?” I offered.

I could tell his body tensed up; whether from being nervous or excited, I wasn’t sure. He turned his head to look at me, perplexed.

“H-huh?” he stuttered.

I don’t know what came over me. “She’s… She’s too- too hot to have just a taste…” I felt electricity run through me as I said it, barely believing it was me. “There’s- ah- there’s no way that you- that you could resist her…”

His mouth hung open as I talked. There was this completely dumb-struck look on his face. His breathing became ragged. He was scared, but he was turned on. Now I had the power again. Feeling the control sent a rush through me and spurred me on.

“Yeah- Any guy would- ah- break down… They’d have to- have to fuck her… She’s- ohh… Too hot to- to resist…” I continued to moan. He kept slowing his thrusts down, almost to a complete stop. I knew he was desperately trying to regain composure, but he was losing control. That just encouraged me even more; I love it when he’s on the edge. It made me close too. The more I cried out that twisted reasoning, the hotter my body flushed closer and closer to exploding.

“And if you… If you fucked her- mmm- You couldn’t get- get this hard again already…” I closed my eyes, giving in to imagining her body. In my mind she was riding some faceless boy, making him cry out in ecstasy. “She’s got- ah! Got to be such an- an amazing f-fuck! You would- you would be exhausted if she had you…”

I heard his voice crack, ‘Oh god!’ at my last comment. Immediately I felt my body tingling and I knew I was going to come hard. I thrust my hips into him as far as I could, shoving him deep inside me. His body was trembling over mine. I knew he was holding it back, but he could only last like that a couple seconds at most.

“Ah! She would- fuck! Make you come so hard! You- you- ohh! You wouldn’t h-have any left, would you!”

His hips bucked against me as he started coming. I kept my hands on his butt and made sure he stayed deep inside of me as I rode his orgasm. I felt so exhilarated… My own body was quaking as I felt him spasm each time cum shot out of him.

“Yeah baby, so hot! God- oh- fuck me! C-come!” My own climax swept over me as I gave way to senseless moaning. My mind was a flurry of sexual images; all of them including Monica in some way. I felt confused and ashamed for thinking about her, but it was so intoxicating! Maybe I was just taking out all my aggressions that I held for her…

In my imagination, I was crying out her name. I bit my lip so I didn’t blurt it out loud. I didn’t want him hearing me: Monica, you slut. I hate you; so fucking hot… I realized I was still dragging my body along my boyfriend’s cock, enjoying the aftershocks of more tiny orgasms. To his credit, he diligently thrust himself in as deep as he could go, maintaining his erection even after he finished coming. I couldn’t believe I was still fucking him so frantically.

When I was finished, he lazily rolled his body off of mine, breathing hard and relaxing back on the sheets. I slipped away into the bathroom to clean myself off and let out a deep sigh of satisfaction. Still feeling the tingles of my release, I realized I didn’t really feel buzzed anymore. I was confused by my own actions and amazed at my own sudden behavior.

What had I gotten off on? Talking about Monica? Riling up my boyfriend? I know he got off on me talking about her. Bastard. I felt a pang of jealous anger but I couldn’t hold onto it, knowing that it was my fault; I had brought it up… Brought her up. Besides, I liked it too… I don’t know why. Maybe because it was forbidden? Who cares, as long as he didn’t try to talk about it. I decided I’d attribute it all to the alcohol and try to make him forget about the whole thing. Or at least, forget about any ideas of mentioning it to me.

I slinked back into the bedroom and noticed right away that he had this weird smirk on his face.

“That was… interesting,” he tentatively said.

I nonchalantly turned away from him and found my panties on the floor. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said indifferently.

“Hmm,” he mused, clearly unconvinced. I knew he wasn’t going to push the matter for fear of pissing me off. I tried not to think about it myself. I didn’t need to dwell on the fact that I just let him get off Trabzon Escort Bayan to thinking about that slut.


Since that day, the dynamic at my job started to change. I was working an earlier shift the following week and hadn’t seen Monica yet. While I was dreading her arrival for the normal reasons, part of me was now just nervous because I had no idea how to react around her due to our behavior at the party. My heart jumped in my throat when she finally came in, cheering hello to everyone, bubbly as always. I tried to avoid making eye contact with her, but she walked in front of me and pulled my gaze up to her. She smiled innocently and waved hello.

Thankfully my boyfriend wasn’t working that day, so it wasn’t too awkward. At least, not at first. But for whatever reason, Monica decided that she was going to chat me up the entire time. She didn’t bring up the party though, thankfully. I have no idea how I would have explained it… Maybe blaming the booze, but I didn’t want to sound like a drunk! I wondered if she was embarrassed too.

Luckily we just talked about everyday things: clothes, classes, whatever. After awhile I found myself dropping my guard and actually enjoying her company. She wasn’t so bad when she wasn’t trying to flirt with my guy. I guess I could see why I was receptive to her at the party…

As it turned out, my boyfriend barely took any shifts that week. I thought it was weird, but he said he was swamped with work from his classes. So I found myself working side-by-side with Monica even more. In a weird way, part of me started to like hanging out with her. At first I was just polite to her, but without the pressure of her competing for attention, I found myself relaxing. Before I knew it, the two of us were regularly chatting and giggling together.

I began to look at her in a new light. Maybe she wasn’t a conniving bitch. She was just naturally flirtatious with everyone; even me. It didn’t mean she was trying to seduce each person that she talked to! I started to feel bad for being so cold to her all of the time. She was so easy to get along with after all…

What was weird was that she didn’t talk about boys or sex very much. Maybe that helped me get along with her. I guess I was afraid she’d brag about how easy she made guys melt. I knew she could get anyone she wanted; she was just so pretty. Everything she wore fit perfectly. Her body was so amazing, so hot. I was envious. Sometimes I fantasized what it must be like to be her. I would be able to charm anybody, make every boy hard and every girl jealous.

I even found myself wondering how much she got around. Did she have a lot of one-night stands? I had some kind of warped curiosity about it; I just assumed she had to be a sexpot. But there was no way that I was going to be the one to bring up sex with her. I don’t know, I guess I just felt nervous or shy about it. I didn’t want her to think I was weird! But she has got to be an amazing lay. If only I could hear about it, maybe even learn a new trick or two…

Anyway like I said, with her, there was just always this innocent flirtatiousness. One day she had to go down to the storeroom to bring back some extra glassware. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the hall to help her… and she didn’t let go. Our fingers interlocked as she skipped down the hall, pulling me with her like we were a couple of young girls. I knew it was nothing, but there was an odd tension about her taking charge of me like that. Part of me thought she was being ridiculous and immature, but another part of me appreciated her cute affection too.

Another time one of our co-workers called in sick at the last minute and I had to come in to cover for her on one of my days off. When I entered, Monica saw me and immediately squealed in delight, rushing over and playfully hugging me in surprise. With her body pressed up against mine, I couldn’t help but be reminded of our dance together. I hugged her back to play along, but I suddenly felt awkward as I breathed in her perfume and was immediately reminded of sex.

I realized I had started checking her body out more and more too. What I used to do out of jealousy I was now doing in admiration. She looked so feminine. I was watching her preparing some hors d’oeuvres and she was bouncing her body a little to some tune she was humming. Her cute ass shook and her breasts jiggled in her tight shirt.

I started to daydream some, wondering what it would be like to feel her chest. She’s so lucky; every guy loves big boobs on a small girl. I speculated if she liked to have them fondled, or to have her nipples sucked. My body started to feel warm as I pictured her topless, offering her tits out to someone to kiss while she smiled seductively. What was I thinking?

Abruptly I snapped my eyes up from her chest to realize she was looking right at me, with a quirky little expression on her face. My face started to blush and I felt really antsy. Oh my god, she knew I was staring at her breasts! I panicked and quickly turned around, pretending to busy myself with something. I was so embarrassed.

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