My Husband/Pimp Pt. 01

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(This story is written by Judi as a fantasy; What if she stayed! I am a wild curvy blue eyed blond living my life much different than the norm!)

My straight sexy husband Mike and I were ramping up our love life until I found out I made a big mistake and was tempted to leave taking time off to solve the problem. On the day of his 30th birthday I gave him one hell of a blow job and and intense birthday spanking for his present. I took him out for a great dinner and gave him a hot fuck before we went to sleep and then the next day I told him when he got home from work we had to have a heart-to-heart talk.

That night after dinner I took him into the shower and we both had an erotic time French kissing and fingering each other’s orifices getting quite horny. I pulled him out of the shower by his huge erection promising that after our talk he would get one hell of a fuck. We sat on the bed facing each other and I told Mike that I had been going to counseling and the lady suggested that I get divorced. I confessed that the guy I was living with before found out that I was having a lesbian affair on the side and he didn’t want me anymore. The divorce was still not final when I decided to marry Mike and move in so theoretically I was guilty of bigamy. I was also seeing my lesbian girlfriend behind Mike’s back.

Being a forgiving person Mike didn’t understand right away why I came back to him. I confessed I needed a normal life facade to hide my life. Yes, I really did love him and knew that eventually I would tell the truth and Mike would except it. I had another bombshell so I decided to confess it watching Mike’s face to see his expression. I confessed that I had to resort to hooking to pay off some big debts that I accrued during the last marriage. I told Mike there was no way I would make him pay my bills and I was more than willing to sacrifice my pussy to pay my own debts. Mike didn’t look mad or angry and I asked what he was thinking.

Mike: I was happy that this time when you came back to me you never lied and you never tried stealing from me. By the way you make love I could tell you’ve had lots of experience and I suspected that you had been a hooker. By the way you chose to have your pussy eaten over intercourse I also suspected you to be at least bisexual or lesbian. If we are going to stay together our life will have to change and hopefully for the better. I don’t have a problem with you hooking but from now on I’m going to be your “pimp” manager. You will be ruled with a heavy hand getting your sexy ass strapped until all your debts are paid. You have to report to me honestly every John and give me all the money to deposit so we can pay your bills. You will introduce me to your lesbian girlfriend and participate in your lovemaking in our home and possibly with me. I will request lovemaking sessions paid for out of your own earnings and you voluntarily do whatever you do to your clients for me.


In tears begging forgiveness said that being a professional I’m definitely not embarrassed I’m just sad I got caught. Truthfully I don’t like the idea of handing over all my money and I’m sure we can come up with a compromise. I make enough money hooking we need to get out of this apartment and rent a four bedroom house and make one of the bedrooms with a bath my bordello. I welcome the fact that you want to be my manager and my disciplinarian. My lesbian girlfriend Denise even suggested telling you about our relationship and suggested the three of us start playing together.

Call in sick tomorrow and we will give you a time of your life. when I lived in New York my pimp gave me a whipping every Monday when I reported my earnings then he fucked my ass. I think that’s an appropriate way to treat me being a manager.


Grabbing my erection I told Judy that I think it would be appropriate to not only whip her ass but fuck it right now. Remember you gave me one hell of a butt whipping yesterday so now it’s your turn. Pulling Judy over my lap she was already wiggling and whimpering wondering what kind of spanking she’s going to get. Holding Judy down I told her that I have one more request our upstairs neighbors were sexy swingers and it was about time we join their group. Judy looked back at me telling me maybe she would get more clients, telling me to give it to her good.

I started rubbing her sexy ass telling her I was actually looking forward to spanking it thinking I would never get the chance. Massaging her cheeks even harder I told her this spanking was not for revenge from yesterday’s spanking Truthfully I admitted to Judy that I really wanted to ask her if she would make me her slave. She looked back at me and told me well baby you’re the manager and all you have to do is ask. Judy giggled saying her last “pimp” enjoyed an occasional BDSM session. Confessing in New York she was trained by a professional dominatrix and got quite good at it. That turned me on so I raise my left hand and really let her have it giving her a good hundred Rize Escort hard slaps on her bare ass until it was on fire and she was in tears. Leaving her over my lap I told her we were going to play truth or dare and I was going to ask questions and if she didn’t tell me the truth she was going to get another spanking.

I asked her how much money she had stashed away and when was her next client? Teary-eyed she said she had 5000 cash and she had two appointments tonight. I gave her a hard swat on the ass and told her she lied because she had three clients and I would be the midnight special. I asked her how much she would charge me and she said $200 and I told her that would help pay for the rent. I asked her how much does she charge to get fucked in the ass and she told me $400 and I told her perfect.

I told her to save hotel fees she can do her tricks here and I would be her body guard. Judi made a call cancelled the hotel room telling me she needed complete privacy. Grabbing my neck she pulled my mouth into her crotch forcing me to eat her pussy to orgasm. While I was eating her she told me that she was looking forward for me to fuck her ass tonight but then she will give me another whipping domination style.

Judi cleaned up, dressed in sexy lingerie, fixed the sheets, and her client showed up at 8pm in a suit. He was young and good looking and I headed him up stairs. I could here some talking and laughing then things got serious. I tried not to get jealous fighting with my ego knowing that someday there would be a stop to this once she paid for all her bills. The guy was crying out as Judy sucked him hard, slipped on a condom, straddled his hips, and started fucking him squeezing his cock with her vagina making him come in less than 15 minutes. He came downstairs a little shaken up without his tie smiling and quickly left. Judy came down with his tie around her neck and gave me a kiss handing me $250. She told me that’s what it’s gonna cost me tonight so grabbed it back out of my hands.

At 9 pm a young student showed up and I sent him upstairs. I heard some small talk then Judi ordered him to strip. She fucked him on his back nice and slow until he came. The kid left smiling and Judi came down with another $250. Smiling she told me she was keeping it in payment for my turn. Grabbing me by the hand she led me upstairs taking me to shower first and make sure my anus was squeaky clean. In the shower all I could think about was I just hired my hooker wife to surprise me. I washed my anus fingered my prostate something Judi had taught me fantasizing about the pleasures Judi had in her kinky mind. My cock was so hard it was rarin’ to go.


I decide to add another dimension to fucking my husband. I gave him a fleet enema squirting the entire body of his ass then made him hold it for a few minutes before he went to discharged contents. He came back to the shower and I ordered him to clean his anus and push his fingers inside and make sure everything was squeaky clean with the mild soap I gave him. I’ve been chomping on the bit to fuck his ass for a long time and now it was coming to fruition. I was going to make sure he got everything he deserved. He wouldn’t get bragging rights for fuck in my ass keeping our secret quiet with his guy friends. I will get bragging rights with all my girlfriends proudly telling them how I fucked my husband ass off. Unlike most of the straight guys he knows he will be the first in the block to experience a woman fucking his ass.

My husband just blackmailed me into being my manager and taking all my money but I wasn’t in the business for a long time to get blackmailed out of all my money so I was definitely going to turn the tables on Mike and get him addicted to sex. I actually needed a manager and a bodyguard and he was a big strong man and after the first spanking I knew he could deal out discipline. I knew he was a loving person and not an abusive owner like guys in the past yet I was more than willing to let him learn to a certain extent how to control me. Mike was still sexually naïve and it would be up to me to get him fully trained especially fucking him with a strap on for the first time. Most of my managers were bisexual and sometimes sucked cock and took it in the ass from my clients so my plan was a train my husband into doing the very same thing.


The shower door opened and there was a sexy blond with a surprise black dildo tightly jutting our from her crotch connected to a black rubber harness. My anus tightened knowing what she had nastily planned. Her hand held a buttplug that she immediately pushed into my mouth as a gag. Judi started masturbating my cock with one hand and working lube into my anus with the other. Giggling she told me she promised to fuck me good. Judy promise that she wasn’t lying because tonight I was going to lose my anal cherry when she fucked my ass.

Judi had caught me several times reading adult magazines which included femdom BDSM scenes including Rize Escort Bayan strapon play. She threw them away but never forgot that I was jacking off to the strapon section. For me it was a fantasy and never thought my straight wife would ever fuck me with one even if I asked. Grabbing me by the balls squeezing until I cried out Judi told me she was sick and tired of hearing me whining about not having any sex so tonight I was going to find out what it’s like getting fucked. She popped the buttplug out of my mouth forced me to. turn around, bent me over then popped the buttplug painfully into my anus.

Turning me around Judi grabbed my stiff cock and started masturbating me ordering me to come all over her cock. Her dildo looked huge longer than with a wider girth with a huge mushroom head. Knowing I was looking at it in disbelief she assured me that being a pro she wasn’t going to let me out of the shower until she fucked my ass. She was doing things with her hand on my cock that was causing me to blow my wad. Holding her dildo straight out with one hand and squeezing my cock with the other I started squirting semen all over the entire shaft until it was completely covered with cum. I couldn’t even see the huge head of the dildo because it was covered in my sticky come. Judy ordered me to kneel guiding me with her freehand pushing down on my shoulder telling me she wanted a blow job demanding I start sucking her cock.

I had already gotten over the repulsion of eating come having been forced to go down on Judy after vaginal intercourse as she always demanded an orgasm whether be from my cock or my mouth. I hesitated and Judy pushed the back of my head lovingly nudging my mouth forward demanding in her sexy voice “suck it baby”. I opened my mouth then she slid the dildo inside giving a taste of a dildo coated with my own come. With a nasty giggle Judy told me to get used to it because she was going to turn me into a “real cocksucker”. Judy pushed the dildo all the way down my throat making my lips accumulate all the come on the shaft. Forcing me to hold my breath for a good 30 seconds she pulled the dildo out telling me to lick my come covered mustache and swallow it. It must’ve been quite a sight to see my lips completely covered with my own semen that I was forced to lick frantically swallowing while Judy watched with a big smile on her face. Thinking she was done I tried to get up but she forced me to stay down ordering me to open my mouth again and when I did she started fucking my face. She told me to keep a tight lip lock and suck as she drove the dildo in an out of my mouth. Judy reminded me that my mouth is a lot bigger than my asshole reminding me quite soon this huge cock is going to be sliding in and out of my virgin ass.


Making Mike suck my cock was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done especially when it was covered with his own semen. I don’t know how many times I sucked his cock and swallowed his come but now I was finally getting back giving him a taste of his own medicine. I didn’t want to do it for humiliation purposes or making him feel like I was demeaning him I actually wanted him to get addicted to sucking. I wanted his first time sucking my cock to be as realistic as possible getting a real taste of his own cum. Watching him suck and lick up his own cum made me fantasize about watching him suck a real cock and empty a guys balls. I knew I could successfully seduce him into being a good cock sucker for me..


That reminded me of the butt plug up my ass making me think she used some kind of a numbing agent on my anus to help me with the painful thrusting when she started fucking me. As Judy continued to fuck in my face she told me that sucking a dildo is not a homosexual act it’s something that my mistress demands. I knew my nasty lady had ulterior motives in mind which included having me suck a real cock. Fucking my face until my jaws ached Judy popped out the dildo telling me I did a good job sucking off my come. Pounding my nose with the head of the dildo she told me to take a good look at her cock because within a few minutes she was going to bury it in my virgin asshole. Ordering me to kiss the head she demanded that I verbally give her permission to fuck my ass. I kissed the head and gave it another suck then I looked up at Judy and told her I loved her and I wouldn’t want to get fucked in the ass by anyone else but her for my first time.

Judy told me that it was time for me to assume the position which is to bend over grab the bar in the shower arch my back pushing my butt up with my legs wide apart and stay that way for the entire fuck until she decides to stop. She made me examine the end of the dildo which was tightly pressed against her shaved pubic area right over her clitoris which would be constantly stimulated every time she plunged inside my ass. The dildo had a vibrating head and there was also a vibrator near the base stimulation for both of us. She told me she drained my cock for a reason Escort Rize because she wanted me to experience what it really feels like to get fucked without thinking about my erection. She giggled telling me I was going to find out right away that getting fucked in the ass I would have no need for my cock because she would be doing all the fucking. Giving me several hard slaps on the ass she told me to assume the position and get ready for an experience I’ll never forget.

Grabbing the bar in the shower I spread my legs and arched my back while I could feel Judy pulling the butt plug out of my ass. She ordered me to open my mouth and when I did she surprised me by pushing the butt plug back in my mouth using it for a gag telling me that should shut me up for a few minutes while she worked the dildo in my ass. I could hear her squirting more lubricant and masturbating it into her cock and quickly she was sliding the head up and down my crack teasing me before she found my anus. Ordering me to relax and press outward as if I was going to the bathroom, as soon as I did I felt the painful head pop in to my anus past my sphincter muscle opening me up for the first time. I bit down on the butt plug hard when she entered me trying to take it like a man.


I couldn’t believe my subby husband just freely volunteered to bend over for me and allow me to take his anal cherry. I actually talked my husband to even pay me to take away his manhood with one quick drive of my cock up his ass. This signaled me that a real cock will be soon be up his ass. His submissiveness tells me I can mold him to do my bidding no matter how kinky I get. Today was an eye opener for me.


Grabbing both my shoulders digging her nails into my bare flesh she gave a hard forward shift of her hips pushing the 8 inch dildo carefully all the way up my ass. I cried out into the buttplug and almost bit it in half as I felt Judy grinding away with her thighs against my ass cheeks squealing realizing that I was no longer a virgin. Rotating her hips to get me used to her cock Judy asked me if she could remove the butt plug from my mouth if I would stop bitching? I nodded yes, so she pulled it out of my mouth and told me to admit I was her bitch. Tearfully I told her I never thought my own wife would ever fuck my ass but I was definitely now her bitch. She continued grinding away explaining that unlike my own cock her cock never goes soft and can last as long as her energy in her body wants to fuck. Giggling she told me that she was really in the mood to fuck me for a long time. Slowly pulling the dildo out of my ass turning the vibrators on I could feel it giving me quite the stimulation and so did she. Judy gave me a nice slow fuck sliding the head back and forth massaging my prostate giving me pleasures I never had before other than with her fingers up my ass.


I sweet talked Mike through the fuck and he took to anal penetration like a duck to water. Calling him my “anal partner” in crime as I made him my official shemale lover. I told him with his magic mouth able to suck cock and his ass that enjoys my cock he makes the perfect lover. I slapped his cheeks hard promising him my cock will be knocking on his anus on a regular basis. I promised my new girlfriend this would be our secret. I also promised I was going to get him so addicted to anal sex he will forget about his own cock. I was going to fuck his ass off today and train his psyche that I wore the cock in the family. I knew exactly how to make Mike feel like he is boss yet I have him wrapped around my middle finger under my complete control. I promised myself I would have him swallowing his come and begging for my cock quite soon. I had clients drooling for a guy to suck their cock and fuck ass and Mike was my guy.


Once I got over the initial pain of rear entry I was actually responding like the lustful whore pushing back on the dildo begging her to fuck me harder. I was actually enjoying my coming out losing my virginity. I could hear Judy coming from the constant pounding into my ass stimulating her clitoris along with the vibrator. I estimated I got fucked for 15 minutes when Judy pulled free. Celebrating the loss of my virginity Judy gave me a swat on the ass and told me to get up and give her a big loving French kiss. Breaking the kiss Judy sucked my earlobe and whispered in my ear that she just opened up another avenue of sexual pleasure for me. She told me that soon I will be on my knees begging to get fucked in the ass it will be so pleasurable.


While in the shower I ordered Mike to kneel down. Before I turned on the water I told Mike looking up at me to open his mouth. He knelt wondering if I was going to make him suck my cock. Giving him a nasty smile saying he is an avid ass eater I ordered him to suck it. My nasty husband opened his mouth and started sucking my cock that had just been up his ass. I’ve done the same thing with a real cock from clients so it’s about time I make my husband learn what it’s like to get humiliated. I called Mike an obedient cocksucker stroking his hair for sucking and tasting his own ass juices. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and told him I was going to give him something to wash down the bad taste.

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