My Lovely Physics Miss

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I was riding my motor-cycle and was on my way to pay the Electricity Bill (about 4.5 kms from my house. On my way I passed my old school, and all my school day memories flashed by me. I remembered all my school friends, how I used to be a brat in school, never listen to my teachers, and always play and create a racket in between the school periods. When I remembered by Physics Miss (WOW, she was a bomb, 5’5” sexy n big boobs, good looking ass and a sexy walk, she would always wear a saree, with a low cut blouse, how I longed to see those sexy boobs – HOT was the only way describing her), all the school guys would give anything to just be with her. And I used to take tuitions along with 3 other students from my Physics Miss, she used to teach me all the science & math subjects, and I used to go to morning school spend my half my afternoons with my lovely Physics Miss (this was when I was in the 8th Std, after I came home I used to think of her and masturbate thinking of her almost daily (I am now 36 yrs old, now).

Well, I reached the Electricity Bill counter it was about 2.30 pm in the afternoon and there was a big queue. I looked around to see if I could any familiar, faces no one. After about 10 min in the queue I happened to turn around to check how big the queue had become, and I saw my Physics Miss standing in the queue about 7 – 8 people behind me. I told the man in front of me to please keep my place and went up to my Physics Miss and greeted (she did recognize me after all these years) her and offered to pay her electricity bill. She gave me her electricity bill and cash I went ahead and paid our bills and offered to give her a lift home. She agreed. We reached her place, it looked different freshly painted, furniture changed, a good music system and a big sofa.

My Physics Miss opened the door with her keys, no one at home, all are gone for a marriage ceremony and would be back by 7 pm (I though to myself – good opportunity). My Physics Miss asked about me, I told her that I am married, and working for a Int’l firm doing sales. She was impressed, I then asked about her life, she told me Sakarya Escort that she was married to a man and he works in Dubai (comes home only 2 times in a year for about 15 days). I just thought to myself what a waste, such a beautiful body and to be touched only twice in a year. She asked me if I would have some tea or coffee, I suggested coffee as it was easier and faster to make. I followed her into the kitchen, talking about the old days. As she bent down near the refrigerator to take out the milk, I could see those beautiful breast through the see through saree and the shape of her beautiful ass (she caught be noticing, but said nothing), there was no change in her figure I noticed she just looked sexy n beautiful just the same during the school days. She made two cups of coffee and we went into hall room. I was getting a hard-on just by watching my Physics Miss (which I still was calling her) move around the house. When suddenly she got up and said she is going to change in the bedroom. She left me alone.

I being alone in the room, walked to the music system (I love music – any type) and checked out the music collection on the table. I came across some oldies from the 70’s and switched on the music system and started playing the music. Just then my Physics Miss came out of the bedroom in a sleeveless nightdress that covered her whole body (Boy – I was disappointed, but not ready to give up this easy). I asked her about her tuitions – just checking if anybody was going to drop in. She said no tuitions today as there was some function going on in the school (Lucky ME).

It must be the music n coffee that got to me. And I asked my Physics Miss if she would dance with me. She looked surprised and agreed. I took her hands in mine and moved her around and then moved in closer until our bodies were in almost in full contact. Her big breasts were pressed against my lower chest and her hips pressed close against mine as we moved to the music. It was incredible. Dancing with my Physics Miss. She loved it to. She had a big smile on her lips and I could see her squeezing Sakarya Escort Bayan her eyes shut and sighing as we danced together.

Soon a slower number came on. I boldly put my Physics Miss hands around my neck and circled my arms around her waist and we slowly pressed our bodies together tighter. I could feel the top of her crotch against my now thickened cock. She leaned her head on my shoulder and her tits rose and fell against my chest with her quick, deep breaths. She closed her eyes facing towards me, I gathered some courage and kissed her on her lips, she responded by hugging me and running both her hands through my hair. I lost control and started pressing her breast through the nightdress fabric with one hand and my other hand started feeling her ass and I started kissing her near her ears and down below near her neck. She later caught my hand and pulled me to the bedroom.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pinned me down on the bed onto her lips. Her tongue burst into my mouth and I thrust mine into hers. I felt her teeth on my lips as she opened her mouth wide to eat my tongue. I plunged my tongue deeper and deeper into her mouth as I wrapped my arms around her back. We kissed passionately and furiously as the music played around us. Finally, we broke our kiss and pulled her head back with a huge gasp. She was panting.

She asked me to call her by her name – Neela or Neelu. All the while we were hugging. Now I removed her nightdress and put it aside and started caressing her boobs. She was wearing a tight sexy black bra holding her boobs which were waiting to come out. Then taking a little courage I undid her bra strap and removed the bra. She was very beautiful topless. Then she made me remove my shirt. Now she had just her sexy white panty on. Then slowly I pulled her panties down. Now she was fully nude before me. She told me I was the first male seeing her totally nude after her husband. She then made me remove my pant and underwear and made me nude. Now both of us were nude.

Then I laid myself over her sucking and caressing Escort Sakarya her boobs while she was caressing my cock. We were kissing each other with our tongues. By now my pole was real hard. Her nipples were getting hard.

Then I took one boob in one hand and the other inside my mouth started sucking it while crushing the other. Her tits began to harden as I sucked them and chewed them. Then I changed boobs and started sucking the other while crushing the already sucked boob. All the time she was moaning. She told me to move down. Now I move down and started with her belly button and then moved a little to reach her pussy. It was so cute. I nibbled at it a little and then ate her pussy. She started cumming profusely and started saying “Please make love to me now. Don’t tease me anymore”.

I slowly moved my body around and between her legs which she immediately wrapped around my body. My hard dick found the opening to her wet, hot pussy and very slowly I moved it across her slit, up and down the wet lips of this beautiful cunt, and then slowly let the big head of my thick, long dick enter her vagina. I moved it gently in and out, an inch at a time, while whispering in her ear just how beautiful she was. She pressed hard up against me, letting the entire length of my shaft fill her waiting pussy.

Beginning very slowly, I slid in and out, giving her the full feeling my cock, then increasing the speed a little at a time. I let the tip of my dick press inside her vagina going deeper with each stroke, hitting her “g-spot”. She began to shiver and I felt the contractions of her orgasm. Floods of vaginal fluids surrounded my cock making it even hotter, and slicker than ever.

“Miss, I love you!” I whispered in her ear. “I love you too,” she replied.

We continued to make love for almost an hour, she reaching a climax multiple times. As I reached my climax, I remained inside her while I gently kissed her lips. Soon, my dick began to grow inside that and this time we fucked again as if there was not tomorrow.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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