My Minister’s Wife

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I am old enough to be receiving Social Security, and she is some twenty years younger than I but still a very attractive woman. I have been attracted to her for several years now and I’ve always felt that she did not find me unattractive. We have flirted on occasion, but I never felt that I could do anything about this attraction because she is my minister’s wife. That all changed one afternoon when we were alone in the church. We were standing quite close to each other and I put my arm around her and drew her close and was about to kiss her when she said “No, no, it’s not right” and gently pushed me away. I was disappointed, but noticed that the gleam in her eye did not support her words.

She leaned a bit closer and whispered, “Why don’t we masturbate for each other?”

What? Did she really mean this? She started to massage her breasts which made me think that she was serious.

“Well — yes or no?” she questioned.

I started to reach to help her unbutton her blouse, but she pushed my escort bayan adıyaman hand away. “No, no touching.” I watched as she opened her blouse, pulled down one side of her bra and began to softly massage her nipple. My penis began to harden as I saw, for the first time, what I had thought about many times; I wanted to reach down and kiss her nipple. Then I remembered that was a no-no.

“Well, what about you?” she asked.

She watched me closely as I unzipped my fly and reached into my boxers to pull out my half-hard cock. Was I really doing this?

“Nice. Why don’t you stroke it for me?” I began to gently massage it into full bloom. She sat down on a pew and pulled her skirt up to her waist. She had on a slip and a pair of light blue panties. She began to stroke herself on the outside of her panties and I could tell that she was warming up. She looked softly into my eyes and had an inquisitive look on her face. I knew she was wondering what escort baya nakkent my reaction would be watching her play with herself. Was she doing this because she liked me, or was she just horny and needed to get off?

Soon she stood up, dropped her panties to the floor and sat down again on the pew and spread her legs. I had a complete view of her gorgeous pussy. She began to manipulate with her fingers the most sensitive spot just above her slit and moaned softly as she inserted a finger into herself. Watching her turning herself on really turned me on. I stopped worrying about this whole scenario and concentrated on the increasing pressure in my groin. Meanwhile, she had pulled down the other side of her bra so that I now had a clear view of both of her very pretty breasts with their stiffened nipples. I really wanted to lean over and massage her full breasts, but knew that would be unacceptable behavior and would decrease rather than increase her escort gaziantep anal yapan bayan pleasure. As her fingers moved more and more quickly stroking her clitoris I realized that she was probably getting close to a climax.

“You are so beautiful … please come”, I whispered. She began to writhe a bit and then her whole body shuddered, and she let out a complete, very audible sigh, I noticed that her hand was quite moist with love juices.

“Oh, oh …, that was so good” she muttered softly.

She took a minute or so to calm down. Keeping her hand in her crotch she looked at me, “Now, it’s your turn”.

I didn’t need any encouragement. I increased the frequency of my strokes. Any questions I had about this whole situation completely left my mind and I concentrated totally on relieving the pressure that had built up. She watched very carefully at close range and before long I had to reach into my pants pocket to get a handkerchief with which to catch my jizz.

“Shoot for me”, she exclaimed as I caught the come in my handkerchief.

I wiped myself carefully before putting myself back in order. She stood and pulled up her panties and straightened out her slip and skirt. As we stood there looking at each other, I didn’t know what to say. But then she spoke softly.

“There’s nothing wrong with what we just did — nothing at all.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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