My Secret Lover Ch. 04

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The blinds of his window were drawn up and he opened his window in his usual routine. I had been for my early morning run and had taken my shower. I had had a somewhat restless night after the excitement the previous day, my mind reliving the events at the beach. I had managed to get to sleep alone with a pillow placed between my thighs and squeezing it tight. Being so intimate outdoors really had excited me. My fleeting thoughts imagined us laying on the beach alone in the nude, in the forest in the nude and on the grass in the nude; we hugged and caressed each other’s bodies feeling so free and oblivious of anything going on about me … it was a dream and my private thoughts and … well anything goes!

As I held the pillow between my thighs, my hand reached down and I gently massaged my clit with my fingers, prolonging the excitement for as long as I could, giving myself little orgasms before finally falling asleep thinking of my secret lover beside me.

And so the new day broke; throughout my jog I was thinking of him and wondered what next and when and where; these thoughts excited me and I could wait to see him again. He stood at the window and glanced to my bedroom window. I called him from my cell phone and he answered.

“Good morning. How do you feel? Did you sleep well? Thanks so much for yesterday, it was lovely for me and I really hope you loved what we did together.”

I had opened the window earlier and drawn the curtains. The window was not large and I felt sure he could see me. I told him how I felt and how much I had enjoyed yesterday as I moved to sit on the end of my bed so that we could see each other. I was wearing a robe, concealing my panties, but nothing else.

“I woke up early and have already been on my run and finished my shower.” I said.

“Mmmm are you wearing panties now?” he asked.

“Light green today.”

“Can I see them please?” He seemed always to be polite and this was part of what attracted him to me.

I stood up and opened my robe, revealing my small light green panties. I could feel my pussy getting wetter with excitement … it was, and I loved it as much as it was daring. I stepped further into the room and opened up my robe to bare my breasts too.

“Oh, beautiful and so sexy too. Oh, what a wonderful way to start a day… again! I wish I could kiss your sexy panties and your body, of course. I love panties and I love your panties. I’d love to see more.”

“Patience,” I teased. “You will, but not today.”

And this was our routine almost every morning that he appeared at his window. I loved to pose for him showing off my collection of panties, both and new and he seemed to love them all, the sexy ones and the not so sexy ones. I got to know of his favorites; he liked the small pale colored panties and didn’t particularly like the black and darker colors. I inquired about his and told him that I rather liked red briefs on men … and he had a couple of pairs which he rarely wore.

Some days, we would meet at the car park after work where we’d kiss and fondle each other. My night-time fantasies included me feeling and fondling his dick, kissing it and taking into my mouth. I loved the feeling of it as escort antep I explored its shape with my tongue. I couldn’t help myself from giving him a blow-job during those furtive moments in the car. He’d loosen his jeans and belt giving me full access to feel his balls and explore the shape of his dick with my fingers too. As I had mentioned, he was not over-sized but bigger than my husband, with an up-turned curve. It really felt firm and smooth and it was lovely to see him physically respond to my touch.

I would try to spread my knees to allow his hands and fingers to touch my pussy. I’d always wear small but flimsy panties for him but I never felt satisfied – there was simply no space in the car. It was exciting at first but there was often not enough time to venture to the beach again. We both needed to satisfy each other, but where?

I told him when my husband was in town and phone calls between us stopped for a few days during that time. I learned that my husband loved my bald pussy too and making love to him took on a new energy but in the solitary moments which he slept beside me, my thoughts always drifted to my secret lover.

Then, suddenly, after my husband left town again, whilst I was at work, I received a telephone message, a SMS saying, “Do you like this one?” with a close-up picture of my lover wearing a small-ish pair of red briefs that could hardly contain his dick. For a moment I sat there in my office initially shocked and somewhat surprised but I could not take my eyes of the little picture on my cell phone. My mind raced – it had never dawned on me that such was possible. It was completely anonymous, except for the telephone number and after a short while, I called him to say that I liked it the picture.

“Do you have any more?” I asked.

“Of course, but only one – I’ll send it to you in a minute. How about you? Can you take one for me now please?” I was in my office, but I was alone. I thought I could and told him so.

“I missed you this morning, what color panties are you wearing today?”

“You’ll have to wait an see, OK? Can I see you after work?”

We agreed to meet in the car park – I had plans of taking my very own little picturesque souvenir!

I was sat at my desk in the empty office and lifted my skirt and took a number of pictures with my cell phone, experimenting with positions and angles to get a picture with which I was satisfied. I selected two or three and deleted the rest and sent one off. During this picture taking session, I received his second photograph – he was nude and his dick was plain to see in the close-up photograph. It was not fully erect but I was delighted and I wanted to be close to it, to feel it. I sent him two close-up pictures of me in my panties sat at my desk in the office.

As we had arranged, we met at the car park and compared pictures and revealed what each would like to see. Of course we kissed and cuddled too and it was not long before I was reaching for his dick – I wanted it, I wanted to kiss it and make him come. He took a couple of pictures of me giving him head, the quality of which left something to be desired in the cramped confines of the car. escort araban But I was pleased and he sent them to me. From then onwards we exchanged pictures once a day each trying to take pictures in keeping with each other’s requests. He would copy the pictures I’d send to him and he’d send them back to me by e-mail as well as sending his photographs again so that I could store them in my private memory space. We became more and more adventurous with our photos particularly when we missed seeing each other in the mornings.

I had been introduced into this clandestine activity by my lover and I was certainly turned on and aroused. I looked forward to his pictures and I know he felt the same – it pleased me that I was pleasing him – I was excited by this new experience and the exposure I was getting courtesy of this man to some lovely and exciting sexual stimuli. It was something I had never dreamed possible and they had become a source of many of my imaginings when I was alone in my bed at night.

Where could we explore each other’s bodies in a more intimate setting? I was beginning to get frustrated at not being able to find more intimate times to spend with him and being admittedly somewhat naïve to this situation and not knowing anywhere else, I suggested he visit my office one Saturday lunchtime, when I would be alone. He agreed and I made what preparation I could and as the time approached I was getting more and more excited. I wore a pair of small sexy panties, the ones that I knew he liked which just covered my smooth pussy. I was wearing a skirt and blouse when I greeted him at the office door. As soon as the door closed and privacy was assured, we were in each other’s arms embracing passionately. We held each other tight and as our bodies pressed against each other, I could feel his excitement pressing against my pussy. Our tongues wrestled and he smelt gorgeous. I ran my hands up and down his back and started to un-tuck his shirt – I wanted to feel the bare skin of his back – it was smooth and not too muscular. Our lips parted a little breathlessly and I led him to the back office and neither of us could keep our hands off each other as I offered him a light drink. I sat on his lap awhile and I have forgotten what we talked about but all I do remember was that it didn’t last long.

He stroked my thigh with his hand sliding it up until he almost touched my panties – it felt so good, I wanted him to touch them. I had unbuttoned his shirt and was stroking his chest, searching out his nipples and loving every minute of his kisses and of caressing my thighs and back. I was hot for him; I spread my thighs encouraging him to feel my panties and my pussy which was wet with excitement. I fumbled with his belt and together we managed to remove his jeans and tossed them and his underpants to the chair. He stood there right in front of me, still wearing his unbuttoned cotton shirt with his stiff dick peeping from under it as we helped me step from my skirt. He dropped to his knees and caressed my thighs and pressed his mouth to my panties as I stood there enjoying this abandonment. His tongue played with my panties and pussy; his hands caressing my thighs. gaziantep arap escort bayan I pressed his head hard into my pussy and leaned back against the small conference table. I shifted back further on the cool table until I could lay down and spread my legs as wide as I could. I loved what this man was doing; he gently removed my panties from one leg and devoured my pussy. I could feel the warmth of his breath as his mouth closed around my smooth pussy; I could feel his tongue playing with my labia, then searching deeper, sucking and teasing, licking and withdrawing. I wanted this to go on forever. I felt myself climax and still he licked and probed, caressed and kissed and I was enjoying every minute of it. I came again and again, small ones this time but it was a divine feeling having him paying me so much attention in this way.

Then, slowly he got up and started to kiss my body up towards my navel then my stomach; he reached for my breasts and caressed them. I had unbuttoned by blouse but not yet removed my bra. I held his head in my hands, keeping it close to my body as he released by bra and began to kiss my now hardened nipples. He played with my nipples with his lips and then our lips met. His face was still a little wet but his tongue reached deep within my mouth – I was imagining the feeling of that same tongue with my pussy and I wanted more. We broke momentarily as he placed his dick against my wet pussy – it felt warm and firm as he pressed it hard against my lips. I wanted him, I wanted him inside me, I wanted him inside me now! He writhed his body allowing me to feel his dick against me all the time as he kissed and fondled my breasts. Was he teasing me? Gradually he slipped down only to cover my pussy with his mouth and suck, allowing is tongue to play with my pussy lips and clit. I could feel that the table was wet with my juices and just then I felt his finger enter my dripping pussy, then two fingers; they reached in and started to gently excite me from within, his tongue and lips still working my clit. I came again and again – this was more that I had expected. I just lay back and enjoyed every minute – my eyes closed and my hands caressing my breasts. I wanted to feel him inside of me and I wanted to satisfy him.

I felt his fingers slip from my pussy and with a long passionate kiss to my spent pussy he stood up, and with his hands spread my pussy wide open and I felt his dick slide easily within me. It felt big as it reached in deeper. Slowly, at first, he thrust his dick, in and out, in and out. I tried to squeeze to hold him tight with my lips but I felt a little weak, or perhaps I was too wet. Alas, it wasn’t long before he came. A few sudden thrusts and I knew it would soon be over for him. He held my straightened legs against him, hugging my knees with my ankles either side of his neck. He held still, eyes closed. I could feel his dick soften before it slid out. He bent over between my legs and planted a kiss on each nipple before resting his head on my shoulder. I hugged him tightly. This was going to be a lunch hour that I would not forget in a hurry.

Minutes passed before anything was said. We were simply enjoying the moment. This was the first time I had made love outside the walls of my bedroom and, with this man, it felt exceedingly good. He had already introduced me to a number of first-times for me and I wondered what else was in store. I was still young enough to enjoy and what a feeling I had! I didn’t want it to end and I looked to my next exposure to another little sexual first.

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