My Very First Time Pt. 03

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Saturday morning was here, I woke up at 9 am, hopped in the shower cleaned my balls and cock like there was no tomorrow wanting to smell my freshest when Kevin got here. After showering I dressed and cooked some breakfast, ate then cleaned the dishes and waited for him to show up.

Right at 1 pm the doorbell rang, opening the door I saw him there, his green eyes almost glistening in the sunshine as he said, “hi Rick you gonna ask me inside?”

“Oh yes please come in,” I said.

We went to the living room and sat on the couch, Kevin reached over to put his arm around me as I instantly put my head on his shoulder.

“I missed you,” Kevin said.

“I missed you too,” I said as I leaned into his face kissing his lips.

“What time do you have to leave?” I asked.

“I need to be back by 6:30, no later,” he answered.

“We have a lot of time then, what would you like to do?” I asked.

“Well since nobody is here can we go back to your bedroom?” Kevin asked.

Without answering I stood up, taking his hand I led him to my bedroom, we have been in here many times but this time felt much different. As we got to my bed we both sat down, Kevin pulled his shirt off the motioned for me to do the same. I took mine off my eyes only pulling away from Kevin’s bare chest for the moment it took to pull over my head.

Sitting there bare chested Kevin leaned in taking my nipple in his mouth sucking on it much like a baby would suckle his mother.

“Kevin that feels so good, where did this idea come from?” I asked.

“I spoke with Manuel at school he gave me a few more ideas,” he said.

“Just who is this Manuel and does he know my name?” I asked as I felt kind of weirded out thinking someone knows about us.

“He’s a gay friend at school, and no I didn’t tell him who you were, I told him about our first two times since he’s been out and gay for bahçeşehir escort a while he gave me a few things that might please you & I,” he answered.

Putting his mouth back to my nipple he pushed me back onto the bed so I was laying down. Slowly he started kissing me, lower and lower until he reached the top of my pants. Pausing he unzipped them, I raised my butt so he could easily pull them off. Laying there now naked except for my underwear Kevin started feeling my cock through the material rubbing his palm against it’s shaft. I was withering around at his touch when he suddenly pulled my ass in the air and took them off.

My cock now fully exposed, Kevin lowered his right hand and began gently stroking it. Spitting on his left middle finger he then raised my ass starting to play with my balls with his thumb while his wet middle finger began probing the outside of my asshole. I could feel my cock jump with every circle he made around my hole, I don’t know why but I pushed against it forcing the first joint inside me, Kevin maybe taking a hint pushed the rest in all at once. I felt a quick wave of pain that dissipated in an instant.

“Do you like this? When the pain goes away I’ll put a second one in,” he said.

“Yes it feels so good, different but good and the pain went away almost immediately,” I answered.

“Good, here we go,” he said as he slid his forefinger & middle finger both inside me.

I felt a stretch but no pain that caused my cock to jump as they entered inside me. Kevin must have noticed my cock being happy and lowered his mouth taking it inside.

“Oh god Kevin that feels so fucking good,” I whispered.

Kevin began ramming his fingers in & out as he kept time with his mouth pumping my cock inside it faster and faster. After about 10 minutes of this my cock exploded, no warning just exploding bakırköy escort cum so very much cum filling his mouth. First on stream then another then seven more explosions, I’ve never experienced that much cum shooting out almost painfully. Kevin being the guy he is took every last drop deep inside his belly.

“Did you like that? Manuel said he thought you might,” he said as he slid his mouth off my cock.

“You have to tell him it was wonderful, I almost feel like my body needs a nap,” I said.

“Wow did I wear you out?” he asked.

“No I am just a little winded, give me a few,” I said as my head lay on my pillow.

Kevin stood up and dropped his pants & underwear saying, “ok I’ll just lay here and wait,” as he lay naked, now the tow of us face to face, cock to cock.

After a few minutes I could feel his cock growing hard against mine, feeling it grow now touching my belly and still growing. Reaching down I grabbed it slowly rocking my hands against his shaft.

“Kevin, I think I want to have you in my mouth,” I said.

Kevin sat up before I finished speaking and said, “Yes please I would like that.

I knelt over him, I could see his huge cock pulsing as if asking no begging me to take it in my mouth. I opened my mouth and took him inside, after only a few inches were in his head kept hitting the roof of my mouth. Pulling it out I looked it over, although I have noticed an upward curve in it before I never did really see how much it went up. Thinking for a minute I spun around so his curve would now be facing down rather than up and took it in. Now able to get more inside I went further down his shaft until his tip slapped against my tonsils. Taking a breath I allowed it to enter my throat now I had almost 6″ inside as his huge cock stretched my throat when I gagged. Sliding it out a bit I waited başakşehir escort for the wave to pass and took him deeper inside when I opened my eyes I was against his pubic bone, all of him inside me now.

“Oh Rick that feels so good,” he said as I paused with his cock deep in my throat trying to take a breath.

My lungs now filled with air I began pumping my mouth on his cock, his cock jumping each time I pulled his cock out & then back into my throat. What seemed like only a minute or two his load started pouring down my throat, I pulled his cock out so the head was in my mouth letting each spurt touch my tongue so I could taste every last drop. When he stopped I licked his cock dry kissing the tip over and over again.

“God Rick that was so good, my cock inside your throat felt so good. How did it taste?” he said.

“You’re right you are a little saltier the me but I loved every drop of it,” I answered.

Looking at the clock I saw it was now a little past 3 and said, “What would you like to do now?”

“Hmm lets see if I can find a way to get yours inside my throat,” he said.

“Well to be honest I don’t know if 4 1/2″ is gonna make it, but I’m willing to give it a try,” I said.

Kevin took me in his mouth and pushed against my pubic bone, so hard that it actually hurt a bit. But you see that pain was worth it, I didn’t get deep inside but I could feel the head hitting his tonsils, barely but I felt it.

Kevin sucked my cock dry again, twice more as a matter of fact and I sucked his cock another time when it was finally time to leave I was disappointed I didn’t get to do it once more.

We dressed, Kevin checked himself in the mirror to make sure he didn’t look like he was having sex with me.

“Wait till I tell Manuel that my boyfriend gave me a blowjob,” Kevin said.

“Hmm boyfriend?” I asked.

“Well yeah aren’t we, sorry I just assumed,” he said.

“I guess you can call me your secret boyfriend. You know my parents will flip if they find out and I’m afraid to think of what yours will do,” I said.

We kissed for a while and as Kevin walked out the door he said, “see you boyfriend, love you.”

“Ok Kevin I’ll see you at the meeting,” I said.

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