Namaste Yoga Pt. 11

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Emmy brought her hands to her face to hide her embarrassment. She wasn’t ready to admit her relationship with Charlie and she certainly hadn’t wanted to be exposed so lewdly to Yogi Jacob. The humiliation only added to her arousal. Charlie pressed her lips against Emmy’s pussy, giving her a kiss before pulling back and up into a sitting position. “Not interrupting a thing.” Charlie’s voice was light and relaxed. “We were just loosening up.”

Emmy pushed her elbows down against the mat to help her sit up, trying to close her legs, but Charlie’s body was in the way. Her Mistress held out her hands and pulled her up to a seated position.

“You ready?” Charlie looked up at Jacob.

Emmy was completely off-balance at the dynamic. She didn’t know what Charlie’s and Jacob’s relationship was, but apparently being naked and having sex in front of him wasn’t a problem. A quick flash of jealously rushed through her, rapidly dissolving into curiosity and amusement. Jealousy?

“Ready?…For what?” Emmy looked at the two of them. She sat crosslegged, knowing her pussy was drooling onto the mat, trying not to call attention to it. She was so aroused and had been so close to cumming. She felt like her spine was thrumming.

“Here? Or in the office?” Jacob looked at the two of them.

Charlie shrugged and, coming to some internal decision, curled up onto her feet and nodded toward the office. Leaning down, she held out her hand to Emmy and helped her up.

At Emmy’s glance to her clothes, Charlie just shook her head slightly and kept her warm hand tight in Emmy’s. Emmy looked at their images as they walked through the studio: a brown-skinned lithe woman, holding hands with a small-featured pale-skinned woman, both naked, following an Indian man in a tunic. She noticed, just as he exited, a bulge growing at his waistline and saw herself licking her lips. You whore. But she only felt more aroused at the thought she had made him stiff, just by being naked. Or maybe having two naked women going down on each other. Maybe that.

“What are we doing?” Emmy hissed a whisper, seeing herself walking naked across the lobby holding hands with another naked woman.

Charlie removed her hand and stroked Emmy’s back from her neck to the top of her buns. “It’s nice, isn’t it? Jacob and I spend a lot of time undressed at the studio. It feels…constraining to have to wear clothes.”

“Oh. Well. Thanks, but no, I mean…” she waved her hand toward his office.

“Oh, yeah. Patience.” She grabbed a couple of sweat towels from a cubby.

Yogi Jacob invited them to each take a seat in some kind of bean-bag cushiony thing around a low table. Charlie handed Emmy a towel to protect the fabric, used her own to quickly dry her face and then laid it down for herself. The scent of cinnamon was more intense than Emmy had ever smelled it before, and she unconsciously looked at Yogi Jacob’s waist. The bulge was there, but no larger than it had seemed to her moments before.

“So, Charlie,” Jacob began after everyone had settled in, “you had made a suggestion to me the other day about how to expand Namaste Yoga’s services and offerings. I suspect Emmy has not been filled in on the details yet?”

Emmy looked between the two of them, mystified.

Charlie looked at Jacob and smiled. “Right. Let’s get down to business.” She turned her attention to Emmy. “You probably don’t know much about Namaste Yoga’s business, I assume. Looking back at your time here, I know you came in as an observer with Julie and very shortly afterward signed up for privates, right?” She waited for Emmy to confirm. “But you’ve never taken a ‘straight’ yoga class or any of the other groups.”

Emmy agreed she hadn’t but confided she’d seen the class schedule several times, so knew the studio offered the usual curriculum. All throughout, she was distracted by her juices oozing and wondered if either of the others could smell her arousal. She didn’t think it was possible to get even more aroused than she had been, but the current situation was proving her wrong.

“Right,” Charlie continued. “The problem is that Jacob is responsible for almost all of the classes. That’s not quite true,” she corrected herself. “We have several part time instructors who handle the beginning and beginning-intermediate studios. But the fact is, Namaste Yoga can’t expand without bringing on at least one more full-time teacher for the regular classes, and/or another instructor for the naked classes.”

Emmy nodded, confused why they were talking to her. Her eyes drifted down to Charlie’s breasts and then to her open legs, her bush pointing like a highway sign to her open labia, swollen and obviously aroused. She blushed again.

“The thing is,” Charlie went on, “we’re really on a knife’s edge here. The naked group classes are all legal—consenting adults and all that—but the privates are touchy. So to speak.” She smiled at her play on words. “Anyway, as long as we vet the individual carefully, and we make sure they specifically gaziantep escort ilanları request Jacob’s…assistance…we’re probably in the clear. That, and the videos, of course.” Charlie stopped to let Emmy process what she was saying.

“The naked group classes make three times a normal class, revenue-wise, which is how we’ve been able to keep things going for the past couple of years. We’ve got waiting lists and backlogs and the like. The individuals are profitable, but we can’t scale those…” She stopped when she realized she might have lost Emmy. “You following?”

Emmy nodded. “In plain English,” she summarized, “you can charge a lot more for people getting naked and doing yoga, but Yogi Jacob is the only one who can teach those, so you’ve hit a ceiling, revenue-wise.” She took a breath. “Oh! And you can’t really expand the private sessions because they just chew into your group time without being able to charge enough to make up the difference.”

Charlie smiled. “Yes. That’s it exactly! I could just kiss you!”

“But,” Emmy breathed in, “what does any of that have to do with me?”

Charlie looked over at Jacob, her eyes traveling down to the tenting at his waist. Emmy followed her gaze and blushed again.

“That.” Charlie nodded with her forehead at Jacob’s obvious erection. “That, and the fact you are really really good at yoga.”

Emmy looked from Yogi Jacob’s waist back to Charlie, shaking her head. “What? That’s…what?”

“Allow me,” Jacob stepped in, his melodious accent seemed to immediately calm her. “Charlie is operating under the notion that I have a peculiar…aroma…that has an arousing effect on women. No doubt she’s shared this idea with you?”

Emmy nodded, amused that all of them were simply accepting his smell as perfectly normal. Sure, cinnamon? You bet. I smell it all the time. But she desperately wanted to squeeze her legs together to relieve the sexual tension building there.

“Based on this supposed…gift…Charlie has constructed an entire business plan for Namaste Yoga, on which we have been operating for a few years. This,” he gestured to his erection making a pyramid of his tunic, “does not happen very often. Perhaps only once during the past several years. Not because I do not find naked women attractive. On the contrary, few things in life are more arousing to me than well-toned women doing yoga without clothes on. But I am sufficiently practiced in Tantric meditation to channel those energies back into my body where they can heal and nurture me.”

Emmy just nodded, staring at his face to avoid staring at the pole poking up between his legs.

“So, when this happens, Charlie and I notice.” He gestured again. “You may recall I had an erection when you came to observe Julie’s private?”

Emmy nodded, still not following where the conversation was leading.

“And, of course, during your own privates, I was aroused every time. Since Charlie is convinced I have a peculiar and powerful aroma that arouses women, she naturally concluded that others may also have such a gift. You, for example.” Yogi Jacob nodded his head slightly, not breaking eye contact with her.

Emmy felt like a bug stuck to a piece of paper. The two of them staring at her, his erection struggling to release itself, Charlie’s lips swollen and moist, her nipples tight and lifted. She wanted to shift her legs, close them, something, but she didn’t want to call any further attention to herself. She breathed in and out, like she had been taught.

“If that is true, and I have to confess, I am not convinced of Charlie’s ideas on any of this, then it might be helpful to discuss offering you a position of yoga instructor at Namaste Yoga.”

Emmy knew where he was heading before he finished his sentence, but she couldn’t believe he actually said the words. “But…I’m…but…I don’t know yoga well enough to teach it!”

Charlie laughed, the sound explosive in the small office. “Really? That’s what you’re worried about? Not being good enough to teach?”

Emmy’s confusion deepened. What else should she be worried about? “Oh. Shit!” The realization hit her. “Teach. Yoga. Naked.” She closed her eyes to stop the room from swirling.

“Shit, you two. You really don’t believe me, do you?” Charlie was looking at both of them as if to suggest they were imbeciles. Emmy looked at Yogi Jacob, cocking her eyebrow in confusion. “You’re both shooting off pheromones or sex stimulants or something! You’ve got to be noticing! I know I am,” she paused and nodded toward Jacob’s erection, “and what do you suppose is causing that?” She turned her eyes to the wet towel between Emmy’s legs.

Emmy closed her eyes to concentrate on the real conversation; at least the only conversation that had a long-term impact on her life: teaching yoga naked to a group of strangers. Who also would be naked. She shook her head, the glow around her core brightening, pulsing. Stop it! Focus!

“You two are serious. You want me to teach group yoga classes, naked. In spite of my lack of knowledge of yoga, let alone teaching credentials.”

Charlie kept shaking her head in disbelief. “Okay, let me try this one more time: you’re a natural when it comes to yoga. Would we have you start teaching tomorrow? Absolutely not. Three months minimum, and probably more like six.” She paused at Emmy’s reaction. “Of course! We don’t fuck around here when it comes to actual teaching. Jacob, and I, would expect you to be in training for the entire time—four or five nights a week.”

Emmy gasped at the implications. That would take up all of her free time! And then the realization hit her: every night in the week being trained by one or both of them. Naked. Aroused. Her head spun at the images her fantasies called up.

“We don’t know what you make, but we suspect the teaching gig could add quite a bit to your monthly nut. Maybe let you quit your job?” Charlie leaned forward and stroked Emmy’s knee.

The room seemed to darken for a moment as Emmy processed what she was hearing.

“You guys don’t believe me?” Charlie’s change of subject was making Emmy dizzy. She looked between the two of them. “What’s it going to take to convince you? I mean, seriously, look at you, Jacob. When are you ever this hard! Not with me, that’s for sure.”

Concern and confusion flashed across Emmy’s face. “You…?”

Charlie smiled. “Partners with benefits. That’s not going to be a problem for you, is it?” Charlie got up and offered Emmy her hand. “C’mon, I want to test this out.

“Humor me, you two. Let’s see what a little fresh air will do to all of us, and then let’s try an experiment. Jacob, you go take a shower and get yourself under control. Emmy and I are going outside.”

“What?” Emmy looked alarmed.

“Don’t worry. Not outside outside. C’mon. You’ll see.”

She pulled her out of the room into the lobby toward the studio.

“Smell,” Charlie stopped. “The air in that room was as thick as a sauna.”

The memories of Greg and the sauna quickly flickered through her head. Emmy inhaled, the lobby air even tinged with old sweat and aromatic oils was clean and fresh in comparison. She shivered, but not from cold.

“Follow me.”

Charlie walked through the studio to a far door where she waited for Emmy to catch up. As she approached, Charlie pushed on the handle forcing Emmy’s eyes to adjust to the glare of the setting sun. She watched as her Mistress walked outside, completely unconcerned about anyone seeing her naked.

“C’mon! Nobody can see us!”

Emmy poked her head around the door jamb, one arm covering her naked breasts and squinted. Charlie was standing in a bricked-in service area, enclosed on all sides by an eight foot wall. At one end was a rolling steel door big enough for a truck to back into, but it was closed. Across the alley, visible above the wall were other warehouse buildings without windows. Aside from some potted plants, there were a couple of beach chairs and chaise lounges in the enclosed space.

It was warm; the heat from the day radiating up from the concrete and brick. The setting sun cast a deep yellow orange light across the yard.

“Let’s chill for a few minutes while Jacob gets himself under control. It was getting crazy in there!”

Emmy lay down in one of the chaises next to Charlie. The fresh air had had an immediate effect on her, even though being naked with Charlie meant she wouldn’t settle down completely. But when have you been ‘settled’ since Thursday? It was true, though, she could barely keep still in Jacob’s office; even now, the memory of his scent sent pulses through her.

“You okay?”

Emmy looked over and offered a small smile, nodding. She studied her friend’s body again: her skin, so beautiful and smooth, like melted caramel. Her breasts a little lighter with large dark areolas surrounding deep pink nipples. She glanced up, realizing she’d been staring and saw Charlie looking back at her. She giggled a little, embarrassed and looked down at her own nakedness, remembering their night together. She sighed and realized it had come out a little louder than she had intended.

“You want to talk about it?”

Emmy looked over again, keeping her eyes on Charlie’s face. Her mouth twitched as she struggled with what to say. “I…I’m…It’s a lot to take in,” she began. “I mean, really? Me? Teach a class? Naked?” But she knew that wasn’t the thing really bothering her, although the fact that that wasn’t bothering her made her stop and wonder.

“You don’t think you can do it?”

Emmy stopped to collect her thoughts. No, that wasn’t the thing at all. I know I can do it, assuming I get enough training. Training! The word shot her heart rate up and she flashed back to the prior Thursday. Charlie had treated her like a toy, like a pet, as if she were in training. That was what was driving her mad! She couldn’t stop thinking about being Charlie’s pet, being in training. Forced to beg her to do the things she so desperately was afraid to do.

She turned on her side to face her Mistress. Mistress! She doesn’t know I’ve been calling her that in my head! “Charlie,” her voice croaked and she swallowed. “I…I think I might…” Can you say it? She swallowed again. “I…I’m very close to saying something that I’m worried will make you laugh, or worse, will get me hurt. Can I trust you?”

Charlie looked concerned and turned to face her, her breasts lying heavy across her chest. “Go ahead. I promise not to laugh.”

“I…Last Thursday…” she stopped, watching Charlie’s face warm and soften. “Last Thursday, you treated me like a toy. You forced me to be your sex toy. I can’t get it out of my mind. I’ve been thinking about nothing else, or so it feels. Even though you never said it out loud, I feel like you wanted me to be your pet.” She stopped, holding her breath and listening to her heart pound in her chest.

Charlie’s eyes widened and her mouth opened into a smile. “My pet? You want to be my pet? Are you for real?” Her tone wasn’t mocking or sarcastic, just trying to get clarification. “Is that what you want?” She reached her hands across the divide between them to take Emmy’s hands in hers. She stroked the webbing between her thumb and forefinger, looking into Emmy’s eyes.

“I…I don’t know what’s happening to me,” Emmy’s eyes teared up. “I’ve never felt this way before. None of the guys I’ve ever been with were able to make me do the things that came so natural to you. I…I think I might be falling for you.” The last statement was barely a whisper.

Charlie swung her legs off the chaise and scooted Emmy over, lying down, pushing her body against her, her lips near Emmy’s mouth. “I don’t know what I did the other night, Emmy, except give you what you wanted. It was a beautiful thing and I would love to do it again. A lot. Like I said that night.”

Emmy closed her eyes, the tears pushing out and down her cheek and across the bridge of her nose. “And….you…and Jacob?” She held her breath.

Charlie laughed at that. “We’re not a thing. Well, he would like us to be more than we are, but I don’t want that kind of relationship.”

Emmy opened her eyes, her vision blurred. She blinked away the moisture. “What kind is that?” Her voice was quiet. She reached her hands across Charlie’s ass cheeks to keep from rolling over. Her Mistress’s skin was warm and inviting. She pulled them tighter together.

“I’m not sure what he wants. But he wants more than I’m interested in giving.” She realized where Emmy was going and stopped. “Oh. Shit.” She looked at the young woman’s face and breathed softly.

“I think I might be in love with you, Charlie.”

Charlie brought her hands behind Emmy’s head and pulled her face toward her, planting soft kisses across her forehead and nose, taking the remains of the tears with her. “I think I feel the same way.” Kiss. “What I have with Jacob is different. Very different.” Kiss.

Emmy sighed, breathing out and in, letting Charlie kiss her, thinking about her next words. “Charlie? Would you consider…would you…shit. This is so hard for me! I’ve been thinking about nothing else since we got together last Thursday and I’m so scared to say it out loud.”

Charlie pulled back to look her in the eyes. “Tell me, Emmy. Do you need to beg me?”

Emmy inhaled sharply and looked down, shame and arousal shooting up and down her spine. Yes! That’s exactly what I need!

“Charlie,” she said softly, “will you let me be your pet? Will you be my Mistress?” She closed her eyes, relaxing her fingers against Charlie’s cheeks, waiting.

“Oh my god,” Charlie breathed out, her lips grazing Emmy’s eyelashes. “Your Mistress? Shit.” She held Emmy’s head and kissed her forehead, hard. “I don’t even know what that means, but I would fucking love that, Emmy! I would abso-fucking-lutely love that!” She pushed her lips against Emmy’s eyelids, brushing her face, working her way down her neck, stopping short of her breasts. She looked up, Emmy’s eyes overflowed with tears, a smile on her face.


“Is that what you really want, Emmy?” Charlie was sincerely concerned. She had no idea what her responsibilities would be, but they sounded ginormous. Still, to have a sex kitten, to watch Emmy beg and grovel and perform, it lit up parts of her she didn’t know she cared about.

“Please,” Emmy begged.

They lay together for several heartbeats until Charlie rose up on her elbow. “We’ve got an experiment to run here, pet. Pet. I could get used to that.” The smile Emmy returned was full of gratitude.

Returning through the studio, Charlie led them to the locker room. “Okay,” she continued her stream of consciousness about ‘The Experiment.’ “Obviously, it’s not a scientific experiment with double-blinds and random samples and all that shit, but let’s at least see if there’s something you do to excite him. So, my hypothesis is it’s your smell, but it could be the way you talk, or how you grunt…” Emmy swatted at her. “…or your taste or how you touch him, or something he sees in you. Let’s eliminate as many of those variables as we can.

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