Photos of Jen Pt. 01

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I got to Johnny’s house around three and as I hit the doorbell, I couldn’t help thinking about all the hours I’d spent here over the past ten years or so. Even after my family moved two towns over and we no longer went to the same school. And now, with us both eighteen and leaving for college in two weeks, who knows how often we’d be seeing one another.

We didn’t have anything special planned for this afternoon: he was getting off work around two, so I was picking him up, we were going to cruise the town for a while, grab a bit to eat, then hit a party some of our old high school friends were throwing.

Nobody answered, so I walked around back. Johnny wasn’t there, but Jen, just home from her own junior year at college, was in the pool. “Hey,” I called out, and she responded with a shriek. “Sorry if I scared you.”

As I walked toward the pool, she quickly swam up against the side closest to me, pressing her body against the wall. “Didn’t you get Johnny’s message?”

“Hello to you too.”

“Hey, Tims.”

“No, I didn’t get any message.” I took out my phone and checked. “Needed @ work emergency. home in time for party. come @6 not 2,” I read out loud. “Yeah,” I said, “message. Duh. You mind if I just hang out back here? You won’t know I’m here.”

“Well…” she said, clearly embarrassed.


“When nobody’s here, I’m sort of topless. So I can tan evenly.”

It took me a moment, then I realized why she was pressed up against the side of the pool. “Duh again,” I said. I saw a bikini top lying on a deck chair.

“Don’t mind me,” I said, opening my phone’s camera app.

“Tims!” she screamed.

“Just kidding, sheesh,” I said.

“I knew that,” she said, which might or might not have been true. “Tell you what,” she said with a sudden grin, still pressed against the wall of the pool (and possibly not realizing how much sideboob was still visible), “you can take as many photos of me as you want just like this, and then you hand me my top and turn around while I put it on.”

“It’s a deal,” I said, leaning over the pool as far as I could without falling in and taking a dozen photos, hoping to catch a bit of said sideboob. “You sure you can’t back up a few steps?”

“No! But after I’m decent, why don’t you come in here with me?”

“How about before you’re decent?”

She glared at me, but there was the hint of a smile.

I put my phone down, picked up her bikini top, and held it just past her reach. “Tims, I’m not jumping up to grab it.”

I continued to tease her by waving it around. She must have lifted herself out of the water for a moment but I didn’t see anything, because she grabbed my ankle and yanked me into the pool. Good thing I’d put down the phone I guess.

The Esenyurt Escort surprise of being pulled into the water made me let go of the bikini top and by the time I made it back to the surface, Jen had the top back on.

I climbed out of the pool soaking wet, and checked my pockets. “It doesn’t look like you permanently ruined my wallet,” I grumbled.

“Serves you right,” she said, suppressing a giggle. Then she got serious. “And trying to get me out of the pool without my top, Tims… not cool.”

“That doesn’t mean you had to…” I started, then said “Okay, yeah, I guess that’s fair. Though I was going to give you the top in another second anyway.”

“I’m sure,” she said. “Truce?”


“Still want to hang around?”

I gestured at my clothing. “It’ll dry,” she continued. “I’ve seen guys in their underwear before. Just strip down to your shorts and lay everything else out to dry.”

Which seemed like a reasonable suggestion until my shorts were down to my knees and I noticed that wet boxers hide pretty much nothing. She noticed too, and seemed to like the view.

I chose the lesser of two evils and lay on the lounger on my front. I was just getting relaxed when I heard a click. I turned my head to see Jen taking photos of me. “Nice ass, Tims.”

“Cut that out,” I said.

“Come over here and make me,” she said. “I’d like to get a better view of you from the front.”

“Forget it.,” I said, lying back down.

A few minutes passed and then I heard her say in a low, sing-song voice “I think I’ll take off my top.”

“I doubt it,” I said.

A moment later, a bikini top landed on the lounger right next to my face.

I turned around quickly to see Jen, now wearing a t-shirt, snapping a photo of my cock. My boxers had dried a bit, but it was still pretty visible. “Not fair,” I said.

“Oh, now we’re playing fair?”

“Okay, you win. Put the phone down.”

“Fine.” She fiddled with the settings. “It’s locked, though, in case you planned on deleting the photos.”

As soon as she put down the phone, I jumped up from the lounger, lunged at her, and sent us both back into the pool.

I made it out first, since I hadn’t been taken by surprise, and while Jen was climbing out I grabbed my phone and took about a dozen photos in quick succession before she realized her t-shirt might as well have been cellophane.

She tried to cover herself up with her arms, but realized it was too late to matter at this point and instead scooped up and unlocked her own phone and started taking pictures of my cock. I looked down and realized my shorts weren’t concealing any more than her t-shirt was.

And it was worse. “Nice boner,” she said Esenyurt Escort bayan with a grin. “You must like my t-shirt.”

I couldn’t very well disagree: she had photographic evidence that I did.

“Tell you what,” she said. “Let’s stop this nonsense and put away the phones – for real, this time – and I’ll take this thing off. You’ve seen everything anyway,” she sighed.

“Deal,” I said, switching my phone off and stuffing it in my shorts pocket.

She peeled off her t-shirt.

Well, maybe we both thought I’d seen everything through her wet t-shirt, but topless was far more impressive. Even as an eighteen-year-old virgin, I’d seen women’s breasts before – but I’d been fantasizing about Jen’s from before I even understood why.

She settled into the lounger to tan, naked apart from her bikini bottoms, and after a while said “Can I ask you something, Tims?”

“I guess.”

“All those pictures you took. Why did you take them? I know you’re not the kind of creep who’d show them to anybody or put them online or anything.”

“Of course not. I was just goofing around. Well, same as you, right?”

“And you’re going to delete them when you get home without even looking at them? Those last few were pretty explicit, you could really see my boobs.”


“You’re keeping them, aren’t you? To look at later when you’re alone?”

“No I won’t.”

“You won’t look at my tits showing through my t-shirt, reminding yourself of me lying here like this…”


“Tims, come on, your dick’s getting harder just thinking about it.”

I didn’t even try to deny it, especially after my cock found its way through the flap of my boxers to freedom.

Jen got up and walked over to me, smiling approvingly at my cock. “Not bad,” she said.

My instinct was to cover up – no girl had ever seen my cock before, let alone this erect – but considering she was almost naked herself, that seemed rude.

And you’d have to be crazy to not to see the upside of a hot, almost-naked girl who seems interested in your cock.

“That looks uncomfortable,” she said, walking over to me. With her left hand she took my cock and worked it back into my boxers, then with the other hand eased by boxers down my legs. I groaned, my cock throbbing. It was taking every ounce of willpower not to cum.

And then Jen knelt alongside the lounger and said “Let’s get the first one out of the way.” Before I could ask her what she meant, she leaned in, took my cock again, and wedged it between her breasts. I pushed forward almost instinctively, and on my third stroke came as I’d never cum before, first hitting her mouth and chin, and then continuing to spurt until my cum was dripping obscenely Escort esenyurt down her breasts.

“Oh my god,” I said weakly, eliminating any doubt that I was a virgin.

“Don’t get too relaxed,” she said, easing down her bikini bottoms. “We’ve just begun.”

I started to say I was going to need a few minutes – but then I realized that the sight of Jen’s shaved pussy and the cum dripping down her body had already made me rock hard again.

“You just lie there,” she said, straddling me, teasing me for a few seconds by letting the head of my cock brush across her wet pussy, then thrusting herself down hard on me. We both said something like “oh!” as my sperm-coated cock completely disappeared into her wet pussy.

She began moving up and down on me slowly, very slowly. I personally would have just fucked the hell out of her, but this was fine. This was heaven.

At one point she stopped, and I could feel her squeezing her vaginal muscles, and I knew she was cumming.

Well, now we were even. I was in no rush.

Suddenly she froze. I couldn’t figure out why, but then I heard what she’d heard: Johnny’s car was pulling up front. She leapt off of me and grabbed for her clothing. I started quickly dressing, and she said “no, just grab your things and come to my room.” I noticed she was still completely naked.

No guy has ever said “no” to a beautiful naked woman ordering him to her bedroom.

We made it into the house without being seen, but the voices behind us told me Johnny wasn’t alone. Son of a bitch wasn’t working late after all: he was blowing me off because he had a girl he’d rather spend the afternoon with.

Well, I’d have done the same thing.

When we got to Jen’s room, I made a beeline for the bed – a reasonable assumption, since I hadn’t come in her yet – but she went straight to the window, pulled back the curtain slightly, and motioned for me to come and watch with her.

I stood right behind her, so I could look over her shoulder without moving the curtain any more (but really so my still-wet, still-hard cock could press against her naked ass. She turned her head, looked me in the eyes, and smiled.

As I’d sort of expected, the window looked out at the deck, at the pool. I hadn’t expected Beth, a girl who’d been in mine and Johnny’s grade I high school, to be sunning herself on the lounger Jen had just taken my virginity on, wearing nothing but bikini bottoms.

“You like the view?” Jen asked.

I reached around her and cupped both breasts. This was the first time I’d touched them with anything other than my cock. “I like these better,” I said.

“Good answer,” she said, grinding her ass against my cock. If she wasn’t careful, I was going to cum all over her a second time.

When I looked back outside, Johnny had one of Beth’s breasts in his mouth and he was sucking on her nipple. Jen pulled my head down to her own breast, and she didn’t need to tell me what she wanted.

I hardly noticed the fact that there were still traces of my cum on her breast.

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