Ready to Take This Chance Ch. 02

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Before we resume our tale of two lovers, joined by fate, I would like to briefly thank a couple of fellow writers for some invaluable help. Sinful Temptations provided some exceptional help in adding to the story. Margo_x offered some ‘above and beyond’ type of editing help and comments on the first chapter that I hope has made all that much better. Any inadequacies, or errors, remain mine alone.


As the sky brightened in his hotel room he kept thinking about his adventure from the night before. Their initial coupling was far from their last . . .

“Well how do you feel about opening the mini bar and finding some water for me?” Sue asked him.

“Just water?” he teased her. “There are a lot more potent things in there.”

“You’ve got the only ‘potent’ thing I want right now. So water, flavored if they stock it, will do just fine.”

He could feel her watching him as he walked to the mini bar. He turned to look at her, bumping into the chair by the bar as he took in her gloriously nude figure sprawled across his bed.

A teasing light came into her eyes, a smile played upon her lips. “Maybe you should watch where you’re going and not where you’ve been!” she taunted him, and pulled the sheet lower exposing her breasts.

“Oh, I intend to go there again, and soon” he shot back, as his eyes slid over her face, across her breasts, lingering on her thighs, currently hidden under the sheet.

“Get the water and bring your smart, sexy ass back over here, then,” she told him, her voice husky, desire darkening her gaze.

He quickly grabbed two water bottles and a couple of glasses and moved back to the bed. Carefully filling one glass before he handed it to her, she shamelessly ogled him just as he had done her. He could feel the blush start and was helpless to control it.

She took the glass, eyeing him as the cold liquid passed her lips. She savored the taste of it on her tongue before speaking, “So, you can dish it out, but can’t quite take it?”

He used the excuse of drinking from his own glass to try and think of a suitable rejoinder. Oh, what the hell.

“I can’t think of a retort for that. Instead, I will say what is on my mind. I want more of what we just shared. Lots more. And I don’t want to scare you off, but I am hoping this might be more than one night.” There, he’d said it.

Now it was her turn to blush and he watched as it spread upward from her belly, across her breasts and throat to cover her face. Oh, that face! The smile he saw there, the glow, took the breath from his lungs as he looked into her eyes and saw them smiling back at him. He stood beside the bed, unable to take his eyes from her face.

Sue rose to her knees, placing her glass on the table by the bed, her eyes never leaving his. She reached out to him, taking his hand in hers, bringing it to her lips. She placed a kiss in his open palm, her tongue flicking once against his skin. She watched his face, the tip of her tongue trailing along one finger, sucking just the tip between her lips. His eyes on hers, watching intently as she moved to the next one. One by one, she took each finger between her lips, sucking, seeing his jaw clench as her teeth grazed his skin.

Sliding her hand up his arm, her lips following, she pressed a light kiss to his shoulder, his chest, seeking. Finding his nipple, she took it gently between her teeth, her tongue flicking lightly across it, his moans of pleasure leaving little doubt or her affect on him.

Sliding her hands up his chest once again, behind his head, her fingers dove into his hair, bringing his mouth to hers. Had her hold on him not been as tight, the kiss would have knocked him off his feet. When their lips touched he felt himself pulled into her. Her tongue lightly traced his lips, probing his mouth while at the same time, pulling his into hers. She sucked and bit lightly at his tongue, drawing it deeply into her mouth. Her breasts pushed against his chest, her hard nipples rubbed against him. His hands slid down her back, caressing her ass, pulling her even tighter.

One minute they were trading sassy comments and now all they could think about was her body joined with his. She felt his response to her in the way his heart began to race, in the way his cock rose and pressed against her. She felt him thrust against her, the urge to bury himself deep inside her body almost overwhelming.

But first, she had other ideas. She pulled back, sipping at his lips. Her hands in his hair, gently tugging his head back, her lips trailed along his jaw, nibbling here and there. Taking his earlobe between her teeth, she bit down gently, hearing his breath catch as she teased him. He felt the warmth of her breath as she whispered, “Get into bed. It’s my turn now.” She took his hand, pulling him down with her.

Turning him onto his stomach, she straddled his hips, leaning forward to place soft kisses across his shoulders, following his spine with the tip of her tongue, her nails lightly scratching his back. Sliding down, her body moving between his legs, the tips of her breasts caressing escort çankaya his skin as she moved. She grasped his hips in her hands, holding him still as she rained kisses across his ass, biting occasionally, licking to soothe. Her tongue traced the line just under each cheek, her thumbs reaching to part his thighs as she made her way down. She flicked the tip of her tongue against his balls, just once, pressing for a moment against the sensitive area just below, as her nails trailed down his legs and back up. She smiled against his skin as he bucked against her, his moans low and long.

Rising, she turned him again, onto his back this time. Smiling down at him, she placed a kiss to his lips, his throat, his chest, once again finding his nipples. She kissed her way down his stomach, her tongue dipping into his navel as her fingers lightly pinched his nipples, tugging. Once again gripping his hips, her body between his legs, she lowered her mouth to him, flattening her tongue just under his balls, licking, sucking him between her lips, tonguing him.

His moans were beginning to affect her as much as her actions were affecting him. He ached for her to take his cock into her mouth; instead, she chose to tease him more, drawing it out, making him groan for her touch. Small, light kisses along his shaft, quick flicks of her tongue. Reaching the tip, she tasted the wetness there, swirled her tongue through it, moaning her pleasure as she tasted him for the first time. She took him fully into her mouth, quickly taking all of him, loving the feel of his cock pressing against the back of her throat as she held him there for a moment, coating him with the hot moisture of her mouth, her hand gently squeezing his balls.

Drawing back, releasing his cock, she tilted her head sideways, sucking at his skin, blowing hot air against him, feeling his cock stiffen even more. Craving his taste, she once again sucked the tip into her mouth, just the tip, her tongue pressing into the hole, withdrawing more of his sweetness.

Her hands slid under his ass, gripping, nails digging in once again, as she lowered her mouth to surround his cock, greedy in her desire to have him. Her lips forming a tight ring around him, she began to slowly lift and lower her mouth, sucking and stroking with her tongue as she went. As the rate of his breathing increased, so did hers. His hands lowered to her head, his fingers weaving through strands of silk, loving the way it splashed across his stomach, hips, thighs. Her nails dug into his skin, one long finger teasing just below his balls, another teasing between his cheeks, seeking, playing… tantalizing.

He felt his balls tighten, his body growing tense, and he knew he was so close, that her mouth would soon be filled with his cum, and he could think of nothing he wanted more at that moment. He prayed she felt the same and groaned, “I’m ready to explode.” If she took it as a warning, it only seemed to increase her enthusiasm. She was sucking him harder, her tongue wrapped around his cock. He thrust into her mouth once, twice, shouting her name as his release exploded from him. Her lips tightened around his throbbing cock as he coated her tongue with his juice. She savored his taste as his movements began to slow, and she gently licked him, tender strokes of her tongue over his cock, careful of his now-sensitive skin.

Placing small, light kisses on the inside of each thigh, she rose to her knees, smiling softly into his eyes, as she moved to lay beside him, holding him, her face in his neck, her hand making light circles over his stomach.

He pulled her face to his, kissing her deeply. His smell, his taste, on her lips what could be more erotic? As satiated as she had made him, he still felt a hunger for more of her. It was as if in bringing her here tonight he had opened the floodgates of the last few years and wanted to make up for all the lost time in one evening. The way she hungrily kissed him back, made him think that it was similar for her.

Continuing to kiss her, he opened his eyes to find her eyes looking right back at him. What was it that made him feel like they could see his soul? Was it because he saw the same fear and pain? But there were also those sparks. Sparks of fun, of joy, and, yes, even of ecstasy. Maybe he could make those sparks fill them again. And as he thought this, and their kiss ended he smiled.

“What are you smiling about? Care to share?” she asked him

“Well, I was thinking about how good you made me feel.”

“I like knowing that”

“And how good I would like to make you feel again”

“He’s ready to go again?” she asked suspiciously as she reached for his limp dick, as if to check.

“Not exactly. I’m not even sure that I can lift my arm to drink some water,” he teased right back, and added, “I think you truly drained me.”

“Well, then, I thought for a second you weren’t going to give a lady any rest.” He grinned at her. She smiled back, and added, “Why do I have the feeling that you’ve rediscovered a toy you had lost?”

“I wouldn’t call it a ‘toy’,” he quickly retorted. “But, yes, otele gelen escort if you must know it’s been quite a while.”

“No, I don’t have to know. But I am glad to know you don’t do this weekly. And it’s been a while for me too.”

He put his fingers to her lips. “Not yet,” he said. “I hope we’ll have lots of time to talk about the past. Right now, I just want right now. Is that all right with you?”

“Very all right!” She exclaimed and hugged him tighter and kissed him harder.

They smothered each other in kisses, pulling their bodies tight to each other. One hand in her hair, the other around her back, holding her tight to him, his hand slid down to her ass and caressed it as he kissed and kissed and kissed some more. They both wanted more. And somehow he knew that there was going to be plenty of time. Time to talk later. But right now time to find out more about each other’s pleasures.

His leg had slipped between her thighs. The way her body was pushing back against his made him sure that even if he was not ready, she was. His hand moved to her breast, feeling her nipple, hard and tight. A small moan in her throat encouraged him. Oh, God, to be nineteen again!

“I can wait,” she said, as if reading his mind.

“How did you do that? I didn’t say anything out loud?”

“Well, my first time was at night, but not last night,” she snickered. “And it’s definitely worth the wait. Sure beats the hell out of ‘Jack’.”

His eyes popped open, he propped himself up and lifted his head, “Jack?”

“Oh, my God. I can’t believe I said that. I’m just feeling so comfortable with you.”

“Comfortable enough to compare? That’s new.”

And then he realized he was watching another blush. A huge blush that was effusing her whole body. Like before, it moved up her breasts across her shoulders and onto her neck and face. But it also traveled down and he watched her whole body turn bright red as he waited for her to say more. But he couldn’t wait for ever.

“Who’s Jack?”

“Ummm. I’m really embarrassed.” She hesitated some more. He waited. “Not so much who, as what.” She added.

“Okay – what?” he replied, confused even more.

“Don’t look at me. Just listen.” She pulled him close tucking her head back in to his shoulder. Like I said. It’s been a while for me too. A friend of mine went to a party – a ladies party – and bought me a toy. I started calling it ‘jack’ – oh, God, I’m really embarrassed.”

He started chuckling. It was just too funny. In a few short minutes he had gone from wondering who he was getting compared to, feeling all sorts of insecurities. Now he was laughing at the thought.

“You don’t have to laugh that hard!” she said

“Okay.” He chuckled some more. “But I was worried.”

“You were jealous?” she asked.

“Umm. Yeah, that too.” He answered as he thought about it.

“Are you still?”

“No, you did say I was better. Right?” he teased her back.

“Oh, most definitely.”

“Well, that’s good. And since I am ‘better’, and it’s not a ‘who’, to what am I being compared?” He hesitated to say more, but what the heck , straight talk with her had not hurt him so far. “I’m not sure what to say. I want to know more, but I don’t want to make you more uncomfortable. I have to admit, the idea that you have ‘Jack’ is exciting to me.”

“Really. That turns you on?”

“Uh huh.”


“I’m not sure. I think it’s just the idea that you like sex that much. But it does move me.”

Reaching between his legs, she grabbed him and replied, “Yes, he does seem to have stirred.”

“Stirred is an understatement. If you had not just drained every bit of strength I have, he would be absolutely rock hard right now.”

“Rock hard would be good. Maybe I should tell you more about Jack.”

“Well, I want to hear more, but even then, I think it is going to take time.”

“What if I showed you, instead of told you?” she said somewhat tauntingly.

“Showed me?” he gulped

“Mmmm. That does seem to have an effect,” she teased. With that, she got up from the bed and headed over to one of the chairs.

He gazed at her naked form moving across the room. Bending over, showing that delicious ass to him as she rummaged in her purse. He inhaled deeply through clenched teeth. Looking at her straight legs, slightly spread he had a terrific view of both her ass and her pussy, glistening with dripping juices. Once again, he wished he were nineteen, and could take her right then, right there.

She heard him and looked over her shoulder, “Like the view?” she teased.

“Very much,” he responded. “I was just thinking how nice it would be to be nineteen again.”

“MMMMmmmm. I have a sneaking feeling that you might not have taken as good care of me when you were nineteen. I’m willing to wait.”

With that, she turned her head back to her purse and set it back down. She moved her legs slightly further apart and stayed bent over, one hand holding the arm of the chair. He couldn’t see her other hand. But then he heard a little buzzing sound and as he stared etlik bayan escort at her wet pussy, we watched her hand reach between her legs and with something in it, slide it slowly up the inside of her thighs.

He sucked in air through his teeth again and watched, mesmerized as she started moving a toy in between her legs. He felt his cock twitch as he realized she was about to put on a show for him.

He couldn’t really see what it was, but he could hear it, buzzing and pulsing, not a steady buzz, but more like waves of on for different times – some longer than others. He was fascinated as he watched her pull it up all the way between her legs and along the crease of her ass and then drag it between her cheeks and across her slit. He couldn’t see her run it over her clit, but when she gasped and moaned, he knew she had put it right there. He could not believe how excited he was getting as he watched her pleasure herself. As he watched her move it all around, he suddenly realized that he was sliding his own hand across his cock, pulling on it, thinking about how exciting it would be to do that to her.

She stood up straight and turned to one side, letting him watch as she ran the toy across her nipples and circled each breast with it, before slowly dragging it back down toward her pussy. She looked at him, pulling on his cock and said, “No, THAT is my job. You leave him alone until he is ready to play again. Just watch . . . for now.” And then moved closer to the bed, but well out of his reach.

“I call this Jack’s little brother. It’s not the big fake cock that I love sticking up my pussy, but it does some interesting things and is small enough to travel with me. When I run the jelly end across my clit, I can imagine it is a tongue, flicking it” and then she showed him. And had to sit on the bed.

“God! That is so hot,” was all he could think of saying. “Would you let me try using it on you?”

“I thought you would never ask,” she smiled and handed him the toy as she lay back next to him.

He wanted so badly to just push it right up her pussy and make her scream and writhe on the bed, but controlled himself and tried to copy what he had already seen her doing. Circling her nipples again, he played with her breasts first and then slowly dragged it down across he navel and over her soft curls, moving to the side and down her thigh, not directly across her clit. She groaned and wiggled her hips trying to move her pussy closer to its path.

He slid it between her spread legs, almost up into her ass and then pulled it slowly through her folds, pushing it lightly between them spreading her lips before moving it right over her clit. Her hips lifted and pushed up against it, wanting more pressure than he was applying.

“Ahhh, you like that?” he asked unnecessarily.

“God! Yesssssssss” she hissed back at him

He moved it back to her lips and pushed it inside her hot pussy, handfucking her with it as he felt it pulse in his hand. She wiggled and pushed , spreading her legs even wider as she welcome it deep in her. He pushed it in and out trying to find a rhythm that seemed to work for her as the waves of vibration made her gasp and even shriek at times.

Watching her face, he could tell he was getting her closer to orgasm with each thrust. Lying beside her, he ran his free hand through her hair and kissed her as he continued fucking her with the vibe. When she gasped with a particularly long pulse, and broke their kiss, he moved his lips to her breast and sucked hard on a nipple as he pushed it further up inside her. She was starting to go crazy with desire

“Bite it.” She ordered him. And he did and she shrieked some more.

He moved to the other one and licked her nipple, then sucked it and without any command at all pinched that nipple with his teeth and made her scream.

Sliding his tongue off her tits, he kissed and sucked at her navel and told her, “I’m going to suck your clit as you cum. Are you ready to cum, baby?”

“God! Yessssssss,” she hissed at him again.

He pushed the toy even deeper inside her hot hole and clamped his lips on her clit and felt the vibrations coming out of her pussy. And he pulled and sucked on it as she wailed and screamed, “Oh, Fuck, Oh, God, Oh Shit, Oh, YESSSSSSSS!” and bucked her hips up at his face. Her body was wracked with wave after wave of contractions as she orgasmed and finally she yelled, “Please, stop!” and he pulled it out and let go of her clit.

Gasping for air, she rolled over and lay on her stomach with her body still moving as the waves of pleasure had not completely stopped. He ran his hands over her back, soothing her, kissing her shoulder, telling her how hot that was for him as well. His cock was hard again. She felt it pushing against her hip.

Lifting her hips, she raised her ass. “Take me from behind.”

She had made him so hot, he didn’t have to be asked twice. Kneeling between her spread legs, he grabbed his cock and rubbed it along her dripping slit. Pushing it into her, he buried it all the way and then slowly pulled back until the tip almost came out and pushed hard back inside. He repeated the slower withdrawal and harder thrust with enough force to make a smacking sound as his hips landed against her ass. Looking down he watched his wet, shiny cock slide slowly out of her and then rapidly thrust into her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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