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My latest dream went like this:

We haven’t had a night out for quite a while. No time without the kid, the animals or any of the general business that comes with our house. So we came up with a plan to spend a Friday night at a hotel in Seattle. We’d found someone to watch the house and the kid, so all we had to do was go downtown and have a great night. To make things a little more fun, I asked you if I could set everything up, and that I’d send you a text on Friday telling you all the details.

When the Friday finally rolled around, I got up early and drove into work. I took everything I’d need for our night out (and in). I spent a few hours at work finishing up my work for the week and then took off around noon, heading for the hotel downtown.

Since it was still too early to check into the hotel, I grabbed lunch down at the market and texted you as if I was still at work.

ME – “Hey! How are things?”

YOU – “Good, I just went on a walk with the baby and my mom just showed up.”

ME – “Great! I’ll send you a text in a little bit about tonight! I love you!”

YOU – “OK!”

Hopefully, you hadn’t realized the extent of my plans for the evening. I was very excited for this night out. Lately there have been so many things I’ve wanted to do to you and for you to do to me, but I haven’t told you about them because I was too nervous or we’d just end up too busy with all the things going on. Tonight that was going to change.

I checked into the hotel around 3. Our room was a large corner room. Floor to ceiling windows over looking the sound, a huge bed, and a shower and tub that were almost as big as the bed. I’d picked up some flowers at the market and set them in a vase on the table. Then I started to unpack the rest of what I’d brought.

I ironed a shirt for myself and pressed my suit and left it in the closet. Then I laid out everything I’d brought for you. I hung a new dress for you on the bathroom door. Solid black, and tight, zipper in the back. The dress was short, but not too short. I’d also bought you a new pair of black pumps. They had a stiletto heel and would look amazing on you. I’d also brought you a new black trench coat that I was sure would fit you perfectly. Then I got to the fun stuff… On the bed, I laid a box with the lingerie I’d bought you for the night. A black shelf bra, a crotchless thong, and a garter belt with stockings. I’d also tucked a remote control vibrator into the box, keeping the remote control with me. I’d also bought you a new light robe that I hung in the closet next to my suit. After laying out the lingerie box, I opened a small bag from my suitcase that contained some other things for the night. A new waterproof vibrator, massage oil and some lube. I also dropped a camera into the drawer that I was really hoping to get to use. I left all these in the drawer next to the bed.

After everything was set up, I sent you a text:

ME – “Pack a bag with your makeup and for over night. Make sure you’ve got red lipstick, and bring anything you need to do your hair. I’ve got everything else you’ll need for the night. Call an Uber and head to Hotel 1000. There is a key for you at the desk. Be here by 7 so you don’t have to deal with traffic.”

YOU – “What? What am I going to wear for dinner?”

ME – “Its all here… Just trust me!”

YOU – “OK…”

After making sure the room was in order, I headed down to the gym to workout for an hour or so. I assumed you wouldn’t be at the hotel yet, so I ran to the liquor store and bought a bottle of champagne and red wine, then headed back to the room. I put the champagne on ice, called for some champagne and wine glasses and after they arrived, I jumped into the bathroom to shave and shower.

Right at 7pm I heard a key in the door. I was just getting out of the shower and greeted you with a towel around my waist. I grabbed you by the waist and gave you a long hard kiss.

YOU – “This is going to be so much fun! Our first night out in forever! I hope you’ve got some good plans…”

ME – “I think that things will work out… But lets have a glass of wine first.”

With that I opened up the bottle of red wine, and poured you a glass. We clinked our glasses and each took a big sip. We walked over to the two chairs facing the windows and sat down.

YOU – “So, what exactly is the plan for tonight?”

ME – “Well, I figured we would get dressed up and then head out for dinner and see where the night goes… I hope you aren’t mad but I got you a few things for the evening…”

YOU – “Oh really… Like what?”

ME – “Well, I may have picked out an outfit for you, and a few other things…”

I was almost shaking I was so nervous. I opened up the bathroom door and showed you the dress I bought you, then walked you over towards the bed and showed you the box. I could tell by the look on your face that you approved of the dress

ME – “I figured that you’d need something to wear under the dress, and for after dinner.”

You ankara escort undid the bow on the box and pulled out each item, piece by piece. I could see from the look on your face that you approved of the lingerie, but when you picked up the vibrator you gave me a look with cocked eye.

YOU – “And I’m supposed to wear this to dinner too?!?”

ME – “Well yes, I’d really like you to… I’ve been keeping a lot of thoughts to myself lately. I probably shouldn’t be, but so many things have been going on lately and we’ve been so busy that I haven’t wanted to rock the boat, or make you feel like you need to do something you don’t want to… But I figured I should start telling you what I think and feel and want.”

YOU – “Really…”

ME – “Yes… I can’t tell you how often I look at our pictures from Westport. All I want is to do that again. That night I was so comfortable with you and so turned on, it was insane. I’ve never felt like that before and I want that again. When we come back from dinner tonight, I want to do it all over again, but 100 times better. It’s all I’ve been thinking about.”

YOU – “Wow… That is crazy! I don’t know what to say…”

ME – “I fantasize about you every day. Every night. If I think about fucking someone, I think about you. Every fantasy I have involves you. Nothing else. All I want is to be able to see that whenever I want. I want pictures of me fucking you. I want pictures of you fucking me. I want to see your pussy when I lick it, I want to see your pussy with my cock in it. I want to see your mouth on my cock and my cum on your tits and your pussy. I want everything we do in pictures so that when you aren’t around, I don’t have to look at something less than my absolute fantasy.”

YOU – “Umm… Wow… That is a lot.”

ME – “You know I’ve never dated anyone before you. I couldn’t give myself to someone I wasn’t obsessed with. I think about you every minute of every day. When I think of something that turns me on, it is you, when I think of lingerie, I think of it on you, when I think of fucking someone, I only think of you.”

YOU – “You’ve got to be kidding me…”

ME – “Seriously? You haven’t realized this?!?”

YOU – “Well I mean I know you like sex with me and stuff, but I mean…”

ME – “So if I look at porn or see a model in lingerie, I immediately see you in it. My fantasies don’t include pornstars, they include you. I don’t dream of some random chick having sex with me, I dream of you having sex with me.”

YOU – “Well… I think we should start acting on your thoughts… I guess I didn’t realize everything you thought.”

ME – “I’m sorry it took so long.”

YOU – “Well, then I guess we need to make up for lost time!”

ME – “I’d really like that. Lets start with getting you dressed for dinner.”

With that, you gave me a quick kiss and headed for the shower. While you were getting ready for the shower, I told you about our plans. We’d head to dinner around 9, and after that we might finish up with a drink somewhere or head back to our room with the bottle of champagne we hadn’t opened it. You seemed agreeable to the plan, so I let you shower in peace. After you turned the shower off, I walked in and asked you to do your hair however you wanted, but to be sure to wear red lipstick. You started getting ready in the bathroom, completely naked, and I was completely happy to watch you get ready through the open door. Your body was incredible, and without asking, I began to snap pictures of you getting ready. Putting lotion on your body, bending over to get lotion on your legs, or putting lotion on your arms and chest, I managed to catch it all. Finally you started to do your hair, and the pictures only got better from there. Arching your back, bending over, and changing the position of your body from side to side (so I could catch your whole body in the mirror), I was having a great time. Once your hair was done, and the majority of your makeup applied, we switched spots in the bathroom and I did my hair to get ready for dinner. You had put on your new robe and were sitting in one of the chairs looking out the window sipping on your wine. Once I was done in the bathroom I walked out and kissed the back of your neck.

L –”Mmmm… that feels good. So I’m wearing my new dress tonight?”

ME – “Yes, and you can wear the lingerie I got you. Why don’t you put the lingerie on now?”

You slowly walked over to the bed and picked up the g-string.

YOU – “OH! They are crotchless!”

ME – “Yes they are… It will be helpful for the rest of the evening.”

YOU – “I can’t believe this…”

I snapped a few pictures as you bent over to slide the g-string up your gorgeous lotioned legs, then slipped the garter belt over that. You then sat on the bed facing me, and slowly put on each stocking while I snapped pictures the whole time. Your body looked incredible. Your smooth thighs, taught stomach and gorgeous breasts looked incredible while you rolled etimesgut escort the stockings up your leg then clipped each side of the garter belt. Then you stood, wrapped the bra around your waist and slipped it over your shoulder, adjusting your gorgeous tits to sit perfectly in the bra. It was an incredible sight for me. Once your lingerie was on, you stood in front of me and asked if I approved.

ME – “You look amazing! You are only missing one thing before you put your dress on…”

YOU – “What is that?”

I walked over to the lingerie box and grabbed the tiny remote controlled vibrator and showed it to you.

ME – “You need this. I want to make you feel good throughout the entire evening. I won’t got crazy with it, but I want to use it on you throughout the night.”

YOU – “Ok… But don’t be crazy… This is crazy.”

ME – “OK… Let me help you though.”

With that, I pushed you backwards so you fell onto the bed. Your legs opened wide as you fell back and I slid myself right between your thighs. I slowly kissed my way up each thigh while my hands reached up to grab the vibrator out of your hands. Once I had the little vibrator in my hands, I slid my fingers to the edges of your panties, slipping my fingers into the gap in the fabric so that my tongue could lick the lips of your beautiful pussy. Slowly I circled the edges of your pussy until it felt wet enough to start pressing the vibrator into you. Slowly, while sliding my tongue against your clitoris, I slid the little vibrator into you. Once the vibrator was all the way inside you, I slid up your body and kissed your lips.

ME – “I think you are ready for your dress!”

I stood up, grabbed your hand and helped you to your feet. While you were putting the finishing touches on your dress, I quickly slipped into my suit and did my tie. When I emerged from the bathroom, you were sitting in one of the chairs sipping your wine. I picked up the phone and called the front desk, and asked for a cab to be ready in 5 minutes. I grabbed my wallet, your purse and your coat. As you stood, I held the coat so you could slip into it and kissed your neck as you pulled the collar into place.

With that, we headed to the lobby to catch our cab to dinner. We exited the lobby into the brisk night air and ask we passed through the lobby doors, I put my hand in my pocket and hit the remote control to the vibrator. I only pressed the first level of vibration, but I could feel a shudder through your body as you felt the vibrator start. You immediately flashed me a look, but I pretended to ignore it. After I few seconds, I pressed the off button and I saw your shoulders visibly relax. The cab arrived a minute later, and I opened the back door for you, allowing you to get in first. This was a selfish decision as it caused you to sit on the seat and spread your legs, giving me a view of the black crotchless panties I’d bought you. I loved every second of it.

The cab ride was short, maybe 5 minutes. I held your hand for the ride and we enjoyed the quiet in the car. Your head rested on my shoulder, and I couldn’t have been happier. As the cab pulled up to the restaurant, we both sat up and when we stopped, I opened the door, and helped you out of the car. There was a man at the door to the restaurant who opened it for us, and we were immediately seated as we entered the restaurant. Our table was near the window over looking the market and out into the bay. It was beautiful at night. The market lights and the lights from the ships on the water sparkled against the dark sky. Each time the waiter approached, I’d press the button on my remote, making you shudder each time. I would immediately press the off button, but you couldn’t control the shudder that came across your body each time I pressed the button. I never pressed it for too long, because I didn’t want you to feel too embarrassed, but I really enjoyed our little secret as the waiter stood there with no idea of what was going on between your gorgeous legs.

Over the next hour and a half we drank wine, and had an incredible dinner. We ended up sharing a little bit of each of our dinners and in general just forgetting everything in the world that was going on, and just enjoying being together. Finally, we got around to ordering dessert. After the waiter left with our dessert order, you leaned forward towards me so that I could just see down your dress and said:

YOU – “So… This little toy between my legs has been kind of quiet lately… I almost forgot it was there.”

ME – “Well, I guess I will have to do something about that won’t I?”

As you smiled and sat back, I reached into my pocket and pressed the button on the remote. I slowly turned up the vibration and watched it work its magic on you.

With the first press of the button I saw a shudder in your shoulders and your eyes perked up. You pressed your back against the chair and your arms to your sides. You eyes slightly closed and pressed the button again causing your ankara etimesgut escort stomach to contract slightly and you to shift in your seat.

ME – “How is that?”

YOU – “Oh… Its good. Very good.”

You reached for your wine, and as you extended your hand, I hit the button once more causing your hand to jerk as you touched your glass. Your hand that wasn’t reaching for the wine went to your lap and I could see you shifting your legs about as you let the vibrations wash over your body.

As the waiter walked up with our dessert, I pressed the button again and your eyes went wide and you sat up straight.

Waiter – “Oh! I’m sorry to surprise you like that! Your dessert has arrived.”

YOU – “Oh… Uhhhh… Thank you.” You gasped.

With that, the waiter left us and I pressed the button to turn down your little toy.

We both enjoyed a few bites of dessert while I kept changing the vibrations for you while we ate. After we’d finished about half of the dessert you gave me a little look and I knew it was time to go. I signaled to the waiter and asked for the check.

ME – “Just so you know, you’re going to cum before we leave.”

YOU – “Oh god. I’m so close. But I don’t know. I don’t know if I can handle it!”

As I was signing the check and calculating the tip, I turned the vibrator up as high as it could go and sat back watching you squirm. You started to shift about in your seat, holding your napkin down on your thighs until finally, I saw your breathing pick up and your chest start to move in and out like you were breathing quite hard. Your eyes closed and your head tilted back just a bit. After about a minute, you opened your eyes and looked over at me.

YOU – “Oh my god, that felt amazing! I have never cum in public before. I was scared that I was going to scream!”

ME – “Well, you can save the screaming for later tonight, I’ve got a lot of things I want to do to you.”

After taking a minute to collect yourself, we decided to get up and head back to the hotel. We stopped to pickup your coat and I asked the girl at the desk to call us a cab. As we stood in the cool night air, I put my arm around your shoulder and kissed the side of your cheek. Within a minute, the cab showed up and we got in, heading back to the hotel.

In the cab, you leaned against me and started rubbing my thigh as we watched the city lights pass by. With just a few short blocks to go, you whispered into my ear:

YOU – “I’m going to fuck you so hard tonight you won’t even know what hit you. I hope you are ready.”

I just smiled and kissed you on the lips. The cab stopped in front of the hotel and paid the driver then opened the door to get us out of the cab. As you left the cab, I was sure that I saw a glint of wetness on your thighs as you spread your legs to get out of the cab. I almost lost it right there.

In the elevator on the way to the room you pressed me against the back wall and kissed me deeply, running your hand inside my coat and up my chest. I kissed you back as hard as I could, and slid my hand into my pocket, turning on the vibrator once again. I felt your knees buckle for just a second, then you grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me even harder.

As the elevator stopped on our floor, we broke our embrace and walked as quickly as possible to our room. I fumbled with the key card as I tried to open the door as quickly as possible. Finally my fingers stopped failing me and I opened the door. You rushed inside, dropping your coat in the doorway. I closed the door, turned the deadbolt and turned to see you standing in front of the bed with your hands on your hips. I walked over to you as slowly as I could, and put my hands on your waist and kissed your lips.

You stepped back and turned me so that I was facing the window, and reached up and slipped my jacket off of my shoulders, throwing it on the bed. Your hands went to my belt as you kissed my lips, while I could feel you undoing my belt. I reached into my pocket and grabbed the remote before my trousers fell to the floor. You pulled me closer to you, kissed me and pushed me back on the bed.

YOU – “Shoes and socks off. Kick your pants out of the way.”

ME – “Uhh, Ok…”

I did as told, removing my shoes, socks and pants, leaving me with just my shirt and tie on, and the remote in my hand. While I was doing this, you walked around the bed and reached into the dresser drawer and pulled out the camera I’d left in there with the rest of the toys. Just as I was kicking my pants away, you dropped the camera next to me on the corner of the bed.

YOU – “You’ll probably want to make sure you get some good pictures of this. I hope you remembered to charge the battery. Now just sit there and I’ll be back in just a minute.”

I was too dumbfounded to speak, so I just nodded my head. While I sat there slack-jawed, you went into the bathroom to do something. When you emerged again, I could tell you’d re-smoothed your hair and reapplied your bright red lipstick. You walked over in front of the huge windows and pulled one of the chairs out into the middle of the room so that it faced the window. You motioned for me to come and sit in the chair, which I did without hesitation.

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