Renaissance Affair

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We walked through the gates of the Arizona Renaissance fair. Barely even five steps in and I was already amazed by the loud voices, bright costumes, and the smell of roasting food. I had been coming to the Renaissance fair since I was little. My parents used to take me every year because of how it always fell near my birthday. I had always been obsessed with all things medieval and fantasy so this was always the best gift they could give me. My parents were always just barely scraping by with money so the fact they always had the money for this made it even more special to me.

Now at twenty-two, I went by myself for my birthday. I had some friends who could have gone with me, but when I told them how much it cost to do what I wanted they politely declined my invite. Every year I went I was always afraid that the Renaissance Fair might lose its charm like so many other loves from my childhood. Luckily that never happened, sure now as an adult, some aspects of the ren fair seemed a bit corny, but I kind of liked that too. I was excited because this year I was going to go to the pleasure feast for the first time. It was a two-hour five-course meal that also would have entertainment. I had been wanting to go for years, but between the price of one hundred dollars per person and how fast the spots filled up, I had just never been able to. This year I had set aside the money early and purchased my ticket weeks early.

I got to the Renaissance fair just before noon and I had to kill time until three when check-ins for the pleasure feast would start. I walked around taking in the sights and shows, stopping at intervals to buy a couple of overpriced beers and some trinkets.

Starting around when I was thirteen, I developed another reason to enjoy the Renaissance fair. The girls in costumes. The Renaissance Fair ran from about the middle of February to the end of March. Seasons in the desert are nearly nonexistent. Summer would often make its appearances a month or more early. When I was budding in my puberty, I noticed just how revealing the clothing was of so many of the girls and women who work at and visit the ren fair. Between often having our internet shut off and not having my own room in our small apartment I rarely got to look at porn growing up. A lot of women seemed to really go all out to dress in revealing ways for the ren fair. Between busty pirates with bursting bodices, fairies wearing wisps of a dress, short shorts, and fishnet stockings I more than got an eye full every time I went to the ren fair. I always tried my best not to stare, but I failed most of the time.

Now that I had my own apartment and high-speed internet, I had nearly unlimited access to porn. I went a bit overboard with my newfound freedom. It got to the point where I was looking at increasingly specific videos, usually petite teens or busty MILFs, and it was taking longer for me to be able to get off to anything. I used to joke about how odd it was for people to get addicted to porn, but then I realized that I was starting to be one of those people. Before I knew it I was subscribed to multiple porn websites and I would spend a lot of money on my favorite cam girls. I had only dated a handful of girls and we did do some fooling around, but we never went all the way.

I spent the last year slowly weaning myself off porn. It was difficult but I had gone the last couple of months without looking at it. There some pleasant side effects of giving up porn. One, my computer has never run better since it isn’t exposed to daily assaults by viruses and malware. I had been spending almost 100 a month on porn subscriptions and cam girl sites so now I had more money saved up. The last benefit was a double-edged sword. Now it seemed like nearly anything could get me going. I saw a cute coworker yawn at work sometimes and I got a hard-on from thinking about her mouth opening to wrap around my erection. Any flash of cleavage or girl in tight pants would get me horny. This made it easy for me to have material to jerk off to at the end of the day.

Walking into the ren fair with this newfound appreciation for the slightest of erotic sights made me see things again like I did when I was a teenager. The parade of cute and sexy outfits I was exposed to made the walks between shops and shows an event all its own. Once again, I tried my best not to stare, but it seemed like in the years since I first started coming here women had somehow become freer in their skimpy outfits.

I had already walked around the entire fair twice and still had an hour to kill before I had to check-in for the pleasure feast. Luckily for me, one of my favorite shows was about to start and it ended right before I had to check-in. I walked into the shaded seating area a couple of minutes after the show started. The large sitting area was packed with people so I had to sit in the very back, which was fine with me because I would have sat back there anyways. The shows tended to have audience interactions and I was too much of Avcılar Escort a wallflower for those.

The show I was watching was a group of acrobats and dancers who did several performances with mixtures of solo shows and group performances. The group had a great dynamic that lent well to their act. A lot of their jokes were extremely cheesy. For the second act they were going to perform they asked for an audience member to come up to the stage. They chose someone from the front row and she stood up. She was petite. She was beautiful. She couldn’t have been older than eighteen if even that. Her skin was porcelain with an abundance of freckles. Her hair was light brown and she had on a wooden crown with flowers entwined in it. She was wearing a wispy dress that caught in the wind as she stood up. The pastel blues and greens of the dress matched the flowers that were in her hair. She had on a pair of delicate fairy wings that were too well crafted to be a pair that they sold at the ren fair. She moved gracefully up to the middle of the stage.

The male performer who was the youngest and acted as the dumb one in the group asked her what her name was. “Anna.” Even from the back row, I was able to hear her voice clearly. The two performers explained how they were going to juggle knives in front of and behind Anna. She didn’t seem fazed at this at all. I knew that the performers had done their routine hundreds of times and after all of the shows I had seen over the years nothing had ever gone horribly wrong, but with Anna being the one in between the knives I felt nervous for the audience participant for the first time in years. As the performance went on they started throwing the knives faster and added more. My heart was pounding with fear until the moment the act was finally done. The performers thanked Anna and she bowed with them on the stage.

Anna took her seat. We were seated on opposite corners of the audience and there was a perfect parting in the people for me to be able to see her. I tried to focus on the show, but I kept on finding myself looking at her. Once the show was the performers stood at each exit and thanked the audience for coming while also asking for tips with big buckets. I saw Anna leave at the entrance near her and tip the performers while most people just walked past without even acknowledging them. I tipped them as I walked past too.

As I walked to the entrance of the Renaissance fair where the sign-ins for the pleasure feast were, I hoped that I might get a chance to see Anna again before I left. After I signed in the attendant told me to wait at a nearby grassy knoll that had some benches. I sat on a bench and pulled out my phone to browse the internet to kill time. Ten minutes later one of the performers from the pleasure feast came out to greet everyone. I looked away from my phone and saw that somehow Anna had sat down on one of the benches near me. I wondered how long she had been there. Up close she looked even more breathtaking. Sunlight streaked through her hair, showing off reddish undertones. I struggled to look away from her. I had to force myself to only focus on my phone. I wondered if anyone else was going to be joining her or if she was alone like me.

The bard from the pleasure feast returned and it was time for us to line up to go in. We more crowded around the two feast masters as they read us the rules and what to expect in the pleasure feast. After that was done, they said how they will call each party by the last name of the person the party reservations were made under. The first name they called out was Castillo. “Here,” called out a familiar voice. Anna made her way through the crowd of people and she followed the attendant into the dining hall. Anna Castillo, so that’s what her name was. I was so busy thinking about it that when they called my name after hers, I didn’t notice it. “Is there a Castner here?” One of the feast masters called out.

“Yeah? Here,” I said, finally paying attention. I was embarrassed and happy to leave the crowd as an attendant lead me into the dining hall. It was a rectangular room that we entered into on one side, and on the opposite end there was a hallway that led to the bathrooms and kitchen. There were four tables laid out into a smaller rectangle with slight gaps at the corners. The attendant pointed at the seat next to Anna and then walked back to get another group. I walked stiffly to my seat. I had wanted to get a glimpse of her again at some point during the day, but getting to sit next to her during the pleasure feast felt like too much good luck.

The chairs were packed in close together, so it was hard to pull my chair out. I managed to squeeze into my seat. Anna had been looking around at all the tapestries and paintings. When I sat down she turned to me. “Hi, I’m Anna.” She had the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. Up close her beauty was almost overwhelming.

“Hi, I’m John.” We were sitting so close together that there were Avcılar Escort bayan just a few inches between us, I could almost feel her body heat radiating onto me. She really went for the whole fairy/ flower theme, she had on a sweet floral perfume that seemed to bring on a nostalgia for a place I hadn’t been before. The feast masters welcomed everyone again once we were seated and then with a shout to the serving wenches the meal began.

The serving wenches’ outfits were tight, and their corsets pushed up their various sizes of breasts. One came down the line pouring beer from a large pitcher. Anna declined and so did I. The next serving wench came with a pitcher full of white wine. When Anna was asked the server asked to see her card. I didn’t blame the server for carding her, I barely thought she was old enough to smoke, much less drink. After checking Anna’s card the server poured wine into the collector cup that came with the feast. I hadn’t been sure if I was going to drink or not, but suddenly some wine sounded like a good idea to ease my nerves.

While the serving wenches were moving down the line more servers came out and started setting down the opening course. The meal was Mediterranean themed. A server paused between me and Anna and set in between us a basket full of an assortment of different slices of bread. The next server put in front of each of us a plate full of Mediterranean finger foods that I had no idea what they were also in between me and Anna. Anna looked at the basket of bread in between us and then back up at me. “I guess we are supposed to share,” she said with a smile that seemed to radiate every feature on her beautiful face.

“Yeah, I guess we are.” We both started to reach for the same slice of rye bread and our hands almost touched. “Sorry,” we both said at the same time.

“Go ahead after you,” I said.

“Thank you.” I let her pick out her bread, but then she hesitated when looking at the sampling platter. Other than some nuts and cheese I had no idea what any of it was. She hesitated about what to grab before picking some things. When she was done selecting what she wanted I started to make my selections. I had always been adventurous with food, so I grabbed one of everything. “Do you know what any of that is?” she asked.

“Honestly, I have no idea,” I said and then started to reach for my mug of wine.

“To trying new foods?” She said and held out her wine mug.

“To new foods,” I said and we clinked our mugs. While we ate the bard who had greeted us outside of the dining hall started playing a balled alongside a man dressed as a bridge troll who had drums and metal objects on his body. The ballads that he played were raunchy and funny. Sometimes it was a little hard to hear the musicians over the sound of fifty or so people eating and talking. Luckily for me and Anna, they were facing us most of the time they performed. I wasn’t sure how Anna was going to react to the bard’s dirty songs. I was a sucker for dirty jokes and puns, which was near all these songs was made of. I was relieved when during one particularly funny verse Anna was in the middle of sipping her wine she laughed and spit up a little. She quickly dabbed at the liquid on her chin and looked over to see if I noticed. We made eye contact, while still laughing at the joke, and then she laughed awkwardly at herself. Once we both got that first laugh out it seemed like all the others came easier.

With the laughs between us, it was easier for us to talk. We tried to figure out was on our plate and rated each item on a scale between one and twelve, it was her suggestion for that specific number set for some reason. After about ten minutes servers came and took away the empty platters of food.

“So, are you here with anyone?” She asked me in between bites.

“No, are you?”

“I’m here alone too.” When she said that for the first time her cheery attitude seemed to falter. I didn’t know what to say, luckily for me, the serving wenches came back with their jugs full of beer and wine. Anna got a refill. I had been drinking between different bits of food to wash out the strong taste of some of it. I wasn’t much of a drinker, so to my surprise, I had drunk all the wine from the decent-sized mug. I got a refill.

Servers started to bring out the next course, which was a salad course. Anna downed almost half of her wine before starting to eat her salad. This time, while we were eating the two feast masters took turns reciting dirty limericks. The ones the proper Shakespearean feast master said often took some thinking to get them because of how clever some of them were, while the rogue-like one went for the pure vulgar rhymes. Between the wine and the jokes, Anna seemed to start to cheer up again.

Our conversation was interrupted as the salad course came to the end. The Shakespearean feast master read announced the next course of the meal which was going to be lentil soup. The barmaids came down the Escort avcılar line and refilled our wine mugs. While the food portions were on the small side it seemed like they were not sparse with the alcohol. I could feel the alcohol already working its way through me. I was usually shy around a girl when I was first getting to know them, but Anna seemed different, I was comfortable with her already, and the alcohol made it even more so. Anna seemed to be warming up to me as well. She leaned in a lot when talking to me.

Anna seemed intrigued by me and asked me many questions about my life and work. I wasn’t used to talking about myself so much, but Anna seemed so interested that it made it easier to open up. As we talked, she would touch my hand every now and then. She started to let her hand linger longer each time she did this until eventually she just left her hand resting on mine. At this slight touch, my heart started to beat rapidly. While the soup was barely above room temperature, I was starting to feel hot.

Every now and then when she would cup her hand over my ear, and whisper. The sensation of the air from her speaking and the sound of her voice spoken only for me made me break out in goosebumps. When she would finish up speaking into my ear, she would always return her hand to mind; it felt like it’s natural place.

The main course came, along with another round of wine. Anna removed her hand so that she could cut into her ham and Cornish game hen. This was the best course out of the whole meal so far. While we ate, belly dancers came out and danced for us. After the contact I was having with Anna and the women gyrating their bodies in front of me, I started to get an erection. I was distracted by the dancers and ate slowly so Anna finished before me.

I was cutting into my Cornish hen when Anna leaned over and whispered into my ear. “So, are you enjoying the show?” Her voice sounded different than before; it was sultrier. I nearly jumped when she placed her hand on the outside of my thigh. She slid her hand over and to my inner thigh where she found my erection. I froze in shock, not wanting to do anything to ruin her touching me. She leaned forward so that her mouth was right next to my ear. “I will take that as a yes,” She said with a squeeze. “I know I enjoyed it.” She kissed just below my ear and sent chills through my body. She squeezed my dick one last time and then pulled her hand away.

She got up, set her fairy wings down on her seat, and walked towards the bathroom. From where we were sitting she had to walk around the tables to the opposite corner of the dining hall. I stared at her the entire walk. Taking in the sight of her exposed back from the wispy dress. She walked with grace and every other step I would get a glimpse of her ass, which the dress clung to tightly. When she was near to the archway that led to the restrooms and where the performers kept on coming from she shot me a glance over her shoulder and caught me checking her out. She smiled and then stepped into the hallway.

I sat there a minute thinking about that look that she gave me. It seemed to contain so much in it. There was a playfulness to it, but after hearing her voice in my ear and the way she had squeezed my hard-on there was also a charge of sexuality to it. As I replayed the look over and over again in my mind, the image seemed to develop two complimentary subtitles, ‘there are things to come’ or also the one I wasn’t sure if I wanted to believe, ‘follow me.’ Either way, the message seemed pretty clear. If for some reason I follow her and was wrong, I could always lie and say I had to use the restroom; on second thought after all this wine that wouldn’t be a lie.

I got up and stumbled a little on Anna’s empty stool. I pushed in my stool, there wasn’t much room between the people sitting down and the walls of the dining hall. Walking was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It made me admire even more how Anna was able to walk with such grace. Once I stepped into the alcove away from the dining room to the right was the kitchen, and to the left were three doors. Two of them were marked as bathrooms and the other said employees only. Both of the restrooms had the symbols it could be used by either gender so I figured they must be a single toilet restroom. I tried opening the first door but it was locked. I tried the next door and it was unlocked. When I stepped in I was full of anticipation, but Anna wasn’t there.

Since I was there I decided to use the restroom. After all of the wine I drank, it felt great to be able to let so much of it out. I braced myself against the wall while pissing. When I was done I washed up and checked my phone, the pleasure feast only had another twenty minutes left until it was over.

I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair, but no matter how much I tried to tame it was still always unruly. I tried to tap into the confidence that the wine was giving me. I had walked over here thinking that I was going to hook up with her, so why was it that the thought of asking to spend the rest of the fair with her or getting her number so much more nerve-racking? The thought of letting such a beautiful and awesome girl slip away because I had a fear of rejection was absurd. I was going to go for it.

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